15 Mortal Kombat Hotties You Secretly Fantasized About

Perhaps the alluring nature of these characters is one of their most deadly weapons, though their ability in battle is certainly no mere trifle.

Since Midway came out with their incredible game-changing franchise of Mortal Kombat, it has been synonymous with astonishingly ravishing female characters who love to bare skin (or at least wear something skin tight), and kick ass in the most devastating of ways. There are some pretty frightening characters, to be sure (indeed one of them is listed here), and they can more than rival their male counterparts in "kombat". Perhaps the alluring nature of these characters is one of their most deadly weapons, though their ability in battle is certainly no mere trifle.

DC Comics has ventured into the realm of Mortal Kombat, throwing in some of their sexiest heroines (or at least anti-heroin, in one case). Both Catwoman and Wonder Woman make an appearance in the game franchise. What's wonderful about these two options is that, even though Catwoman is more fully dressed, she is the more alluring and cunning, and Wonder Woman, scantily clad, is the amazonian beast.

But devoid of the two DC characters, Midway has certainly nailed it out of the park with regards to deadly women. Sure, Scorpion, Sub Zero, Reptile, and those other really masked male characters do really capture the coolness factor of the game, but the female characters Sonia, Jade, and Kitana really capture the killer kombat factor.

15 Jade

One of the most iconic female characters, and one of the most experienced of the franchise, Jade made her Mortal Kombat  appearance as an unplayable character in MKII, and thankfully as a playable character in MKIII. So why does she make the list, besides for her time put in as a payable character for all these years? First of all... look at her. Damn. The outfit does not leave much to the imagination, that's for sure. Imagine how gamers, male and female, must have felt when first they laid their eyes on Jade. Even the eight bit version of her character, back in the day when those were cutting edge graphics, must have been something for those late night gamers, who sit and obsess over their fantasies that will never be (expect now most of them are readily available in the dark recesses of the internet). All the same, Jade is a stunning addition to the Mortal Kombat realm, and a deadly one with the use of her staff, and "razorangs" (boomerangs with razors on them).

14 Sonya Blade

Well, who could resist putting a cosplay of Jessica Nigri as Sonya Blade? Realistically, why is it that Sonya is present on this list, besides her winning personality, and sensually brutal way of defeating opponents? Because her very character drives people like Nigri to cosplay and make every man (and many women) in the gaming world more than happy. Of course, Nigri is by no means the only woman to cosplay Sonya, and there are many worth the Google search to find, but her popularity makes her an asset (of which she has many) to this list. That aside, the deadly efficiency of Blade as a Kombat character, in the MK series is certainly a point for allure and alacrity. It also helps that Sonya is one of the few female characters from the "Earth realm" that has made her way through the special forces, and has indeed an impressive pedigree for one not so attuned to the Eastern martial arts as most other characters are. It also really helps that Bridgette Wilson (Veronica Vaughn from Billy Madison) portrays Sonya in the first Mortal Kombat film. Because as many people will know, "That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace".

13 Cassie Cage

Oh and why not keep it in the family for this next entry? Cassie Cage is the daughter of Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade (because no one saw those two hooking up after the initial film release). Trying desperately to live up to her parents' legacy, Cassie goes out of her way to go above and beyond the line of duty (and what guy doesn't love that sort of diligence?), and is herself a team leader in the special forces in Earth Realm. Though she is wrought with insecurity, she certainly shares her father's gift of wit, but has a bit of a truer moral compass with regards to Kombat. Aiming to put her opponents down as humanely as possible, it seems that Cassie has a lot of heart, determination, and incredible skill. And who, when searching for a significant other does not want heart, determination, and skill? Sure there's still the insecurity, and the uncertainty, but everyone's human... well at least Sonya and Cassie are human (a lot of the listed characters here or otherworldly).

12 Mileena

Speaking of otherworldly, Mileena is most certainly an interesting and intriguing character. A clone of Kitana (who of course features on this list as well), Mileena was crafter by Shang Tsung, by way of Tarkatan physiology. Because of said DNA flowing through her, Mileena's face has been somewhat warped. Her mouth, much larger than a regular humanoid, is encompassed by ragged, and deadly teeth. It also must be noted, and can be seen quite clearly in the photo above, that Mileena has rather cat-like eyes (though almost completely whited out). However, given her ninja attire, this physical fact (apart from the eyes) goes on unseen and, were one to have a go at this sexy sai-user, one might be get by relatively unscathed, so long as there was no kissing involved. Simply by this artwork, the cut of her hips, and the contours of her torso are more than rather engaging, and are even underplayed in comparison to female fighters in games like Street Fighter (as well as some characters even in Mortal Kombat).

