15 Most Difficult Items To Obtain In Zelda

As with any other video game, most of the best items in Legend of Zelda are locked behind tough roads and even tougher enemies.

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda franchise has proven time and time again that it is one of the most successful video game franchises to date. At the center of the franchise is our favorite silent protagonist, Link. Regardless of the entry, we always see Link's struggle against the forces of evil. It's a battle between light and dark. The citizens of Hyrule are lucky to have Link at their side but aside from being courageous, our hero isn't going to save Hyrule without the help of a few weapons, armors, and items.

In the main entries, Link's items are as important as the Triforce. Without his prized pieces of equipment, Link wouldn't be able to pass through any of the Temples or even beat any of the enemies. A majority of the items are easy finds. This is done so that the game's difficulty isn't at an all-time high. Not all items are gathered by taking a few steps though.

As with any other video game, most of the best items in Legend of Zelda are locked behind tough roads and even tougher enemies. There are a few items that are just too hard to get and we've got to commend players who do their best to make sure Link is well-equipped. Here are the 15 hardest to find items in Legend of Zelda.

15 Hylian Shield

Link is commonly depicted wielding the Master Sword and his iconic shield which the game refers to as the Hylian Shield. This blue shield engraved with the insignia of the Triforce is one of Link's trademark gear. In most of the entries, the Hylian Shield can be acquired through simple methods. Breath of the Wild kicks things up a notch by making this shield hard to get. In fact, players can even beat the game without it.

There are two methods to getting the shield, one is through the Princess Zelda Amiibo. The other method is getting it through a chest inside the Lockup. This area is filled with Guardians so players simply can't breeze through.  After passing through all the Guardians, players will then have to beat a huge boss named Stalnox. To make this battle easier, make sure to bring the Master Sword.

14 Sea Charts

The Nintendo DS entry, Phantom Hourglass is a unique entry in the series. Instead of one huge piece of land, players explore a vast sea with tiny islands. Link can't readily explore most of the sea from the get-go. To explore the full sea, players will need to bag themselves some Sea Charts. The problem is, Sea Charts are obtainable through a huge dungeon that players will have to go through over and over again.

There's a central dungeon in the game that players will have to go back and forth to throughout the course of the story. The dungeon is filled with puzzles and even worse, Link's life drains when he's not in small patches of land called Safe Zone. The deeper the player traverses the dungeon, the tougher it gets. Another annoying fact is that the puzzles reset once players leave so they'll have to redo the dungeon if they ever need a Sea Chart again.

13 Gratitude Crystals

In Skyward Sword, Link gets to explore a really neat world. Though not as big as the Hyrule found in Breath of the Wild, there are still a lot of secrets to uncover in the world of Skyward Sword. Scattered throughout the game are 80 Gratitude Crystals. These crystals can be traded for helpful items and if Link manages to collect all 80, Skyloft will be rid of all monsters.

Needless to say, any in-game quests that force players to collect a ton of items is hard. Without a proper guide or a ton of luck, it's unlikely that players will come across all 80 Gratitude Crystals in Skyward Sword. The best way to go about this is by keeping a checklist of the crystals so that it won't be confusing and hard to backtrack later on.

12 Fierce Deity's Mask

A key feature in Majora's Mask is that players can collect an array of masks for Link to wear. Most of the masks are there as collectibles but there are a few that are wearable and give Link powers. Many of the masks are optional and out of all of them, the Fierce Deity's Mask is the hardest one to get. This mask allows Link to become stronger but it can only be used during boss battles.

To begin with, getting the Fierce Deity's Mask requires players to grab 20 other masks in the game, along with the three character masks of the Zora, Goron, and Deku. The hard part about the ordeal is getting the 20 masks though. Each of the masks has a unique method to getting it and unless players are really clever and crafty, there's a very small chance of them getting all of the masks without a guide.

11 Water Medallion

For the second part of Ocarina of Time, an adult Link is tasked with collecting six medallions that represent the elements in the game. Just like most of the dungeons in the game, the ones containing the medallions are tough and will require the full focus of the player. Among all of the medallions, the hardest item to grab will be the Water Medallion and all players will definitely agree to this.

Getting the Water Medallion is easy though. Players will just need to beat a boss to get it. Getting to the Water Medallion is a completely different story. The Water Temple has stood the test of time and has become one of the toughest dungeons in video game history. It's basically a huge puzzle box that players will have to do with trial and error without a guide. Unprepared players will take hours in the dungeon and sometimes, it's best to just go in there with a guide.

10 Savage Lynel Crusher

The world of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild is filled to the brim with terrors and monsters alike. It's a very open game and players can easily explore the majority of the world from the get-go. Getting weapons is a fun way to pass time in Breath of the Wild and one of the most powerful weapons players can get from the game world is the Savage Lynel Crusher. It's not easy getting it though as players will have to face off one of the toughest enemies in the game.

Lynels are cool looking beasts in Breath of the Wild and they are quite the enemy to beat as well. They have a ton of HP and a really high attack value. Unless Link is really prepared, then there's no chance of beating a Savage Lynel. If players are lucky enough, they'll get the Savage Lynel Crusher. This weapon sports the highest damage of all the weapons in the game so it could be worth the trouble.

9 Gold Skulltula Token

One of the hardest quests in both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask is collecting all of the hidden Gold Skulltulas. These special types of enemies aren't a threat to Link or the people in Hyrule. They are a threat to the patience of players though. To complete the quest, Link will have to kill the Gold Skulltulas hidden throughout Hyrule and this is a lot easier to say than do.

If players don't keep track of how many Gold Skulltulas they have killed, it'll be hard to backtrack on the ones they missed out on. The goal isn't to kill the Gold Skulltulas. The goal is to collect all of the Gold Skulltula Tokens.  This cannot be an easy process unless the player keeps track of the wall crawlies. Keeping track is one thing, but locating the deeply hidden ones is another task that players will have to accomplish.

