15 Messed-Up Rules Josh Duggar Makes His Wife Follow

When it comes to the Duggar family, they would like to think that they are very transparent when it comes to their views on how the world should work. After all, both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are very open about their supposed “family rules” and their clear expectations from their children. You can’t engage in any form of affection before you are married, you certainly can’t dance, you can’t drink, you can’t disobey your husband and if that weren’t enough, they also frown upon the thought of divorce under any circumstance, even if one partner does something terribly wrong. This kind of lifestyle essentially makes the wife completely subservient to her husband.

And if there’s one person that knows this all too well, it’s Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar. After the fallout from his multiple scandals that rocked the Duggar world back in 2015, people were really surprised that Anna didn’t pull the plug on their marriage. You would think she would take the kids and walk away, but nope. She stayed. And not only did she stay, but both Josh and Anna managed to produce another kid after he came back home from rehab, too. Talk about SMH. This woman puts up with the most messed-up family life, and she still tries to pretend like her life with her awful husband is completely normal. With that being said, we’ve got 15 rather disturbing rules that Anna must follow as a Duggar. Let me warn you, some of these are rather controversial.


15 No Hanging Out With Unwed Mothers

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Gosh, it really has to suck when your husband thinks he has the authority to choose who you can call a friend, and you cannot. This is something that many of us take for granted. We have full control over our own lives. Apparently, the Duggars don’t like it when a member of their family hangs out (or even helps!) unwed mothers. It’s a huge no-no that’s frowned upon in their family.

In fact, there was even an incident in which Michelle and Jim Bob didn’t allow their daughter Jill Duggar to help Susanna Keller, Anna Duggar’s sister. That’s because the Duggars didn’t want Jill to be "exposed to an unwed mother in that condition." My goodness, this had to completely suck, especially because Anna and her sister are so close. So does this mean that Anna can’t even hang out with her own siblings? Give me a break. Unwed mothers have done nothing to hurt anyone, which is more than can be said for Josh.

14 Do It When Your Man Wants It

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This has got to be the most disturbing rule, but apparently when your man is ready to have a little action, you better be ready to perform, regardless of how you may feel about it or whether or not you consent. A woman's personal consent doesn't even exist in Josh Duggar's world. Who cares if you’ve been taking care of your multiple children all day long, or if you aren’t feeling well, or if you’re trying to nurse a headache. Your Duggar husband wants his needs satisfied and because you are his wife, you better be up to the task. You have no other choice.

The Duggars believe that women need to “be available” at any given moment. In fact, Michelle Duggar once said, “Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls.'"

13 Divorce Can't Even Be Discussed

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This has got to be the most terrifying Duggar rule of them all. It doesn’t matter how many times your husband might have shamed you, cheated on you, humiliated you or heck, ignored you. A Duggar wife knows that she can’t get a divorce, regardless of what the situation might be. One source close to the situation even said, “Divorce is not even something that will be discussed.”

So considering how Josh Duggar got caught cheating on his wife, not once, not twice, but multiple times using his Ashley Madison account, Anna must stick with him and be by his side no matter what. Is that fair? We don’t think so. We can’t even imagine what would happen if a Duggar wife even dared to cheat on her husband. This sucks, big time.

12 Not Allowed To Wear Pants

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I’m sure a lot of people have noticed that the female members of the Duggar family are not allowed to wear pants. They, for the most part, are always pictured wearing long denim skirts for the sake of their modesty. It’s a Duggar family rule that went into effect long before Michelle started having children. And it’s a rule that Josh Duggar insists that his wife Anna Duggar abides by.

On the contrary, though, the Duggar men are allowed to wear, say, and do whatever they want. There are no rules and no restrictions when it comes to their wardrobe. But for some reason men like Josh think it’s okay to decide what their wives are allowed to wear and what they are not allowed to wear. With that being said, Anna will never know the great feeling you get when you slip on a pair of fitted jeans. They just don’t exist in her closet!

11 No Hand Holding

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For the Duggars, this is a given. Everyone knows that you are not allowed to hold hands until AFTER the two of you have tied the knot. What’s more, you can’t even give your partner a full-on hug because that is forbidden, too. In some ways this sucks because you are not allowed to taste any of the different flavors before you make your big purchase. And for a lot of people, that’s a huge problem.

Yet, have you noticed that the Duggars don’t do a lot of hand holding even after they get married? It’s as if they don’t know what to do when it comes to physical interaction. With no valid experience, the Duggar women are just expected to know what to do, even if they have no idea how to do it.

10 No Going To The Beach

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It doesn’t matter how sweltering hot it might be outside or how much you might want to take a dip in the refreshing ocean water. As a Duggar, you are forbidden from visiting a beach. That’s right – the beach is banned for the Duggars. But it’s not like you would see any of them parading in their bikinis in the sand, right? Still, it’s gotta be hot for the Duggar women during the summer months, especially in those heavy denim skirts.

If Anna Duggar wants to get a little Vitamin D from the sun, she has no choice but to sit it out in her backyard. Michelle once explained, “It's just too hard for the guys to try and keep their eyes averted." Oh, do you mean your son Josh, Michelle? We are sure it’s especially hard for someone like him.

9 No Talking To Men 

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If there’s one thing that is pretty apparent, it’s that the Duggar females are only allowed to have two men in their lives: their father (obviously) and their husband. No one else counts. The Duggar women are not allowed to have relationships with male friends (from what we can tell) and they certainly aren’t allowed to text the opposite sex, either. As a matter of fact, they are expected to stay away from men altogether. The only person they are to serve is their husband and their husband only.

