16 Most Awful AF Red Carpet Looks Ever

The red carpet can be where embarrassment and 'what were they thinking?' moments can be made.

Fashion is expressive, adventurous, and exciting. It's a way for many people to feel their individuality and to show off their creativity. By flirting and matching with bold colors, patterns, textures, and silhouettes, fashion's horizons stretch far beyond any expectations. Designers take trends from the past, present, and perhaps what they think might be the future of fashion, to create trends that make quite a statement. But, who are the bold and fabulous? Who will model out the next generation of clothing creations that most of us can't pull off? Well, that's where the glitz and glamour of Hollywood come into play. Movie stars and other celebrities have always been the go-to models. Since the 'Golden Era' of old Hollywood glam, celebrities have always been the first to show off the next big fashion statement and design. The red carpet at any movie premiere and award show, like the Met Gala, Oscars, or the Cannes Film Festival, is where icons and memories are made. However, the red carpet can also be where embarrassment and 'what were they thinking?' moments can be made. After some time passes, some people tend to forget the fashion "choices" some tend to make. Memories can come and go, but photographs are forever, darling. Also, with the help of the internet, a collection of red carpet looks can be archived for many years to come. Below, be prepared to see in disbelief, the list of 15 stars who wore the most awful looks on the red carpet ever.

16 Bjork The Swan

Bjork is no stranger in the realm of fashion to take risks in expressing her vision, music, art, and specifically, fashion choices. She is truly an awe-inspiring daredevil, which may work with her...but mostly works against her. In 2001, Bjork became an infamous red carpet icon when she pulled up to the Oscars and stepped onto the red carpet with a swan. Literally, she wore a swan. The outfit (or dress?) was just as strange as the singer herself. The infamous tutu swan-dress was created by designer Marjan Pejoski. The fashion designer is from Macedonia and lives and works in the UK. His fashion creations mostly consist of avant-garde looks, and he tends to toy with interesting fabrics and concepts. His creation for Bjork, for the most part, received many, many, MANY awful reviews from most reputable fashion critics (and people in general). Yet, I'm sure at least three people found this look quite trendy, and I can't wait to see someone rock an owl next.

15 Sandy Powell

Oh Sandy, No Sandy. Sandy Powell is a very reputable and famous British costume designer. She's won many accolades for her work, including three Oscars for Best Costume Design for Shakespeare in Love in 1988, The Aviator in 2004, The Young Victoria film in 2009, and she's also been nominated 12 times on top, for the award the same award. She's received BAFTA nominations and won for the film Velvet Goldmine, and The Young Victoria. On top of Powell's prestige in the industry, she's designed the costumes for six of Scorsese's films. So, we get it. She's a big deal when it comes to costumes and clothing, but for some reason when she attended the 2016 Oscars, it seemed she clearly missed the mark. How could such a designer - known to create the most fabulous frocks for the silver screen- fail to dress herself? Yikes. This David Bowie (clearly inspired) look, is clownish and to be absolutely frank, could be tailored much better.

14 Neon - Whoopi!

Now, when you look at this bold look, you'd think Ms. Whoopi Goldberg was either auditioning to be one of the members in Emerald City, or perhaps she was thinking that she was 'The Great and Powerful Oz' herself. Whoopi is never the celebrity to shy away from the limelight and is truly an icon when it comes to female entertainers. As one of the few EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) celebrities, she is a highly respected entertainer. However, when it comes to her red carpet looks, some might question her level of taste. Whoopi, for the most part (minus her choice in fabulous shoes), dresses comfortably and casually. Yet, at the 1993 Oscars, she was ready to defy gravity by flashing photographers with the horrific material that was her dress. She gladly spread her fabric open to reveal, not only a bold neon green lining, but also her overly matching purple patterned trousers.

13 Dion Celine Ms. It’s

Recently, Celine Dion killed it at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, in her architecturally inspired white gown, while singing her classic love ballad, "My Heart Will Go On." You would never think this diva would ever miss a step in her fashion choices. Oh, but she has. Back in 1999, Dion was either inspired by the early '90s hip-hop duo, Kris Kross, or trying to find the oddest way to wear a classic suit. In the '90s, the suit trend was huge and has recently seen a resurgence (with stars like Rihanna and Angelina Jolie rocking the classic outfit). Dion could have been one of the best dressed this year if she just wore her jacket the way most would wear it. Instead, she took a risk, and most critics agreed that it was a total fail. The concept wasn't even anything new to fashion either. Simply wearing something backwards won't elevate something known for its simplicity and clean structure. Lesson learned.

