15 Messed-Up Rules The Duggar Kids Have To Follow

The Duggar clan are a little odd as it is and for a family, they can be a little hard to take at times. They are definitely an amusing bunch to watch because it’s just so hard to believe that there is a family with 19 kids who start having a million kids of their own. Can you imagine what holidays must be like?

There is certainly more than meets the eye with this family and at times, their behavior has become a little concerning. One of the main concerns is the fact that the family has all these crazy rules, rules that seem very extreme. We all know what it’s like trying to protect the children in our lives, but sometimes it can be considered going overboard. We’re not sure that we agree with some of the rules that the Duggars follow.

The kids, especially the teenagers, almost can’t function in today’s society with all these restrictions. The family sometimes appears as strict as the Amish are. It’s sad that these kids have so many rules about what they are allowed to do. Most of these rules are imposed because of their religious upbringing and what Michelle and Jim Bob consider to be appropriate.

15 The Girls Aren't Allowed To Wear Pants

What century are we living in again? Dresses and skirts are great, don’t get us wrong, but they shouldn’t be forced to only wear dresses, that’s a little old-fashioned. Some women wear pants all the time so it would be weird to have to switch over. The Duggar girls do everything in dresses, from horseback riding to swimming to working out. The Duggar’s idea of modesty means that they feel that dresses are what’s appropriate for women. Could you imagine never being able to wear shorts again? There is just something so wrong about that. In our generation where everyone is wearing leggings, these girls must hate running around in a skirt.

14 No Kissing Until They're Married

This seems wildly extreme. We understand that a lot of religions don’t want young people to be intimate before they are married and that’s understandable with the rise of teen pregnancies and STDs. But the idea that the kids aren’t even allowed to hold hands or kiss until they make it down the altar seems crazy to us. Intimacy is part of dating and getting to know someone. What happens if these kids get married and find out there's no chemistry between them? That would be awful since divorce is highly unlikely in this family. We’re not saying that they should go all the way, but kissing and holding hands is part of the fun of dating. It would really suck to find out if your husband makes you gag when you kiss him. We’ve all dated that guy in high school.

13 They Have To Hide Their Eyes

Not only does the Duggar family have to dress very conservative, but there is a rule that they must try to avoid looking at immodest things as well. That includes women or girls who may be dressed inappropriately in their eyes. They have to basically act as if these women do not exist. Sounds pretty nuts to us. While out in the world, if anyone sees a woman that is scandalously dressed, like if they're showing off their shoulders, then the person has to yell “Nike” so that the boys in the group can avert their eyes. Man, these boys would have a really hard time in Vegas. We’re not sure where they got “Nike” from in the form of a code word, but it’s pretty funny. We have to say that the Duggars may be going a touch overboard with these rules.

12 Partners Are Handpicked

We would have thought that the days were over when fathers chose who their daughters dated. It’s such a outdated ritual that we are shocked that fathers think it’s their place to do so. Sure, there are young girls out there that end up in trainwreck relationships because they didn’t choose the right guy, but that’s not something a father can control. Many young girls go out into the world and choose a great man and although a father can try to choose a stable man, there is so much more to a union then that. Falling in love is a delicate thing and by allowing your parents to choose your partner for life, you could be missing out on your true soulmate — someone who you’re capable of finding all by yourself. We think that Jim Bob has a little too much power over his children’s lives.

11 Courting Is Supervised

Yup, the skin is literally crawling right now. For one thing, the word courtship should not even be in existence any longer. We couldn’t imagine being someone young and in love and having every move you make supervised — it’s beyond creepy. For the Duggars, though, that’s just the way that it’s always been. These poor kids have to have a chaperone with them on all of their dates — talk about awkward. They want to make sure that there is absolutely no kissing before they are married. If you think the phone is safe, it isn’t. They check in on their calls and text messages as well, so it’s unlikely that anyone is doing any s*xting either. It honestly sounds like it would be a real-life nightmare. Who knows if they go behind their parents' backs to do stuff, it’s kind of what kids do.

10 All Text Messages Are Read

The idea that Jim Bob reads all his children’s text messages is so beyond creepy. Is there no trust in this family? How are the children supposed to prove that they are trustworthy if they are never given a chance to be trusted by their parents? It’s so weird to think that he’s reading their messages, it’s like having someone diary exposed. When Jessa was engaged to Ben Seewald, there was a time that he texted Jessa, “Give me a ring.” Which is already super weird because isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Jim Bob took it upon himself to respond to the text as if that is completely normal behavior for a father. He sent back a crushing blow, “No rings yet.” The whole thing is ridiculous if you ask us.

9 No Hugging From The Front

We have a feeling that we are going to be shaking our heads through this entire article. The Duggars do not let their children hug the opposite gender from the front. Believe us, it’s as weird as it sounds. If they want to hug the person that they are dating, it has to be from the side. Maybe it’s the fear that their genitals will touch we’re not sure, but it’s beyond weird. We’re not sure what the problem is, hugging is really very innocent. The Duggars believe that hugging from the front will instill impure thoughts into the minds of their children which is totally unacceptable. They can, of course, hug from the front once they are married. It must honestly make the wedding night completely awkward since you haven’t even kissed at that point.

