15 Most Difficult Items To Obtain In Final Fantasy

Out of all the RPGs franchises out there, none is perhaps as popular as Square Enix's Final Fantasy. This RPG franchise has stood the test of time and generations of gamers have gotten their hands on an entry in the franchise at one point in their life. The entries in the franchise are known for a couple of things and one of those is its difficulty. Final Fantasy RPGs aren't as simple as Tetris.

Each of the Final Fantasy RPGs requires a lot of patience, careful planning, luck, determination, and so much more. There are a lot of elements in the entries that make the game difficult. Among those elements are items that are really tough to get and will force players to flock online forums and walkthroughs for an idea of how the item is acquired.

Throughout the years, the developers have devised some of the ridiculous ways of getting some specific items in the game but there are others that top the charts in terms of difficulty. Here are the 15 hardest to get items in Final Fantasy.

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15 Triple Triad Cards - Final Fantasy 8

Each Final Fantasy has its own minigame to keep players busy aside from the main quest. Final Fantasy 7 has Chocobo racing, Final Fantasy 15 has fishing, Final Fantasy 9 has Tetra Master, and everyone remembers Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. This innocent card game from the 8th main entry seems rather simple at first but once the new rules start coming, players are left with a sudden difficulty spike that's too hard to overcome.

Players are given weak and standard cards to start with for Triple Triad and they have to keep on fighting other players to collect all cards. What makes getting all the Triple Triad cards so hard to do is that players can only get a card from the ones that they've turned over. Aside from that, NPCs don't always play the card you want to get. Add that to the face that there are insane rules added later on, and you've got a massive headache.

14 Ribbon - Almost Every Final Fantasy

There are a lot of themes and names that are recurring in this monumental RPG series. Players shouldn't be surprised if they see one item from an entry appear in another. Weapons like the Ultima Weapon, Masamune, Save The King and Save The Queen are just some of the recurring ones. As for accessories, players are always looking out for the acclaimed Ribbon.

The Ribbon accessory is considered as one of the best in each entry. The common effect of Ribbon is that it protects the user from nearly all status ailments. This accessory is often locked behind a tough task. For example, in Final Fantasy 7, it can be acquired if players win 10 battles in the Battle Arena. Though the methods are different, one thing remains the same; players will have to work hard for it.

13 Protect Ring - Final Fantasy 9

In a game that holds the toughest optional boss in the series and one where there are 100 trading cards to collect, one would expect that Final Fantasy 9's toughest to get the item is something very special. Instead, it's a Protect Ring. What makes this ring so special is the fact that it was only discovered 13 years after the game launched.

The Lost Nero Family sidequest in Final Fantasy 9, was only discovered and finished in 2013. Since the game had a very horrible official game guide, no one knew about this quest until someone luckily came across it in 2013. The quest itself is easy to do and the only hard part about it is that players will have to go back and forth to a certain town and the game's last dungeon. It was greatly hidden though. That's 13 years since the game released.

12 Master Materias - Final Fantasy 7

One of the features that set Final Fantasy 7 apart from other entries is Materias. These special little balls allow Cloud and crew to perform magic, summons and an array of other commands. There are three main Materia types; Magic, Command, and Summon. As one would expect from a Final Fantasy game, there are a few Materias that are a cut above the rest. As expected, these are harder to get as compared to others.

Master Materias allow the wearer to use all of the abilities of one Materia type. Master Magic Materia for example, allows the wearer to use all magic. To get the Master Materias, players will have to grind really hard as they'll have to master nearly all of the Materias in the game. Mastering Materias requires the players to fight enemy after enemy for a long time.

11 Black Hood - Final Fantasy 15

The latest entry in the franchise redefined Final Fantasy as a whole. Final Fantasy got mixed reception but the game was received well overall. With all the new features added to the game, Square Enix had the chance to make equipment grinding all the more difficult. One of the best accessories in the game, for instance, is locked behind a unique dungeon in the game.

