15 Men Who Spotted Their Hot Celebrity Wives Before They Got Famous

Dreams about celebrities are a common theme for so many people at bedtime. Like all people in dreams, celebrities have their own personalities and have different goals in life too. There's a group of celebrities who date those who are similar to them, but there's also a group of celebrities who date normal people. Those celebrities aren't afraid to date and sometimes even marry outside of the A-list community.

Supporting our spouses is a common theme among many couples. A man needs to be a supportive husband in order to handle a high-powered woman. The ability to adapt to changing surroundings is the other theme of balanced power. After all, jealousy and competition can get in the way of a marriage.

Yet, there are some men who met their hot celebrity wives before they even became famous. These women stay true to themselves despite their personal fame and success. Max Handelman met his future wife, Elizabeth Banks, on his first day of college at the University of Pennsylvania on September 6, 1992. Also, Taylor Hubbell attended high school with Heather Morris, but didn't know each other until they met on Myspace. These are just a few examples of average Joes who met their perfect women who just happened to succeed in the entertainment industry.

You never know what's going to happen in life. Perhaps, the girl next door will become an actress or the female student with whom you studied in college will blossom into a sportscaster. These unplanned meetings can eventually lead to married bliss and a spectacular life together.

15 Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson is a world-renowned actor and film producer who's best known for his role of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. He's married to a successful actress named LaTanya Richardson who began her acting career in off-Broadway shows. Richardson has appeared in films such as Malcolm X, U.S. Marshals, Lone Star, When A Man Loves A Woman, and The Fighting Temptations.

However, the way the couple met isn't what you think. In 1974, Samuel met his future wife, LaTanya, when they were college students at neighboring universities. Samuel attended Morehouse College while LaTanya studied at Spelman College. They dated for six years before tying the knot in 1980. They welcomed a daughter named Zoe in 1982. Zoe works as a freelance film and television producer.

By raising their daughter Zoe, the couple built one of the strongest celebrity families and still managed to age well. Samuel and LaTanya share a combined net worth of $210 million.

14 Brad Hall

It was a comical and theatrical romance as Brad Hall first met Julia Louis-Dreyfus during an improv class at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Both went on to become Saturday Night Live cast members and guest-starred on two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The couple got married in 1987. Julia gave birth to two sons—Henry (born in 1992) and Charles (born in 1997). Charles is a walk-on for the Northwestern Wildcats men's basketball team.

Julia received an honorary doctorate from Northwestern in 2007. She serves as an inspiration for Tina Fey's character, Liz Lemon, on 30 Rock. Brad was a producer, director, and writer on the Golden Globe-winning sitcom Brooklyn Bridge. Brad has also appeared in a variety of films, including the 1986 cult film, Troll. In addition, Brad directed Picture Paris.

The couple has been happily married for 30 years. They certainly aren't starving either as they combine for a net worth of $210 million.

13 Max Handelman

Max Handelman had a great first day of school when he met Elizabeth Banks at the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. He proposed to her 10 years later. The couple got married at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, California on July 5, 2003. They have two sons named Felix and Magnus Mitchell. Both sons were born through a surrogate.

Banks began practicing Judaism upon her marriage to Handelman. However, she didn't have her mikveh, so she technically didn't convert to Judaism. But she feels very Jewish, so that's all that matters.

As you may already know, Banks is an actress, director, and producer. She has starred in films such as Spider-Man, Zack and Miri Make A Porno, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Hunger Games, and Pitch Perfect. She has a net worth of $18 million. Meanwhile, Handelman is a sportswriter and producer who worked at News Corporation as a director. He also co-wrote a book titled Why Fantasy Football Matters: (And Our Lives Do Not). In addition, he's a partner in a film company called Productions. His net worth is $1.5 million. That's pretty darn good.

12 Taylor Hubbell

Taylor Hubbell attended the same high school (Desert Mountain High School) as Heather Morris, but didn't know her at the time. They began dating after Morris moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and received a Myspace message from Hubbell. He played baseball at the University of Louisiana and Lafayette and graduated with a degree in political science.

Morris gave birth to their first son, Elijah, on September 28, 2013. The couple got engaged on August 28, 2014 and got married on May 26, 2015. She gave birth to their second son, Owen, on February 11, 2016. While it's unknown how much Hubbell is worth, it's known that Morris is worth $4 million. Anyways, the family seems to be in the right direction as Hubbell's social media accounts paint a picture of a family man who posts pictures of his kids and wife. On top of that, his Instagram bio says, "2 Sons, a beautiful wife and a rock solid family base." That's some serious devotion right there. No doubt about that.

