15 Most Cringe-Worthy Duggar Family Moments We Wish We Could Forget

What do you say about a family that keeps doing the most horrible things and broadcasts it all on TV? Well, not much actually, considering their 19 Kids & Counting reality series, now being carried on as Counting On, is so horribly terrible, that it’s actually popular. People watch this stuff, and the Duggar family keeps making money off all the eyes glued to the TV screens to catch yet another cringe-worthy moment in their life.

Frankly, the whole show is cringe-worthy. The couple basically decided to keep on having children until the last one did not make it, and they broadcasted it and their lives for the world to see. For them, it's easy pickings. So the daughters of the Duggar family (much like the so-called matriarch) know that their only escape from the house is to get married and go have more babies. America’s top baby-producers, that’s what snarky readers label the Duggar family women. In case the show wasn’t revolting enough for you, here are the moments that really stretched our patience thin to the point that they grated on our nerves. Here is some serious grossness, not for the faint-hearted.

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15 “Hey Hey Hey” Is Jim Bob’s Idea Of "Getting Things Going"

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In one painfully long-dragged scene, Jim Bob Duggar, a.k.a. the Duggar Man of the House, referred to getting intimate with his lady love Michele as “hey hey hey.” That sounded silly enough and a tad TMI, and of course, it also makes you look at Fat Albert in an entirely different way. The trashy part came with Jessa, one of the Duggar daughters, who pointed out that Jim Bob often calls out a “hey hey” greeting to everyone. So his way of greeting people is saying, “hey hey,” and his way of telling the wife to get into bed is “hey hey hey.” The guy is seriously creepy all around. Probably one of the many, many reasons the audience love-hates the show!

14 Michelle Can Never Say No To Jim Bob & Doesn't

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So the moment that Jim Bob utters the magic words “hey hey hey,” Michelle gets herself all spruced up for a good old romp between the sheets. This is definitely a part of the Duggar way of life, considering the parents must get intimate a lot (how else do you get to the magic number of 19 children) and they are hyper-paranoid that their kids will get intimate before they are married. Michelle once said that the biggest lesson she learned as a married woman was that you do not say no to your husband when it comes to the bedroom. If the husband wants, he gets. Any time he likes, any time he wants. According to her golden rules, if you say no to your husband, he loses interest in you. Clearly, Michelle never did say no to Jim Bob. Barf.

13 The Duggar Daughters Are Trained To Obey, Especially When The Lights Go Out 

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With a gem of a mother, the Duggar girls have been taught well. Once they get married, and some of them already are, they never get to refuse their husbands. It is drilled into their head that their bodies are owned by their husbands so they have to comply, come hell or high water. A rather simpler but no less grave moment in the show when it was still called 17 Kids & Counting was when Jim Bob decided to do some good and take the Duggar daughters to donate some blood. The queasy part was not the needles, but the fact that the Duggar dad never asked the girls if they wanted to donate blood. He dictated and they obeyed, without considering what they wanted to do with their own bodies. So the Duggar daughters have no choice, considering they are the property of their fathers and then their husbands.

12 When Josh Duggar Made A Disgusting And Inappropriate Joke

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Josh Duggar, the most reviled man on American TV, is not all that pure and sin-free. When he was still the golden boy of the Duggar clan who could do no wrong, he made a creepy as hell joke about inappropriate family relationships. In 2008, the show was then called 17 Kids and Counting, and in one of the episodes, Josh Duggar was taking his then-fiancée Anna (now wife) to the movies. Now to avoid any and all sinning, no child of the Duggars was ever allowed to date unchaperoned. In this case, Josh’s younger sister Jinger was to be the third wheel but apparently, she was too young for the movie that Josh had chosen. So Josh decided to take his other siblings Jana & John-David instead and then called it a “double date.” If that wasn’t creepy enough, he then joked that they were from Arkansas, the inc*st capital of America!

