15 Most Cringe-Worthy Celebrity Interviews

It’s a dangerous and risky job that only a few extremely brave men and women are willing to do. One wrong move and boom! Chaos erupts and it’ll likely end badly with someone in a body bag. No, we’re not talking about diffusing bombs. This is much more dangerous and horrifying. We’re talking about conducting interviews with celebs.

There are a lot of perks to being a world-famous celeb. They get paid millions of dollars, live a lavish lifestyle, and have thousands of fans that want to sleep with them. It seems like the perfect life that only a few lucky people get to live. However, being a well-known celebrity does come with its drawbacks. They have paparazzi following their every move, their personal life becomes public knowledge, and there is an immense pressure to always look perfect. However, the most dreadful part of their job is when they have to do promotional work and interviews.

A celebrity interview can be entertaining, awkward, and sometimes both. Celebs rarely disappoint when being interviewed even when it goes completely off the rails. An uncomfortable celebrity interview is as memorable as that year's biggest summer blockbuster. These awkward interviews aren’t always the celeb's fault. Sometimes, the interviewer is not prepared or they’re looking to stir up some controversy. Some celebs just don’t like interviews, and they’ll always turn awkward. Regardless, these uncomfortable interviews are like a horrible car crash that is tough to watch but even tougher to look away from. Here is a look at 15 Most Cringe-worthy Celebrity Interviews.


15 Paris Hilton - “Do You Ever Worry About Your Moment Having Passed?” 


Paris Hilton shot to fame after starring in the reality series The Simple Life. She is infamously known for a private video that was leaked just days before the first episode. The combination turned her into an overnight celebrity, and she was one of the biggest stars in the world. In fact, Kim Kardashian was Paris’ personal assistant before she became famous. However, Paris’ time in the spotlight quickly faded, and that seems to be a touchy subject for her. Back in 2011, Dan Harris of ABC News interviewed Paris to mainly discuss her reality show, The World According to Paris. Things got awkward when Harris mentioned the show’s low ratings and asked if she was worried that the Kardashians were overshadowing her. He then asked, "Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?" Paris walked off and had a heated argument with Harris off camera. Eventually, she agreed to continue with the interview, which ended pleasantly.

14 Bruce Willis - "I Can Hardly Keep My Mind On This Interview."


During this interview, Bruce Willis didn’t seem very interested and couldn’t hide it, mostly because he admitted as much. Bruce Willis has starred in several classic films, such as Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, and The Sixth Sense. Willis has developed a reputation for being a tough interviewee. This was best exemplified during the promotion for the 2013 film Red 2. It also starred Mary Louise-Parker who also participates in this interview. Willis was awkward right from the start but Parker does her best to keep things going. The interviewer, Jamie Edwards, did seem slightly intimidated by Willis. However, things got super awkward when Willis is asked about the cars used in the film. Willis then states, "I'm thinking of driving right now. I can hardly keep my mind on this interview." Clearly, both Edwards and Mary-Louise Parker felt the awkwardness in the air.

13 Ben Kingsley - "I Thought There Might Be Drugs In The Muffins."


Sir Ben Kingsley is a critically-acclaimed actor held in the highest of regard. He’s considered by many to be one of the finest actors of his generation. He is best known for his outstanding performances in Gandhi, Schindler’s List, and Shutter Island. Many entertainment reporters likely dream of the day of getting to interview an icon like Sir Kingsley. However, this cringe-worthy interview is not what this reporter had in mind. In 2014, Kingsley was interviewed during the promotion for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. The interview had a bad start when the reporter couldn’t stop laughing and Kingsley wondered if she was on drugs. He’d continue to bring up drugs throughout the interview. He was somewhat condescending when describing the filmmaking process. The reporter did attempt to get the interview back on track but not even a critically-acclaimed actor could save that interview.

12 Tom Hardy - "What On Earth You On About?"


This isn’t a case of a long cringe-worthy interview that is uncomfortable to watch. It’s short and quick but still equally as painful to witness. Tom Hardy is one of the top leading men in Hollywood. He has starred in several memorable films, such as The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Revenant. In 2014, Hardy participated in a panel discussion at the Toronto International Film Festival for his latest film, Legend. A reporter asked a poorly-worded and slightly uncomfortable question. Hardy was asked about his private life and personal relationships. The reporter claimed that Hardy had been ambiguous about his intimate preferences in the past. Hardy was perplexed by the question and asked, “What on earth you on about?” He didn’t understand how the question was important or even the point of it. He brutally shut down the reporter, and the panel awkwardly moved on.