11 Todd Palin

Todd Palin met his future wife, Sarah, back when they attended Wasilla High School in Wasilla, Alaska. In 1984, Sarah garnered third place in the Miss Alaska pageant. In 1987, Sarah graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism in 1987. Sarah then began a career in politics where she served as the Mayor of Wasilla and the Governor of Alaska.

On the other hand, Todd worked for an oil company called BP as an oil field production operator. He announced his retirement in 2009. He currently owns a commercial fishing business.

While large families aren't necessary for every couple, the Palins have five children and three grandchildren. They're definitely a big family which is incredible yet risky. But positive traits such as friendliness and patience come a little easier to people from such families. The high school sweethearts were united in marriage and continue to share their love for one another.

10 Mark Mezvinsky

Mark Mezvinsky attended Stanford when Chelsea—the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton—also decided to attend the private university in Stanford, California. The couple maintained a secret relationship in college before it went public in 2007. They originally met at a Democratic political retreat in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in 1993.

Both Chelsea and Mark came from political families. Chelsea received a Bachelor's degree in History with highest honors at Stanford in 2001. She also earned a Master's degree in International Relations at the University of Oxford in 2003 and a Doctorate degree in International Relations at New York University in 2014. On the other hand, Mark is an investment banker and the co-founder of the hedge fund Eaglevale Partners. Mark received a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy at Stanford in 2000. He later earned a Master's degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of Oxford.

The couple's two children—Charlotte and Aidan—are well-protected with a family estate of approximately $30 million.

9 Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge

Prince William dispelled the myth that one's first love is short-lived. William began dating Kate Middleton shortly after meeting her at the University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland in 2003. The couple had an on-and-off relationship for seven years before William proposed to Kate in late 2010.

William and Kate left all their disagreements and rumors behind as they were married in the Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom on April 29, 2011. Their new titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were subsequently given in the process. They pleased their fans with good news with two children—a son named George and a daughter named Charlotte. The Kate Middleton effect continues to linger since she's not just Prince William's wife, but she has also impacted British and American fashion in a positive manner.

Not a lot of light is shined on the wealth between the royal couple, but Prince William and Duchess Kate combine for an approximate net worth of $41 million.

8 Damon Thomas

Let's flashback to when a music producer, Damon Thomas, eloped with a then 19-year-old Kim Kardashian in 2000. Damon is a part of a pop and R&B production duo The Underdogs, working alongside Harvey Mason, Jr.

The first of Kim's three marriages ended when Damon unexpectedly filed for divorce three years later. She began dating singer Ray J before the divorce was finalized. In 2007, she made a s*x tape with Ray J and it was leaked onto the internet, prompting her to file a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment. Both parties eventually settled for $55 million.

Kim later said that physical and mental abuse were the reasons why she separated from Damon. If the reality star gave advice to her 19-year-old self, it would be to think before she acts. In her second marriage, she was married to NBA player Kris Humphries for only 72 days, which caused widespread attention from the media. That whirlwind divorce was finalized in 2013. She's currently married to rapper Kanye West. The couple have two children—North and Saint—and appear to be happy as they've celebrated three years of marriage so far.

If Kim and Damon were still an item, they'd be worth $151 million.

7 Robert Kardashian

Famous attorney Robert Kardashian met Kris Houghton—now Kris Jenner—in 1978. Kris was a flight attendant at the time. The pair quickly got married in the summer of 1978, had four children (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr.), and enjoyed wedded bliss for 12 years. It was unclear as to why their marriage fell apart, but Kris filed for divorce in 1990.

Perhaps the emotional trauma from the O.J. Simpson trial had something to do with the split. After all, it was dubbed as the "Trial of the Century" and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan was traumatized by the trial. Kris was also good friends with Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown. In 2003, Robert died just eight weeks after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. His death was really sad and unfortunate. Rest in peace, Robert.

The adorable couple would've had a joint net worth of $130 million if they were still together.

6 Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith married Beyonce's younger sister, Solange Knowles, in 2004. At the time, Daniel was 19 and Solange was 17. The couple initially met in high school and dated for seven years prior to their marriage.

Solange gave birth to their son, Daniel Julez J. Smith, Jr., on October 18, 2004. The family moved to Moscow, Idaho where Daniel continued his college education. In 2007, the couple divorced and decided to co-parent their son.

Solange has expressed regret that she bore a child as a teenager but called her son the greatest unplanned blessing in her life. She even wrote a song about Daniel called the "6 O'Clock Blues" for her second studio album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, released in 2008.

