15 Mind-Blowing Dragon Ball Fan Theories

The Dragon Ball series has reached several generations now and it’s one of the most popular franchises to date. The franchise has reached several forms of media including TV shows, movies, video games, manga and many more. The franchise is nothing without its die-hard community to support it throughout the years and the Dragon Ball fandom is as creative and imaginative as any fandoms could get.

Most of the storylines of Dragon Ball are pretty direct and straightforward. A new threat looms and seeks to destroy Earth and it’s up to Goku, Vegeta, and the Z Fighters to come up with a plan to stop the threat from doing its evil bidding. The series focuses more on action and the amazing fight sequences so writers often get directly to the point with their stories.

Fans are creative enough to supplement themselves with even more possible backstories though. Throughout the years, fans have devised some of the most mind-blowing theories for Dragon Ball and what’s amazing about it is that the theories somewhat connect to what the writers provide us. Here are some of the most mind-blowing Dragon Ball fan theories ever made!


15 Krillin Is The Best Of The Best

If you ask a casual Dragon Ball fan who they think the most powerful character is in Dragon Ball, they’ll say it’s Goku ten times out of ten. That shouldn’t be a surprise though as Goku has showcased his might time and time again. However, some diehard and devoted fans think otherwise and the most powerful is a character one we’d never expect.

A lot of fans theorize that Goku’s best friend, Krillin is the most powerful character in the series. He’s been killed by villain several times already so why him? It lies in the fact that despite his human origins, Krillin is still strong enough to hold his own against most of the enemies. Goku and the rest of the Super Saiyans are powerful because of their race and they already have a head start in the power level department. Krillin, on the other hand, is perhaps the most powerful human on Earth and he attests his strength to determination alone.

14 Not So Super Saiyans


Back when we were kids, we all waited for that glorious moment when Goku, Vegeta or any other Saiyan in particular transformed into a Super Saiyan. The first time Goku went all spiky haired on us was amazing and it was every bit nostalgic but after a while, a few fans got the impression that Saiyans are not that Super.

For starters, Planet Vegeta, home of the Super Saiyan race was destroyed by Frieza alone. For a planet home to intergalactic super beings, they did a poor job of protecting their planet. Then, we get to see how half human, half-Saiyans like Gohan, Goten and Trunks transform into Super Saiyans without breaking a sweat. Nearly every Saiyan can go Super so what makes them so special aside from their blood?

13 Gotta’ Go Fast? The Sonic And Dragon Ball Link

There’s no doubting that Dragon Ball has a huge influence in many things pop culture. One of the most popular theories of Dragon Ball is that the series inspired the Sonic The Hedgehog series. While both are fairly different from each other, a closer look reveals a few resemblances between the franchises.

For starters, Sonic, like Goku is a laidback hero who transforms into a more powerful golden spiky haired hero after a certain condition is met. Both have rivals who later on become good - Vegeta and Chaos. Other character resemblances are Tails as Krillin, the heroes best friend and sidekick Amy Rose and Chi-Chi are both madly in love with the hero and are dangerous when angered.

What if Sonic The Hedgehog takes place in one of the 12 Dragon Ball universes?

12 The Dragon Ball Movies Are Not Canon


Dragon Ball’s lore and history are expanded through movies which were shown separately from the anime series. The movies are pretty decent and they’ve introduced some interesting characters to the series but fans have long speculated that some of the movies take place in an alternate timeline and are not canon to the anime series.

According to fans, the first 13 Dragon Ball movies are not canon to the story as creator Akira Toriyama had no hand in creating these. These movies introduced Broly, Garlick Jr., Lord Slug and many more characters. The only considered canon movie is Battle of Gods because Akira Toriyama had a hand in making it and the story of the movie set the scene for Dragon Ball Super. Basically, the battle against Broly and other villains in the movies never happened in the timeline of the anime series.

11 Bulma's Family Of Androids?

Aside from numerous alien races, Saiyans and humans, the Dragon Ball lore is also filled with a few Androids who are basically half human, half robot sentient beings that live among beings. Androids aren’t capable of growing old and that is why the mother of Bulma is believed to be one.

