15 MORE Wardrobe Malfunctions You Never Noticed In Huge Films

Listen, we are well aware that pointing out wardrobe malfunctions is a little awkward, but this is something that has to be done. We owe it to the world. There's a fascination with mistakes in films. There's a fascination with 'the buff'. Put those two fascinations together and you have a jolly good time. Seeing a mistake in a film is like peering backstage for a second, catching a glimpse of something you weren’t supposed to see. When wardrobes fail, it feels like you've seen through a magician's illusion. It doesn't ruin the film either. Hell, if anything, it makes the film better. It's a rush. Though you would expect that these types of things only happen in smaller films, the large Hollywood productions are not flawless. There are plenty of mistakes in them as well, even if they tend to be smaller. In fact, there are so many mistakes in well-known films that we have decided to make a part two of our 15 Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions You Never Noticed in Huge Films.

When you're looking for wardrobe malfunctions in films, you're not going to find huge glaring issues. If it's too large, the crew are going to spot it and order a reshoot. The smaller wardrobe issues might get spotted deeper in the editing process. If they are not spotted until really late, the crew has to decide whether they cut it out entirely, try to cover it up in post-production or just let it go and hope no one notices. Well, in the internet age, almost nothing goes by unnoticed. But the internet age has brought with it new issues. Nowadays, we're such a skeptical bunch that we question the true intention of everything we see. For many wardrobe malfunctions, we have to wonder, was that accidental or intentional? You can see why we question these. Wardrobe malfunctions create interest and discussion where it might, otherwise, not be. In some cases, we're talking about films long after they were made, watching simple scenes frame-by-frame to see if that really was what we think it was. That's the kind of interest that most films would die for. Here are 15 MORE Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions You Never Noticed in Huge Films.

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15 Kate Hudson in Fools Gold

via imdb

The thought process behind making a film like Fool's Gold was simple. Take two actors with former chemistry and banging bodies and film them in as little clothes as possible within a beautiful setting. Boom. Movie. It seems genius, but it didn't work out as planned. Fool's Gold was bloody terrible. It was easily one of the worst films of the year in 2008. Looking back on it now, Kate Hudson in a tiny bathing suit for nearly the entire runtime isn't the worst ever. It doesn’t make the film any better, but she looks insanely hot. When we found out about a wardrobe malfunction at about the 48-minute mark, we weren't really surprised. The whole film, we were doubting whether or not Hudson's skimpy bikini top was going to keep everything covered during all that movement. The short answer is, no, it didn't. As she bends over in one scene the bathing suit bent over as well. Gravity works in mysterious and magical ways.

14 The Silk Gown in Raiders of the Lost Ark

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In the boat scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the one where the Nazi U-Boat boards the steamer and takes Marion, we are shown a very descriptive picture of Marion without her ever getting undressed. In the scene, Marion is brought to the ship's deck wearing only a silk gown. The wind on that day of shooting was rather blustery and made that gown push up against Marion's body in such a way that it revealed nearly everything. Though there was no skin or visible body parts, many fans have zeroed in on that scene as one of the more revealing non-nude scenes. The scene was chosen in this case because it comes from one of the most iconic films in cinematic history.

13 Angelina Jolie in Pushing Tin

via top 50

In the film Pushing Tin, Angelina Jolie's character and John Cusack's character get busy. Afterward, the two are lying in bed and Jolie is revealing a lot more than just her bra. It's clear that she notices they are out because she looks at them a couple of times and even slightly adjusts them, without actually covering them up. It's possible that she felt the camera would not be trained on them, but they're still out when the camera angle switches, so that makes us believe this was totally intentional. Still, we've included it because many people interpret this scene as accidental, so we'll humor you. Plus, it's a young Angelina Jolie.

12 Cassandra Peterson in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

via youtube

Alright, calling Elvira: Mistress of the Dark a huge movie might be a bit of a stretch, but most of you know who Elvira is and this was the character's debut film, so it's big enough. For all those who don’t know, Elvira is the scantily clad woman of the night played by Cassandra Peterson. Peterson had done some roles in the buff prior to playing Elvira, so seeing her less than dressed was not the most unexpected thing ever. Yet, in Mistress of the Dark, there was clearly no real intention of having Elvira shown bare. But things don't always go as planned. In a scene in the diner, the scene in which Elvira hilariously says, "I cut you meng," we saw much more of her than was scripted. As a guy picks her up from behind, the loose-fitting top revealed that it was just barely hanging on. The force caused her to pop out. Elvira then quickly, and rather embarrassedly, covered herself up. It may be that reshoots were just too expensive for that low budget film or that they thought it would drum up publicity, so they left it in. It ain't hard to miss though.

11 Tatum O'Neal in Little Darlings

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We're going to mention that there is a wardrobe malfunction in Little Darlings without pointing to a specific scene. It happens to Tatum O'Neal and is a rather well-known scene, as it has been since the movie first came out. But the issue here is that O'Neal was only about 17 years old at the time, so we're not going looking for it to get the exact details down. We remember seeing it before. It's not that hard to miss. Let's just agree and acknowledge that we know it exists and move on.

10 Bruce Willis in Color of Night

Color of Night is a brutal movie that is only famous for one reason and one reason only: Bruce Willis' special guy makes a cameo at one point. The moment of truth happens during an awkward love-making scene in a pool. As he wades water, Bruce takes off his shorts and his Willis is seen floating around. It's near impossible to say that this was unintentional as the little guy is clearly visible in several different shots. Perhaps they felt it was subtle enough that it wouldn't create or stir or maybe they knew the movie was terrible and the only way people would still be talking about it more than 20 years later is if they showed Bruce's manhood to the world.

