15 Most Expensive Places Where Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Spent #DateNight

Turner and Jonas managed to keep their relationship hidden from the public for a number of months despite being spotted at events together and tagged in Instagram posts which showed that they were out partying together. It seems that over the past few months, the couple has been one of the most loved and watched couples in showbiz since they have been featured in a number of news stories that show that the couple has been on dates to some of the most interesting and expensive restaurants all over the world. The following list looks at 15 places that Joe Jonas and his fiancée Sophie Turner have been reported to have been on dates over the past few years. Some of these seem to be much more expensive than many fans would expect them to be.

15 Peppermint Nightclub In Los Angeles

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Sophie and Joe have tried to have as much privacy in their relationship as possible, which means that many news websites shared their outings whenever they were spotted and this included being seen coming out of The Peppermint Nightclub in Los Angeles back in January of last year.

Jonas and his band DNCE have hosted an afterparty at the venue and it seems that Sophie had been in attendance to see it. The Peppermint Club is bar and musical venue that has establishments all over the world. The one in Los Angeles is thought to be one of their biggest venues and one that attracts some of the biggest names in showbiz and entertainment on a regular basis. The bar/music venue is located in West Hollywood and is thought to be one of the busiest bars in the area. On average, people attending tend to stay at the club for around three hours at a time.

14 Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge In Boston

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Despite his hectic touring schedule when it comes to performing with his band, it seems that Jonas is just another man at heart and somehow found a way to ensure that he didn't miss the game back in December of 2016 when the Dallas Cowboys were facing the New York Giants.

Joe performed alongside his band at Kiss108 JingleBall at the TD Garden before quickly making his way over to the Empire Asian Restaurant & Lounge in Boston where a TV had been set up so that he could watch the game alongside his bandmates and girlfriend of a few months, Sophie Turner. The group of eight was said to have dined on a lot of food throughout the game including sushi and chicken and then left as soon as the Giants won. Jonas was said to have been lovely to the employees and even left a very generous tip for the staff at the high-end restaurant.

13 Duck And Waffle Restaurant In London

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One of the cutest dates that Sophie and Joe ever went on took place back in December of 2016, when it was reported that Joe couldn't keep his eyes of his actress girlfriend as they dined at the Duck and Waffle Restaurant in London.

This was still seen as the honeymoon phase of their relationship since the couple hadn't been together for long at this point, so it seems that Joe was trying to impress the Game of Thrones beauty by taking her to the famed London hotspot that is situated inside Heron Tower. The restaurant is the highest 24/7 dining place in London and allows diners to overlook some of the city's most famed attractions as they eat. The venue itself is reasonably priced for a London hotspot and is definitely one that the couple enjoyed visiting while looking at a number of other places that they could visit while out and about in the capital city.

12 Craig's Restaurant In Hollywood

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Back in April of 2017, it was already confirmed that the Game of Thrones actress was smitten with singer Joe Jonas and they were then pictured out and about a number of times, including their date at Craig's restaurant in Hollywood. It seems that this time out, Sophie and Joe were joined by Nick Jonas, as the younger star became a third wheel in a dapper brown suit.

The restaurant is located in West Hollywood and features an American cuisine that offers a range of different food on its menu. Appetizers start at just $12 with some items on the menu rising to around $44 dollars, depending on what the young couple ordered. It certainly isn't the most expensive place in the area, but it also isn't the cheapest. It seems that the couple definitely enjoys being able to eat at such high-end places and being photographed all over each other.

11 Kings Of Leon Concert In The Netherlands

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One of the biggest hints that the stars were more than just friends came back in November of 2016 when the duo was spotted getting cosy at a Kings Of Leon concert in Rotterdam.

They were seen dancing together and sharing romantic gestures as they enjoyed the music from one of the world's hottest bands in The Netherlands. Joe had his arm around Sophie, who is seven years younger than the singer, throughout the show as they drank soda. Tickets to see the band in the UK at Hyde Park started at £70 so it is hard to imagine how much it must have cost the couple to see the group perform that night. The duo was also surrounded by a number of bodyguards throughout the night, which probably made this one of their most fun, but most expensive outings as a couple.

10 Cafe-Monico, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were spotted braving the winter weather in the UK last month when they were seen enjoying a spot of lunch upstairs at Cafe-Monico on Shaftesbury Avenue in London.

The two were already known to be engaged at this point, so it seems that they no longer felt the need to hide when they were out in public. This traditional European brasserie is located in the posher parts of Soho and the menu seems to reflect this with avocado on toast costing around £13 and a yogurt being just shy of £1o. It seems that the duo was definitely looking ahead to Christmas in style with some of the prices they were willing to spend in this restaurant. The couple has only been spotted at this venue once while they were dating, so it seems that Jonas is finally getting used to dining in the UK.

9 Emilio’s In New York City

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Back in March of 2017, there were news reports that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were looking very much in love as they dined at Emilio's in New York City. The reports regarding their latest dinner date stated that the couple held hands throughout this date and looked very happy in each other's presence.

This Italian restaurant is said to be a regular hangout for many celebrities, so the couple knew that they were walking into quite an expensive date, but it seems that they didn't mind. The most expensive item on the menu was the Costolette d'Agnello al Rosemarino which is a rack of lamb with added rosemary that costs an incredible $46. Given the fact that the couple has been to this restaurant a number of times and that they spend most of their time in New York, it seems as though it's one of their favourites.

