15 Missed Details From Recent Movies That Make Them Even MORE Impressive

Movie fans love little details in films that showcase different things. There are attention details that impress us and details that give us more information about a character than what's on the surface. There are details that provide us with plot information and details proving that filmmakers had a very thorough plan. We like to spot these details ourselves, but, let's be honest, the vast majority of these are crowd-sourced. Online forums and movie fan discussion groups are able to make vast collections of these amazing details in a short period of time, and the people love it. The Movie Details subreddit on Reddit is one of the fastest-growing subreddits on the site because of this. Many of the very best film details are discovered and posted on there.

Well, we know that you have been watching a lot of great movies lately and, even though we trust that you've spotted amazing details in these films yourself, we thought we would highlight a few of the best ones we've found and have been shown in recent films. These might not be details that will totally change your mind about a film, but we guarantee that each of them will at least make you think, huh, not bad. Of course, we're aiming for a better reaction than that, but we'll settle if we must. It's details like these that show you just how multi-layered a film experience can be. Here are 15 Missed Details From Recent Movies That Make Them Even More Impressive.

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15 It

via YouTube

Even though It is still in theaters, we know by the box office numbers that many of you have seen it. It probably won't shock you if you've heard the buzz that the details in this film are stupendous. Many of the little things from the book are transferred to the screen, but some things play out in a very movie-related way. In almost all films, characters never look directly at the camera. Even when the target of the character's eyes are supposed to be where the camera is, the character looks slightly off to the side. Well, Pennywise does this...in a way. He looks off to the side, but he has a unique ability to look in different directions with each eye. This allows him to look off to the side with one eye and look directly at you with the other. The result is eerie.

14 Logan

via Reddit

Even though this detail has been shown quite a bit online, we still love it. It comes from the beginning fight scene in Logan. In that scene, Logan's limo is all shot up in the door. After that, the bullet holes are not visible. We don't really think about it until later on in the film. During one of the chase scenes, we see that Logan has just taped over the bullet holes with black duct tape. We can see the tape peeling back and revealing the bullet holes as the car drives away. That's the kind of continuity that impresses people. It makes the world inside the film feel more consistent and real.

13 Baby Driver

via Reddit

If you've yet to see Baby Driver, then you're in for a treat. In fact, we're envious of all the people who get to experience that film for the first time. It's a heck of a lot of fun. Fans have spotted an array of great details in the film. Some are stylistic, such as entire sets of dialogue governed by the lyrics of a song, and some are plot driven. Take Baby's obsession with glasses and cassette tapes. We see him with a seemingly endless supply of both, albeit implied only. Well, the reason, according to director Edgar Wright, is that Baby has spent so many years stealing cars that he accumulated things that most cars contain—tapes and sunglasses. To us, however, the most interesting detail comes in the scene in which Baby sees Deborah, the love interest, for the first time. In the background is a graffiti mural with a black heart. When Deborah is spotted, the heart turns red...because love.

12 The Conjuring 2

via Reddit

The Conjuring 2 was not only one of the best horror sequels we've seen in a long time, but it was also one of the best horror films of 2016. Period. The film is made better by its attention to detail and awesome little hidden secrets. So, by now, you probably know that the demon's name is important in the film. If you didn't, sorry. Well, just as that demon's name plays a part in Ed and Lorraine's life, it played a larger part in our lives as well. Just as they didn't notice it, we didn't either. Without us really ever seeing the name of the demon, Valak, it appeared to us several times. We see the name spelled out in various art pieces throughout the house. This isn't just an Easter egg either. It appears that the family has been subconsciously fed this name without them knowing it. This was a neat way for the director to create the same effect for us.

11 Star Trek: Beyond

via Trek Movie

There are many eye and ear-catching references, details, and Easter eggs in Star Trek: Beyond, but only one really caught our attention. At one point in the film, Scotty talks about the different theories about what caused the Franklins' disappearance. In this discussion, he mentions a “giant green space hand.” Now, any self-respecting Trekkie knows that this is a reference to the episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?” In that episode, a giant green hand, apparently the hand of Apollo, grabs the Enterprise and forces the crew to come down to the planet's surface. But it goes further than this. At the end of Beyond, during the credits, a large green hand can be seen materializing in space. It's small, but we enjoyed it.

10 Zootopia

via Reddit

The animation in Zootopia is mind-blowing. The amount of detail is incredible. There are scenes that illustrate both an amazing attention to specifics and those that show the team was having a lot of fun making the film. For us, there is one detail that puts all others to shame. While fans have noticed that band names, brand names, and place names have all been turned into funny animal-themed names, one fan noticed that even popular memes were turned. The animators decided to give their own take on the Sad Keanu meme.

9 Spider-Man: Homecoming

via The Playlist

There are two fun little details that add nothing to the overall film of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but we saw them and loved them. Both these show that the filmmakers were paying attention. The one comes from Peter's cell phone. You'll notice early on that the phone has a small crack in it. Now, pay attention to that crack. The phone becomes a representative, in a way, for Peter's social life. As the events and fights pile up and get more dangerous, the phone gets more and more cracked. By the end, it's ruined. The other detail comes from the Tony Starkless suit. It's a fun reveal when we learn that Stark is not in the suit. He's off kissing babies. We see, during the conversation, that the suit is holding up its hand to its mouth. This is shown to be Tony drinking a cocktail of some sort. Not long after that, the suit raises up a finger to the side. We don't think anything of it, but this is almost certainly Tony ordering another drink.