8 Birth Control Is Not Allowed

Well, we had to see that one coming. After all, if you’re not even allowed to kiss before you’re married, then why would you be allowed to use birth control. You can see now why Michelle has managed to have 19 children. Is the woman meant to keep having children until menopause? Michelle and Jim Bob were at one point using birth control but it apparently attributed to a miscarriage, so they decided it was best to let nature take control. The kids seem to be following along. As young as Anna and Josh are, they already have four kids with a fifth one on the way. How do they pay for all these children? Jessa and Jill also have two children each. There doesn’t seem to be a break between getting married and making babies.

7 Shoulders Have To Be Covered

Aside from not being allowed to wear pants, Jim Bob doesn’t want to see a lot of skin either and demands that the girls to keep their shoulders, thighs, and cleavage covered. That’s why you never see tank tops and you never see short skirts. The skin has to be covered, but oddly enough, their parents approve of them doing their hair and wearing makeup. If you look at their pictures, they all have a fair bit of makeup on which is unusual for young girls. So, why are they allowed to wear makeup so young? The Duggars believe that it “honors the Lord.” We’re not sure what the big deal is in regards to seeing thighs and shoulders. It seems a bit extreme and unnecessary.

6 They Have Blanket Training

This is certainly a training exercise that is going to make a lot of parents mad, especially if you are against spanking your children. The Duggars use a training exercise called “Blanket Training,” and they’ve received a lot of flak from viewers because of it. It’s hard to criticize other people’s parenting styles and we’re not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Blanket training is putting a baby on a blanket and if they leave the blanket, they get hit. They keep doing it until the child learns to stay on the blanket. We’re not entirely sure why they do this, we suppose it’s to teach the child discipline and to listen, but it seems extreme to say the least. Michelle has been using the method for years and apparently, some of her kids are doing the same with their children.

5 The Buddy System

When you have 19 kids, it can be hard to keep track of them. Michelle found a good system in the buddy system making sure that the older children always know where the younger ones are. It makes sense for her, but it sure doesn’t allow the older ones to enjoy their adolescents or to have a life of their own. It’s no wonder that they immediately start having children when they are married, they already know how to be moms. On one hand, you have a great bonding experience which creates an atmosphere of love, but on the other hand, it doesn’t really sound fair for a bunch of girls that should be enjoying being kids. The children shouldn’t be responsible, but there is no way that Michelle could keep track of all those children on her own.

4 No Alcohol

It’s hard to believe that there are people out there in the world that never drink. There are certainly many people that get out of control when they drink, so sometimes cutting back on alcohol is a good thing. Not only are they forbidden to drink alcohol. but some of the kids say they don’t even have a desire to. One of the older kids said that there was some spiked punch at a party that she went to and she accidentally drank it. She hated the taste of the alcohol, so maybe there are just some people that have no desire to drink it. This isn’t just about young adults or underage kids drinking, even the adults who have moved away from home still don’t drink. There was one time that Jim Bob and Michelle had a meltdown when they found out that a local gas station near their home was selling alcohol. Simmer down there, Duggars.

3 Submitting To Their Husbands

Women submitting to their husbands has been a religious rule for quite some time. We are shocked in this day and age that there are still families that follow that line of thinking. The Duggars consider the male in the family to be the head of the household. He is the one that will make the major decisions in the household even if his wife disagrees with him. The role of the woman is to cook and clean and make sure that her husband is always satisfied. The Duggars believe that the woman’s role is to raise the children and to keep the husband happy. They may be old enough to move out of their father’s house and leave his rules, but now they are basically under a new rule because their husband becomes their new boss.

2 Hitting The Beach Fully Clothed

Don't we all love beach days? There is really nothing better than being in the hot sun and splashing in the water. The Duggar family does not condone going to the beach and that’s pretty sad to us. The reason for this is because there are too many inappropriately dressed people on the beach. Could you imagine? Wearing a swimsuit is pretty normal to us, but considering the Duggar women can't even show off their shoulders, they would be in total shock at the beach. They are determined to protect their sons from seeing skin. If you've watched the show before, you've seen the weird wetsuits that the girls have to wear. We honestly feel sorry for these kids; it’s all a little much. The kids are missing out on so much.

1 Engagement Pictures

The kids are not allowed to hug or kiss until they are married, but as we said before they are allowed to hold hands, but not until they are engaged. So, imagine for a minute, their engagement photos. Normally, when a couple does engagement pictures, they are wrapped in an embrace or kissing in the photos — it’s often sweet and romantic. But because of the Duggar rules, the only thing that the couple can do is hold hands in the photos. Michelle states the kissing rule is there so that there are “no regrets,” but we don’t know too many people who have regrets about kissing someone. Sometimes, a kiss is only a kiss. The Duggar rules are certainly strange and unusual. Sometimes it seems like they suck out all the fun in life.

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