The Pitioss Ruins is unlike any other dungeon in Final Fantasy. There are no enemies in the dungeon but there are a ton of puzzles and platforming elements to it. The reward for beating this dungeon is Black Hood, the best accessory in the game. Without a proper guide, one cannot easily pass through Pitioss Ruins. Even with a guide, players will probably die over and over and over again and even spend hour after hour inside the dungeon.

10 Stellazzio Coins - Final Fantasy 9

Like with any other Final Fantasy entry, Final Fantasy 9 is chock-filled with content and most of the stuff players are really after is behind side quests. One of the hardest side quests in the 9th entry; aside from the exhausting Tetra Master, is collecting all 13 coins of the artist Stellazzio. Unless you're really clever and really good at hints and clues, the only way you'd collect all 13 coins is by using a guide.

The coins are hidden in the most obscure places. They have to be acquired in order also. Once a player gets one of the coins, they'll be getting a clue about the location of the next one. For example, upon getting Taurus, players will get "Taurus had an idea. He would give Virgo a gift. Through the forest and over the mountain, he found a star," as a clue. This is pointing to the location of Virgo in a town called Treno. To get the coin being referred to, players will have to go to a specific town and throw in 10 Gil in a well 13 times.

9 Pink Tail - Final Fantasy 4

Fans love Final Fantasy 4 for a lot of reasons and one of those is the compelling story. As crazy as it sounds, Cecil and his friends will travel to the Moon in the last parts of the game. The Moon, or the Lunar Subterrane, is filled to the brim with tough monsters and chests that contain the best items in the game. If players are working on getting the Adamant Armor; which is the best armor in the game, they might've come across the Pink Tail; or not considering that it's a rare drop.

The Pink Tail is the rarest items in the game and it can only be gotten from the Flan Princess in the Lunar Subterrane. Players have a 1/64 or 1.56% chance of getting the item after the battle. Players will need a ton of luck to get this item and many have decided to just quit at it.

8 Ragnarok - Final Fantasy 5

With a name like Ragnarok, you know the weapon's going to be powerful. Ragnarok is a recurring weapon in the series and in Final Fantasy 5, it's the best weapon to have. Any Final Fantasy fan knows that if a weapon is the best in the game, it's not going to be acquired easily. In Final Fantasy 5, getting a Ragnarok is as easy as defeating a specific enemy in the game. Well, it would be easy if that enemy isn't so darn strong.

In the final dungeon, players will have to look for a specific chest. Inside this chest, lies Shinryu; who is perhaps the toughest enemy in the game. Beat him and you get the Ragnarok. It's worth noting that one of Shinryu's attacks allows him to damage the entire party, taking off at least 7500-8000 of HP. Players will have to come prepared and well-grinded for a shot at Ragnarok.

7 Tournesol - Final Fantasy 12

Since there are various weapon types in Final Fantasy 12, there are a few items out there that are bound to be very hard to get. As for the greatsword category, the toughest weapon to get is the Tournesol. This neat looking sword packs a mean punch but if players want it, they'll have to grind their way to get it. They'll be placing in countless hours, in battling enemies to get some of the rarest items in the game.

The Tournesol is acquired if players managed to get a number of some of the game's rarest items. Aside from that, the process of actually listing down these countless items is hard as heck already. It's a confusing task and it's better for players to just grab a walkthrough online to get a better chance of not having a headache while working for this item.

6 Saturn Sigil - Final Fantasy 10

Fans who've played Final Fantasy 10 and decided to complete the game 100% know the headache they had when they were finally up to collecting the Crests and Sigils of Tidus and co. There are a few memorable moments during the Crest and Sigil hunts of players back in the day but most of these moments were caused by frustration. For our favorite Ronso, Kimahri, the Saturn Sigil might've caused meltdowns across the world.

