13 Most Embarrassing People You'll Meet At Comic Con

If you have ever been to Comic-Con... well, chances are that you're kind of a nerd. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. I'm definitely a nerd. Otherwise, I wouldn't write articles about Star Wars or Final Fantasy or Game of Thrones... or Comic-Con! So, don't think I'm insulting you by calling you a nerd. That being said, there are some people I'm going to insult here.

There are some specific types of people you might recognize in this article. These types of people are pretty well at every Comic-Con or Fan Expo across the U.S. and Canada. If you've ever been to Comic-Con then you've definitely seen them. Or at least some form of them. Some of these might seem strange, but believe me when I tell you that they exist.

Below you will see such interesting types of people, such as those who just want an excuse to crossdress, those who just want an excuse to wear body paint (and we don't mind those people), those who just want to throw Game of Thrones into their costume in any way they can... people who try to be like Jessica Nigri... basically, there are a lot of interesting people. Just scroll down to discover them.

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13 Just An Excuse To Cross Dress

I'm certainly not going to say that there's anything wrong with cross-dressing. I lived in Toronto for a time and there is a huge drag queen scene there. So I'm pretty used to this being a normal state of affairs. But there's something different about the cross-dressers at Comic-Con. It seems as though they wait for their chance, once each year, to get together just the right outfit to show off their body in a gender-bending display of freedom. I have to say that this guy really does have a good Sailor Moon costume. But let's be honest here. If you really get excited about that one time each year where you can dress like a woman...maybe you should just face up to the fact that you want to dress like a woman more often. And in that case...just do it whenever you want.

12 Always A Few Lara Crofts

There are a number of characters who always find their way into the Comic-Con circuit. And they usually end up grouping together for photo ops. Why wouldn't they? In this case, I don't mind so much that they do though. I mean...who doesn't find Lara Croft pretty damn attractive? Now imagine several Lara Crofts wandering around together. It certainly increases your chances! That being said, the costume can get pretty damn boring if we're just going to see the same khaki shorts, grey tank tops, and varying blood effects and wounds. Whatever happened to the classic Lara Croft with the green top and the dual pistols? There's something classic about that look that isn't as common now with the new games. Of course, all versions of Croft can be found somewhere at Comic-Con.

11 The Strange And Offensive Cosplayers

I don't even know where to begin with this. I'm sure you've seen some pretty strange outfits when wandering the streets nearby a Comic-Con. Or while you've been wandering the convention center hallways of a Comic-Con. Someone always takes what seems to be an iconic character and puts some very weird spin on it. In this case, this sort of portly and gruff-looking guy is putting a very awkward and odd spin on Wolverine. I'm not really sure what he's meant by doing this. But Wolverine's claws are replaced by two menorahs. I guess he's trying to really push some sort of equal-opportunity Jewish Wolverine? I'm not fully sure. I'm also not sure if this guy is trying to be anti-semitic, or if this guy is actually Jewish himself. Either way, it doesn't really change the fact that this cosplay is pretty odd.

10 Those Creepy Face Paint Kids!

This is probably one of the most terrifying pictures I've ever seen. I mean, I always knew that kids were pretty scary. That's one of the reasons I'll never have any. But I mean...this is worse than any kid I've ever seen in a horror film. And this happens all over Comic-Con. There is typically a face-paint kiosk somewhere around the convention so that kids have something more interesting to do than just nerd out. And while Venom is one of the coolest Spiderman characters to have ever existed, I think this kid is scarier than the actual character of Venom. And it's not just Venom face paint. Other equally cool characters are often painted on kids' faces and they are almost always just scary as hell. I don't know what's going through people's minds when they do this. How many nerds must think that the kids are trying to take over the convention?

9 The Girls Who Try To Match Jessica Nigri... But Can't

So, here's the thing. No one can really match Jessica Nigri. There are people out there who are hotter than her (though I think they're probably hard to find), and there are people who can pull off cosplays in different and sometimes better ways...but no one can match Jessica Nigri. She has her own style, her own method, and her own dynamite looks. Usually, it's just a regular convention-goer who tries to match their outfit to Nigri to try and show how hot they are. In this case, it's an interviewer. And that's fine. I mean, she's not unattractive. But it really does look like she's trying too hard by wearing the same outfit as Jessica Nigri. There's just something that comes across a little more in Nigri's outfit than it does in the other girl's outfit. Maybe there are two things...

8 The Man With The Biggest Costume!

I don't even understand these people at conventions. There are some people who go to Comic-Con (and you know them if you've seen them) who think it's really cool to be the one who has the biggest costume of any other cosplayer at the convention. Now, these people are not frequent. Thankfully. I can't imagine having a bunch of people dressed up as Galactus wandering around the convention center. Think of the fights and lack of space! And speaking of space, that's what gets me about these guys. Don't these people want to sit in on some of the panel discussions and maybe get autographs or photos of certain nerdy celebrities? How the hell are they supposed to do this when they are towering over every single person in the place?