8 Inside Out

via YouTube

You know, even though this little detail from Inside Out is kind of the point of the movie, we're going to include it anyway. We know all about Riley's headquarters. She's the main person we see inside of, so we get it. Joy tries to keep sadness away from the controls because she thinks it'll make things worse for Riley. As we come to learn, that's not necessarily true. In a couple of brief clips, however, we are introduced to Riley's parents' headquarters. If you notice, Riley's father's controls are led by Anger. Her mother's controls are led by Sadness. This might help explain some of the issues that the parents are having in the film as well.

7 Batman V Superman

via superherohype

In Zack Snyder's Watchmen, the credits show a scene of Bruce Wayne's parents exiting a theater. The playbill shows "Die Fledermaus," which means "The Bat." The only reason we note this is because in Batman V Superman, Snyder again made the theater showing important. This time, the Waynes were coming out of the film Excalibur on the night they were attacked. The final act of Excalibur appears to be the inspiration for Batman V Superman's third act. In both films, one of the good guys attacks another good guy with a weapon pulled from a stone (spear in BVS and sword in Excalibur). Both films show the two heroes reconciling their differences to fight the big bad. Both films have the hero stabbing themselves more in order to kill the bad guy as well.

6 Moana

via Reddit

In Moana, the songs, the story, and the characters are all great, but the amount of detail in the animation is astounding. Take Maui, for example. Whenever he changes into an animal, his hook is always close by. As the hawk, Maui's hook is visible in a different-colored pattern of feathers on his right wing. When he's a lizard, there is a hook-shaped set of scales by one of the legs. These things are all amazing, but it gets even more incredible when you look at the tattoos of these respective animals. They, too, have the hook on them. There's also the hilarious detail that shows Maui with a shark head in tattoo form after he is changed into shark head Maui.

5 Interstellar

via Reddit

Interstellar might have some issues that people like to pick on, but there's a lot of fantastic different elements to the film. There are little details that people tend to overlook in regards to plot, such as a certain character keeping a promise to not leave the farm even though it seems stupid. But, there are also little things that just show great attention to detail. Take a look at the table during meals. Everything you'll see there is corn-based. There are pancakes, chowder, corn syrup, corn bread, and even what looks like some corn moonshine in the background. This is because the only surviving crop was corn, and the filmmakers were paying attention to continuity.

4 La La Land

via Movie Clips

La La Land features several details that are song-oriented. We see Mia take off her heels when she sings a lyric about the shoes. There is also Mia's request for the song "I Ran," blatantly criticizing Seb for running away from her. But, to us, the best detail or at least the detail that shows the greatest commitment has to do with alcohol. Throughout the film, Mia is never shown to be drinking alcohol. She drinks something other than liquor even when Seb drinks. It's never addressed specifically, but this might have to do with Mia's aunt. We hear in the audition song that Mia sings about her aunt, "she lived in her liquor and died with a flicker." We can infer that Mia was scared off of alcohol because of her aunt.

3 Jurassic World

via The Geekiary

Jurassic World certainly wasn't the greatest movie of all time, but it was fun and had a lot to like. Now, it did have its issues, although many people have taken to ridiculing the film for some very small things. Take the whole running from the T-Rex scene for example. Fans shouted, they screamed and they cried, how can a woman in high heels outrun a T-Rex when a jeep struggles to do the same? Well, friends, think back to the T-Rex feeding scene. The one where the crowds of people stand by to watch the goat get eaten. In that scene, we see a flare drop right by the goat. This is to signal to the dino that it’s meal time. Now, remember back to Jurassic Park. Jeff Goldblum's character used a flare to get the T-Rex to follow him as well. Add it all up. This dinosaur wasn't chasing Claire. It was following her. Oh, and a neat bonus detail. Check out the scars on the T-Rex, particularly the ones on its neck. Those scars match up to the wounds the dinosaur got at the end of the first film—the scratches and bites caused by the raptors.

2 The Lego Movie

via Reddit

The Lego Movie is like a gift from the movie details gods. There are so many incredible things in that film that every new watch brings out something you never noticed before. Next time you turn this film on, check out the details in the Legos. They made these things appear as if they were created with stop motion. Obviously, this is also a plot device because there's a human child creating these stories, but the attention to detail is astounding. Whenever you see a shiny surface, such as the metallic stripes on Emmett's shirt, notice that there are fingerprints visible, showing that a human finger has been touching it. Older Legos are faded and chipped, and some, such as Benny the space guy, had cracks where the actual Lego would tend to break.

1 Wonder Woman

via Reddit

There's a great scene between Diana and Chief in Wonder Woman that we all loved when we first saw it, but it also brought out an incredible hidden detail after the fact. Some fans took note that the only hand Diana shook throughout the film was Chief's. This is odd, but why? Well, when they first meet, the two speak in Blackfoot. Interestingly, this conversation was not subtitled. The reason being the filmmakers hid a neat little Easter egg in that conversation. According to Indian Country Today's Vincent Schilling, "When Eugene Brave Rock’s character, ‘Chief’, met Wonder Woman, who was spectacularly portrayed by Gal Gadot… His first words to her were in Blackfoot. Even better, he introduced himself as Napi, the Blackfoot demigod who is known as a trickster and a storyteller." So, that's why she shook his hand.

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