11 Catwoman

Well there is no real need to introduce this frisky, feline character is there? One of two DC Comics additions to the Mortal Kombat realm, Catwoman, in a fairly exciting, and revealing bit of attire, can really deal some damage. She was always conniving, and sensually devastating, but to throw her into the realm of Mortal Kombat, and watching her do her stuff to all of the famed characters of old... what a display of prrrrowess. technically, though she comes from a different universe altogether, Catwoman is one of very few totally human women to be found as kombatants in the game. Oh, and it might be useful to mention that her appearance was made during the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe crossover game, which hit game stores back in late 2008. So for nearly ten years, Catwoman has been gracing Mortal Kombat stages all over the world, in her very impressive garb.

10 Kitana

So first off... wow. One can very clearly see why it is that Shang Tsung cloned Mileena from this beautiful and buxom beast (and beast only in terms of kombative skill... even with fans). That's right, her weapons of choice? Bladed fans. As though she were some sort of geisha assassin, Kitana is very alluring... very... but also extremely deadly. A princess of the realm of Edenia, Kitana, by her people's standards is quite young, but realistically, she is ten thousand years old. Imagine the amount of experience one of that age would have. And to still look so young, the compliments paid to such an ancient woman would be great (and likely of great value, if one catches the drift). Now, as opposed to Mileena, though both are seemingly beautiful at first glance, Kitana has no facial deformity of any sort, and is ultimately superior physically overall (in kombat and in aesthetic). Everything is seemingly amplified with Kitana. Perhaps she had some cosmetic surgery over her thousands of years of life, or maybe she just simply aged, and developed very, very well.

9 Omegis

For those who do not know, this is Angelica Bridges... a very, very attractive, and very real woman. Which makes the attraction thing all the less nerdily and desperately based, and more of a truth. Now one might be thinking: well she is clearly not part of the game, so why add her to this list at all? Good and inquisitive thought, and here is the answer: Angelica Bridges played the role of Omegis in the Mortal Kombat: Conquest television series. This might seem like cheating, but the title of the article is Hottest Mortal Kombat Characters, and she is indeed a Mortal Kombat character. She is a scorching hot, immortal sorceress who was once in a relationship with Shang Tsung (if anyone can believe that he'd have ever been in a relationship). So imagine a sorceress who will live forever, having turned from the evil bastard who spurned her, looking for any chance of revenge... surely there is a sexually explicit story to be had there, one way or another.

8 Skarlet

This bountiful beauty was once rumoured to be a Mortal Kombat II character, though this was actually due to a glitch with the character of Kitana. Not actually appearing, for real, in the MK realm until 2011, Skarlet really had a lot to live up to (especially with fans waiting well over a decade for her). The only true Kunoichi (female ninja) in the game, this can be confirmed by the specific weapons, and fighting style she employs. An interesting fact given that she is one of the last female ninja characters to have entered the Mortal Kombat universe. Perhaps Midway simply decided to get things right when they created her (especially since they created her based on a completely debunked rumour). There is also just something in this character's eyes (and of course her extraordinarily trim body) that seems to give Skarlet the essence of a truly stunning warrior... stunning in more than one sense of the word.

7 Kira

Of course this photo does not quite do her justice, but rest assured that the outfit, the pigtails, and the attitude are well worth the addition to this list. Making her debut in Mortal Kombat: Deception, Kira is a death-defying risk taker, who thrives in an anarchic world. "We will not exist as a mere band of pirates. We will cause the downfall of civilization itself and live in a world of blessed anarchy." Clearly not a superhero by any means, Kira would rather see the ruin of society, and well... those with a poorly calibrated moral compass often make room for some rather fun, and devious acts. So imagine what a piratical little vixen like this would be capable of... imagine what she would like to do for fun. And even regardless of all of the innuendo, such a worthy villain, with little to no empathy, is certainly a stunning addition; set apart from the morality of the heroines, and the vengeance-ridden villains.

6 Li Mei

Sure, this is a bit of an anime-esque picture of her, but Li Mei is still worth the time of day (and besides, almost without exception, readers have been gawking at animated photos of overly developed, unrealistic women). Why is she so notable? Well, to be fair, she's not overly popular as a character, and has not been around an incredible amount of time (She made her debut in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance). But all the same, Li Mei is the only character in the Mortal Kombat universe (other than custom created characters) who uses the Baji Quan fighting style, and while that may seem like a paltry thing to write home about, it sets her apart from all of the other women (many of whom share similar abilities). In addition to that, the webbed-looking outfit that she wears (reminiscent to a bat's wing) is rather well cut, not to mention the intensely inviting drop in her stockings. She may be a fairly mysterious character overall, but that simply adds to the attraction.