8 Hetsu's Gift

Hetsu's Gift is a very mysterious item in Breath of the Wild. According to the item's description, the item is "a gift of friendship given to you by Hestu. It smells pretty bad." Based on the picture of the item alone, it's easy to speculate that this gift is actually just poop. It doesn't do anything though and it's just a collectible. Despite being completely useless, Hetsu's Gift is a huge headache to collect.

For a shot at this item, players will have to collect not one, but 900 Korok Seeds scattered throughout the huge Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. The game's world really is big so it's no surprise that looking for seeds will be a tough job.  Aside from Hetsu's Gift, players' inventory will also get expanded with the Korok Seeds so the seeds are worth collecting after all.

7 Hearts

For every Legend of Zelda game, Link's life has always been the heart counter. This simple method doesn't give Link and HP counter on the screen and damages to our favorite silent protagonist is seen through the portions being taken away from the hearts. At the start of the game, Link's hearts are very little. With three to four hearts keeping Link alive at the start of each game, it's rather hard to ensure that he'll save Hyrule. Lucky for us, there's a way to increase Link's number of hearts.

Increasing Link's hearts isn't easy work. To get a full heart container added to Link, he'll have to beat a boss. Aside from that, players can also collect four heart fragments to create 1 heart container for Link. It's a tough time making Link's life longer but if players really want to save Hyrule, then it's best to increase how many hits Link can take.

6 Biggoron's Sword

Without a doubt, the Master Sword is the most-clamored for item in the Zelda games. In Ocarina of Time, however, players mostly prefer using the huge Biggoron's Sword. This two-handed weapon deals twice the amount of damage as the Master Sword. When using this sword, players can't equip a shield. If players prefer a more savage take on Link, then the Biggoron's Sword is definitely the go-to weapon.

Getting the Biggoron's Sword is a tough and stressful quest. Players will have to undertake a trading sequence that would allow them to get the sword. The problem is, some of the items in the trading sequence will get spoiled over time and players are given a few minutes to take one time from one place to another. Nope, players can't warp to the location of the target NPC. That means they'll have to rush through Hyrule without making any mistakes.

5 Mask Of Scents

Those who love collecting items and then viewing them in the inventory will definitely love Majora's Mask. In the game, there are a total of 24 masks to collect and look at. Some are easy to grab but there are others that require a ton of patience. One of the toughest masks to grab is the Mask of Scents. This mask allows Link to see the location of mushrooms which he can then store in bottles. It's not a pretty useful item but if one is a perfectionist, then this is a must-have.

Getting the Mask of Scents is not an easy feat. Players will have to beat a racing mini-game to get it. In the race, the Deku Butler will fly through Deku Shrine. It's a very challenging race as the path is hard to traverse and the Deku Butler is fast. It's impossible to win this on the first try as knowledge of the Deku Shrine is important if one wants to win.

4 Bottles

Bottles are an essential part of Link's journey in Ocarina of Time. As simple as the item is, Bottles allow Link to carry essentials such as fairies. Overall, there are a total of 4 bottles scattered throughout Hyrule and getting them is no easy task. We're sure that some players out there have decided to not get some of the four Bottles because of the sheer difficulty.

Players can play through Ocarina of Time without not having to get all four Bottles. One of the most difficult missions for getting a Bottle includes locating ten ghost-like creatures called Big Poes. These guys are tough to find already but killing them is tougher. They are quick and agile and if players aren't fast enough, they'll vanish into thin air. The only way to beat these guys is by riding Epona and shooting them with arrows. Easier said than done.

3 Divine Beast Weapons

The land of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild is divided into four major domains and each of these areas are terrorized by powerful creatures called the Divine Beasts. There's Vah Ruta of Zora's Domain, Vah Rudania of Death Mountain, Vah Medoh of Hebra Mountains, and Vah Naboris of Gerudo Desert. If players manage to beat these bosses, they'll bag Diving Beast weapons that are very useful.

Aside from having good stats, the Divine Beast weapons have really good durability and even better is that they can be replaced once they break. The Divine Beasts are no pushover and beating them requires both a good strategy and good pieces of equipment. If players are unprepared, they'll get overwhelmed by the Divine Beasts so it's best to come with a Link full of hearts and an inventory filled with dozens of good equipment.

2 Master Sword

It's hard featuring Link without the Master Sword. As one of the most popular swords in gaming history. All players want Link to grab this iconic weapon from the get-go and that should be no surprise. As one of the best weapons (and a good looking one at that), in the entries, the Master Sword is a must-have for players. The good thing about it is that the Master Sword is often a part of the story. That's not the case with Breath of the Wild though.

Surprisingly, players can finish Breath of the Wild without the Master Sword. For starters, players will need to have a total of 14 heart containers to pull out the sword. That's the easy part. The hard part is traversing through the Lost Woods. It acts like a maze for the most part and if players make a wrong turn, even at the end, their progress will be reset and they'll have to do it all over again.

1 Triforce

The Legend of Zelda games revolved around the concept of the Triforce. This mythical item in the lore of the series is considered as a Divine Artifact by the people of Hyrule, Link and everyone else. There are three Triforce pieces, one representing courage, power and wisdom respectively. Since this artifact is a key concept in a majority of the entries, there's no wondering why it's one of the toughest items to get.

The Triforce is often acquired later on in the game if it is indeed present and this means that Link will have to beat several bosses, clear several dungeons, and defeat a whole bunch of enemies to get it. The Triforce is a compulsory item most of the time so Link will definitely come across it. Still, all those dungeons and foes are rather daunting and Link will definitely have to work for it.

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