15 Moments The WWE Will Never Air On Television

Today, the WWE has altered their company drastically - especially in terms of the content we see on television. Becoming a publicly traded company, the WWE sought after expansion looking to add sponsors from around the world. In doing so, the WWE needed to clean up their content, and changing to a PG label has proven to be effective in achieving that very goal. Gone are the days of swearing, blood or any other "Not So PG" moments. Though, the long time WWE fan knows that wasn’t always the case.....

In this article, we take a walk down memory lane and feature moments from both the Attitude Era in the 90s and the Ruthless Aggression Era from the early 2000s. Both eras were highly controversial, featuring a slew of moments the WWE will want us to forget about. From McMahon getting it on with his employees backstage to some of the most gruesome injuries ever, these are shocking moment we'll never see again.

So without further ado, here are 15 shocking moments the WWE will never air on television. Enjoy and like always, be sure to pass the article along to a friend. We start the article with a name that is blacklisted from the WWE today.


15 Chris Benoit’s Final WWE Appearance

On June 25th, 2007, the legacy of Chris Benoit was forever tarnished. After family members grew worried of the Benoit family being unresponsive for days, police visited the house to find all three family members dead. Without knowing the details, the WWE set up a tribute-to-Benoit episode. Once the disturbing details of the deaths were made public, the WWE no longer aired the episode. The following night during the ECW telecast, McMahon briefly touched on the topic.

Benoit content has been forbidden ever since.

His last involvement with the company took place on the ECW brand. Benoit was set to take on CM Punk for the vacated ECW Championship. Chris called the WWE claiming he was unable to attend a live event due to his wife falling ill. He did however tell the WWE that he would attend the Vengeance PPV, which of course, did not happen.

14 Eddie Guerrero’s In-Ring Heart Attack


It was a bizarre moment the WWE would never replay again, even when Eddie was alive. In one of the most shocking in-ring moments in SmackDown history, Eddie sustained a heart attack in the middle of the ring. It’s believed that the moment was scripted, however it was viewed as very distasteful. Following Eddie grasping at his chest, he collapsed down on the mat. JBL would aggressively tag into the ring pinning a helpless Guerrero. Work or not, it was a shocking moment that the WWE will want to erase from its archives.

Sadly, the late great Eddie Guerrero wouldn’t make it into his 40s, passing away at the tender age of 38. Eddie was found unconscious in his hotel room by nephew Chavo. The cause of death was later revealed to have been a heart failure. The world of pro wrestling lost a remarkable man on November 15th, 2005.

13 Vince Using A Racial Slur

You’d figure the boss would be exempt from such a list, however the world of sports and entertainment is truly one like no other. In fact, the boss Vince McMahon makes several appearances on this list. He’s been caught in controversy numerous times, both off-screen and even on-screen.

Although the segment was done in order to provide comedic relief, in this day and age, using a racial slur is absolutely unacceptable. Vince dropped the N word while talking to John Cena behind the scenes. As he walked away, Booker T looked on in absolute disbelief at what he had heard. With numerous high end investors and sponsors, don’t expect the WWE to replay this shocking footage any time soon. If it’s up to Vince, he’ll likely burn the footage, along with the other moments of himself (which you’ll see a little later throughout the article).

12 The Kat Takes It All Off


Pushing the limits of what was acceptable was a huge driving force in WWE defeating WCW. The company was all about Attitude, whether it be with violence inside of the ring, or with some of the steamiest moments in pro wrestling history – in truth, almost everything was a go.

This particular incident is something you'll never see again on WWE television due to the fact that it dealt with voluntary nudity. At the 1999 Armageddon PPV event, Stacy Carter won her first and only WWE Women's Championship. It was a shocking moment and one that got even more ridiculous following the match. After the bout, in celebration, Kat removed her top to the delight of the fans, giving a brief flashing - the last voluntary flashing in WWE history. Of course, with the women being regarded as equals to men inside of the ring nowadays, you'll never hear any mention of this incident on WWE television again.

