15 Most Exciting Movies Coming Out In 2018 (That Are Not Sequels)

The year 2018 is going to be a big year for movies. Fans of comic book flicks that dominated 2017 won't be disappointed as there'll be plenty of new superhero flicks to keep everyone entertained. Of course, there will always be the Star Wars films, the reboots and re-imaginings, and the sequels to some of your favorite films. But, what if you don't want to watch a sequel? What's coming down the pipe in 2018 that might be worth your entertainment dollar?

We know you're going to see Avengers: Infinity Wars. We also know you're going to see the new Jurassic Park, Incredibles, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Those films go without saying, but what can we recommend that maybe you didn't expect would be good but could be an award winner? Something that, if you tell your friends, will make you the official film aficionado?

We've put together a list of 15 films that are due to be released in 2018 and should be worth a look. Some we've cheated a little on, and they don't stretch far from the franchises that make these stand-alone films possible. Others are completely unique and not connected to other films in any way.

These aren't your Transformer, Marvel, or traditional horror flicks that come around every year. These are the hidden gems that could be blockbusters. These films could resurrect careers, win awards, or just make way more money than anyone might have guessed. They might not be films that people expect much from but could completely over-deliver.


15 A Wrinkle In Time

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After their father goes missing, two sibling characters, Meg Murry and her little brother, Charles Wallace, are sent looking for him in space by three strange beings not from this earth. What they learn is that their dad has discovered a new planet, but it's not all good news. This planet houses some of the evilest entities in the universe. The film covers their journey to find their father and navigate this new adventure of surviving a new world they never knew existed.

The movie has a huge all-star cast. Chris Pine, Reese WitherspoonZach Galifianakis,  Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Oprah Winfrey star in this Disney film that is sure to be a winner. The film is a family adventure that should be good for all ages and is set for release in March of 2018. 

14 Annihilation

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Set for release in February of 2018, Annihilation stars Natalie Portman, Tess Thompson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a science-fiction drama about a biologist who searches for her missing husband on a journey and secret expedition where the rules are a bit different and there are odd discoveries, including a dangerous creature who lives in the wilderness and threatens their survival.

The film is based on the first book in the Southern Reach trilogy and includes an all-star cast of actors who have done a huge variety of films but have also almost all worked at least one comic book movie in their past (not that it's relevant at all to the plot of this film). Annihilation should be an interesting and well-acted popcorn thriller that will surprise a few people.

13 Aquaman

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Starring Jason Momoa, this one is sort of an entry that violates our rules about sequels, but not technically. This is not a sequel, but it is a spin-off of the DC Comics Justice League and other films where the character of Aquaman was first introduced. 

This film covers the backstory of Arthur Curry (Aquaman) who learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and becomes the underwater leader and superhero he grows into as he joins Superman, Wonderwoman, and the other cast of the DC Universe. This film is one you can see on its own or as part of the series.

Aquaman also stars Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Dolph Lundgren, and Willem Dafoe and is set for release in December of 2018.

12 Peter Rabbit

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If you know the story of Peter Rabbit from your childhood, then you know it was natural for that story to eventually be turned into a movie about a rabbit who tries to sneak into a vegetable garden. This movie goes a step beyond that story as Peter Rabbit feuds with Mr. McGregor where they each try to win over a kind animal lover who lives next door.

The cast of voices includes Margot Robbie, Daisy RidleyDomhnall Gleeson, and James Corden as Peter Rabbit. It is set for release on February 9, 2018 and should be a great family film that anyone would enjoy. James Corden is becoming a regular on the animated voice scene. This will be his sixth film in such a role. 

11 A Star Is Born

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If you had any interest in seeing Lady Gaga star in her first feature film, then the film A Star is Born starring Gaga and directed by and starring Bradley Cooper is a must-see.

The cast in this film is a who's-who of interesting choices. Sam Elliot, Dave Chappelle, and Andrew Dice Clay are also part of the movie about a country music star Jackson Maine who discovers an unknown singer named Ally (Lady Gaga). As she grows into a bigger star, Jackson mentors her but is caught in a downward spiral of his own personal demons and realizes his own career is rapidly coming to a close. He's jealous and troubled as she does more than he ever dreamed.

This is the first written and directed feature film for Cooper, and it was a screen test with Cooper and Gaga that got the film greenlit.

10 12 Strong (Horse Soldiers)

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In a film that covers the time period just after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, a team of United States special forces goes to Afghanistan and must work with an Afghani warlord to take down the Taliban.The plan is to overtake the city of Mazar E Sharif. Unfortunately, modern-day equipment is of no use in their location so they must learn to work with horses and personal gear as their only real weapons.

The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Pena, and Elsa Pataky (who is married to Hemsworth in real life). The film is set to be released in January of 2018 and will be a must-see for fans who like war movies and action-dramas. Fans of movies like Lone Survivor, War Dogs, and American Made might enjoy this.

9 The Irishman

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How can you not be excited about a movie that brings back the crew of movies like Good Fellas and CasinoRobert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci will star in this Netflix Original that is directed by Martin Scorsese. Pesci hasn't starred in a movie in over seven years!

The Irishman is a film about a mob hitman who recalls his possible involvement with the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, the theory being that Frank "The Irishman" Sheera admitted to killing Hoffa before Sheera passed away. What will be extremely interesting in the film is how they make each actor look aged at different time periods. The script calls for these characters to be 20 years old, 40 years old, and 60 years old. The same technology used in the Benjamin Button film will be used here. This should be a blockbuster as the budget to make the film was around $100 million.

