15 Most Difficult Items To Obtain In Skyrim

One of the most popular video games from the previous generation of consoles is Bethesda's Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. To this date, the game stands as one of the best that the previous generation has to offer and it remains as a standard to open-world video games. With multiple re-releases including ones for current-gen consoles and the Nintendo Switch, it looks like the popularity of Skyrim is here to stay.

Players have a lot of memories as the Dragonborn. Who could've forgotten the first time we met Alduin? Or what about the first time we got to fight a dragon? It was a fun game filled with areas to explore and secrets to uncover. The highlight of the game has to be the open-world. Skyrim is a vast continent of Tamriel and it's at the center of a few problems including a civil war. Despite the terrors, it's still fun to go out and about, looking for items.

There are some items in Skyrim that are pretty hard to get. These items make the Dragonborn work hard for it as if the fate of the world rests on that particular item. Here are 15 items that are tough to come by in Skyrim.

15 Dwarven Black Bow Of Fate

The arsenal of weapons in Skyrim grew even more with the addition of the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs added after the game launched. There were quite a few interesting items to grab when the DLC launched and for those who prefer stealth and ranged combat, the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is a must-have. Getting the item is a little tedious though and will require a little exploring.

The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate can be found on Kagrumez on a rack in the room. Before getting it however, players will need to collect the Kagrumez Resonance Gems. There are 5 Kagrumez Resonance Gems in total and they are kept in set places. Unless the Dragonborn loves exploring a lot, there's a good chance that he might've missed out on a few of the Kagrumez Resonance Gems. There are no clues to their locations and players will have to really look for them.

14 The Jagged Crown

We've got to hand it to Bethesda, they make some of the best-looking armor in video game history. The game isn't short of equipment that would make the Dragonborn look cooler than he already is. Among all the helmets in the game is The Jagged Crown. Getting this helmet is as easy as plowing through the Civil War questline but keeping it is the hard part.

Regardless of whether or not the player sides with the Nords or the Imperials, they'll be getting The Jagged Crown at some point in the quest line. However, players will have the item temporarily only as they'll have to hand it over to the faction leader of who they side with. To get this item permanently, players will have to pickpocket it from the leader. That would require a really high pickpocketing level. If the player fails to do it undetected, then all hell breaks loose.

13 Konahrik

Some of the best head armors in the game are the Dragon Priest Masks. Aside from looking pretty cool, the Dragon Priest Masks have their own specific bonuses that would make the Dragonborn's life much easier. All in all, there are 10 Dragon Priest Masks to collect and the best one of them all is Konahrik. As expected, getting this really neat armor comes at the expense of grinding and a lot of quests.

Before getting Kohahrik, players will need to get the other masks first. The other masks are located in the shrines scattered throughout Skyrim. At the end of these shrines are strong enemies called the Dragon Priests and these guys pack quite the punch. Needless to say, the Dragonborn will need to be levelled high enough for a chance at the Dragon Priests Masks. Then again, the bonuses that each of the masks carries are pretty neat so players should consider getting them right away.

12 Daedra Heart

If players want to get the best armors and items in the game, they'll have to scour Skyrim for a few rare items. Since the best armors really make the Dragonborn a force to be reckoned with, it's bound to be hard to craft. One of the items that will be required for forging the best armors in the game is Daedra Hearts. These literal heart items are hard to come by and if players are lucky enough, they can buy it from select shops at a high price.

If not from shops, Daedra Hearts can often be acquired through Daedric Quests. They can be rarely found on caches and in the corpses of Necromancers. Killing Daedra can also be the source of Daedra Hearts, though it's worth noting that Daedras aren't that easy to kill.

11 Notched Pickaxe

There are a ton of easter eggs in Skyrim and that shouldn't be surprised considering how big the game and the game's world is. There are a lot of hidden secrets left and right. These secrets include some that are easy to figure out and laugh at. There are also some that required a bit of thinking to get and one of the neat easter eggs like that is the Notched Pickaxe.

To get to the Notched Pickaxe, players will have to get to the highest part of the highest peak in Skyrim which is the Throat of the World. What's waiting for them is a pickaxe stuck on a malachite ore. For those who don't get the reference, this is a call out to Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson. The item isn't really special at all but looking for this easter egg is worth the trek up.

10 Dragon Souls

One of the game's main attraction is the chance to fight epic dragons. Early on in the game, players will be treated to meeting their first dragon but battling one comes in a few hours into the story. Fighting dragons is a fun and rewarding experience for the Dragonborn but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's an easy process.

The best item that players can get from beating dragons is Dragon Souls. This item allows the Dragonborn to learn words from a shout, thereby making him stronger. The hard part about this is the fact that killing dragons isn't always easy. Some dragons take a few hits to bring down but there are others that are a pain in the neck. Some dragons don't even land down to face the Dragonborn head on and battling these beasts while they're airborne is way tougher.

9 Miraak

In the Dragonborn DLC of Skyrim, players will have to face off with the first Dragonborn. It was an epic experience and the DLC was filled to the brim with content. One of the best items that players can bag during the journey is the mask of the first Dragonborn himself, Miraak. This nifty piece of equipment raises the mana of the player by a lot so it's a must-have for magic and conjuring enthusiasts.

Getting the Miraak mask isn't easy. Players will have to play through a really long campaign and at the end of it is a very tough battle with Miraak. Unless players are really prepared, they're bound to die over and over again at the hands of the first Dragonborn. After the battle, players will simply have to loot the body of Miraak. This sounds easy though but that battle between the two Dragonborns is not a piece of cake.