11 Kanye West - "You Ain't Got The Answers!"


Kanye West is one of the bestselling artists of all time. West is known for his eccentric and unique personality. He famously had an awkward interview with Jimmy Kimmel after having a Twitter feud. In 2013, he found himself in a heated argument while a guest on Sway in the Morning. No Kanye West interview ever starts out smoothly, and he was already ranting from the start. He eventually got even more worked up and became angry over not being able to sell his merchandise. He proclaimed himself the most impactful artist of this generation. He continued to rant on until Sway told him to sell the merchandise himself. West then lost it and started yelling at Sway. He screamed, "You ain't got the answers, Sway! I've been doing this more than you! You ain't got the answers!" They had a heated exchange before finally calming down.

10 Selena Gomez - A Sopranos Ending


Selena Gomez went from being a Disney star to a world-famous recording artist. She developed a more mature image and starred in the controversial film Spring Breakers. Despite all of her achievements, the media is much more interested in her personal life and relationships. She was in a tumultuous on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber. After going like this for a few years, the relationship finally came to an end. However, that hasn’t stopped the media from obsessing over it. Bieber has discussed some aspects of the relationship but Gomez refuses to. She has nothing but kind words about Justin but never wants to discuss the relationship or breakup. During this satellite interview, all Gomez wanted to do was promote her upcoming album, but like always, Justin was brought up. Gomez simply looked to the side before the feed cut off, and the screen abruptly cut to black.

9 Tom Cruise - Lauer Vs. Cruise

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Tom Cruise is known for giving stellar performances, marrying gorgeous women, and giving the most cringe-worthy interviews. He has starred in several major films, including Jerry Maguire, Magnolia, and the Mission: Impossible franchise. He is also known for his association with the Church of Scientology. He often promotes the religion and is a key figure in its popularity. Cruise has given many memorable interviews; such as the time he jumped around on Oprah Winfrey’s couch proclaiming his love for then-wife Katie Holmes. However, none were as cringe-worthy as the time he was interviewed by Matt Lauer. The first half was very pleasant filled with lots of laughs. The second half falls off the rails quickly. Lauer brought up Cruise attacking Brooke Shields in the media for using antidepressants to battle postpartum depression. They ended up having a very heated conversation with Cruise ranting about the evils of psychiatry, anti-depressants, and Ritalin.


8 Robert Pattinson - The Pattinson Saga


When Ryan Seacrest briefly interviewed Robert Pattinson, it seemed like the perfect moment. Both were charming, witty, and engaging but things crumbled at the very last second. Pattinson is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, which also starred Kristen Stewart. Eventually, Pattinson and Stewart began an intimate relationship, although they denied it. In 2012, they broke up after Stewart was caught cheating with director Rupert Sanders. Pattinson managed to put on a brave face during the promotion for the final film in the saga, New Moon. Seacrest interviewed Pattinson during the final lag of promotion. Towards the end, Seacrest asked Pattinson what he wants to say to his fans about working with Stewart after breaking up. Pattinson’s people immediately put an end to the interview. Seacrest was shocked and noted that he has never been cut off before. Pattinson seemed a bit uncomfortable but said to his fans, “Watch New Moon” before walking off.

7 Taylor Swift - "I'm Not Going To Walk Home With Any Men Tonight."


Taylor Swift has had her fair share of awkward moments at the Grammys. This awkward question had Swift nearly speechless. Swift is a Grammy Award-winning artist. She has released several beloved albums, such as Speak Now, Red, and 1989. Entertainment Tonight could not have started this interview off in a more uncomfortable way. They immediately asked Taylor to show off her dress so the interviewer can talk about Taylor’s legs. The interviewer then said that Swift would be walking home with a lot of men at the end of the night. Taylor was actually frozen for a few seconds by the bizarre statement. However, Taylor is a professional, and all she did was shake it off. Taylor noted she wasn’t going home with any men and will instead hang out with her friends then go home to her cats. She then gushed over to the members of her Swift Squad that were in attendance before ending the interview.

