15 Most Embarrassing WTF Selena Gomez Moments

Everybody has WTF moments. And if you are Selena Gomez and have grown up in the spotlight, well, you are exposed big time. Sure, we have a few wardrobe malfunctions, feuds and a tumble off a stage or two, but let's get really juicy and talk "tapes", leaked pictures, talk of underage "between the sheets" fun, rumors of getting cozy with much older men and talk of a Britney-Spears-like conservatorship fueled by her sometimes totally bizarre behavior. We'll throw in a certain "addiction" she is said to have picked up with Justin Bieber. In one corner, we have America's sweetheart, the Selena Gomez everybody loves. And in the other? A darkly troubled young woman fighting demons, addictions and raging hormones. The world loves the sweetheart, but can't wait for the troubled one to do something truly embarrassing. Again. And again. And again. Here are 15 times Selena Gomez probably was red-faced with total and overwhelming embarrassment. We love it big time.

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15 "Absolutely Hot" Tapes


Unless you've been on another planet, you will remember that singing heartthrob Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were "together", off and on for a number of years. Alongside the question of "did Justin deflower Gomez?" runs those persistent rumors of a "tape". Now, there are some pretty bad fake "tapes" out there. But Celebriplanet claims that good old Justin is holding the real deal. Or rather deals, because there are a number of them. Reportedly, Justin has bragged to friends, saying the tapes are "insane" and "absolutely hot". Now, how embarrassing would it be if he pitched a fit and leaked them? Is Selena worried? In a word, yes. Did she really say that he had his bits digitally enhanced for "that" Calvin Klein ad? Stop picking on the guy, Selena, or else...

14 Those Leaked Pictures


Remember good old 2014 and "The Fappening", when all those naughty pics got leaked and leaked and leaked? It was great. All those celebrities were red faced big-time. Even Jennifer Lawrence. See "to fap" means to service yourself, instead of going at it with someone else. Well, reportedly, Selena Gomez got in on the act, if you catch our drift. Some say she was mortified big time. Plus, OK Magazine reports that both Justin and Selena have a cache of "naughty" nudies. It's like two sides in a nuclear stand-off, with neither one daring to fire the first shot. Anyways, the world has moved on and Selena is loved up with singer The Weeknd. Her Instagram is just getting steamier and steamier. More of same, please.

13 Those Nick Jonas Rumors


Who was the first to "do it" with Selena Gomez? Some vote for Justin Bieber. Some even say he sometimes brags about it. No, far more interesting is her thing with Nick Jonas when they were both 16-years-old. They were thrown together at the "sin city" that was (and is) the Disney Studios. And the two dated back in 2008, when neither of them was "legal". Rumors come and go, but some say they were very "close" at a time when their hormones were mutually raging. And another thing, Selena has squashed those "Nick is gay" rumors, saying she knows he's straight. Besides, rumor has it that Nick was also dating Miley Cyrus at about that same time and she had reportedly already slept with Liam Hemsworth and declared herself "bisexual". See what we mean by "sin city"?

12 Spot The Blue Undies On A Shopping Trip


There are several kinds of wardrobe malfunctions. The first is the 'nip slip' much beloved by celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson. The second? Well, it's the "lady bits" reveal. Sometimes it's a short skirt on a tall stage. Sometimes it's a skirt slit up to the navel and a passing wind. And the third? It's rare indeed, but sometimes, as Sofia Vergara knows, those tight dresses split, revealing cheeks that are not on the face. Now, hands down, Selena Gomez is more of a "lady bits" kind of girl. Take the time she was walking down a set of steps in a short dress and a photographer shot a few snaps from below. Definitely, they were blue. Check, if you don't believe us. Oops, her people mumble. Well, at least, unlike Miley Cyrus, she was wearing undies.

11 Child Woman And The Older Man: Part One


Some sources say that both Selena Gomez's people and Brad Pitt's camp were quick to deny anything was going on after this cozy picture of the two at a Golden Globes After Party hit the Internet. The gossips, of course, said Angelina Jolie was livid. Seems Selena Gomez effectively lost her father, Ricky Gomez, when her parents divorced and Selena was left in the hands of a stage mom momager and her new hubby. So, maybe she was looking for a father figure? There is just something about the look in Brad Pitt's eye and Selena's body language. And, to be honest, both sides were protesting maybe just a little to much for there not to be something in it. Then there was that time in Las Vegas...

10 Of Justin Bieber And Addiction

A "get a room" moment back in the day. When Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were in lust, the headlines screamed, "Selena Gomez Addicted To S*x With Justin Bieber". Well, what a WTF moment that must have been. It was just clear to the world the two were totally in lust and what with Justin's tendency to partake in "controlled substances" many wondered if Selena was addicted to more than just the s*x thing. Anyway, see, she was wearing a purity ring until she got involved with the guy. Then she took it off. And, besides, she has said again and again that Bieber has s*x on the brain way, way too much. She said, yes, "the ring has come off." It isn't for everyone. Back to the addiction thing...

9 Caught Cheating With The Bad Boy Rocker


One Direction's Zayn Malik is a bad boy-type of guy who is prone to scandal, outrageous acts and many, many tattoos. The guy's gotten so much shade thrown at him that at one point he closed his Twitter account. So, how totally embarrassing was it when, back in 2016, Justin Bieber escalated his social media war with Selena Gomez by reportedly telling the world that she had cheated on him with bad boy Zayn. Now, it's one thing to accuse Justin of cheating, which Selena has certainly done, but to publish the story that the American princess did the dirty with the bad boy rock star, and behind Justin's back, was just too much for Selena's camp. For a time, we feared a real meltdown and a nuclear exchange. Alas, it didn't come.