There might even be a rumored appearance by Leonardo DiCaprio.


8 First Man

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Starring Ryan Gosling, Jon Bernthal, and Claire Foy, First Man is a biopic that takes a look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the moon. It covers the time period of 1961-1969 and explores a variety of angles of that dangerous mission.

Gosling was the first and only choice to play the role of Armstrong, and the film had to wait until he was done with La La Land before he could sign on. Clint Eastwood was originally going to direct this film, but instead, Damien Chazelle got the gig. Chazelle and Gosling worked together on La La Land. It is set for release in October of 2018 and already is one of those films that might be award-worthy.

7 Ready Player One

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If you want to see a visually-stunning action-packed adventure with some of the coolest effects all year, then you'll need to see Ready Player One. Set to be released in March of 2018, the film is all about a world that only has virtual reality left to keep its citizens occupied. When the creator of that virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, users are challenged to find a hidden clue inside the fantasy world that will lead them to a potential fortune. The challenge quickly turns dangerous as some players will stop at nothing to earn the billions left behind.

Steven Spielberg is directing so you know that it will be a huge hit, and the film stars Vin Diesel, Tye Sheridan, and Olivia Cooke. The film will include some iconic characters from '80s and '90s movies in the game, and the studio is hoping that this is a huge blockbuster hit. They moved the release to avoid competing with Star Wars because they see this film as a close second. 

6 Tough As They Come

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An action-drama that is sure to bring out every emotion you have inside of you, look for Tough as they Come to be full of performances that see its actors getting considerable award buzz. Starring Sylvester Stallone and Adam Driver, the plot is about a character named Travis Mills. Mills is a soldier who fought in Afghanistan but loses his arms and legs during his service. He is one of only five soldiers to ever survive a quadruple amputation surgery and, after pulling through, has to return home and face seemingly insurmountable challenges. The story is about the relationship he has with his stepfather and how he manages to live with only prosthetics for his arms and legs.

Stallone will be directing the film, and the reason why he's on board is that of his pledge to spend his time bringing national attention to the struggle faced by returning military personnel after they serve their country. This film is sure to be inspirational.

5 The House That Jack Built

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The film The House that Jack Built is the story that follows Jack (played by Matt Dillon), a highly intelligent serial killer over a period of 12 years. It specifically details the murders he commits over that period of time and is a gruesome drama and horror thriller that is great for the non-squeamish types. It was originally scheduled to be an eight-part mini-series in 2014, but things changed, and it became a film set for release in 2018.

The movie also stars Uma Thurman, Ed Speleers and was written and directed by Lars von Trier. We don't really know what to expect but it's probably going to be somewhere between Psycho and Mr. Brooks. It should be an interesting film and stars two people who haven't done much mainstream work in a while.

4 The Black Hand

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Anything Leonardo DiCaprio is worth noting, especially since he hasn't done much since the release of The Revenant in 2015. It will be a welcome back party, and he's chosen a movie that could get him right back into the picture as one of the most popular leading men in Hollywood, and that shouldn't be a surprise since the guy doesn't do just ordinary movies.

The film is based on the book by the same name and is set in the early 1900's. It follows police officer Joe Petrosino (known as the "Italian Sherlock Holmes") as he looks to exact revenge against a ruthless Italian-American gang known as the Black Hand in New York. Seeking help from the families terrorized by the gang, everyone is cautious not to get too involved. DiCaprio may put on another award-worthy performance, and this is a must-see.

3 Red Sparrow

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Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the film Red Sparrow follows Ballerina Dominika Egorova who is Russian intelligence agent recruited as part of the 'Sparrow School'. This thriller showcases Lawrence's action chops and reunites her with the director she worked with on Hunger Games, so it should be a winner.

The film saw a few different directors before finally finding the partnership that would make the film a reality. We don't know a whole lot about the film other than it's set to be released on March of 2018. Also, there are all sorts of trailers online for it. Basically, Lawrence is lethal and her first mission is to target a CIA agent who stands to do serious damage to both nations.

2 Bohemian Rhapsody

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Queen fans will rejoice that there is a biopic movie coming out about Freddie Mercury. One of the most influential rockers of a generation, he died far too soon, thanks to the HIV and Aids virus. Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) has been cast to play Mercury, and we can't imagine a better choice even though he wasn't the first choice (Sasha Baron Cohen was). Thank goodness for the switch after creative differences with band members forced Cohen out. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was also in discussions for the role. 

The film chronicles the years leading up to Queen's legendary appearance at the Live Aid concert in 1985, and the stage is the largest set director Bryan Singer has ever had to work with. It should be a huge tribute to Mercury and the band and should give a much closer look at the issues that Mercury was awfully quiet about until this death.

1 Death Wish

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Finally, Bruce Willis is back in a Bruce Willis kind of film! There is not much to say about this movie other than it looks like an incredibly bad-a** action flick where Willis, a father who decides to take the law into his own hands and become a vigilante, wreaks havoc on all the criminal activity in the area and seems to enjoy it.

Willis becomes a killing machine, and through his discovering that this new side of his personality exists, he seeks therapy and all sorts of other hilarity that doesn't seem to do much but motivate him to keep going. If you want a fun, action-packed, popcorn-type movie that might not be terribly well-acted but should be extremely awesome, this is the movie to see. It feels a lot like a John Wick movie, and those movies are fantastic.


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