15 Miss Universe Chicks We'd Like To Date

It’s really hard to not watch Miss Universe pageants. They feature stunning women from all over the world, and there’s a swimsuit competition! What more could you want? It’s like watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year!

The women that get the honor of competing in Miss Universe are the best of what the world has to offer from all around the world. These are the girls that have been competing in pageants their whole lives, probably originally forced in by their parents. (We know what’s up with those stage moms.) For the most part, when it comes to pageants, they've been around for so long that it’s pretty much "been there, done that."

We may find stage moms and pageants amusing to watch, but we can’t discount the dreams that are in the minds of these extraordinary women. They train and participate for years just to get to the point where they can be part of Miss Universe. That takes a lot of patience and passion. These women want bigger modeling contracts, or they want an opportunity to break out into the entertainment industry, and this is their ticket in.

We have a small collection of the women that had such dreams and participated or won the Miss Universe pageant. These are the hottest women around the world, so this isn't something you’re going to want to miss. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous ladies!

15 Martha Fenech, a South African Beauty

Never mind her body; this girl has some amazing eyes. They just draw you in, and you want to stare for hours. She represents Malta in pageants, and she's also a Maltese model. It’s no big surprise that these women have backgrounds in modeling. She went on to represent Miss World in 2008 in South Africa. In 2016, she won Miss Universe Malta, and from there, she went to the Philippines to represent Malta in the Miss Universe 2016 there. She’s been a busy girl. It’s hard to remember that these girls have personal lives because we just often see them doing their stage walks. Fenech is a self-described food addict and traveler. She loves her family the most; they always come first. She has a younger brother, Moses, whom she adores. Family support can be a big thing when you're competing all the time.

14 Pia Wurtzbach, All-Around Beauty Queen

This stunner was a Philippine model and actress known at the time as "Pa Romero." Not only has she been acting and modeling, but she was also a TV host, which is pretty common for women who are in pageants. She was one of the lucky women who made it to the top in the pageant world and won Miss Universe in 2015. There haven’t been many Filipina winners in Miss Universe. Wurtzbach is only the third. She’s a great woman to follow if you're big on following your dreams. “I am so proud that I was finally able to bring back home the crown. I’ve always believed that it will happen. It was a long journey getting here. I hope that my story can become an inspiration of determination, discipline, faith, and hard work. I hope even after the Miss Universe pageant, I hope people learn this lesson from me: never give up on their dreams, because you never know; it could happen to you!”

13 Alejandra Argudo, the Ecuadorian Model

Alejandra Argudo was crowned Miss Ecuador 2014 and was also a representative of Ecuador at Miss Universe 2014, but she wasn't able to place at that time. When she isn’t in pageants, she works in Ecuador as a model. She’s certainly a stunning woman and has the kind of body that would surely make her a shoo-in for a crown. She's not only beautiful but smart as well. When she went to the United States, she went to the University of Kansas where she studied Psychology. Many women often continue their education while they're going through the pageant circuit so that they can have a backup if they ever need one. In 2013, she competed in the World Next Top Model 2013 pageant, where she represented Ecuador once again, and she placed in the top 12.

12 Janine Tugonon, Filipino Fashion Model

Janine Tugonon is another busy girl from the Philippines, where she's not only a model and beauty queen but also a television presenter. She snagged the 2012 Miss Universe Philippines crown and then went on to compete in Miss Universe 2012 where she became the 1st runner-up. When she competed for Miss Universe, she was asked if she thought it was important for Miss Universe to have to speak English. Her response: "For me, Miss Universe is not about being able to speak a particular language; it's about being able to influence and inspire other people. No matter what language you have as long as you have the heart, you can inspire other people." It definitely sounds like a smart answer, and it couldn’t be truer. Influencing people can occur in any language, and Tugonon proved that.

11 Chalita Suansane, the Thai Beauty

Chalita Suansane pretty much has the perfect bikini body, and her skin is flawless. Although not a winner of Miss Universe, she did place 6th during the 65th Miss Universe pageant. When she's not participating in pageants, she's working as a model in Thailand, and she definitely has the body for it. She did snag the Miss Universe Thailand title in 2016, a longtime dream of hers. These women are going after that crown year in and year out until they make it. It can be soul-crushing if they don’t get the win. She’s not just a pretty face either. Not only is she modeling, but she also was studying microbiology when her own sister decided to put her application in for Miss Universe Thailand. Shockingly enough, it was the first time she was involved in a pageant. Fate must've been looking out for her.

10 Deshauna Barber from the Army Reserve

This is one badass beauty pageant contestant. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's also a powerful captain in the United States Army Reserve. How cool is that? She was crowned Miss USA in 2016, and when she competed in Miss Universe in 2016, she placed 9th, which is pretty awesome. When she isn’t participating in pageants, she also likes being a motivational speaker, and we can see why she would be good at that. You would think that she would be on top of the world when she won Miss USA, but that wasn’t the case for her. Instead, she got a lot of backlash for her win and received cruel comments. “I faced a lot of backlash when I was crowned Miss USA. I was called 'tar monkey.' This to me is very discouraging, and it made me question my self-worth.”

9 Kristal Silva is a Titleholder

This beauty is currently a Mexican beauty pageant titleholder for participating in the Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2016 pageant. She’s breathtaking, and that body, well, it belongs in a bikini. She was also in Miss Universe in 2016 where she placed 9th -- not too shabby. She also competed in Miss Earth in 2013 and was one of the top 8 finalists. So far, it seems she's done quite well on the pageant circuit. She’s had some embarrassing moments while being in pageants. When she was on stage during Miss Earth 2013, she tripped and fell. It was during the swimsuit portion of the pageant, but luckily, that didn’t do too much damage to her scoring. People maintain that she kept her composure throughout it all, which is the most important thing. The show must go on.