11 When The Joke Turned To Be A Tragedy For The Duggar Daughters

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When Josh made the joke, it seemed creepy, but harmless enough. Years later, when the truth came out that Josh had actually abused his sisters, it stopped being funny. Then it acquired far more sinister overtones than just an offhand remark by a dumb guy. Over the years, Josh had s*xually abused five girls in total, four of whom were his sisters and one girl was unrelated. Initially, it was revealed that he touched them while they slept and his touching happened when they were fully clothed. Then the whole cupboard full of skeletons came tumbling forth, revealing a horrifying secret that the family was keeping from the world. These revelations, along with the fact that Josh had been a member of the Ashley Madison dating (read: cheating) site, led to the cancellation of this “wholesome” show in 2015.

10 And Still, The Daughters Had To Forgive Their Brother

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When the news broke, everyone and their neighbor felt for the Duggar girls, the victims of their own brother. Basically, he had inappropriately touched four of his sisters, and a babysitter, and after a few years had gone by, confessed to his parents about it all. When the news broke, he became the most reviled man of 2015. But Jessa and Jill, who happened to be two of his victims, publicly defended their creep of a brother. They didn’t just stick up for him. If they had just said that they had forgiven him and the world should move on, it would have sounded real. But first Jill defended Josh by saying, “He did it because he was a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls.” Sounds like a fed line. And then Jessa tried to portray him in a good light by claiming that none of his victims would ever have known if he hadn’t confessed all by himself. Finally, they both said that they had forgiven Josh because their parents had told them to. Triple cringe!

9 Josh Was Lowlife Enough To Cheat On His Pregnant Wife

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Josh’s misdemeanors didn’t just end at abuse. Nope. While his wife Anna was pregnant, Josh made became a member of the infamous Ashley Madison dating site, where married people signed on to stray. The Washington Post actually listed Duggar as one of the "15 People the Internet Hated Most in 2015." Then adult film actress Danica Dillon filed a suit against Josh, alleging she had been assaulted by him after he paid her for intimacy. She dropped the case later and agreed not to refile as part of a settlement. It makes the 2008 episode of "A Very Duggar Wedding" special in which he sang “The Loyalty Song” to his new bride all the more creepy. Because whatever Josh is or isn’t today, he wasn’t a loyal husband for even one tiny bit. All he did was cheat on his wife, and not just once. He even had a fake Facebook account where he befriended adult film stars… Poor Anna!

8 The Loss Of Their 20th Child Seemed Perfectly Staged & Played Out

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Don’t get us wrong. The loss of a child is always painful, for anyone and everyone, irrespective of the number of kids you already have. The Duggars lost what would have been their 20th child in 2011 and it definitely was a sad time for all the Duggars, especially Michelle. What was cringe-worthy was the way the whole process was neatly packaged into an episode called "A Duggar Loss." Some would say it was brave of Michelle to air her grief in the show, and that it might have helped others to grieve their loss fully. Fair enough. But to film this level of pain and then air it out for the whole world to see while you are getting paid for it reeks of, well, bad taste. To take it further, Jim Bob decided to comfort each of his children while being filmed as he informed each one of them about their horrible loss. It was just too uncomfortable for words.

7 The Pregnant Wife Actually Home-Birthed On The Potty

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The Duggar women are traditional in every sense of the word, and as a result, they often do home births. And that’s perfectly fine, except that filming a home birth and then watching even an edited version of it often tends to get awkward. Cut to Anna, wife to the Duggar blimp, Josh. She was uncomfortable during her labor, more so because of her modesty. As the labor progressed, she must have felt the urge to use the toilet, which is fairly normal for women in labor. She was nervous about having a bowel movement during her labor, so she actually got up to use the bathroom. The only thing was that she ended up giving birth to her child right there, on the toilet. So all modesty kind of flew out of the window there. Thankfully, she had locked the TV crew out and once the stress was off her, she was able to birth her baby in relative peace.

6 Bikinis Are The Devil & It’s The Woman’s Duty To Cover Up

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Modesty is another thing the whole Duggar clan is hung up on, or at least Michelle is. So once, while talking about modesty and its extreme importance, Michelle confessed a shameful secret: she blames herself for making men sin. Like, huh? According to this 19 Kids & Counting mommy, she actually used to mow the yard in a bikini when she was a teenager. She was also a skimpily-clad cheerleader. She said, “Here was this little teeny-bopper out there mowing her grass in a bikini, and the poor [neighbor’s] husband was having to either try to not look or look another way, and I just think, I had no clue. You can’t control what someone else thinks, but we can control what we do. If we stir up desires in someone else that cannot be righteously fulfilled, then we’re responsible for that.” In fact, she also once revealed that the family never visits public beaches because it’s hard for the poor little lechers to avert their eyes, considering bikinis are the very devil!