Ever since the series began, Bulma’s mother was depicted as a youthful looking person. Her husband, on the other hand, was a very old man. Fans theorized that Dr. Briefs; Bulma’s genius dad, made himself an Android wife who became Bulma’s mother. Androids are capable of many things but fans are unsure whether or not they’re capable of giving birth to another human. When fans saw that Krillin and Android 18 had a child, Bulma’s mother being an Android sounded more likely.

10 Super Saiyan’s Hidden Message


Saiyans are a strong enough race in their basic form. Get them angry or agitate them even for a little bit and you get a Super Saiyan. Time and time again, Earth is saved by the power of the Super Saiyans thanks to their brute force and power. However, some fans theorize that there’s a hidden message when Saiyans go Super.

One of the least popular, but certainly most interesting Dragon Ball fan theories is that Super Saiyans are a symbolism of white supremacy. Look at Goku for example. In his basic form, Goku dons black hair and black eyes and he’s not overpowered. When he turns into a Super Saiyan though, his hair turns blonde, his eyes green and his power increases by several levels.

We’ll never know if Super Saiyans are a symbol of white supremacy but it could all just be a coincidence.

9 Dragon Ball GT Is Not Canon

The last major story arc for the franchise before it was resurrected with Dragon Ball Super was Dragon Ball GT. It told the story of a few villains including Baby and the evil dragons. The main characters were of course; Goku, who was back to his child form at one point and Vegeta and Goku’s granddaughter Pan.

Dragon Ball GT was believed to take place after the last events of Dragon Ball Z and it was considered as a canon story arc. It was not received well by fans and it reached to a point when the fandom began theorizing that GT isn’t canon and the events took place in a different timeline. This might be a very unlikely theory back in the day but in Dragon Ball Super, the series introduced the concept of multiverses. If several universes exist in Dragon Ball’s lore, then an alternate timeline shouldn’t be off the question.


8 Gohan’s Trauma Of The Ginyu Force


After Raditz and Nappa’s attack on Earth and the Z-Fighters, Gohan’s next major battle alongside his dad took place on Planet Namek against Frieza and his forces. Frieza had a ton of henchmen but none were more dangerous than the Ginyu Force which consisted of several individuals who had dangerous powers.

Before taking on Frieza himself, the group fought the Ginyu Force. Gohan had a hand in taking out Frieza’s core group and it was a hard battle for the young Saiyan. He was ultimately beaten. Years later, when he was an adult already, Gohan took on a new persona which is the Great Saiyaman. This superhero persona of Gohan was wacky and made similar poses that the Ginyu Force made. Fans speculated that this persona was Gohan’s way of coping with the trauma of getting beaten by the Ginyu Force when he was young. Another theory is that Captain Ginyu swapped bodies with Gohan but this is way too farfetched.

7 Frieza Can Wipe Out Anyone If He Trained

One of the most popular villains in the series is none other than the psychotic pipsqueak Frieza. He’s been brought to life several times and he’s been sent to hell the same number of times as well. Despite this, Frieza is believed to be one of the strongest characters in the series; stronger than Goku, but because of his arrogance and laziness, he falls back a few spots behind our main hero.

When Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, he did so while using his first and weakest form WHILE sitting and with one finger. Goku was pushed to his limits in their first battle and he was forced to go Super Saiyan but this was against a Frieza who had never trained before. All he had for Goku was his natural strength. When he was revived in Dragon Ball Resurrection F, he trained for 4 months and he was a challenge for Goku. He even managed to destroy Earth. What happens if Frieza trains as hard as Goku is something we long to see.

6 Half-Saiyans Are The Strongest


With the entire Saiyan race obliterated except for a few, we get to see a showcase of the race’s full power from a few individuals including Goku and Vegeta. They are some of the full-blooded Saiyans remaining but some fans believe that half-human, half-Saiyan beings are far more powerful.

There are 3 known Saiyan hybrids early in the series, Goku’s sons Gohan and Gotan and Vegeta’s only child, Trunks. The three Saiyans can transform into Super Saiyans at a very young age whereas Goku and Vegeta were only able to do so when they were full adults.