11 Chyna & Triple H Footage Together

Before her tragic passing last year, anything Chyna was banned from the company. Due to her turbulent times away from the company, anything Chyna was pretty much blacklisted by the WWE. Following her sudden passing, the WWE acknowledged her career with a touching tribute. Slowly but surely, we're starting to see a little more footage of Chyna on the WWE Network - hopefully, she'll get her place in the Hall Of Fame sooner rather than later.

One thing we shouldn't expect is anything featuring both Chyna and Triple H together. Chyna being released by the company in the first place was done in order to protect both Triple H and Stephanie. Surely, that hasn’t changed and reminding us of their prior relationship isn’t in the best interest of the WWE. For that reason, such moments of the two together won't air on WWE television.

10 The Joey Mercury Incident


It's a miracle that not only can the 38 year old wrestle nowadays, but he's also not too bad when it comes to his facial fractures from the past. Following this particular incident, many thought his days as a WWE Superstar were done with forever.

In one of the most gruesome moments in WWE history, the incident took place during Armageddon in 2006. The match featured Mercury and Morrison, in a Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match for the Tag Team Titles. In the bout, not only did MNM lose the match, but Mercury saw a ladder shoot up in his face, breaking his nose and orbital bone in the process. Paramedics instantly rushed the ring as Mercury was instantly brought to hospital, leaving Morrison to fend for himself in the bout. Mercury received 30 stitches and his face was a horrific mess. You won't see the footage replay any time soon, unless it's for a "don't try this at home" campaign.

9 Concussion Related Moments

We recently witnessed a concussion take place in the middle of the ring and it was not a pleasant sight. Back in the day, a wrestler would have likely finished the match nonetheless, but nowadays, the WWE is very protective when it comes to any brain related injuries taking place in the ring. This moment took place during the Payback PPV, as Enzo was completely knocked out following a spot that should have seen him land outside of the ring, instead his head hit the ring ropes on his way out, knocking him unconscious.

With the WWE getting sued by numerous past wrestlers for concussion related brain injuries, these types of injuries are something the WWE not only wants to get rid of today, but they also want to keep past concussion related issues in the past. Don't expect such head injuries to be a focal point of WWE programming.


8 Blade Job Gone Wrong


Yes, getting rid of blood in the WWE had a lot to do with the new ratings system, as the program is now under a PG rating. However, removing blood was also necessary for the well-being of the Superstars. Nowadays, the WWE is all about protecting a pro wrestler and eliminating such things as blading will help in that regard, whether we like it or not.

Such incidents like the one you see above remind us of how bad blading can get. Just ask John Cena, who left the WWE with one of the most gruesome faces of all-time, over cutting himself, leading to a disturbing amount of blood loss. Of course, the WWE won’t air such footage at any point as blood is banned from the company. This horrific scene of one of their top stars looking like a bloody mess is without a doubt a piece of footage you’ll never see again.

7 Snitsky Punts A Baby

Only in the WWE will you see a wrestler punt a fake baby. Yes, this in fact did take place at one point in time and without a doubt, the WWE will want us to forget it ever did. In one of the most bizarre storylines you'll ever see, Lita was apparently carrying Kane's baby. Enter Snitsky, who caused Lita to have a miscarriage while battling Kane. Man, was the entire storyline ever forgettable?! Ushering in his new "It's not my fault" slogan, Gene punted a fake baby in one of the most WTF moments in WWE history.

Both the storyline and the incident are not discussed nowadays. Back in 2004 when the incident took place, the company was still pushing edgy types of stories, labelling it as the Ruthless Aggression Era. Today, in the PG era, such content would not make the on-air product.

6 Stephanie McMahon In HLA


This storyline had a mixture of both good and bad. The rivalry between Eric Bischoff, the GM of Raw at the time, and Stephanie, the GM of SmackDown was actually quite entertaining. Both programs were flourishing, leading to a great rivalry between the two. However, they did manage to take it too far, giving us a moment the WWE won’t ever air again.

