15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of Kiss Cam Fails

It's an easy way to go B-list viral, but if you get the Kiss Cam over with, you can get back to watching the game in peace

The Kiss Cam isn't something you ever really want to see yourself on. The Kiss Cam doesn't know what you have going on in your life, and you could have just been in the middle of a blowout with your significant other. Even more, the Kiss Cam operators seem to love making two people who aren't together kiss. Sure, it might be a cute moment for the stadium to witness, but you're the one who has to sit next to that person for the rest of the game. It's hard to make small talk after you just smooched in front of thousands of people for no other reason than the fact that you were peer-pressured into it.

With that being said, the Kiss Cam is usually good for a smile from people who are in a relationship. When the Kiss Cam finds you, the customary behavior is to smile, kiss, and move on. If you do anything more, you may find yourself on a "Kiss Cam Fail" list, getting a beer spilled on your head or having your girlfriend kiss the guy next to you. It's an easy way to go B-list viral, but if you get the Kiss Cam over with, you can get back to watching the game in peace, pretending that your girlfriend is actually enjoying herself.

15 Unwanted Smooch

This one toes a fine line between an innocent stunt and a lawsuit. This guy is walking around looking for a Kiss Cam partner at the Calgary Flames game, and approaches an attractive young girl sitting with her boyfriend. He makes a motion as if to indicate that she should kiss him on the cheek. But at the last minute, he turns and smooches her into the upper-deck. She's backing away the entire time and even puts her hands up in the end, but comes away smiling when the onslaught of lips subsides. Assuming that's her boyfriend or brother next to her, this guy is the best sport in the world. It takes a lot of restraint to laugh off some dude forcibly kissing your girlfriend or sister literally right in your face.

14 See A Chug, Send A Chug

The Kiss Cam is about public intimacy, and nothing is more intimate than the relationship of a man with his beer. This gentleman took his Kiss Cam opportunity to express his feelings for the real love of his life—beer. The woman next to him has a level of disgust on her face that can only be attained by dating/marrying this guy, but she looks like she wouldn't want a kiss from him even if she had been his first choice. The man whispers sweet nothings to his beer before kissing it and chugging it, which has to be a better use of your Kiss Cam spotlight than the rest of the cookie-cutter smoochers. At least he probably won't remember when his wife complains about it the next day. There's no way that was his first, second, or last beer of the night.

13 Lakers Fan Gets Shut Down

When you're appearing on the Kiss Cam next to a girl you're not with, be sure that your fandom aligns with hers or you may find yourself getting shut down in a rather devastating fashion. This guy clearly wanted a smooch from the girl next to him, but the Sacramento Kings fan would rather have kissed someone who was rooting for her team. She points to the guy on the other side of her, who is also wearing a Kings shirt, and when the camera pans out, she kisses him instead. The Lakers fan is visibly disappointed, and the male Kings fan gets up and does a victory lap, high-fiving everyone around him. With the Kings up by fourteen at the end of the first, it appears as though this Lakers fan had to endure a couple of Ls that evening.

12 "Excited" Mascot

Whenever there's a mascot around me at a sporting event, I always get anxious. There's a 90% chance I'm going to end up on screen, and another 70% chance the mascot is going to do something embarrassing to me. Mascots can get away with a lot of mischief. It's like people forget that there's a 28-year-old dude inside that costume.

This woman was blindsided when she found the mascot next to her and her face on the Kiss Cam at an Atlanta Hawks game. She played along well enough, but the mascot just shoved her head inside his mascot mouth and suffocated her for a few seconds. It was shockingly aggressive, but the woman (read as "victim") was a good sport and came away with a smile on her face.

11 Prefer A Younger Man

There aren't many things sweeter than seeing an old couple kissing in public. It's the type of thing that makes you believe that you'll be able to find your soulmate. This has to be the direct opposite of that. An older couple is highlighted on the Kiss Cam, but when the husband (presumably) goes in for the kiss, his wife rejects him. Instead, she points to the younger man sitting next to her. He's game, and the two of them give a passionate kiss for fans to enjoy. It's tough to believe that this kind of moment existed organically without being set up, but such hilarity deserves to be included in this list. Hopefully, the husband was a good sport about it, because there didn't seem to be a younger lady next to him eager to give a smooch.

10 "This Is My Mom!"

The Kiss Cam operators are some sneaky devils, as one guy found out the hard way. The Kiss Cam zoomed in on two people sitting in the crowd, and the man can be seen saying, "No! This is my mom!" The mother doesn't seem to have a problem with it though, as she opens her arms and waits for a kiss from her son. The person in charge of the Kiss Cam may not have known they were related, but it was pretty clear that they weren't romantically involved. There are few things more awkward than having an entire stadium cheering you on to kiss your mother, but that's what you get when you go to a sporting event—real family fun.

9 Classic Popcorn-On-the-Head Gag

This is just a savage move from this lady at the Carolina Hurricanes game. The two are clearly together, judging by the way they're sitting. The guy points up to the Kiss Cam to show his lady friend that they are now contractually obligated to kiss. She responds by leaning in, grabbing the popcorn, and dumping it on his head. The video wouldn't be so bad if the guy didn't look totally devastated afterward. This guy genuinely wanted a kiss. He's probably been dreaming about making it on the Kiss Cam for years. He finally got there and got shut down. It's hard not to feel bad for this guy. Not only did he not get a kiss, but he now has to buy some more popcorn.