8 Crimson Nirnroot

Skyrim was already a huge and sprawling open world with a ton of areas to explore. When players first stepped into the underground world of Blackreach, they were surprised to see that there's another huge area to explore beneath Skyrim. Blackreach is dark and full of terrors and one thing all players know about it is that Crimson Nirnroots are a pain to collect.

Upon collecting the first Crimson Nirnroot a player comes across, a quest called Return To Your Roots will be initiated. This requires the player to collect a total of 30 Crimson Nirnroot. While this sounds easy, it's actually pretty hard to do considering how big Blackreach is. Players are left scouring every nook and cranny to look for Crimson Nirnroots which just don't seem to appear when you want them to. 30 Crimson Nirnroots doesn't sound like a big chore, to be honest, but trust us, it's going to take a while to collect them all.

7 Giant's Toe

Those who want to make use of potions should definitely place a few points under the Alchemy skill tree. Most of the miscellaneous items found throughout Skyrim can be used in Alchemy the best potions can only be made with the best items in the game. One of the best components to use in Alchemy is the Giant's Toe. This literal piece of a Giant isn't exactly hard to grab but that is if the Dragonborn is willing to fight a Giant.

Giants are some of the toughest characters in the game and if players are looking to farm Giants' Toes, then killing these monsters is the best way to do it. With mammoths at their side and with a really high attack and defense value, Giants are often considered harder to kill than the dragons themselves. There are Giants' Toes scattered throughout Skyrim but looking for them is pretty hard as well. The best thing to do is go to a Giants' camp and hope for the best.

6 Skeleton Key

Lockpicking is an essential part of Skyrim and through it, players are able to grab the best weapons and armor through locked chests. Lockpicking isn't as easy task as the minigame that initiates once players begin to lockpick is quite hard. Inexperienced lockpickers will end up plowing through their lockpicks if they aren't careful enough. The Skeleton Key is a pretty useful item for those who can't seem to handle lockpicking but keeping it in the inventory is hard.

The Skeleton Key is one of the rewards after beating the questline of the Thieves Guild. At the end, the Dragonborn will be tasked with returning the key and it will no longer be obtainable by then. If the player wants to keep this key for good, they'll have to not finish the questline. This would make them miss a few more rewards, including an achievement.

5 Dawnbreaker

There are a lot of Daedric Artifacts scattered throughout Skyrim and some of them are really worth dying over. Considered by many as the best one-handed weapons in the game, the Dawnbreaker allows the Dragonborn to breeze through the undead like a hot knife through butter. The special effect of this sword is that it can make undead enemies explode. With a special effect as nice as this, you just know that the Dawnbreaker is going to be a hard find.

Players can get the Dawnbreaker as a reward for finishing the quest, The Break of Dawn. The dungeon that the quest takes place in is easy enough but what makes getting the Dawnbreaker so hard is beating the boss, Malkoran. Unless players have grinded adequately, Malkoran is going to be one tough enemy to kill.

4 Daedric Armor

One of the best armor sets in the game is the Daedric Armor set. Although there's a higher-tier of armor; the Dragonscale Armor set, the Daedric armor pieces are the ones with the highest defense value among all the armors in the game. That also means that these are end-game items and players will have to work extra hard just to get these items.

For starters, players will have to raise their Smithing level to 90 before being able to create Daedric armor pieces. That's just the start of the ordeal, however. Players will have to gather several Daedra Hearts as well. These very rare items are tough to come by and the Dragonborn is going to have to work extra hard if they ever want a chance at building this particular armor set. All in all, if players want to nab all armor pieces, they'll need a total of 5 Daedra Hearts. That's just for the armors though.

3 Treasure Map Items

While traveling through Skyrim, the Dragonborn will come across a host of treasure maps. These maps will have drawings in them that reveal the location of a specific treasure. The treasure map isn't the hard item to get as players will come across them eventually. What's hard to get though are the treasures themselves and the Dragonborn needs to be really observant to get to the treasures.

There are more than 10 treasure maps in the game. Each of those maps will have a clue to the location of a treasure. It's not an easy feat as the drawings themselves only reveal a small portion of the area and since Skyrim is huge, it's going to be hard finding that little plot of land from the drawing. If players do manage to complete the treasure hunt, they'll be rewarded with neat items.

2 Oghma Infinium

One of the most useful books in the game is the Oghma Infinium. This special book gives users a +5 on skills under Combat, Magic and Stealth. And if players know a neat little trick, they can use this item infinitely. As expected, getting this item is a lengthy process and it requires the Dragonborn to kill an individual from several races to get the book.

For starters, the quest Discerning The Transmundane which rewards players with the Oghma Infinium, won't be started unless the player is level 15 or above. That's the easy part. To finish the quest, players will need to collect the blood of several races including, Orsimer, Bosmer, Altmer, Falmer and Dunmer. Killing them is the easy part, locating is the hard part. And of course, players will have to be careful so that they don't alert the authorities of the murders they commit.

1 Stones Of Barenziah

Almost all quests in Skyrim; including story quests, can be accomplished if players are patient enough. However, the No Stone Unturned quest is a major source of a headache for those who want to complete the game 100%.  Unless players know about the Stones of Barenziah early on and they use a guide, getting all 24 stones is easy to do. If they have no idea of it, however, they'll have to work hard and backtrack to the areas that might have the stones.

The 24 stones are scattered across Skyrim and there are no clues or hints about where they are. They are hidden in loot caches all around. Collecting all 24 will bag players with the nifty ability called Prowler's Profit which increases the chances of a player getting multiple precious gems from chests. Aside from that, the cool looking Crown of Barenziah will also be on display at the Thieves Guild.

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