8 Calamigos Ranch In Malibu

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One of the biggest hints regarding the budding relationship between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner came back in November of 2016 when Sophie was seen to be Joe's date at his friend's wedding Malibu. Over the long Thanksgiving weekend that year, the couple was spotted at a friend's wedding at The Calamigos Ranch.

This later led to rumors that the couple had spent Thanksgiving together as well, and his brother Nick posted a number of images on Instagram that showed that the couple had spent a lot of time together at the wedding. This was only a few weeks before it was made public knowledge that the couple was dating, but it seems that this was one of the trips that the two needed to make together. The pictures from that weekend show that they were enjoying each other's presence from the beginning of their relationship and their feelings have definitely not changed over the past year and a half.

7 Nobu Restaurant In Madrid

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Merely days after it was made public that Joe Jonas had asked the Game of Thrones actress to become his wife, the couple was seen out having a lovely date at Nobu Restaurant in Madrid, Spain.

This was part of the couple's romantic post-engagement break and they were spotted linked arm in arm leaving the restaurant after lunch back in October. It seems that the duo has been inseparable since the news of their impending nuptials were announced and a restaurant like Nobu was definitely the best place for them to visit in their romantic bliss. The restaurant is well known for its sushi, which could have been why the couple chose it, even though it isn't seen as a place to go while on a budget. The couple has been all over the world together, so it seems that they enjoy tasting the local delicacies when they are traveling for either work or pleasure.

6 L'Avenue Restaurant In Paris

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The newly engaged couple was enjoying their time together celebrating their engagement back in October since they headed straight to Paris and enjoyed Fashion Week in the capital after spending some time in Spain enjoying the local delicacies the week before. As part of their outing, Sophie and Joe were seen leaving L'Avenue on Avenue Montaigne in Paris, France.

The restaurant is one of the most beautiful in the city and it seems to be a spot that many famous celebrities have been to, including Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid when they were considered to be an item a few years ago. As with many restaurants in the city, this wasn't going to be a cheap outing for the couple, but it seems that it's a regular spot for Joe Jonas and he doesn't seem to mind as long as he is in the presence of a beautiful woman.

5 Neon Carnival At Coachella

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After dating for more than a few months, it seems that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner decided to branch out much more when it came to their dating venues and were pictured together at the Neon Carnival at Coachella back in April of 2017.

The carnival is a regular destination for a number of other celebrities who were also pictured at the event last year. The likes of Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, Selena GomezDiddy, and Jamie Foxx were all seen at the event and it is reported that the afterparty that follows the carnival is said to be one of the biggest of the year. Given the fact that this show is attended by so many A-listers, it shouldn't be that much of a shock that tickets are in the region of £500 per person. That isn't even the cost of the entire event either, which means that it would have been an expensive outing for the couple.

4 Mamo In New York City

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As with any couple when they reveal that they are engaged, the young couple wanted to celebrate with their friends and family and decided that the perfect place for this was at Mamo in New York City where they enjoyed a star-studded party back in November.

The party was attended by the couple's friends and family as well as Joe's bandmates and some of Sophie's work colleagues. It was reported that the couple attended the Italian eatery for an "intimate dinner" with about 30 family members and close friends and more than 35 people turned up to celebrate with the couple over cocktails and food. After the party, it was reported that the couple and their friends headed out for a wild night of partying and dancing. Even though it is unknown who picked up the tab for this night out, it was definitely an expensive one for whoever paid.

3 Catch In West Hollywood

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Even though the couple is now engaged, it seems that they still like to spend time together despite their busy work schedules. One of their latest dating destinations was Catch in West Hollywood where they were seen a few weeks ago.

The slick LA-based restaurant is one of the best known in the city when it comes to celebrity sightings, so it seems to be a regular hangout for the paparazzi, which could be why the couple was seemingly caught off guard on their date night. The venue itself seems to be based on a seafood inspired menu and that is reflected in the price of many of the items on the menu. The restaurant does offer a vegan option for some of their more picky customers but with the most expensive item on the menu coming $105, it seems that this probably won't be a regular place for the couple to visit.

2 34, Mayfair London

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Back in February of 2017, it was clear that Joe and Sophie were a couple and it seems that Joe Jonas was trying to impress his new girlfriend by taking her to the swanky 34 restaurant in Mayfair, London. This was merely weeks after Sophie traveled to Miami to watch her boyfriend and his band perform as part of the Orange Bowl Halftime Show.

The restaurant definitely isn't considered to be cheap with the average meal costing around £25 but it seems that it is one of the swankiest places for celebrities to visit in that area of London. The restaurant is well-known as a British dining place that cooks a variety of game and meats on an Argentinian grill in an art deco-inspired brasserie. It seems as though it was the perfect place for a dinner date for the young couple but it was perhaps one of the most expensive dates that they have ever been on.

1 Serafina Fabulous Pizza On Madison Avenue

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their engagement on Instagram last year and it seems that they wasted no time when it comes to showing themselves off as a couple to the public. The newly betrothed couple were seen looking cosy and packing in on the PDA while out in New York back in December.

It was just two days after Christmas that the couple were seen at Serafina Fabulous Pizza on Madison Avenue in New York where they were sharing pizza and mixing appetizers. The B-Level Italian restaurant is located on the Upper East Side and even offers rooftop dining. A standard margarita pizza would have cost the couple around $13 with the most expensive homemade pizza being priced at just shy of 30 dollars. This isn't the most expensive place in the area, but it could be seen as quite expensive if the couple only went in for a snack.

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