6 Quentin Tarantino - "This Is A Commercial."


Quentin Tarantino is considered one of the greatest filmmakers in history. Like many of his classic films, this interview takes a sudden and unexpected turn. Tarantino has released several critically and commercially-acclaimed movies, such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and The Hateful Eight. His films are known for its explicit profanity and graphic violence. Throughout his career, he has often been asked about his views on violence in films. If this interview is any indication, then he is clearly tired of dealing with this subject. In 2012, Krishnan Guru-Murthy interviewed him during the promotion for Django Unchained starring Jamie Foxx. The interview started out pleasantly until he was asked his views on violence. He refused to answer the questions because he had done so in the past several times. He was clearly agitated and referred to the interview as a “commercial” for his movie. The awkward interview continued and got slightly more cringe-worthy before finally ending.

5 Mila Kunis - Justin's Bodyguard


One reporter learned the hard way to never mess with Mila Kunis’ friends. Mila Kunis is best known for her roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Black Swan, and Bad Moms. Mila has been involved in several memorable interviews. A very nervous BBC reporter once interviewed her, and it seemed like it might fall off the rails. However, she had a little fun with the reporter, and it ended up being great. Not every reporter was as lucky. While promoting Friends with Benefits, a Russian reporter basically asked Justin Timberlake why he was now doing movies and isn't music enough for him. Mila didn’t like the tone of the reporter’s question. Justin was getting a delayed translation so he couldn’t answer quickly, but Mila could because she speaks Russian. She stood up for Justin and asked, "Well, what would you rather have him do?" She seemed a bit ticked off that the reporter would insult her friend and co-star. Timberlake just sat back and let his bodyguard handle the situation.

4 Jesse Eisenberg - "The Carrot Top Of Interviewers"


There are few reporters that are brave enough to interview Jesse Eisenberg. He is known for giving a lot of attitude to reporters. His interview with Romina Puga is a good example of that. When Romina interviewed Eisenberg, it went from awkward to cringe-worthy within seconds. Eisenberg is best known for his roles in Zombieland, The Social Network, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In 2013, Eisenberg was busy promoting his newest film, Now You See Me. Eisenberg gave Romina a tough time right from the very start. He teased her for referring to Morgan Freeman simply as “Freeman” and then pointed out that she had the questions written on her hand. They continued to take little jabs at each other until he called her the “Carrot Top of interviewers.” To be fair, she gave just as much attitude back to him. It’s also possible that Eisenberg was attempting to flirt with Romina and took the “jerk” approach.

3 Cara Delevingne - British Sense Of Humor


This interview was pretty awkward right from the start. The hosts of Good Day Sacramento started off on the wrong foot after they introduced model and actress Cara Delevingne as “Carla.” From there, it just went downhill. In 2015, Cara was promoting the romantic mystery film Paper Towns. She didn’t seem too impressed with the line of questioning she was getting on Good Day. She did give a few sarcastic responses but it seemed all in good fun. However, the host took her attitude and answers a little personal. It became a bit uncomfortable when she was asked why she didn’t have any energy or enthusiasm about the film. She couldn’t hide her confusion at the question but tried her best to answer. They then told her to take a nap and have some Red Bull. She was clearly shocked by that comment. A few days later, she posted on Twitter, “Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humor.”

2 Robert Downey Jr. - Don't Anger Iron Man


Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but anytime there is an uncomfortable interview, there’s almost a guarantee that reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy is involved. This interview with Robert Downey Jr. was going very smoothly until Krishnan crossed the line. Downey is best known for his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At one time, Downey struggled with addiction and served some time in prison. However, he has overcome many of his issues and achieved sobriety. In 2015, he was busy promoting the newest MCU film Avengers: Age of Ultron. The interview started out nicely with all the questions revolving around the film. Krishnan decided to dig deeper and brought up Downey’s past struggles and comments he had made. Downey didn’t see how the questions were relevant to promoting the film. By the end, Downey is clearly agitated and angry. He eventually cuts the interview short and walks off.

1 Samuel L. Jackson - "I'm Not Laurence Fishburne."


It’s important for interviewers to thoroughly research and know which celebrity is being interviewed. This might seem obvious to most but not to the reporter interviewing Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson is best known for his roles in Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jackson is one of the most recognizable stars in the world. Apparently, so is Laurence Fishburne. During this interview with Sam Ruben, Jackson was supposed to discuss Robocop but things got awkward fast. The interview fell apart instantly when Ruben mistook Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. Jackson blasted Ruben for the error while his colleagues can be heard laughing in the background. Jackson explained the difference between himself, Fishburne, and even Morgan Freeman. Jackson said, “I’m not Laurence Fishburne. We don’t all look alike. We might all be black and famous but we don’t all look alike.”

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