On the behalf of Eric Bischoff, Stephanie was forced to partake in HLA type of action, in the middle of the ring. What's HLA you ask, well that stands for Hot Lesbian Action. Being the Chief Branding Officer of the company and representing the WWE worldwide, the last thing the company wants to show its investors of their representative is footage of her partaking in such shocking moments. We'll never see HLA in a WWE ring again, never mind Stephanie being involved.

5 Vince Getting Frisky

With s*xual harassment type lawsuits making the headlines daily as it seems, the last thing McMahon wants to remind us is the amount of "Not So PG" footage featuring himself and the Divas from the past. McMahon has locked lips with numerous WWE talents in the past. Looking at how proper the company is today, they'll want to keep such demeaning footage away from the eyes of shareholders. Former Divas have also made the claim that Vince got it on with some of his employees outside of the ring as well, though that's never been confirmed.

Again, with the current state of the mainstream news, footage of Torrie and Vince making out in the washroom isn’t something the company necessarily feels inclined to revisit. Those steamy Vince moments will stay in the past, away from the WWE Network archives.

4 Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie Storyline


Looking at SmackDown's Women's Division today compared to what it used to be back in the early 2000s, it's truly quite baffling to compare the two. Nowadays, the WWE is all about in-ring, as Natalya and Charlotte are currently locked into an intense feud, based off of in-ring talent. Back in the early 2000s however, the only running women's storylines over on SD featured Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson, feuding in a story that had absolutely nothing to do with wrestling, and more so, making our blood rush.

The "Not So PG" plot would reach its peak during Armageddon, leading us to believe that WWE has taken out the PPV because it provided so many shocking moments that the company wants us to forget about altogether. On the night, Dawn exposed an intimate video tape featuring herself and Wilson getting it on. It was a steamy scene you definitely won't see again.

3 Vince Fakes His Own Death

The timing of this moment couldn't have been any worse as Benoit took his own life just a couple of weeks after. On the June 11th, 2007 episode of Raw, Vince inexplicably killed off his character as his limousine blew up. McMahon was presumed dead following the angle. Although it was all a work, media tabloids blew up nonetheless, though it was later confirmed to other outlets that it was all a work.

The awful story came to an end when Vince McMahon paid homage to Benoit's career in an empty stadium revealing that his death was a work and that Benoit's, was not. Of course, as we mentioned earlier in the article, the Benoit tribute show was deleted from the WWE archives, and without a doubt, we won't be hearing about Vince's fake death either.

2 The Katie Vick Story


If you ask both Triple H and Vince which storyline they regret the most - this one will likely come up. With a future title bout coming up between Kane and Triple H, the build to such a match was so easy, but once again, when it's too easy, the WWE at times tends to steer the other way. Instead of booking the feud based off of Kane's IC Title and Hunter's World Title, the WWE brought in a disturbing necrophilia type of story to build the match between the two. Hunter made the claim that Kane was a murderer and violated the woman, Katie Vick, after her "passing".

As if the story wasn't bad enough, Triple H acted out the situation wearing a Kane mask. The shocking footage is still considered the worst in WWE history. The shocking moment is something you'll only read about or see on the internet. The WWE will never replay this disastrous moment.

1 Owen's Fall

The wrestling industry was forever rocked on May 23rd, 1999 as Owen tragically fell to his death after his harness had snapped, dropping 78 feet onto the top rope. Paramedics tried to revive Owen in the ring; he was transported to a nearby medical facility, but Owen had sadly passed away due to internal bleeding from the whiplash of the incident.

The footage never aired and the only signs of the incident are pictures taken by fans as Owen lay motionless inside of the ring. Sadly, Owen content is still a touchy subject as Hart's late wife continues to own the rights to his work. Hart is rarely mentioned by the WWE due to ongoing court battles, though we hope both sides can reconcile and the company can honor his tremendous work by rightfully inducting the legend into the Hall of Fame.


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