15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

Love her or passionately despise her, you've got to admit that former teen mom Farrah Abraham is likely the most well-known cast member of MTV's Teen Mom franchise.

Whether this is thanks to the shocking silver-tongued lashings that she doesn't hesitate to dish out like candy on Halloween night, or for her surprising involvement with the adult entertainment industry, it's clear that this is a gal who doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks of her just like she doesn't mind making enemies one bit. On her glorious way up to the top, watching her on reality shows has indicated that she has stepped on several people including her father, Michael Abraham (with whom she is on a first name only basis with) and mother, Debra Danielson (whom she has publicly wished dead) and not surprisingly, she has also had some pretty embarrassing moments along the way too. Being rich and famous doesn't pardon this reality star from being in full-cringe mode in public at times. But then again, it's pretty hard to completely avoid embarrassment when your life is on full display as hers is.

We've looked high and low to bring fifteen of Farrah Abraham's finest, most embarrassing moments and the stories behind them to you for your viewing pleasure. Get ready for the messy tangle of confusing and amusing that is Farrah Abraham.

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15 Desperate To Get Married

Teen Mom OG fans have watched as Abraham embarrassed herself twice by basically begging her beaus to propose to her. She was even technically her own fiancee for a while after she bought herself an engagement ring when her on-again, off-again verbal punching bag boyfriend, real estate staging professional Simon Saran didn't buy her one quickly enough when she so nicely demanded it of him. In 2012, Abraham also similarly shocked fans of the show when she not-so-subtly implied that her boyfriend of six weeks, Daniel Alvarez, buy her a ring.

"I've stated before that a healthy relationship has to be cultivated over time and cannot go from a few weeks of dating to marriage," Alvarez said of the cringy incident. "And for me, marriage is a one-time thing so I'm not looking to take a leap of faith over a six-week dating session," he says. "Farrah's name calling and continued badgering of my name has no solid backing and comes out of spite towards me. Actions speak louder than words and we've all witnessed many of hers."

14 Her Weird Obsession With Those Crazy Glasses

Promotional marketing for small businesses is important, but this girl takes things to a new level with her wacky swirl sunglasses that she constantly wears, sporting great pride for her frozen yogurt business, FroCo based in Austin, Texas not too far from her furniture store, Furnished by Farrah, and her eight-year-old daughter's store, Sophia Laurent Children's Boutique. The frozen yogurt shop has been a mainstay as far as plot lines in the episodes of Teen Mom OG that aired earlier this year and those swirly sunglasses that are used to promote FroCo have made so many appearances on the show, they might as well be honorary cast members.

If Miss Abraham thinks that she is able to hypnotize viewers of the show into thinking that she's really not coming off as controlling and verbally abusive to every adult within fifty yards of her, she's sorely mistaken.

13 Painful Lip Service

Besides the multiple lip filler injections, Abraham has also admitted to having breast augmentation surgery three times, in 2010, 2013 and 2015. In addition, she has had rhinoplasty and a chin implant in 2012. Doing the math, that's four years of going under the knife for purely aesthetic surgical procedures with just two years off in between all of that surgery. This seems like a lot for even a seasoned plastic surgery patient but Abraham is just twenty-six years old. Hopefully, she will start to slow down before she becomes unrecognizable or suffers a medical mishap as the result of having too many procedures done. As with any type of cosmetic procedure, there are always risks and having lip fillers injected is no different. In 2015, Abraham had to be rushed the emergency room due to a hematoma on her upper lip which can happen when the injection needle accidentally punctures a blood vessel in the lip or if the patient has an allergic reaction the material being used.

12 Make-Up Fake-Up

Farrah Abraham is one of those reality stars who tries hard not to be caught in public without a stitch of make-up on her face. But that is a hard order to fill for someone who is on every available reality show that she can snag a spot on. It seems like MTV cameras are always on this girl and some of the producers practically live with her while filming her segments for Teen Mom OG so while she inevitably has been filmed without makeup, she's probably not too jazzed about it considering how seriously she takes her appearance. And as you can see, there is quite a big difference with and without makeup. We actually think that she kind of looks better with a more natural look but we are certain that she would not agree.