5 Nitara

Yes, she has got wings, but hey, that just means she can fly you to the Moon (but not literally, because you wouldn't survive the trip for myriad reasons). Also a debutant kombatant in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, one might not be so surprised to read that Nitara is a vampire (maybe the wings give it away?). Much like Shang Tsung, Nitara must feed on people to survive... though she doesn't feed on souls. A bonus, perhaps to some overly perverted gamers, might be to know that she is obviously good at sucking. If one wanted to look past the possible sexual deviance of the characters though, and focus more on her personality, it might be good to know that she is by no means evil, and seeks to remove herself and her realm from Outerworld; she simply wants to live in a peaceful neutrality. By her ridiculously revealing outfit, one can tell that she is not too incredibly worried about receiving injury of any sort. To the contrary, it would appear that she is very comfortable in her own skin (and must often sink her teeth into the skin of others).

4 Taja

This blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty is the illustrious Taja (as played by the stunning actor, Kristanna Loken). As one may have guessed, Taja is not likely to be a playable character in the Mortal Kombat universe (at least she is not yet). From the television series Mortal Kombat: Conquest, just like the last astoundingly attractive live action character, Taja is reformed thief with a somewhat peppy personality. So it is entirely conceivable that she could steal one's heart, but still make one laugh about it. Much like Bella from Supernatural (without the daddy-touching-her-in-the-special-place sort of vibe - though both her parents did die... but not at her hands), Taja is an overwhelmingly skilled con-artist who, even when caught, still seems to get away with it. Given her extraordinarily cocky attitude, and a certain relationship, it seems that it could be likely Taja is a direct descendant of Johnny Cage, which might be able to explain a lot about the somewhat moral ambiguity of her character.

3 Wonder Woman

What a wonderful (pun intended) addition to the Mortal Kombat universe. Ever the epitome of a true North, moral compass, Wonder Woman has some pretty holier-than-thou preachments throughout the game. "Your world must be different to ours. Here, we don't kill our friends" just being one of the moralistic quips she makes. As one of the hottest women in the DC universe, it makes complete sense that she, wondrous as she is, would in turn be one of the hottest Mortal Kombat characters once added to the realm. Also from the same game as Catwoman, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Wonder Woman is the best contrasting DC character to throw in the mix with Catwoman. As aforementioned, near moral opposites, and of vastly different physical quality, Wonder Woman may be scantily clad, but is one of those women who can protect her virtue, in spite of what she is wearing (and has a lot of virtue to protect).

2 Jacqui Briggs

Close friends with Cassie Cage, and also a part of the special forces unit on Earth Realm, Jacqui Briggs made her first appearance in the Mortal Kombat X comic book series, before landing a role as a playable character in the game of the same title. The daughter of Jackson Briggs, Jacqui sees it her solemn duty, in spite of her parents' wishes, to protect Earth Realm, and to seek some degree of revenge on Quan Chi, and Ermac for what they did to Jax (having ripped his arms off). A rather familiar story in the Mortal Kombat universe: protection and vengeance, Jacqui does certainly not earn her stars because of the originality of her character. Frequently the voice of reason, very protective of those she loves, and... well certainly not hard on the eyes by any means, Jacqui earns a spot on the list for her devotion, and desirable manner. A woman of such character is surely desired by many men and women alike.

1 Sareena

Last, but certainly not least (especially to look at even her animated embodiment), Sareena is a demon character, first playable in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Sure, she's a villain (would one really expect a demon to be a protagonist?), but a little bit of demon in a significant other can really spice things up, no? Not to mention, Sareena does choose to adopt a fairly damned (pun intended) decent humanoid form. Oh, and remember that thing said about no one expecting a demon to be a protagonist? She does eventually turn to the forces of good, though always aware of her demonic past. It might be an interesting note that, as a demon, she decides to go gallivanting as one of the most (if not the most) scantily clad female character in the Mortal Kombat franchise. For one who might not want to draw attention to herself, given her demonic background, she sure knows how to draw heaps of attention (especially from crazed gamers who can only spend their time fantasizing about what they'd do if they had a chance with a video game character of their choice).


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