15 Mighty Ducks Characters And What They Look Like Today

The Mighty Ducks movies contain some of the most seriously funny moments on film.

The 90s was a great decade for movies. In fact, to this day, many of us still play several of that era's films. You know, those movies that we can watch over and over again without ever getting bored. And for many of us, among those such films are The Mighty Ducks movies, which continue to remind us that our childhood was f@$king awesome!

We probably feel that way about The Mighty Ducks because of how life-affirming the series is. The films made us believe in the underdog, and aren’t such movies the best ones, after all? Also, it can hardly be denied that The Mighty Ducks movies contain some of the most seriously funny moments on film, cementing their status as genuine classics. In fact, they're the kind of films that you would want to show younger generations just to prove to them that we had better movies than they did!

In case there are still those that haven’t experienced The Mighty Ducks for themselves, (are there people like that out there?), it’s about a bunch of kids who are facing obscurity on their hockey team, that is, until they are coached by an alcoholic lawyer played by Emilio Estevez. As a result of his guidance, the kids go from being nobodies to being winners, just as we hope would happen to a bunch of genuinely good kids.

And it's precisely because we love the trilogy so much that many of us sometimes find ourselves asking, "Where are The Mighty Ducks actors these days? Are they on the red carpet? Are they raising babies? Or have they gone back into obscurity, never to be heard from again?" Let's answer those questions!

15 Vincent Larusso - Adam Banks

Vincent Larusso played Adam Banks, the privileged boy who was from the rival team and who, via a technicality, ended up being brought over to the Mighty Ducks. At first, the other players rejected Adam because the team he was previously on often made fun of the Ducks. This caused the rest of the Ducks to call Banks a “cake eater,” but it wasn’t long before he was able to prove his dedication to the team and was eventually able to win them over. In fact, it was with the Ducks that he went on to win a championship. After The Mighty Ducks trilogy ended, Adam was away from Hollywood for a while as he decided to go back to school and earn his business degree at the Boston University School of Management. Then, after that, he did very little in Hollywood, including a few spots in movies and on TV -- his most memorable post-Ducks gig to date being an ad he starred in for a Panasonic razor. Eventually though, Larusso disappeared from the spotlight.

14 Marguerite Moreau - Connie

13 Emilio Estevez - Gordon Bombay

Emilio is an underrated actor, especially when he's placed alongside his multi-awarded and still very popular brother, Charlie Sheen. Perhaps it's because Emilio has undeniably lived a much quieter life away from the press compared to Charlie, and even compared to their father, Martin Sheen -- another heavy hitter in Hollywood. In fact, many people probably think that Emilio left Hollywood after The Mighty Ducks. But he didn’t. He just went behind the scenes, engaging in producing and directing. Emilio's absence from the spotlight might not have been entirely his choice, however, as his last acting appearances didn't really make much of a splash -- he was in a TV movie called Abominable Christmas in 2012, and he also starred in The Public with Aubrey Plaza. So although we absolutely love Emilio for his roles in The Mighty Ducks and The Breakfast Club, we'd have to admit feeling some disappointment with how he's evolved to be more of a behind-the-scenes man than anything else. But that’s okay because we still love him.

12 Joshua Jackson - Charlie Conway

Most girls around my age fell in love with Joshua Jackson during his time on Dawson’s Creek. (And wasn’t he the one that got the girl in the end? Of course he was!) But Joshua has a lot more under his belt than his time on the hit teen drama. The man carved out quite the career on TV with hit shows like Fringe, which was on air for five seasons. He doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon either as he's still currently on yet another TV series called The Affair. With regard to movies, Joshua has starred in several of them such as Urban Legend, Shutter, and Cruel Intentions. And as recently as 2015, he starred in a film called Sky with his then-girlfriend Diane Kruger. Unfortunately, however, after ten years of being together, the two recently called it quits.

