15 Most Difficult Items To Obtain In GTA

There’s literally no need at all to introduce Grand Theft Auto, a game series so iconic that everyone knows what you are talking about when you refer to it simply as GTA. Even if you have never played a game from the series, you certainly know what it’s about. It has been causing controversy, inviting criticism, and getting enjoyment out of players around the world for 20 years.

Yes, that’s right – GTA is 20 years old. Can you believe that? Over the last 20 years, it has become the fourth-highest selling video game franchise of all time and has become available on just about every possible gaming platform. Overall there are 15 titles in the series, even though we’re only on GTA V as of 2013 – the rest were all expansion packs and extras.

With all of this history behind it and lots of content in every single game, you can be sure that there is a long list of rare and hard to get items from each instalment of the series. If you are playing today, there are a number of items which we can classify as being the hardest ones to get. These tend to be items which take you a lot of hassle to win in-game, rare items that were given out just once in events, and so on.

While some of them were easy to obtain in the first instance, getting them now is nothing short of impossible. Only a true collector will have their hands on these 15 items.

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15 The Military Jet

If you want to get your hands on your very own military jet in GTA V, you are going to be in for a world of pain first. The reason this is so hard is because you need to get yourself armored up, have a whole ton of weapons, get a very strong car in the first place, and then somehow make it through a bullet hell in order to get to the jet. The military base is heavily defended with tanks, soldiers with high-powered guns, and of course the other jets. Your ‘easiest’ path to the loot is most likely to start by hijacking a tank. This will prevent the enemy from shooting you in the back or blowing up your car as you attempt to cross the runway. Next, you have to make it all the way across without the tank getting blown up, which is difficult in itself. Finally, you have to get the jet moving off the runway before the guns catch up with you. They WILL blow up the jet to stop you from taking it.

14 The Halloween Shirts

There are a number of shirts which were only released to players on Halloween through a very specific method. Here’s the announcement from Rockstar: "And for the first time ever, the Rockstar Broadcast Stream GTA Online T-shirt Cannon will be in full effect, firing out exclusive in-game t-shirts to lucky viewers throughout the stream. There are 8 different Halloween t-shirts locked and loaded, and these are available nowhere else. You can only collect one by tuning into to watch and finding out how to win them during the stream. The Meathook For Mommy, Vinewood Zombie, Hot Serial Killer Stepmom and Cannibal Clown t-shirts will be available to Twitch raffle winners during our official live stream." Good luck on getting your hands on those four shirts if you want them now – they are considered to be some of the most difficult to get in the whole game as no one is giving them away.

13 'High Flyer' Parachute Pack

This is an event-limited item which is only available to players who completed the event. Given away during the San Andreas Flight School Event between August 22nd and 24th of 2014, it was reasonably easy to claim so long as you ticked everything off in time. As the announcement says, “This weekend only, you can pick up the exclusive 'High Flyer' Parachute Pack seen in the flyer above, for the skydiver who truly enjoys getting lifted. All you have to do is complete the "Flight School Event" Playlist and then head to Ammu-Nation. The High Flyer Parachute Bag will be available free of charge and, once purchased, you can equip it from your Inventory in the Interaction Menu.” If you want it now, one of your best chances is going to be exploiting a glitch. Otherwise, it might be a case of waiting and crossing your fingers for a random chance in a celebration event.

12 Please Stop Me Hockey Mask

This is one of the rarest masks in GTA Online, and there is only one way to get hold of it from now on. Like many other limited items, it has been put into the Fest Surprise crate drop packs. You might need to open a lot of crates before you find one, and that’s even if they bother putting them in during future events. It was first unlocked for those who took part in the Last Team Standing Event and is a reference to the Manhunt game franchise – another property owned by Rockstar. It’s a pretty creepy mask, and definitely appropriate for Halloween. The only sad part about that is that if you do pick it up in a festive event, you will still have to wait another ten months before you can use it. Oh, well – it’s not like you won’t still be playing GTA after that length of time, right?

11 Grotti T-Shirt

The Grotti t-shirt features the Grotti logo, and then has text underneath which reads ‘Owners Club Los Santos’. Otherwise, this plain red shirt may not look like much, but it is only available to people who logged in at a certain time. While it’s not very rare, thanks to the large number of players who were logged in during that timeframe, it is still difficult for you to obtain by yourself in the future. It was first made available as part of the Power Play Week right after Further Adventures in Finance and Felony was released for GTA Online. If you logged in during the week, you got the shirt, whether you owned a Grotti car or not. It was also re-released for players that logged in during late December 2016 as a random gift for the festive season. There’s a small chance it might be available during the next festive celebrations as well.

10 Indestructible Spanish Lords Burrito

This GTA Chinatown Wars car is one that you might think was easy to obtain if you read the walkthrough. But the problem is that most players miss this opportunity because they simply play through the game without pausing to try out things that shouldn’t be done. Well, some enterprising player discovered this neat way to get your hands on the Spanish Lords Burrito: first, you have to unlock the Warehouse Raiding side-mission, but don’t go starting it yet. Use a bypass technique to get into the warehouse before you trigger it. The Burrito will be there: bulletproof, fireproof, explosion-proof, and damage-proof. Once you have it, the challenge continues in terms of how to hold onto it. As soon as you trigger the side-mission, all of the armor will be stripped off. Can you handle not completing the game just in order to hold onto a car with rare special abilities?

