15 Most Embarrassing Cosplay Photos That Make Us Cringe

Some cosplayers are so talented and amazing in their efforts to emulate their favorite characters that they make people gasp and look on in wonder. They spend hours and hours making everything perfect, and by the time their costumes are complete, they look as if they've just stepped right out of the pages of our favorite comics. These amazing individuals often end up immortalized in pictures posted on the internet, and the bar is constantly raised higher and higher when it comes to cosplaying. These are the people that inspire new cosplayers to join this amazing hobby and make sure that cosplayers have a good name.

But the pictures below show the other side of cosplaying. A terrible, cringe-worthy, bizarre, and above all embarrassing side of cosplay. Sure, these people are just trying to have fun – we get it. But it's hard not to look at these pictures and feel a sense of discomfort just by looking at them. We're sure a few of these cosplayers have looked back on these photos with a sense of regret and perhaps even shame. But there's also a group of them that feel totally shameless about these weird and embarrassing cosplay outfits, and in a way, that's actually pretty awesome. But whatever the case is, the fact that these pictures are even up on the internet is hardly a good thing. Think about what will happen if their present or future employers see these embarrassing pictures, or even their partners. We wouldn't want to be them...

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15 Strange New Pokemon Type

via: smosh.com

Some might think this is embarrassing, but in all honesty, this is kind of adorable. This young kid obviously wants to be a Pokemon trainer so badly, he's willing to take his pet llama and pretend that it's Pikachu and he's Ash. Is he going a little too far with this fantasy? Probably. And yes, he'll probably look back on these pictures when he's an adult and do an absolute facepalm. But if he's like the rest of us, he'll give a little chuckle at just how ridiculous this situation was.

If you can believe it, there's actually a whole series of these pictures on the internet in which this random kid dresses up as ash and pretends he's a Pokemon trainer. He obviously lives on a farm or something, because all of the photos feature him and various farm animals dressed up like Pokemon. Man, we wish we were cool enough to have a childhood like that...

14 Gotta Go Fast 

via: youtube.com

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most popular choices for cosplayers everywhere. Let's face it, he's one of the most popular video game characters of all time, too. A character this popular is a target for countless memes as well, and Sonic has been plastered all over the internet in some really hilarious situations. This picture is the best mixture between embarrassing and hilarious, and we can't help but chuckle at this hapless attempt at a Sonic the Hedgehog cosplay.

While many of the other cosplayers on this list have at least made an effort, this dude really falls short. It's one thing if you put a lot of time into your costume and it still ends up looking embarrassingly bad, but it's another thing altogether if you obviously didn't even really try. The funniest part of this cosplay is the shirt. It's almost as if this dude realized his costume was so bad that nobody would even understand who he was trying to be, so he slapped the shirt on for good measure.

13 MLP Cosplay Masterclass

via: funnyjunk.com

While this picture might just be the very definition of embarrassing, there is also a sense of awesomeness about this guy and his cosplay. Here is someone who just doesn't care what people think, someone who is willing to go the extra mile to show the world what he loves. And for that, this dude deserves a round of applause. He has a look of utter serenity and contentment as he walks around on all fours dressed as a character from the inexplicably popular show, My Little Pony.

It's almost as if you can see that he has finally found himself, and his true calling in life. We shouldn't be so quick to criticize people who are exploring different parts of their own personality, such as this amazing young man. He is just trying to express himself, and you can see by his costume that he has put a lot of time and effort into this amazing cosplay.

12 Jynx, Is That You?

via: youtube.com

Speaking of Pokemon, you might have to squint extra hard to figure out which Pokemon this is... That's right, it's Jynx! But something looks pretty "off" about this cosplay, and it's actually a little disturbing. It's the kind of thing you might expect to see in a horror movie rather than at a comic-con or similar convention. But while this picture is undoubtedly pretty unsettling, it's also very, very embarrassing and cringe-worthy.

But we have to give this person marks for effort, and they obviously put a lot of time and effort into this costume, which is more than we can say for a lot of the other people on this list. Sometimes things just don't turn out the way you picture them in your head, but at least this cosplayer looks like they're having lots of fun!