11 Elden Henson as Fulton Reed

In The Mighty Ducks, Elden Henson played Fulton Reed, the meathead that seemed like a giant compared to the rest of the kids. At first, a lot of people underrated Fulton, but in the end, he helped take the team to the top and was part of what made the team unstoppable. Since The Mighty Ducks, Henson has had a few decent gigs, including a role in The Butterfly Effect alongside Ashton Kutcher. He also appeared as Foggy in Daredevil. But that isn't all he’s done; Elden was also in The Hunger Games movies where he played Pollux. Additionally, he also had a few guest spots on E.R. and Law & Order: SVU. Today, he spends spends most of his time living with his brother in Manhattan. Not so bad for a former meathead, right?

10 Shaun Weiss - Goldberg

It’s funny how we sometimes see seemingly obscure actors in movies only to realize we used to watch them as kids. Shaun Weiss is likely one such actor. He's been in and out of Hollywood over the years, although he hasn’t had a blockbuster career since his time on The Mighty Ducks. In fact, he's struggled, but he seems to have been able to land bit parts that have kept his career going. You may have, for example, recognized him on Crossing Jordan, Las Vegas, and Drillbit Taylor. Plus, he seems to have taken the commercial industry by storm, appearing in over 30 national TV commercials throughout his career. There are also many YouTube clips that feature Weiss from his TV movie What About Weiss. And with Shaun forever being engraved in our minds as the super fun character in The Mighty Ducks, how can we not love this guy?

9  9. Jane Plank - Tammy

Connie wasn’t the only female on The Mighty Ducks; the team decided to recruit Tammy as well. She was a serious figure skater with skills, and the Ducks knew they had to have her on the team. Even though she initially had no idea how to play hockey, she eventually ended up being a great asset to the team as she was able to use her skills as a figure skater to create diversions that messed up the other team. The boys were certainly lucky to have such a badass female on their side! However, the actress that played her, Jane Plank, left acting after The Mighty Ducks, and never returned. Technically though, she's still an entertainer, as these days, she has her own website that features her life as a singer/songwriter and performer. Unfortunately, she hasn’t yet had her big break as a singer as she only performs locally in Minneapolis. But if you want to check out her music, you can find her on Reverbnation.

8 Matt Doherty - Averman

Often laughing throughout the movie, Averman was a true joker in The Mighty Ducks. Actually, he almost seemed more interested in making jokes than he was in playing hockey. In contrast, the actor that played him, Matt Doherty, seemed to have gotten quite serious after The Mighty Ducks. He went back to school, attending Northwestern University, where he graduated in 1999. Through the years, Matt also had some small parts in TV shows such as Bones, Franklin & Bash, CSI: Miami and Grey’s Anatomy. He also had a small appearance in Argo as the butler, and his most recent acting experience was on Supernova 45, a movie from the science-fiction era. These days, however, Doherty is more active as a playwright than as an actor. Interestingly though, he has also spent a lot of time fueling rumors about a fourth installment of The Mighty Ducks on his podcast called Quack Attack -- although we’re really not sure he would be able to pull that off, considering so many of the trilogy's original actors are doing other things now.

7 JD Daniels - Peter Mark

Peter Mark was a character that seemed to have an unexpectedly in-your-face attitude, especially for the little guy that he was. In fact, he was the one team member most responsible for organizing a walkout on the coach after Peter overheard him trash-talking the team. However, while JD Daniels played such a fun part on The Mighty Ducks, he appears to have disappeared into near obscurity since the movie. He's had to settle for doing voice work for projects like Hey Arnold as well as a few other small projects. Since then, however, he hasn’t seemed to have done anything related to show business. He once announced through Twitter that he was working on his first CD, but even that account has gone into obscurity. Unfortunately, JP seems to be one of those Mighty Ducks actors whose career never really went anywhere after the movie.

6 Brandon Adams - Jesse Hall

One of the more outspoken characters in The Mighty Ducks, Jesse Hall had no problem with confrontation, especially when Adam Banks arrived on their team. He needed to make sure that Adam knew they weren’t about to take any crap from him. And fortunately for the actor that played him, Brandon Adams, his career seemed to skyrocket after he appeared in the movie. He guest-starred on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World and Sister Sister. He was also Kenny DeNunez in Sandlot, which was actually a significant role for Brandon. However, though he was previously in many roles, it seems Adams hasn’t really done much in show business in the past ten years or so, although he did have a voice role in Kingdom Hearts II and was also in a short film named Stuck in Corners. Maybe it's time to bring out the outspoken Jesse Hall in you, Brandon!