Just like her older sister, Solange has also expressed an interest in music at an early age. She has a net worth of $8 million. She moved on from the teenage relationship and married music video director Alan Ferguson on November 16, 2014.

5 Christiaan Corry

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Christiaan Corry married his college sweetheart, Mia Hamm, in 1994. As you may already know, Hamm is a retired professional soccer player who played for the United States women's soccer team from 1987 to 2004. She was also a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a two-time FIFA Women's World Cup champion. On the contrary, Corry is a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Marine Corps. The couple was married for six years before getting divorced in 2001.

Mia was one of six children and had to wear a pair of special boots to correct her club foot growing up. However, she became a talented soccer star and amassed a $10 million net worth over the course of her 17-year career. In 1999, she founded the Mia Hamm Foundation dedicated to bone marrow research after her brother, Garrett, died of complications from a rare blood disease called aplastic anemia just days after the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

4 Ben Flajnik

Ben Flajnik, a winemaker from Sonoma, California, didn't actually marry model Courtney Robertson, but he proposed to her on Season 16 of The Bachelor. Ben was attracted to Courtney because of her stunning looks and ideal profession.

Ben wanted to start a new life as an engaged man, but things fell apart shortly after the on-air proposal. Courtney seemed to have entered the Bachelor competition to get her own gigs so she could increase her fame. She did just that as her behavior never improved, causing the couple to go for days without talking. They ended their engagement and took steps to fix the relationship, but they later finally broke up for good.

Ben is now dating a woman he met on Tinder, Stephanie Winn. They live in San Francisco, California, and Ben seems to get along with Stephanie's family. Courtney moved on from reality television and is reportedly dating a normal guy who lives in Venice, California. It looks like the former flames have eased into more simple lives with less drama.

3 Robin Thicke

In 1991, Robin Thicke first met his ex-wife, Paula Patton, in an underage club. At the time, Robin was a 14-year-old boy who asked Paula, a then 16-year-old girl, to dance with him. Robin also sang Jungle Fever by Stevie Wonder to Paula as they danced. In 1993, Robin began a romantic relationship with Paula in 1993. In 2005, the couple got married. Five years later, they had a son named Julian in 2010.

Robin is worth $15 million while Paula has a net worth of $3 million. It was a star-studded relationship between a pop singer and an actress. Unfortunately, the pair split up in early 2014 after nine years of marriage and 21 years of dating. Paula filed for divorce and joint custody of Julian on October 29, 2014. The divorce was finalized on March 20, 2015.

Robin begged for Paula's forgiveness after receiving a temporary restraining order for committing domestic violence, infidelity, and drug abuse. She never forgave him, leaving a lot of people wondering how the pair got to a negative place. All we know is that they were a good-looking couple before the rough patches hit.

2 Jason Shaw

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Most people don't know that fashion model Jason Shaw was engaged to socialite Paris Hilton in 2001. The pair struck up a friendship, went on several dates, and quickly became a couple. Around this time, Hilton became a household name and Shaw was negatively affected by the media exposure. Things went downhill from there. The relationship was on-and-off until 2003.

It's obvious that Shaw had a high-profile relationship with Hilton, but his net worth is unclear. He's the son of the CEO of Jefferies & Company, Inc., a global investment bank and securities firm. He played men's basketball at the University of Chicago and graduated with a bachelor's degree in history. The rocky relationship ended, but he turned his fame into an acting career and starred in Third Watch, Charmed, and The Hills.

Paris recently swapped her famous blonde tresses for dark brown hair. It seems like she's done with her "dumb blonde" ways, but the new brunette has a new actor boyfriend Chris Zylka and remains rich with a net worth of $100 million and counting. Let's hope for the best.

1 Jason Alexander

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Jason Alexander wasn't Britney Spears' first love, but he knew the pop star since childhood. The wedding came three years after her relationship with fellow pop star Justin Timberlake abruptly ended in 2001. Spears married Alexander at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, but the marriage was annulled just 55 hours later as a petition to the local court stated that Spears lacked understanding of her actions.

The short-lived wedding's aftermath had an overwhelming effect on the couple. You've probably heard Spears dealt with a lot of personal issues that sent her music career into a hiatus. In 2015, Alexander allegedly physically assaulted a woman he was dating in San Francisco, California. As a result, Alexander pleaded to one count of a felony assault and served 111 days in prison.

Although Spears is worth $185 million, Alexander is probably better off without her. Both of them have issues that they need to address and work on. After all, toxic relationships can ruin one's life.

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