5 Almost NO Physical Contact Can Happen Before The Wedding

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So because their bodies are owned by their father, and eventually their husbands, the Duggar daughters can commit no premarital sin, considering their conservative Catholic live streaming! Basically, while Jim Bob and Michelle claimed that the kids – the older ones at least – get to make their own dating rules, they cannot even consider going all the way and heavy kissing. In the 19 Kids & Counting finale, there was a rather creepy clip shown where when Derick tried to put his arm around Jill Duggar and Jim Bob inserted himself between the two. The expressions on Jill Duggar’s face were part embarrassed, part anger, and part “When can I escape this family?” Despite Jill & Jessa Duggar deciding that side-hugging was to be allowed, and their parents consenting to the same, Jim Bob still showed that he was the big boss. We think the Duggar daughters don’t actually get to make any decisions despite their parents' claim that they do.

4 The Rules Did Not Apply to Jim Bob & Michelle

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While Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar have an active romantic life, which entails Jim Bob saying “hey hey hey” and Michelle instantly complying, the rules for the kids (or maybe just the daughters) is simple: no s*x before marriage. That said, this "no premarital anything" rule so did not apply to Michelle and Jim Bob when they were young. In fact, in rather uncomfortable moments, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar confessed to their kids that they indulged in a lot of physical contact before they got married. And while things turned out fine for them, considering they are still married and have 19 kids, and have a great “hey hey hey” life – they still regret sinning without the license in hand. In particular, it is Jim Bob who thinks their premarital petting was a mistake, and to repent, he doesn’t even let a guy put an arm around any of his daughters!

3 Michelle Is Mom, But It’s the Older Ones Who Are More Maternal

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Michelle Duggar is mommy to the Duggar clan, but her parenting style is anything mommy-ish. Frankly, with 19 kids, it means Michelle was more often pregnant than not, and she also had to agree to every proposition her husband made – this does not make for a restful mother! All through the many, many years of the Duggar shows, we don’t really remember her mothering anyone, especially the little ones all that much. Think about it. When Jim Bob scared Jenni with a fake beard, she bawled for Jill. When Jordyn stuck her head in the stair rail and got free, she ran to Jessa. When Jackson got lost at the airport, he ran to Jana. See the trend here? No little one goes to their mommy to get their boo-boos kissed. It’s always an older sister. Michelle is not even an effective threat to scare the little ones with. Joy used to threaten the little ones into order by warning them that she’ll tattle on them to Jana, not Michelle.

2 Josie's Seizure Was Played Out Until Even Medics Cringed

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Little Josie, born in 2009, was three months premature. Along with other things, it means that in case she has a fever, her chances of experiencing seizures are high. And in one episode of 19 Kids & Counting, that’s what happened. She started to get a seizure. And did that stop the film crew from filming to let the family have a private moment or two? Nope. Her seizure was the episode, in fact. Jim Bob & Michelle were out of town and later stated that since they were so far away, all they could do was pray for their little angel. The most concerned, was the eldest Duggar daughter, Jana, probably because she has been Josie’s real mother since her birth. Also, since Josie is too young to consent to being filmed while having a seizure, it’s very disturbing to see such blatant exploitation.

1 When Cinderella Jane Reminded Everyone That She Was Still Awaiting Her Prince

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The Duggar gals are basically homebound until their Prince Charming can come and carry them away to further saddle them with babes. A whole new meaning to barefoot and pregnant! Jana, the eldest of all the Duggar daughters, and quite possibly the sweetest of them all, too, is still very much a spinster and in charge of all the other kids that Michelle has borne but isn’t really raising. As of January 2017, Jana turned 27 and all through the show, you might remember that she never really complained about anything. In one episode of the spin-off show Counting On (that focuses on Jill & Jessa’s marriage and family), Jana does say, “It’s been neat to see how I’ve connected even more with some of these younger ones.” Somehow, that statement looks more like a cry for help – that she needs someone to come and rescue her from the drudgery of the Duggar clan.

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