12 Rosey Cinnamon Boobs

Charlize Theron is probably one of the best-dressed A-list actresses on this planet. A former model-turned-actress, she has a body to kill for. She’s a complete triple T-threat—tall, thin, and talented. Unfortunately, even the greatest dressers slip up and make mistakes. The dress she decided to wear at the 2010 Academy Awards wasn't as bad as it could have been. The fit, color, and fabric of the dress matched the star very well, but it was one detail that threw off even the most loyal Theron fashion critics. The profile of the Dior gown was elegant and tapered, but when Theron faced the flashing bulbs of the cameras, all eyes (and focus) were narrowed down towards those busty roses. Some critics were even confused on the design. Were they cinnamon buns or flowers? Nobody could figure it out. What they did know was, it was distracting.

11 If I Can Turn Back Time

Cher, 71 years old and recently bestowed with the Billboard Icon Award this year, is a true trailblazer in awful red carpet looks. Yet, are they truly that bad? Before the nude illusion gown became a go-to choice for iconic fashion celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, Cher started it all. So let us turn back time and go back...way back. Back in 1988 and in the '90s, Cher's skin-revealing outfits caused quite the scandal and raucous. When Cher took home the gold for her role in the film Moonstruck, critics were quite harsh in smearing the Bob Mackie creation. Although, I will have to admit that the white abstract head adornment is a bit strange. If the hats on the Titanic made love to the hats worn at Kate Middleton's wedding, then gave birth to the hat worn by Cher at the 1998 Oscars, this Bob Mackie ivory creation would be it.

10 Juno Chop

We haven't heard much from Diablo Cody (aka Brook Busey-Maurio) recently, and there certainly seems to be no plans for a Juno 2. Still, based on the 2008 Oscars' dress, we can all be assured that if Cody ever makes it on the red carpet again, she won't disappoint...or will she? For the most part, people are aware of the writer's past as a former exotic dancer, along with her outrageous personality. So, to some fashion critics, it wasn't a huge surprise that Cody would wear this Christian Dior animal print dress. The let-down is when Cody decided to wear the gown at the Oscars. Dior is one of the signature designers on all red carpets. Still, this gown looks more like it belongs on the beaches off the coast of the Caribbean rather than the prestigious Oscars red carpet runway. It didn't matter though, because that night, Cody took home the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for her coming-of-age comedy film, Juno.

9 Annie Hall, Forever And Always

As far as I know, Ms. Diane Keaton has rarely graced the "Best Dressed" pages in any magazine. One of the finest and one of the most talented actresses, Keaton is quite daring in her looks. Based on this classic Keaton disaster of a number (from the 2004 red carpet where she was nominated for Something's Gotta Give), she must have gotten a memo from Celine Dion. This creation looks like a ménage à trois of suits inspired by Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins, Charlie Chaplin, and Geoffrey from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Even though it's not a gown, which Keaton rarely wears to begin with, it’s probably one of the worst iconic Oscar outfits to show up at the red carpet. The suit (but really, a costume) was created by Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren is a renowned house that bases its designs on chic country club fashions. I doubt any country club would let this outfit walk through its doors.

8 Giuchie-Giuchie, Ya-Ya, Dada

After losing weight, Jennifer Hudson has evolved her physique and overall style, as one of the best-dressed celebrities. Hudson is clearly a fan of prints and colors. She's also a fan of cuts that flatter her curves and toned amazonian body. She knows what she likes and she knows her body enough to dress it appropriately. Then again, this wasn't always so. In 2007, when Hudson was nominated (and has won) best supporting actress for Dreamgirls, she decided to wear a brown Oscar de la Renta dress. The dress was exquisite and designed well to fit Hudson's body like a glove. But then, she had to pair it with the most hideous bolero. The off-silver jacket completely dismantled the whole look. On top, the jacket had a snakeskin texture to it which brought the strangest 'spacey-feel' to the outfit and carpet. Jennifer must've called her bestie Ms. Patti Labelle, and asked if she could borrow something form her "Lady Marmalade" heyday.

7 Mrs. Count Chocula

When Juliette Binoche was nominated (and has won) as Best Supporting Actress for her role in The English Patient, nobody expected her to arrive at the Oscar's red carpet as Count Chocula's bride. This long cheap-looking velvety fabric of a "gown" had to be one of the most ugly as f*** outfits ever. Having this much velvet while standing in one place should not have been allowed. Period. The dress was designed by Sophie Sitbon. Sophie is a French designer who is most known to flirt with the unusual designs. Yet, the concept of her clothing is to be functional, but also allow creative expression. Unfortunately for this designer, after her "misdesigned" outfit for the Academy, it seems that would be the last of the "functional" wearable art. Perhaps that would be better suited for the Met Gala. Oh wait, it was. It was part of the theme and tribute for this year's Gala. Too bad Binoche couldn't attend that red carpet.