8 Valeria Piazza Is One Smart Cookie

This gorgeous lady isn’t just a pretty face; she has brains to boot. When she isn’t modeling or participating in pageants, this girl is a Peruvian social communicator. Now that’s pretty badass! She won the Miss Peru pageant in 2016 and also went on to represent Peru in Miss Universe 2016, where she was a semifinalist. Her pageant career has really taken off for her. She went to the University of Lima to get her degree in communications, and she’s been working at it ever since. She started her pageant career by participating in both Miss Model of the World 2014 and Tropic Beauty of the World 2015. It was in Tropic Beauty of the World 2015 that she was a runner-up. It was at that point that she knew she wanted to keep competing and try to win Miss Universe. Hopefully, she'll have another shot at it in 2017.

7 Paulina Vega Dieppa Is a Television Host

This girl is cute as a button, and it’s quite obvious that she does her squats as well. Like most models that also do pageants, Dieppa is a TV host, and she has the perfect smile for the job. She’s been doing pageants for a few years now, and she went on to win both Miss Colombia 2013 and Miss Universe 2014. She was so honored to be the Miss Universe winner that she began gushing about it right away. “When we participate in a pageant, we are examples to young and teenage girls,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s very delicate. I want to demonstrate that it is not the most important thing to be beautiful and have a glamorous life. It’s about feeling beautiful. Become an intelligent, professional, hardworking woman with a great heart. That is the example I want to set.”

6 Clarissa Molina, Florida Beauty

With all the wrong that's going on in Florida right now, it’s nice to remember the good things that go on there as well. Clarissa Molina is a Dominican model who started on the pageant circuit and snagged herself a win at the Miss Dominican Republic 2015 pageant. She also represented the Dominican Republic for Miss Universe 2015. She also placed 3rd runner-up at the Nuestra Belleza Latina 2016 tilt. This girl has certainly been busy. When she isn’t working as a model, she's a social media correspondent for the TV show El Gordo y la Flaca. Molina wasn’t actually raised by her parents. Oddly enough, when her parents got divorced, they moved to New York City, but Molina was left in the Dominican Republic, where she was raised by her stepmother. A little odd, right? It wasn’t until she was 15 that she moved to the United States where she went to live in New Jersey with her uncle and cousins.

5 Nia Sanchez is Miss USA

This girl has quite the schedule, and we’re not sure how she does it all. Not only does she participate in pageants, but she’s also a model, television host, beauty queen, and taekwondo coach. Wow! She competed in Miss Universe 2015 and placed 1st runner-up. She was also the first woman from Nevada to ever be crowned Miss USA. She's very serious when it comes to teaching women how to protect themselves, and we certainly respect that. “I think more awareness is very important so women can learn how to protect themselves. As a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself, and that's something that we should start to implement for a lot of women.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s so important for women to know how to handle themselves.

4 Dayanara Torres, Singer and Writer

Dayanara Torres is the story of dreams truly coming true. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s multi-talented as well. She won Miss Universe at the tender age of 18 in 1993. That’s quite a young age to be walking away with the crown. She got discovered early, and she’s been in TV shows and movies. Just a few of those are The Young and the Restless and Watch Over Me. This girl even has a doll created in her likeness, and it sold out in the Philippines and Puerto Rico. In 2000, she married her love, Marc Anthony. Talk about a fairy-tale life. This girl seems to have done it all! The two of them share a child that she had in 2001. When she does have some downtime, she dances, swims, and even goes horseback riding. It seems like this girl can do it all.

3 Olivia Jordan, the Sunny Blonde

This gorgeous beach blonde is not only a beauty queen and actress but a model as well. She had the honor of being crowned Miss USA 2015 and then went on to represent the US in Miss Universe 2015. She made it pretty far, becoming the second runner-up. She’s another busy girl, as she also represented the US in Miss World 2013, where she was able to place in the top 20. When she was crowned Miss USA, she was the first woman from Oklahoma to win. She's not only gorgeous and sexy, but this girl is really funny. She often talks about her life as a contestant, and when asked about her diet, she once replied, “My diet can be described as an unchaperoned child at a birthday party.” How cute is that? This cheeky girl knows how to make an impression.

2 Melinda Bam Is Miss South Africa

Wow, what a babe! Melinda Bam was crowned Miss South Africa in 2011, which made her the official representative for her country when it came to competing in Miss Universe 2012. This girl has the perfect bikini body, which is probably why she started her own swimwear line called "Bambshell" (we just love the name). She worked with brand Dax Martin in South Africa to come up with her designs. She's no stranger to tragedy and was traumatized by her father’s suicide when she was just eleven. “I initially thought that I would probably have ‘daddy issues’ or that my reaction to it would have made me the perfect muse for artists and musicians from the experience,” she said, “'You are not a product of your circumstance but a product of choice,’ is what my grandpa told me.” Smart girl!

1 Patricia Yurena Rodríguez, a Spanish Actress

This sexy beauty queen not only models when she gets the chance but she's also a Spanish actress. She's represented Spain in both Miss World and Miss Universe. She competed in Miss Universe 2013 and was named 1st runner-up. She's not only the second Spanish woman to place in Miss Universe but she’s also the first openly gay contestant to be involved in Miss Spain. She represents lesbian women all over the world, and she has a lot to be proud of. She's most known for her Spanish film Tal como eres, a short film directed by Román Reyes that Rodríguez worked on in 2014. Patricia has a lot going for her, and we look forward to seeing if she's going to continue competing for Miss Universe. After all, she has the talent and the beauty for it.

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