11 Then And Now: Farrah's Changing Look

It is beyond obvious that Farrah Abraham has had extensive plastic surgery done as her look has evolved dramatically over the years that she's been famous thanks to MTV and their profitable habit of glamorizing teen pregnancy. But just how much has Abraham changed and when did it all start? Some have speculated that she started her plastic surgery binge when she was just a minor in high school. We went searching for the scoop and have it on good authority that Abraham was indeed very young when she first went under the knife but she wasn't a minor. However, she was still a teenager at just nineteen years old in 2010 when she had her first breast augmentation. She obviously didn't think that the first one was quality work because she's since had two more augmentations performed.

Is the third time the charm or will she be back for more? If her pattern of multiple trips to the plastic surgeon's office is any indication, we would say she's already planning her next procedure.

10 Red Carpet Cringefest

Red-faced on the red carpet is what most people would be if they consistently showed up wearing Halloween costumes (when it's not Halloween) that show an inappropriate amount of skin, awkwardly french kiss their casually dressed on-again, off-again boyfriend and throw red carpet parties for an eight-year-old on a school night. Abraham is one who loves to make a splash on the red carpet but she angered many of her fans when she posted a photo of herself with her mother and daughter on the red carpet at Sophia's eighth birthday party in February of this year with the following caption on Instagram, “Slumber party on a school night. 8 years old I can’t believe it.”

Immediately, her fans questioned her. “Are you proud in saying slumber party on a school night? Not much to be proud of. Any normal mom would wait until the weekend.”

Another one wrote, “What idiot parent throws a birthday party (and a sleepover at that) on a school night? The parents that let their kid go are even worse.”

9 Most Hated On Teen Mom

Earlier this year, the air in the studio where the Teen Mom OG reunion show was being taped was so thick with tension, you could have cut it with an at-home pregnancy test stick. According to Abraham, three of four cast members, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell-Baltierra and Maci Bookout-McKinney allegedly plotted to gang up on her towards the end of the show. The result that viewers saw was Portwood charging across the stage to physically attack Abraham while both Lowell-Baltierra and Bookout-McKinney called Abraham names off-stage. In an interview, Abraham was asked to comment on the fact that Portwood had claimed MTV edited the footage to make herself appear as the villain. Abraham said, "No one edited that piece... [the three other cast members] all plotted and instigated this fight and the production knew this. I also said that I wasn't going to go on stage and they continued to say you're contracted to do this..." Even though Abraham handled herself pretty well all things considered in this situation, it still had to hurt and humble her a little bit to have all three of her co-stars make their hatred for her known.

8 Embarrassing Emotional Outbursts

Emotional outbursts and Farrah Abraham go hand in hand. She is full of heated opinions about every little thing and is quick with criticism for everyone in her life. She hasn't yet been able to grasp the concept of talking without shouting. In fact, it's rare when someone is able to leave a conversation with Abraham without getting yelling at and peppered with obscenities. Yes, she's quite the peach. Often, the reality star will passionately go off on a rant about something that she isn't even personally involved with. For example, viewers of WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition witnessed the feisty hothead yelling at her co-star, Marc Sorrentino (brother of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino) for treating his other brother, Maximo Gianfranco Sorrentino, poorly.

"You're not a man!" Farrah screamed at Sorrentino. "You have no man in you."

"And you've had every man in you!" Sorrentino shot back.

Ouch. But she pretty much set herself up for that one, didn't she?

7 A Failed Attempt At Trying To Date In The Big League

Oh, Farrah. Sigh. What lofty aspirations this girl has and might we say, fairly delusional ones as well. Yes, it's true that she was just a regular teenager navigating through her high school pitfalls and triumphs in Council Bluffs, Iowa when she found overnight stardom with MTV for being a pregnant sixteen-year-old. Many people would agree that Abraham is the star of the show in terms of having made the most of her fame and, er, getting her name out there. But inviting the likes of Charlie Sheen to a party? That's a move that took guts. And it's a move that comes with embarrassment.

Even though Sheen's career has taken a nosedive thanks to his trouble with Two And A Half Men and the show's producer, Chuck Lorre in 2011, he's still a big name in Tinsel Town and even considered Hollywood Royalty and Abraham... is not... even... close. It was pretty presumptive of Abraham to think that inviting a well-known actor to a party was a good idea though we are glad she did because Sheen's response is hilarious. Naturally, she went out of her way to badmouth him soon after.