9 Kelly LeBrock in Woman in Red

In the film Woman in Red, Kelly LeBrock, probably most famous for playing the dame in Weird Science, gets undressed and jumps into bed with Gene Wilder. After they get into a bit of a fight, LeBrock stands up with a sheet covering her bits. The thing is, the sheet isn't really covering anything. This seems like more of an attempt at shielding as much as possible. As soon as slow motion comes into play, this type of coverage is meaningless. In real-time, you see skin and things moving, but it's not very clear. Or maybe our eyes have gotten worse with the advancement of technology. Viewers back in the day could spot flesh while fast forwarding a VHS tape, now we need slow motion to capture it.

8 Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled

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Elizabeth Hurley is one of those beauties that people scour her entire film resume just hoping that she shows more of herself than we were led to believe. Well, your dreams came true in Bedazzled, even if you never knew it. In the scene that she fully reveals her devilish powers to Brendan Fraser, she is wearing a tight red dress with a very high slit. As she walks behind the desk in the room, that slit becomes a window, revealing everything underneath. The true question here is, what is underneath? Well, we know what is underneath, but what are we seeing? It's possible that we're simply seeing underwear. It's also possible, as some have suggested, that she's not wearing any underwear. We vote for red underwear though. Still great.

7 Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves

We're pretty sure that the bare seen in All the Right Moves was intentional, but we've included it because people always mention this one when speaking of accidental nudity. So, this is fan service. The scene in question is the one that features Tom Cruise and Lea Thompson making love. As they undress, we see some upper torso flesh. We're happy. Then the camera watches from the side as both actors take off their bottoms. We're intrigued. Then it gets serious. Even though both actors try to hide their privates as best as they can, Cruise's parts become visible. It's quick and easily missed, but it was a young a Cruise, so people were set afire by it. We're impressed.

6 The Bond Girls in James Bond Films

via alchetron

We started looking at James Bond films because of a scene from For Your Eyes Only. In the scene, Countess Lisl von Schlaf (Cassandra Harris) is wearing a sheer nightgown. As she sits down with Bond, one side of the nightgown opens and reveals the goods underneath. Now, this seemed accidental. So, we made note of it and felt pretty good about ourselves. Then we watched Diamonds Are Forever and spotted a nip slip in the scene with Plenty O'Toole being drowned. After that, we noticed that Ruby Bartlett shows more in On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Denise Richards' character does the same in The World is Not Enough. Now we feel like it would be more difficult to name a James Bond that doesn't have "accidental nudity."

5 Natalie Portman in Closer

via youtube

In our last list, we took a look at the famous "slip" from Natalie Portman in Closer. In many ways, some exposed-flesh was to be expected considering the outfit she was wearing. But many fans like to point out another moment from that same film. This one is not nearly as obvious, but, if you know where and when to look, it's there. Listen, we won't get too detailed or get too deep into the specifics of this one because it might get a little too dirty. The malfunction, if you can even call it that, happens when Portman is bent over speaking to Clive Owen's character, there is a moment when her thong doesn't quite cover her entire backside area. It's in the same scene as the "slip", just a little later. It's right before Owen tells her to take her clothes off. That's it. Oh, here's a pro-tip for the next time you watch this film for all those who weren't paying attention to the right areas. In the same scene, right after Owen tells her to bend over, the camera zooms in on his face. This zoom isn’t just to show his expression. Look in the reflection of his eyes. You might see a reflection you didn't notice before.

4 Jodie Foster in Contact

via indiewire

Contact is such a great movie that we don't want to reduce it to one little "slip", but sometimes, life brings you down strange pathways. Either way, this slippage comes in the scene just after Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey sleep together. Foster gets out of the bed in the buff, but covers her stuff up and begins to dress. As she pulls her shirt on, however, the camera catches more than just her face. This defeats the purpose of covering up in the first place, but it was subtle enough that not everyone caught it. Still, the movie is about hidden signs, so you have to expect a segment of the fanbase would go through the film with a fine-toothed comb.

3 Kelly Hu in The Scorpion King

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Kelly Hu's character didn't wear an awful lot of clothes in The Scorpion King, so we all kind of expected to see something we weren't supposed to. Well, we all kind of hoped we would because Hu is a goddess. Incredibly, our wishes came true. We did see a lot of Hu, but it was a lot more difficult and subtle than we expected. In the scene that Dwayne Johnson kidnaps Hu, she emerges from the water in the buff, but he hair is placed perfectly over her chest, covering anything from showing… for the most part. After they go down the waterslide, however, things change a bit. They slip and slide and come out of a wishing fountain. When Hu refuses to leave, Johnson picks her up in his arms. It's here, when Hu is picked up, that we see her nether regions. On some cuts of the film, they have blurred this out, but it's still available to be seen elsewhere.

2 Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge

via youtube

Nicole Kidman's outfits in Moulin Rouge don't leave much up to the imagination, but they are still meant to conceal the private areas. In one scene, the one that has Christian reciting poetry to Kidman's Satine, she's rolling around getting herself all excited. There are a few moments in this scene where it appears that she's about to burst out of her top but doesn't. Then she does. The exact moment is when she falls to the floor and is yelling "yes." As she rolls over on her back, her right "girl" is exposed. It's all very Rocky Horror. Sometimes, it's little pleasures like this that really make a good movie great.

1 Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man

via the independent

At the very beginning of Demolition Man, we watch Sylvester Stallone strip down to his birthday suit and jump in a clear glass chamber. That chamber is then filled with water and Stallone is frozen to be a hero at a later date. However, for the purposes of this list, we're interested in the nudity in this scene. As the water is filling up the chamber, we were likely only meant to see a nude male body, a little butt but no specifics. Well, water makes some things float, and Stallone's bits were floating. The camera even gives us a shot from underneath and it ends up being a pretty gross and invasive angle.

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