7 Even The "Sports" Fans Are Awkward...

I'm not sure who is more awkward in this instance. AJ Lee who seems not sure if she's able to touch her fan (and this is before we found out about Kevin Spacey), or the fan who seems to be proposing while not even looking at one of the hottest women to ever be employed by WWE. Either way, I still find it sort of weird that sports fans have muscled their way into Comic-Con. But at least it goes to show that they're a bunch of awkward nerds too. Maybe there will be fewer beatings in high school from jocks to geeks now that they all get together at the same nerd convention every year. But it is strange to see jacked up wrestlers wandering around Comic-Con amid all of the flabby or stick thin geeks who just want to go see what's new with Doctor Who.

6 All Those Princess Leias

I think that this specific group of people is now getting a little exhausted. I know that slave Leia has been an iconic character cosplay for a long time now. But maybe now that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us and Leia is a character that will hopefully not be picked up by anyone else, maybe we should just leave it alone. I think it's just an excuse for people to show off their bodies while in the guise of a very nerdy outfit. Or at least an outfit from a very nerdy film that will definitely attract every nerd in the immediate area. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy looking at the variations of these outfits. But when they all group together for photos ops, sometimes it's hard not to notice that they probably all bought their costumes at the same bloody store. It gets boring.

5 The One Who Has To Mix GoT With Disney...

Ok, this is terrifying. I have to say that it's kind of funny and still relevant to mix up Game of Thrones cosplays with other character cosplays from different franchises. But I think this might get a little tired before too long. This is going to end up much like the Lara Crofts or the Save Leias of the convention circuit. It'll just get boring. But before it does, I have to say that there is something incredibly terrifying and satisfying about the cosplay above. I mean, Snow White was meant to be dead anyway. So, I think it's pretty awesome that if the apple had killed her that she comes back as a White Walker. It's kind of strange because this cosplay is clearly a mix of Snow White and the Night King (and not just some random White Walker), but it's still awesome and scary.

4 The Ditz Who Doesn't Know Who She Is...

I'll be honest. This girl probably knows what character she's playing. She's probably a prominent cosplayer in the industry. If she isn't...then she really should be because she's pretty damn attractive. That being said, the look on her face gives this quality of not really knowing what she's doing or why. It seems like she's doing a cosplay just to fit in with the rest of the nerds. I don't know why she'd want to do that, but there it is. Either way, I'm sure you've found a number of ditzy people like this at conventions. They either have nerdy boyfriends or just want the attention from all of the nerdy crowds and they show up in some costume that everyone else knows a lot about...but chances are the person showing off the costume knows hardly anything about it or the character they're playing.

3 Those Nightmarish Deadpools

Ok, I'm sorry but...this is frightening. Ever since Ryan Reynolds did the Deadpool movie (not the bullsh*t version of Deadpool that he played in that sh*tty X-Men movie), people have been running all over conventions as this scary yet hilarious character. Deadpool already looks scary enough. But I think it's way worse when people take their Deadpool costumes and mix them up with other iconic characters. I mean...so there is a regular Deadpool above. But there are also Peach, Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and mini Deadpools hanging around. And the Sonic Deadpool has a dead  Knuckles stuffy in hand. I cannot imagine coming across this group of people at a convention. When you see a group of Deadpools getting together at Comic-Con...run away.

2 She's Just Trying To Show Skin

It's not often that you'll see someone at a convention like this with booze in their hand. Most of the people at Comic-Con have probably never had alcohol or are too scared to drink in case they spill on their costumes. But this woman above is a certain type of cosplayer who really loves conventions like this. Why? It's just like Halloween. It's an excuse to wear as little clothing as possible and have it be socially acceptable by all. And imagine the attention that a woman like this would get for such an outfit. When you're wandering through a sea of nerdy virginity, It's got to make you feel pretty good that everyone's eyes are on you. Which is interesting because there are a lot of people who dress up at Comic-Con and feel very awkward when people look at them.

1 She Insists On Massive Props

This is almost as ridiculous as the people who go to conventions in giant costumes. If you need to carry around giant props along with your outfit...are you trying to compensate for something? I mean come on. There is something that is almost pretty rude about wandering around with massive props. Especially something like Harley Quinn's ridiculous mallet. How many people do you think have been hit by that thing every time she turns around? Realistically, she probably brought just so she could clear crowds when she wants to turn around to head back the way she came. That doesn't change the fact that it's very rude. Even if it's funny to think of this Harley Quinn smoking people with her papier mache mallet.

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