6 I’m Maxed Out In Gold

It's the 1995 Academy Awards, and Lizzy Gardiner arrives dressed in gold. No, literally. Gardiner steps on the red carpet dressed in nothing but American Express Gold credit cards. Gardiner herself, is a designer by trade. She's an Australian-born costume designer who has built her resume in Hollywood by working throughout the early '90s. She's not only known for her originality and creativity, but she's now infamously best known for this wacky dress creation, which she modeled on the red carpet. I guess it's befitting for someone who won the Academy Award that night for Best Costume Designer at the 67th Academy Awards. She won the award for the film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Her next big profile costume project was the Mission: Impossible 2 film made in 2000. Evidently, nothing is considered impossible for this designer. I won't be surprised if Nicki Minaj wears this look next.

5 Fly My Pretty, Fly!

Sally Kirkland is an American film and television actress. She's best known for her Best Actress Oscar nominated role in Anna in 1987. However, she might also be well-known to some as that crazy white lady who wore that interesting choice at the 2007 Oscars. The bright technicolor-vampiresque cape flowed through the night. I'm sure of it. She looked like some off-beat cape crusader. Too bad no one could save the savior from the mesh top, which left little to the imagination. Kirkland's reputation for dressing in "bad fashion" is nothing new. Kirkland loves to play and mess with the photographers and her critics at many red carpet events. It seems like being a veteran in the industry can be boring. So, to provide some entertainment for herself, I believe Kirkland intentionally picks out the most distracting and unflattering outfits to adorn herself in on the prestigious red carpet.

4 My Sweet 75

Sophia Loren, full name being Sofia Villani Scicolone, is not only a legend and cinematic icon, but is also genuinely a goddess on the red carpet. One of the most beautiful actresses and decorated entertainers ever, you wouldn't think a classy legend like herself would wear anything below a certain standard. Just because it's Armani, doesn't mean it's going to be great arm candy for the red carpet. At the 81st Academy Awards, the famous Italian dressed in a horrendous yellow gown with a bouquet of ugly puffy swirls. This gown literally looks like it jumped in a time machine from the '80s, and obviously outdates this poised woman even more. Everything from the ill-fitting sleeves to the poofy quinceañera-inspired design absolutely fails to show off Loren's class and mature silhouette. Even the muted yellow color is nauseating. This, by far, has to be among the top five of horrendous outfit choices for the red carpet.

3 Bronze Beauty

Sticking with the icons who are just as bold in their film choices as they are with their fashion choices, Susan Sarandon can also come down that red carpet as part of the ill-dressed. Sometimes, certain colors and designs don't work well on some, and that's okay. Who ever dressed Susan that night probably was fired. If Susan dressed herself, she's definitely come a long way and has improved tremendously from her past. In 1996, Susan won her Oscar in Dead Man Walking, wearing this satin bronze gown. The gown is too huge for her petite frame and the color seems to fight against her porcelain complexion. To add insult to injury, Sarandon did what most people did in the '90s. When one accessory isn't enough, pair it with some sunglasses, of course. If one lesson was learned from this fashion mistake, it's that if you want to win an Oscar, wear the ugliest thing you can find.

2 South Park Has Arrived

As we come near the end of the list, the top second spot of ugly AF outfits on the red carpet has to belong to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, otherwise known as the 'South Park Guys'. When Parker and Stone arrived at the 2000 Oscars, they decided it would be a fun and wacky idea to play dress-up. So, they did a drag. It wasn't even good drag. If the pair wanted attention and to stir up conversation, they succeeded. As far as the men being nominated as 'Best Dressed', that's something they didn't achieve obviously. Stone was dressed as Jennifer Lopez in her iconic green cleavage-plunging dress, while Parker parodied Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Oscar gown, which she wore in the late '90s. Not only (perhaps) the ugliest men to ever do drag, but the funny duo have stated in an interview that they both arrived high on ecstasy to the festivities.

1 TrimSpa Baby

The late Anna Nicole Smith was definitely no stranger to fashion or dressing in outlandish outfits in order to captivate photographers and her audience. Anna Nicole Smith was a former model and playmate, reaching the epitome of her fame as a Guess model. Through all the ups and downs, weight gain, and drug and alcohol-riddled addictions, she's suffered. Anna will be truly missed. Still, in 1996, the voluptuous figure wore the ugliest green velour dress. During this time, Anna had gained a massive amount of weight. Being Anna and not giving one ounce of care in the world, she proudly strutted herself down the red carpet. She posed, gave kisses, and flashed a bright red-lipped smile to everyone. Did she know where she was? Probably not. The dress seemed to squeeze her in, like a velvety sausage casing, all the way towards her neck. Then, at the top, an accented jeweled star broach finished the look.

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16 Most Awful AF Red Carpet Looks Ever