9 Loneliest Robot Shirt

The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain was a short film produced specifically to be placed into a GTA game, which makes it a pretty special part of the game’s history. Not surprisingly, there is also a t-shirt which you can wear in-game which features the logo of this film. How to get it? Well, you will need to go back in time. There was a contest in May 2015 to create a music video for the band Wavves, and everyone who uploaded a video to the Social Club during this time would win the t-shirt in the game. All of the items were sent out after the contest ended, on the 8th June. Since that was well over two years ago, you really can only get it by modding the game. If you’re a perfectionist who likes to earn items in-game, it looks like you’re out of luck on this one.

8 The Hellenbach

Available in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the Hellenbach is pretty much unobtainable unless you already registered for it. You had to register for the Rockstar Social Club before the deadline in order to get it on your DS. So, bad news! But there is a way to get a bulletproof Hellenbach if you’re really, really careful. During the mission, The Tow Job, you have to try and destroy your Hellenbach and drive through the Mission Ending Marker while it is still on fire. When the mission is done, the Hellenbach will still be there, although severely damaged and emitting black smoke. Push it very carefully to the Safehouse Garage in Bohan and you might be able to save it. Emphasis on the might, though – all of this is very tricky to do and you might even need a few tries, so save your game right before you attempt it.

7 Glitched Beer Hats

For quite a while, Beer Hats were some of the rarest items around, or at least the most difficult to get for new players. They were only available during two events: the Independence Day Special and the Festive Surprise for GTA Online. Then, you could only find them in crates in free-mode sessions. But in 2015’s Ill-Gotten Gains Update, every player on a current platform received the Supa Wet beer hat, the Pisswasser beer hat, the Benedict beer hat, and the Patriot beer hat for free. But there are two hats which remain a little rarer: the red one for "J's Lager" (the "'s" is not included in the logo) and a lime-colored one for "Blarney's". These remain some of the rarest items in the Online version of the game, so if you can get your hands on one, you’re in for a lot of fun.

6 The Liberator

The Liberator is a fantastic, fun vehicle with a patriotic feel. It’s also pretty special. In GTA V, the original version was removed for a while because of glitches, but in GTA Online you have to be a very patriotic player in order to get it. It was first unlocked on Independence Day 2014, available from Warstock Cache & Carry for $742,014. On every subsequent Independence Day Special event, it has been made available in the same way, although now with a 25% discount. In order to get this one, you may well have to shun your family and friends and tear yourself away from the fireworks long enough to make the purchase. If that isn’t a challenge, then we don’t know what is. If you spawn your Liberator in a race, you might get the added bonus of the very rare discolored version, which often turns out to be mostly black.

5 The Bahama Mamas Shirt

This plain white shirt features the prominent logo of the Bahama Mamas West nightclub, and all you have to do to get it is log in. The trouble is, you have to log in during an event where it is available to claim. So far, that has only happened on these occasions: Sunday Drivers Week, September 2-8, 2016; Holiday Gifts (random chance), December 23-24, 2016; Boxing Day (random chance), December 26, 2016; New Year's Eve (random chance), December 30-31, 2016; New Year's Day (random chance), January 1, 2017. Even though that might seem like a long list of dates, you’ll notice a lot of them are close together, and they have decreased dramatically in recent times. If you’ve got your heart set on this one, keep your fingers crossed that it is included in the next New Year’s Day event because it looks like that’s the only way you could get it.

4 Stocking Mask

People love the Stocking Mask because it’s kind of funny. It’s a play on words which was created just for Christmas, mixing up the kind of stocking that you would put gifts into with the kind of stocking that you would wear over your face while trying to rob a place. It was available around Christmas Day in 2014 as part of the Christmas Gift. All you had to do in order to get it was to log in, but considering that not every player has time to play during the festive season, it was still a big ask. It’s one of the first balaclava-style masks to be added to GTA Online, and is now very rare because of the fact that it has not yet been added back into any festive crates. Maybe this year you will get the chance to get your hands on it.

3 November 2015 Shirts

There were four shirts that were released in November 2015 that have not been made available to players since. This means that we might not get to see them again, although most people have their fingers crossed that they will find their way into a festive pack one day. They were the Zombie Liberals in the Midwest shirt, released on the 1st; The Simian shirt, released on the 13th; the Vampires on the Beach shirt, released on the 14th; and on the 15th, the Splatter and Shot shirt was released. Each of these shirts were only available for one day, so you had to log in during those specific times to get each one of them. While there are plenty of players who play daily, adult players would probably have some difficulty getting time to pick up each of them due to them being released on different days of the week.

2 The Fitted Caps

There are a whole bunch of fitted caps in the game that you may have seen around. They are, variously, the Strawberry Fitted Cap, the Magnetics Block Fitted Cap, the Black SA Fitted Cap, Boars Fitted Cap, Davis Fitted Cap, Westside Fitted Cap, and Eastside Fitted Cap. They were all released between the 16th November 2015 and the 22nd, with each one being released in that order on each day. All you had to do was log in to get them, but now they are out of reach forever – except in two occasions. The first is that you exploit a glitch to get them; the second is that they are added one day to festive crates or released in another way for fans. Since they have not been seen in the game for two years, however, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that they will be released again.

1 R* Crosswalk Tee

This is another tee that is pretty hard to get your hands on. You have to be online at the right place and time in order to grab it, so there’s a lot of patience involved. The problematic thing here is that one day Rockstar might just decide not to give them out anymore, and we won’t know when, so try to grab one as early as you can. They are given out during livestreams. At the end of the stream, a t-shirt cannon will send them out to some players, so you have to be there and also be lucky. They usually post on social media about which livestreams will have t-shirt cannons, so this will help you save some time and avoid the ones that don’t. The shirt shows a Rockstar logo above a stick figure lying prone on the ground, a parody of the crosswalk symbol.

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