Fans speculate that half-Saiyans are more powerful because of their adrenal glands. Case in point, Gohan becomes one of the most powerful beings when his loved ones are in danger. Even Goku himself comments that Gohan is more powerful than he is.

5 The Legend Of Goku Black?

The new arc of Dragon Ball; Dragon Ball Super introduced some of the most powerful villains in the series to date. The characters even overpower the likes of Cell, Buu, and several others. Goku and the rest of Earth’s fighters go up against some of the deadliest foes they’ve faced yet but none can be more deadly than Goku Black.

Goku Black’s identity was unknown early on during his appearance in the series. Fans were more than happy to supply the fandom with theories on who the new character could be. Some believe that it’s a version of Goku who’s corrupt and came from an alternate timeline. Some even speculated that he was an Android by Dr. Gero. Goku Black’s true identity is that he was Zamasu from an unaltered timeline. In the said timeline, Zamasu stole Goku’s body to do his evil bidding.

4 The Story Of Gohan's Real Father


Goku has two sons with Chi-chi. The youngest is Goten and he looks 100% like his father when Goku was still a kid but a little less chubby. As for Gohan, he looks fairly different from his Super Saiyan dad. This lack of resemblance led many to believe that Goku may not be the father of Gohan after all.

One popular theory suggests that Gohan is the son of Yamcha and Chichi and he was conceived during a time when Goku was away. They certainly have the makings of a father and son duo based on looks alone but what about Gohan’s Super Saiyan blood? Rumor has it that Chi-chi asked a doctor to inject Gohan with Super Saiyan DNA to give him the powers that he has. It was a failsafe to make sure that Goku wouldn’t figure out the infidelity. Who would want to anger Goku anyway?

3 Who Are The Ultimate Baddies?

Goku has faced some of the toughest foes in the universe and most times, it’s hard to see just how strong Goku’s next opponent is. With the introduction of the multiverse, Dragon Ball’s lore has opened to new levels of power and the two most powerful beings now are the Grand Priest and Zen-Oh the Omni King.

Both characters have yet to showcase their powers but they're still feared nonetheless. The Grand Priest is the father of Whis and Vados, two other beings who greatly overpower Goku. Zen-Oh, on the other hand, is the literal god of everything in Dragon Ball. We’ve yet to know the intentions of these characters but many are theorizing that they will be the ultimate foes in the future. This sounds very likely for Zen-Oh, the God who destroyed 6 universes because he was in a bad mood.

2 It’s All Goku’s Fault


Time and time again, Dragon Ball’s main protagonist, Goku, has proven that he’s capable of saving Earth no matter what threat wants it gone. He’s the epitome of good as we’ve seen him save countless lives, several planets and sometimes, we even get to see him give villains a chance, one of which is Frieza who Goku could’ve ended early on in their battle.

Despite his efforts, a few fans have noticed that Earth wouldn’t be in so much trouble if Goku wasn’t around. Raditz and Nappa would never have gone to Earth because of him. Dr. Gero would’ve never made the Androids and Cell. Buu wouldn’t exist because Earth was without the powerful energy of the Saiyans. Broly wouldn’t have attacked Earth if Goku was never there to annoy him when they were babies. While it’s true that he means good, several villains would’ve skipped Earth on their to-do list if Goku was never around.

1 The Legendary Super Saiyan

Throughout the series, we see Vegeta talk about the Legendary Super Saiyan. A Saiyan is special enough on his own but a Legendary Super Saiyan is far more powerful than a regular Saiyan and he comes only every 1000 years. Vegeta believes that Goku is the destined Legendary Super Saiyan of his time.

A fan theory is that Goku isn’t the legendary being in his human form. Instead, the Legendary Super Saiyan is Goku in his Golden Great Ape form. This theory was easily debunked when Broly and Vegeta were seen to also be capable of transforming into a Golden Great Ape form. If it isn’t Earth’s mightiest savior Goku, then who is the Legendary Super Saiyan of lore? Since the story of the series is still ongoing, we might get to see more clues as to who the man of legend really is.

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