6 Farrah's Famous Ugly Cry

If there's anything Farrah Abraham is well known for besides her surprising work in the XXX industry, it's her ugly cry. Just try searching "Farrah Abraham ugly cry" and you'll soon see what we mean. It's rare when someone looks good when crying but Abraham has the same contorted cry face every single time and probably the reason why her crying face is so talked about is because if you watch any reality show that she appears on, you'll be seeing it a lot. Some people have even created drinking games with Abraham's ugly cry face included which is a great way to end up completely inebriated. For someone who throws so much negativity and cruel criticism at others, she's pretty sensitive as she can burst into tears at any point in a conversation.

5 Lights! Camera! Rejuvenation!

"Loving my lady parts!" Abraham posted to Instagram in August before urging others to book their appointments for the twenty-five-minute lady part rejuvenation procedure at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. This actually wasn't her first time getting this non-invasive procedure done but it was her first time having it filmed. The operatory room in the medical facility was so crammed with cameras, it's impossible to find a photo where other cameras aren't visible. Abraham posed in a metallic silver bikini top while laying back in the chair occasionally smiling for the camera as if she were making a commercial for dishwashing soap. For being only twenty-six years old, Abraham could be in danger of developing an addiction to plastic surgery if she is not already with the amount of work that she has had done so far.

4 Mould. Sold!

When you've given birth on national television, your modesty level must go down quite a few levels. For Farrah Abraham, it seems that hers has levelled out. In 2013, Abraham allowed cameras to take photos and video of herself getting a mold of her private parts for Topco Sales to make a CyberSkin rubber version from the mould for mass production and sell as an adult toy.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected to partner with such a media-savvy celebrity,” Topco Sales CEO Scott Tucker said. “We’re eagerly looking forward to working with Farrah on promoting her amazing new line of pleasure products and we’re twice as thrilled to bring these new products to her fans around the world.”

While waiting for the mold to dry, Abraham admitted on the video that she felt much like she did when she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia in front of MTV's camera crew. However, she didn't mention the obvious which was that the pay this time around was very different.

3 A-Okay With Being Objectified

Someone could make the argument that MTV objectifies all of the cast members of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom but some of the girls from the show have come to assert themselves as strong women with unwavering stances on certain issues and have legions of fans who look up to them for that. Some might even say that Farrah Abraham is one of those girls and to hear her talk without knowing certain things about her past, you would probably agree. She is a businesswoman, after all, juggling several businesses while raising her daughter, Sophia as a single mother. But everything that we know about Abraham tells us that she not only allows herself to be objectified by men but seems to enjoy it which seems contradictory to the overall attitude that she has about being a strong boss.

2 Proud Of Her Ties With The "Other" Industry

Having pride in what someone does for a living is commendable and a great attitude to have as many people don't enjoy what they do to in order to pay the bills. But many Teen Mom fans question Abraham's continuing association with the adult entertainment industry. By all appearances, she's already made enough money for her and her daughter, Sophia to live comfortably and she has even said that there is enough money in the bank for Sophia to pick any college she wants to attend. Abraham is raking in the dough. Last year, she gave Sophia everything on her Christmas wish list including a customized pink golf cart, a jacuzzi, a MacBook Pro, several expensive rose arrangements and a pony named Starburst. Of course, she's also been able to fund her multitude of businesses.

So why continue working with the adult industry, many ask on Abraham's Instagram account, when you've already made a bundle and have the means to be successful without the money from anything X-rated? Abraham has been heavily criticized for continuing to make choices like this that may emotionally harm Sophia in the future.

1 Regrettable Choices Like This Magazine Cover

If we could pass along one message to Farrah Abraham it would be this: it's okay to say no. It's, in fact, perfectly fine and acceptable to turn some most offers down that come floating along. We understand that this former 16 & Pregnant cast member is all about taking her MTV fame as far as it will get her and there's nothing wrong with making the most of an opportunity. Actually, strike that. One of the main arguments that MTV Teen Mom fans continually make against the reality star is that her young daughter, Sophia who is currently eight years old will one day have to face all of the embarrassing choices her mother is making today. Abraham fires back at this argument by stating that Sophia's college is already paid for and she has more than most kids today thanks to Abraham's X-rated business decisions. One thing is for sure, the money made with these business ventures can always be spent, unlike these images which will exist forever.

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