Getting the Saturn Sigil requires the player to complete a butterfly catching minigame at the Macalania Woods. Sounds simple and easy enough, right? Wrong. The minigame is frustratingly hard and the fact that enemies appear whenever the player makes a mistake isn't helping. No one has probably finished this minigame in one try.

5 Gold Chocobo - Final Fantasy 7

Chocobos are just one of the many mascots of the Final Fantasy series and fans have loved these huge birds. Throughout the series, they serve as one of the ways to travel around the entries but not all Chocobos are the same. In the series, Chocobos come in an array of colors but in Final Fantasy 7, these Chocobos have special abilities based on their colors and the most special of them all is the Gold Chocobo.

Gold Chocobo can cross all terrain in Final Fantasy 7 and this would give players access to most of the areas that cannot be reached with the Highwind. Getting the Gold Chocobo is a long and tedious process that requires a lot of patience, several Chocobo racing wins and deep knowledge of the breeding procedure. At the end, players get a pretty useful and neat looking Chocobo.

4 Excalibur II - Final Fantasy 9

The Excalibur is a recurring weapon in Final Fantasy and it appears as one of the best weapons in the entries. As for Final Fantasy 9, there are two versions of this weapon, Excalibur, and Excalibur II. Excalibur is an easy find and players will have no trouble of getting it. As for Excalibur II; which is also the strongest weapon in the game, players will have to miss out on most of what Final Fantasy 9 has to offer for a shot at this.

To get Excalibur II, players will have to reach the second to the last boss in under 12 hours. Doing this requires the players to skip all FMVs, escape all battles, avoid all sidequests, breeze through dialogue and save often in case of mistakes. All this for the most powerful in the game.

3 Zodiac Spear - Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy 12 has an array of weapon types and each of categories has their own ultimate weapon. As for spears, the strongest one in the game is the Zodiac Spear. Getting the Zodiac Spear is easy. Players will just have to avoid opening 4 specific chests in the game and if they do so, the Zodiac Spear is basically up for grabs. However, if players open these chests, then they're up for a world of hurt.

An alternative method for the Zodiac Spear is by getting it from a chest in the Henne Mines. Sound easy? Nope. The chest is in a secluded area and there's a 10% chance for it to actually spawn. If the chest does spawn, then there's a 10% chance of the Zodiac Spear being there as well. All in all, the player as a 1 in 1000 chance of getting the Zodiac Spear through this method. Lucky for players of the new versions, there are other ways to get the spear.

2 Venus Sigil - Final Fantasy 10

Like in most Final Fantasy games, the best weapons in Final Fantasy 10 require a lot of work. In total, players will have to get the ultimate weapon itself; which is weak on its own, and two other items for each of the weapons; the Sigil and Crest. Each character has their own specific Sigil and Crest and the methods to getting them are unique. Those who've wanted to fully power up the Final Fantasy 10 party have probably come across the Venus Sigil.

The Venus Sigil is for Final Fantasy 10's local Black Mage, Lulu. To get the Venus Sigil, players must dodge 200 consecutive lightning bolts and the Thunder Plains. Players have a second to press the appropriate button to dodge the bolt. What's worse is that there's no counter on how many lightning bolts have been dodged already so players have to dodge more than 200 just to be on the safe side.

1 Sun Sigil - Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10 has a unique mechanic to their best weapons. For the players to get the most out of the ultimate weapons of Tidus and co., they'll have to get the Crest and Sigil of the respective weapons. The weapons themselves are easy catches but the Crests and Sigils are tough tasks. Out of all the Sigils, the toughest one to grab maybe for Tidus is the Sun Sigil as it includes achieving a tough score in a very tough minigame.

To get the Sun Sigil, players will have to beat a minigame at the Calm Lands. They have to beat it with a time of 0:00. This sounds ridiculous and impossible but there is a way to do it. Avoid the randomly generated birds and grab as many balloons as you can. It's not an easy task and countless players have been enraged by this minigame and others opt to just leave the Sun Sigil be.

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