5 Jussie Smollett as Terry Hall

Jussie played the role of Jesse's younger brother in The Mighty Ducks, and although the character he played was definitely not extraordinarily outspoken, he still spoke his mind when he had the chance. Fortunately for Jussie, this role seems to have led him to become probably the most successful out of all The Mighty Ducks kid actors. He has received a lot of acclaim for his role as Jamal Lyon, the gay singer from the hit series EmpireEmpire, however, is known to be a roller coaster ride of a series, so it’s expected that things there are always going to go up and down for its characters.

4 Danny Tamberelli - Tommy

Danny played Tommy, who was the smallest player on the team and whose sister, Tammy, was also on The Mighty Ducks. Actually, there wasn’t a whole lot of screen time for this cutie pie in the movie. He just had a few moments here and there throughout the whole film. However, that didn’t seem to stop Danny from eventually becoming a successful child star. After The Mighty Ducks, he starred in Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete, where he played Pete and was, of course, a huge cast member for the show. That’s not all either; these days he's a musician, comedian, and actor doing multiple projects at once. Moreover, Danny is one of the creators of the comedy sketch Man Boobs Comedy and is a co-host of a monthly podcast called The Adventures of Danny and Mike. At the same time, as a musician, he works on a band called Jounce. Danny's certainly been very busy since The Mighty Ducks!

3 Garette Henson - Guy Germaine

Appearing on The Mighty Ducks with his brother Elden, Garette actually had a pretty interesting rumor go around about him. The character he played, Guy Germaine, had a relationship with another team member, Connie Moreau, and interestingly, there was a lot of talk that the actors who played these roles, Garette and Marguerite Moreau, had a fling at some point. In fact, there are whispers that the fling actually resulted in the two having a child together. No one has confirmed or denied those rumors, but it certainly wouldn't have been the first time that love interests in a movie took that romance off-screen. The two, however, are clearly no longer together as they are married to other people. Meanwhile, in terms of acting, Garette really hasn’t done a whole lot with his career since The Mighty Ducks, although he's had a few guest spots on shows such as Cold Case, NCIS, and Melrose Place. And while it may appear he hasn’t enjoyed the same kind of success as some of his other Mighty Ducks castmates, Garette has actually been somewhat active behind the scenes, directing the short films Shades of Yellow and Sina Forma.

2 Aaron Schwartz - Dave Karp

Dave Karp was the overweight prankster on The Mighty Ducks team. He loved causing trouble and served as the ringleader when it came to picking fights with the rival hockey team. The actor who played Dave, Aaron Schwartz, appeared in the movie Heavyweights after The Mighty Ducks, but after that, he seemed to disappear from Hollywood for a while. Later, he came back and had a few small appearances on Guiding Light and also had a role as the doorman on Gossip Girl. Those roles, however, aren't really what have had people been talking about him, but rather, his impressive transformation from the chubby kid in The Mighty Ducks to the fit and extremely sexy adult he is today. He’s certainly gotten a lot of attention from publications because of it, so maybe Aaron should consider leaving acting behind and concentrating on modeling.

1 Kenan Thompson - Russ Tyler

Kenan Thompson wasn’t in the first The Mighty Ducks movie, but he replaced the original Russ Tyler in the second and third installments of the franchise. And while he may have come in late, it appears he did such a great job in the role that it boosted his career. He became much more widely known by starring in Nickelodeon's Kenan & Kel and later, by landing a permanent gig on Saturday Night Live, where he still works to this day. In terms of movies, he starred in Snakes on a Plane with Samuel L. Jackson. Oddly enough, however, Kenan is often the target of viral posts that claim he had just died despite the fact that he's very much alive and well. In fact, Kenan is now a family man, married to Christina Evangeline with whom he has a child.


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