8 Bizarre Behavior And Talk Of Conservatorship


In one corner, we have the American princess, Queen of Instagram, who breaks records with a picture of her simply sipping on a Coke. In the other corner? The weird chick who is up and down, has mood swings and sometimes walks around in public hiding under a blanket. A true WTF moment. What on earth is going on? That's what her mother Mandy is reportedly saying. See, when Britney Spears started doing weird stuff, they took away control of her life and put it in the hands of the father who abused her when she was a child. If Selena keeps up the weirdo stuff, it will be bad for business, damage her "brand" and cut down on the profits. And mommy momager may have been fired as her manager, but she's still her mom and the ideal choice to take over as her guardian. Selena's bizarre behavior is beyond embarrassing. It could hurt the bottom line. Some say Mandy may make a move soon . . .

7 Another Breakdown, Another Stint Of Rehab


When Britney Spears went into rehab ten years ago, she was stashed out of sight of the prying media. The damage and the embarrassment it caused were contained, for a time anyway. The same can be said to be happening when Selena goes behind the closed doors of her rehab haven of the moment. All through 2016 rumors of strange behavior, meltdowns over Justin Bieber, social media fights with Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift and alcohol abuse plagued the Selena Gomez camp. Words like "out of control" were used a lot. Then, suddenly, she very publicly withdrew from sight. If she hadn't, some say she might have blown a fuse and sunk the Selena Gomez ship. It's unthinkable, but many believe it could really happen.

6 Child Woman And The Older Man: Part Two


Who was that getting all cozy with Orlando Bloom in Las Vegas? Why, it's Selena Gomez. Back last May, she had an after-party following her Vegas concert. And 30-something hunk Orlando Bloom, was invited. According to TMZ the pair were all over one another and got very "touchy feely". Heck, he is just about old enough to be her father. There was talk of neck nuzzling and embracing (and more?) in a booth. Of course, Bloom was then paired with Katy Perry and so to avoid a major embarrassment, Selena's people insisted she went back to her room alone. Sure, Orlando waits five minutes and runs up the stairs? Nobody's confirming. But nobody's denying either.

5 Crying On Stage

Now, breaking up with Justin Bieber is bad enough. Feuding with the guy and taking potshots at his new girlfriend is pretty pathetic. But singing "Love Will Remember" on stage and crying over him is just, well, embarrassing big time. But that's just what Selena Gomez did. Some said she was a better actress than we gave her credit for. Others said it was genuine emotion. Who knows? But we do know that long after her fans were saying move on babe, she was moping over Justin. It made her look, well, a little (or a lot) unstable. Thank goodness for singer The Weeknd. We're finally back to steamy pictures of Selena on Instagram. It was a while coming, but well worth waiting for.

4 Playground Tiffs And Feuds


There's the social media feud with Justin Bieber. There's the battle royal with Taylor Swift who Selena ditches, saying she is a "bad influence". And then, the loud and angry split with BFF Demi Lovato and those cryptic Lovato posts that seem to use the "b" word to describe Selena. And on and on. It is all so embarrassing on so many levels. Sure, there's the dirt that is dished, but what about the fact that Selena's social media feuds seem to resemble squabbling school children more than a disagreement between young adults. Juvenile is the word that comes to mind. And it is increasingly difficult for her fans to watch the trainwreck that she is in danger of becoming. There is just too much of a contrast between the "good" Selena and the "bad" one. And airing your dirty laundry in front of the whole world? Stop it, please.

3 Oops, I Fell Down Again


Besides the lady bit reveals, Selena does a nice range of falling down and falling off things. Like the time she ran out of stage and took a tumble, much to the surprise and shock and horror of fans. She was a bit worse for the wear, but she was essentially okay. The YouTube video of the tumble is worth watching, because you can kind of see it coming. Then, there was the time she slipped on stars leading down from a stage. Quite a tumble that one. It's tough for a singer to recover from that kind of embarrassing moment, but she carried on like a trouper and earned the applause of her fans. When the same sort of thing happened to Ariana Grande, her reaction was different. She pitched a diva fit, big time.

2 More Lady Bits Break Free


Selena is a singer. Sure, we know that. But singers are prone to both nip slip and lady bit malfunctions. And, as we have seen, Selena is probably the queen bee of the "lady bits breaking free" category. Very occasionally we get lucky and get a chance to view a nip slip. But, all in all, those private bit slips seem to be her thing. There are those costume skirts with those deep-V slits. One wrong move and you're looking at what you shouldn't be. And then there are those very short dresses and the very high stages. The view from the front row is amazing. And we remember the time her jeans seemed to be coming unzipped. And that little pink number that flew up and revealed those body shaping spanx. It's worth paying extra for front row seats.

1 Spring Breakers And Those Bongs


Back in 2012, then teenage Selena Gomez made Spring Breakers. It's about wild child girlfriends partying hard, drinking, smoking bongs and getting up to naughty things with boys during Spring Break. And the girls were played by Selena, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, all Disney alums breaking into a very adult world. It was a tough movie for Selena Gomez, then only 18-years-old, to make and she has gone public saying that she was uncomfortable shooting some of the more challenging and naughty scenes. After shooting a very difficult exchange with actor James Franco, she admitted she was shaking all over and drained. Welcome to the adult world, baby girl. It'll only get more embarrassing as you go along.

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