Now, this definitely limits who you are allowed and not allowed to have small talk with, too. Because according to the Duggars yet again, temptation is everywhere. It’s also probably why the Duggar women don’t work outside of the home, either. That’s because they might come in contact with – gasp! – male co-workers!


8 No Dancing

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Under no circumstances can a Duggar family member dance. It doesn’t matter if their song is on the radio or if they have a sudden urge to get their groove on. No dancing, ladies! That’s because mama Michelle believes that dancing can evoke sensual feelings that just don’t line up with their conservative beliefs.

Could you imagine never, ever dancing with your partner or having a family dance party at home? For the Duggars, it’s their daily reality. The sad part is that there is probably one very talented dancer in their clan, but they would never know it just because no one is allowed to put their dancing shoes on. Talk about a buzz kill. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna did secretly bust a move in her bathroom with the door locked, though.

7 Not Allowed To Hug Anyone

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Before a Duggar is to get married, there is no chest-to-chest contact between him and her and their partner. It’s quite odd, isn’t it? Even though you are pretty sure that this person is going to be your future husband or wife, you can’t touch. Nothing. Nada. Zip. It’s just not going to happen. Why? Because according to family matriarch Michelle Duggar, there’s just way too much temptation when two chests “touch” even if it’s for a mere second.

In normal society (and I am using that term rather loosely), hugs are a common way to greet someone when you know them and see them. But for Anna Duggar and the rest of the clan, you are not allowed to hug anyone, especially if they are not part of your family.

6 Their Kids Can’t Play Co-Ed Games

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Here’s another Duggar family rule that is too weird to believe: they are not allowed to play co-ed hide and seek. A lot of Duggar critics can smell the irony with this one, especially knowing what Josh Duggar did to his sisters when he was just a teen. Still, Michelle insisted on banning co-ed hide and seek in the same of “safeguards.”

At first it might sound pretty weird that the Duggars don’t even trust one another as a family, but seeing how these people operate, we get it. They are raised to even fear one another. Poor Anna Duggar has so many rules to live by, we’re surprised she hasn’t gone crazy yet. But when it comes to the Duggars, once you are in, you are in. There’s no way out.

5 Keep To A Tight Budget

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It’s no secret that that Duggars are a very frugal family. After all, they have no choice, given all the members of their huge clan. That’s why they have such a tight budget and they offer nothing more than a few pennies whenever a Duggar child completes their chores. As a matter of fact, it was once reported that they only give three cents for chores and when schoolwork is completed. Is that even fair?!

With that being said, Anna Duggar also has to live with a rather tight budget. She doesn’t get to go on shopping sprees, buy herself new clothes, or get a pedicure whenever she feels like it. She has to ask her husband for permission for everything she wants to do, as if she were his child and not his wife. That feeling has to suck.

4 No Co-Ed Babysitting

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Just like no co-ed hide-and-seek, there is no co-ed babysitting allowed, either. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have banned siblings from babysitting the opposite s*x. That means the older Duggar boys are banned from babysitting their younger female sisters. It might sound odd but then again, these are the same people who have given us the gift that they call Josh Duggar.

And what happens in Michelle and Jim Bob’s house is expected in Josh Duggar’s house, too. Anna could have her hands full with all of her kids but if only an older male Duggar is available to help, then nope! He can’t do it. She’s got to do it all on her own unless she can call a female babysitter to help her. Yikes.

3 No Television

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The irony of the Duggar family is that their children are not allowed to watch any television despite the fact that they are reality television stars themselves. Yeah, go figure that one out! The Duggar husbands, wives, and kids are not allowed to watch television, which is totally strange because you would think that they would all gather around their oversized couch to watch episodes of their own show, right? But nope, that’s not the case at all.

Apparently, the Duggars want to block their children from “worldly influences,” whatever they think that means. The irony (yet again) of this all is that the Duggars want to preach to the world what they think is wrong and right, yet they don’t want to bother hearing what other people have to say.

2 Her Entire Community Gets Invited To The Wedding

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When a Duggar gets married, it’s a big deal, and everyone in their neighborhood gets invited to the wedding. That’s one rule that Anna Duggar had to agree on when she married Josh Duggar so many years ago. These people like to think of themselves as royalty, apparently, and that’s why they invited up to 1000 people to the last Duggar wedding. In fact, they’ve never had a wedding that had fewer than 600 people attending.

While we don’t know why the Duggars insist on inviting their entire community to see their children wed, there’s a good possibility that they just want their wish lists on their wedding registries fulfilled. Actually, we kid. But having your first kiss with your husband in front of your entire neighborhood has to be awkward, right?

1 Josh Controls Her Social Media

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As we all know, the Duggars are not allowed to have their own social media accounts, unless they get married. I guess that means the control is only shifted from their parents to their husband after marriage, which means that the husband gets to control his wife’s social media accounts. I mean, why else wait until you are married before opening up your own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, right?

So does this mean that Josh Duggar monitors everything that his wife Anna does while she is online? We don’t have the proof, but all signs to point that this is a strong possibility. Yikes. This means that Josh has the final say on her Instagram posts no matter what. He gets to say what is posted and what gets deleted, regardless of what Anna thinks.


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