11 Megaman With Upgraded Boots

via: twitter.com

Sometimes people's imaginations can really be a crucial part of cosplay. It's often hard to find that missing, crucial piece of the wardrobe that really "sells" the character and ties everything together perfectly. People sometimes use surprising and interesting methods when it comes to finding their costume ideas and pieces, and it's clear that many of them really think outside of the box.

But there's a clear difference between thinking outside of the box and just grabbing random pieces of trash and tying them to your legs. That's pretty much exactly what this dude did with his Megaman cosplay. Don't get us wrong, it's not all bad. The glove thing was rather well done, and the headphones work pretty well in this situation. But taping water coolers to your legs? What the hell was he thinking? We'd say this is embarrassing, but by the huge grin on his face, it's obvious that this guy is really enjoying the moment. In the end, it's just us that are embarrassed for him.

10 The Real Captain America 

via: pinterest.com

Let's be honest, if Captain America was recreated based on today's American values, he would look something like this. We would actually love for this character to get his own comic book, complete with his beer gut, mullet, and garbage lid shield. We're not sure what this guy's superpowers are, but we assume it has something to do with chugging beers and barbecuing. There is just so much awesomeness going on in this picture. The hat, the jeans, the sunglasses... All the little details come together to make this a pretty amazing cosplay.

Of course, it is totally embarrassing, but in the end, we think it's America who is most embarrassed about this cosplay. Because he is obviously poking fun at Americans, and he pretty much hit the nail on the head. He, on the other hand, looks like he's having fun!

9 Imagine Walking In On This...

via: humoroutcasts.com

Situations like these are why you should probably think twice about attending events like comic-con. You never know what kind of weird scene you're going to walk in on. These events are places where people's wildest and strangest fantasies can come true, and while many of these people just want to dress up as their favorite characters, others have more twisted, bizarre things in mind. Of course, it's all just fun and games, and people are generally really understanding of each other, no matter how weird they appear.

But you have to admit, a guy dressed up as Princess Leia chained to a giant balloon Jabba The Hutt is something you don't see every day. It's the kind of thing that would make people cringe extremely hard, and it's hard not to get embarrassed just looking at it. But we'll say this – it's clear that this dude had some major courage going out in public like this.

8 He-Man Never Looked So Good 

via: twitter.com

Those who ever watched the cartoon "He-Man" will probably recognize this cosplay attempt. We say "attempt" because it's a pretty clear fail. We're sure this was meant to be just a joke, but we are sure this guy will look back at this picture one day and cringe hard. He-Man is supposed to be a guy with almost limitless strength, a man who spends every waking hour defending Eternia against the evil forces of Skeletor. As you can see by the picture on the right, He-Man has a very distinctive look and character.

Not much about this character is captured by the cosplay attempt on the left. Part of this is through no fault of the man himself – He-Man is generally depicted as being much stronger than the average man and this dude seems to be pretty average. He's also riding a dog with a pillow wrapped around his neck, and is wearing what looks like a mop on his head. Yep, pretty embarrassing...

7 Points For Effort 

via: twitter.com

Fans of League Of Legends will no doubt recognize this cosplay. Of course, you'd probably never get it if there wasn't the caption below which reveals it to be an attempt at the character known as Heracim. This character bears little to no resemblance to whatever these guys are trying to do, and it's definitely one of those "low budget cosplays," if it is indeed a cosplay at all. It really just looks like two guys got stuck in a tarp and one just happens to be holding a giant scythe. Honestly, it's hard to tell what the hell is really going on here.

It's somewhat ironic how terrible cosplays like these often get more famous than people who actually put a decent amount of time and effort into their costumes. It's almost like the internet prefers to see stupid, hilarious failures such as this rather than things that are actually impressive. In any case, this is definitely one of the funniest and most embarrassing cosplay attempts ever.

6 That's One Way To Do It

via: pinterest.com

Here's another character you might recognize from the video game League Of Legends. This picture is great because it lets you compare what the character actually looks like, and what this cosplayer tried to do. "Tried" being the operative word here. Again, it's clear that this was meant to be just a joke, as this guy clearly isn't going through too much effort to make this cosplay anywhere close to being accurate. Basically, he just strapped a bunch of what looks like Gatorade or Mountain Dew to his head and called it a day.