8 Guys Being Dudes

Kiss Cam operators are pranksters. They love to put people on there who clearly aren't together in that way and see what happens. Well, they got exactly what they bargained for when they put two buddies on the Kiss Cam. Three friends were enjoying the game together when two of them were focused onscreen. The guy in the middle didn't seem to want any part of it, but from the left of the screen comes a comedic hero, hurdling over the wet blanket and onto the lips of the man to his left. The two smooch for a solid 10 seconds, leaving their friend in between them speechless and contemplating his choices. Someone needs to tell him it's 2017 and guys can kiss now.

7 Hot Dog Smooch

What a terrible time for the Kiss Cam operator to choose this man as a victim. All this guy wanted was a nice, ample bite of his hot dog. But he got put on blast to the entire stadium and was rejected by his wife. The funniest part about this clip is that the man was in the middle of a massive bite before the Kiss Cam even found him, forcing him to improvise and ask for a kiss with a variety of sauces covering his face. You can't blame the woman for not wanting to kiss him, but taking one for the team and letting him smear mustard all over her face would have been a "this proves true love exists" moment. If you were to ask the guy about it, though, I'm sure he'll say that bite was worth it. You can get a kiss any time. It's not every day that you get to publicly profess your undying love for a mouthful of hot dog and mustard.

6 Kiss Cam Cat Fight

When a guy flat-out rejects his girlfriend or wife on the Kiss Cam, the only move she has is to kiss the guy next to her. The original couple featured in this Kiss Cam clearly wasn't on the best of terms, and the man pushes her away from him. This prompts the woman to smooch the guy next to her, but things get a little too spicy between the two of them as she even goes so far as to put her leg over him. Well, the girlfriend of the man being kissed didn't like this scene too much, and she started hitting both of them and yelling at her boyfriend. Who knew that a simple rejection would spark such controversy. Hopefully, they were able to settle their differences and have a threesome. You know, a true storybook ending.

5 Stole The Show

It's hard to believe that this situation wasn't set up in some way, just because of how perfectly everything worked out. First, you have two men convincing their girlfriends to kiss each other on the Kiss Cam. That's just typical guys-being-guys stuff, but at the moment the two girls lean in to kiss each other, the men in front of them stand up and block the show. It's clear that they knew what they were doing, and they moved just in time for the two women behind them to pull away and wipe their lips. It's a perfect gag all-around, and even if it was set up by the Hawks organization, it still deserves a nod. There's a chance it was all a coincidence, but the internet has made me jaded to perfect videos like this one.

4 Beer Spill


The video is an example of how you can make a great moment into a ruined night in less than five seconds. The two young people appear to be on a date by the way they react to the Kiss Cam—both apprehensive and excited. The woman is holding a beer, which she disregards in the heat of the moment and spills it all over the couple in front of them. That's how you turn a Kiss Cam into a Fist Cam, am I right? The guy in front of them stood up and clearly had some choice words for the careless couple behind him. We can only hope that these two found some new seats, got a fresh beer, and were able to move past this embarrassing moment. The Kiss Cam isn't for everyone. It's a lot harder than you may have expected.

3 Fine, I'll Kiss Him Then

If the Kiss Cam lands on you, you have to ride on. Not all girls hate sports, but nine times out of ten, she's extending an olive branch by going to the game with you as I'm sure this young lady was with her boyfriend. When the Kiss Cam comes around, just take two seconds to give her a smooch and get back to passive-aggressively ignoring each other. That has to be better than watching her kiss the guy next to her.

That being said, based on his reaction to the kiss, the guy in this video was either a grade-A douche or in a fight with his girlfriend. They didn't make out or anything. It was a relatively innocent smooch to make the crowd laugh. On top of that, it wasn't exactly like the other guy was a ten. The boyfriend's face kind of reads as a guy who wouldn't take something like this well, so she's probably better off with the jolly fellow to her left anyway.

2 Benny The Bull VS Neglectful Boyfriend

One of the most viral Kiss Cam clips ever comes from a Chicago Bulls game, where the mascot Benny the Bull had to take matters into his own hands. The Kiss Cam lands on a couple, and the girl urges her boyfriend to partake. He's on the phone and shoos her off, but the Kiss Cam persists. It pans to a few more fans, but keeps coming back to this stubborn man and his girlfriend. Eventually, Benny the Bull intervenes and pours a cup of soda on the boyfriend's head before picking up his girlfriend and whisking her away to a more appreciative section of the arena. The boyfriend is left standing there dumbfounded and soaked in soda. It's not like he can fist fight a mascot in front of everyone. This was just a terrible day to be the guy in the Celtics sweatshirt.

1 Proposal Fail

Proposing in public has to be the most nerve-wracking thing a person could do. First of all, you have to be 100% certain that she's going to say yes or you're going to be humiliated in front of a massive audience. This gentleman had it all planned out. He would get on the Kiss Cam and ask his girlfriend to marry him. The only thing he didn't consider was that other rowdy fans would get involved. A man behind him slapped him on the back to congratulate him, forcing him to drop the ring in the middle of a crowded stadium. The man proposing is the one wearing the blue and red shirt, and his girlfriend is next to him in the scarf. The guy who forced the ring-fumble is exactly who you'd think it would be—the guy in the fedora. Typical fedora-wearer behavior from this guy. Should have seen it coming.

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