We are actually a little confused and slightly impressed with how he managed to get those bottles to stick to his head like that. If they're full of liquid, then that thing has to be pretty heavy. Definitely not the kind of thing you want to be walking around wearing. Obviously, this cosplay is pretty embarrassing, but there's one advantage – this guy's face will never be revealed, meaning his ego will never be damaged!

5 Frieza Is Making Me Uncomfortable...

via: funnyjunk.com

We challenge you to find a more disturbing picture of Frieza from Dragonball Z. Seriously, the longer you stare at his bizarre picture, the more uneasy you start to feel. Everything about this picture is undeniably creepy. First of all, this dude seems to be wearing very little clothing. Second of all, he's gripping his tail in a way that just seems wrong. And last but not least, he's looking into the camera with one of the creepiest stares you'll ever see. This definitely isn't how many of us remember Frieza, that's for sure.

But on second thought, Frieza always was a pretty strange character. There was something very "off" not only about his personality, but also his appearance. In a way, this guy has managed to capture that weirdness in a perfect way. We don't see how you can look back at a picture like this and be proud, but who knows what this guy is like in real life. It's embarrassing, and something you just want to get out of your head.

4 Best Meowth Cosplay Ever

via: twitter.com

Many Pokemon fans will remember this funny little cat Pokemon without much trouble. Because this is such a popular Pokemon, countless people have chosen to cosplay as this character. But it has to be said – this is definitely one of the worst attempts at this particular Pokemon. It's so bad that you might think it's just a joke – someone fooling around trying to take a funny picture and not actually trying to make a good cosplay.

But the expression on this guy's face is totally serious. He stares into the camera with a kind of deadpan glare, which gives the impression that this guy is actually 100 percent trying with this cosplay attempt. The hat/ears are a little weird, but it's the skin that looks the strangest. He seems to have sprinkled flour all over his body and face, and the resulting image is beyond bizarre. Seriously, hasn't this guy heard of face paint?

3 You Came To The Wrong Event...

via: mutually.com

There are some cosplay images that are so weird they're just funny. And then there are those that just make you cringe. This is definitely one of the latter. Obviously this is an attempt at a cosplay from the show My Little Pony, but that's where the similarities end. I'm not sure where this photo was taken, but it seems like an event catered towards the weird, dark side of cosplay rather than the more mainstream events. It's hard to figure out exactly what's going on here, but this does not look like a regular cosplay.

It has to be said, My Little Pony has produced some of the weirdest, cringiest cosplays ever. For some reason, this show became really popular among some adults, and these people are collectively known as "Bronies." You might have heard about them before. Some cosplayers look at these people with a certain contempt, feeling that they give all cosplayers a bad name. And judging by photos like this, it's hard to argue with that assertion.

2 When Splits Go Too Far

via: lolwot.com

There is so much embarrassment going on in this picture it's almost hard to take. But to this guy's credit, he seems totally unfazed and high on confidence. As you can see, this demonstration of flexibility went a bit too far, and he had a little accident in an unfortunate place. Whether this was the result of him doing the splits is unclear, but the fact that he's giving a big thumbs up to the camera just makes this situation all the more hilarious.

Everyone that's into cosplaying has their own embarrassing moments, and we all understand that these things happen. There's not much you can do about it. All you can really hope for is that one day you'll be able to look back at these photos and laugh at yourself. That's really all you can do in this crazy world.

1 Mr. Popo 

via: youtube.com

The final embarrassing cosplay picture is definitely no laughing matter, as this one shows a mistake that most cosplayers know never to make. This guy is trying to cosplay as "Mr. Popo," a well-known character from the show Dragonball Z. As many of you probably know, Mr. Popo is somewhat of a controversial character, because he seems to be a very cartoonish and crude depiction of a black person. The creators of the show have argued that Mr. Popo isn't even supposed to be human, but not everyone is convinced.

It should be obvious that Mr. Popo is off-limits for cosplay because of the controversial nature of his character, but we guess some people never got the memo. As a general rule, whenever you dress up in blackface, it's a very, very bad idea. This person broke the biggest rule of cosplay and dressing up in general, and now these images are all over the internet. All we can say is that this guy's employers better not see these photos.

Sources: funnyjunk.com, youtube.com

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