15 Men Make Chilling Confessions About Their Pregnant Partner

A pregnancy can be a wonderful thing for a couple who are waiting to start a family. The experience of being pregnant, however, can be harrowing for a woman as her body changes and her hormones go out of whack. But what must a pregnancy feel like on the other side of things, from the man’s perspective?

When it comes to the feelings of husbands with regard to their pregnant wives, husbands often don’t want to have to say certain things to their wives. It’s easier sometimes to confess it to an outside source just to get it off their chest without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings. A pregnancy can be stressful for both people, and how they react to the stresses are very telling. Some of these confessions are kind of funny, while some of them are completely shocking. It makes us all wonder what our spouses are really thinking about us behind our backs.

These guys have admitted to some interesting things, like thinking about having affairs because their wife is pregnant, and some have, in fact, already cheated. Some of them don’t like who their wives are while they're pregnant, and that’s the saddest thing of all. These are the last things that a pregnant woman would want to hear, and we have them all for you. These are the stories of men who had to get a few confessions off their chests when it came to their pregnant wives and girlfriends.

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15 He Cheats Because She Gained Weight

We wish this weren't the first time we've heard this kind of confession because it isn’t. For some reason, there are men that think it’s okay to cheat on their wives because they gain weight during pregnancy. Do they really think that a woman can go through pregnancy without her body changing? We get it: men want their wives to look good at all times, but pregnancy is often a rough road. The women aren’t enjoying the changes in their bodies either, and the last thing they want to think about is that the change will cause their husbands to cheat on them. “I cheat on my wife because she gained 20 pounds since being pregnant” (Whisper). It’s sad to think that a man can’t just stand by his wife while she goes through a difficult time. There's no excuse for cheating, especially in this regard.

14 He Knows He’s Not the Father

What would you do if you found out that your wife was pregnant but also knew that you couldn't possibly have any children? Would you fake it and accept the fact that you'd raise someone else’s child, or would you lose it? “My wife is pregnant, but I had a vasectomy. Oops, honey” (Whisper). Yes, we suppose that would be shocking. In this case, the wife didn’t know that her man had had a vasectomy, so when she happily told him that they were pregnant, he had a hard time keeping it together. We have a feeling that things aren’t going to go quite the way that she intended it to; there just might be a divorce in the future. There’s a good chance that she was and may still be having an affair, and that’s something he should probably discuss with her before a child is brought into the world.

13 Who’s the Daddy?

What do you do when your wife turns up pregnant but you’re worried it’s not yours? Sounds like a weird predicament. He definitely doesn’t sound very excited about his upcoming bundle; in fact, he has some serious doubts. “My wife’s pregnant. I’m worried the baby isn’t mine” (Whisper). Why would a guy assume that? There has to be some serious backstory to this comment. We have to wonder why this guy assumes the child isn't his? Have they not had sex during the time before the pregnancy, or is he just not able to have kids? It says a lot about the strength of their relationship that he would even consider someone else to be the father. It looks like they're another couple that's going to have a very difficult conversation and possibly a talk with a lawyer. Poor guy!

12 He Wants to Trade Bodies

Well, this may be a first for us. We can’t remember hearing a time when the husband wanted to trade bodies with his pregnant wife. “I would give anything to trade bodies with my pregnant wife” (Whisper). Why?! Even she doesn’t want to be in that body. Sure, there’s the whole miracle of life inside you and all, but pregnancy is still a weird time for women. We don’t know why he would want to venture into that dark place. Maybe he meant that he would rather have the discomfort instead of her, but we’re just not sure. Pregnancy is not all fun and games, and as soon as he gets wind of the heartburn, the back pain -- and did we mention hemorrhoids? -- then he might rethink things, especially when it comes time for childbirth. No one really wants to be in that pregnant body, and by the time you get to the end, you’re just begging for it to be over with.

11 She Won’t Let Him Touch Her

It can be hard for a woman who's pregnant to want to have sex during the pregnancy. She starts to feel fat and unattractive to her husband -- never mind the constant discomfort and crazy hormones she has to deal with as well. What some women forget, though, is that their husbands still love them and want to be intimate with them regardless of that pregnancy belly. “My wife’s pregnant and beautiful in my eyes, but she won’t let me touch her anymore. It’s been six months” (Whisper). That's sad for the both of them because intimacy is the best way to connect during a time like that. This is the kind of confession that should be spoken aloud so that she knows how he's feeling. Maybe then, she would let him back in. She may not realize that he needs the connection as well.

10 He Got a Hall Pass

It amazes us that guys would even consider asking for a hall pass for any reason. In this case, the guy got one because his wife wasn’t in the mood when she was pregnant. Sounds like she has a real prize for a husband. “My pregnant wife gave me a free pass due to her lack of ‘drive.’ I’m afraid she might regret it, but I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity” (Whisper). It’s a sad day indeed when a pregnant woman thinks she has to let her man sleep with someone else just to keep him happy when she’s in the most discomfort she’s probably ever felt. It’s even worse that her guy is clearly pumped to cheat on her. Of course, she’s going to regret it, and she’ll probably end up resenting him for taking her up on the offer as well. He should be patient and wait for her. A lack of sex drive in a pregnancy doesn't last.

9 He Bailed on the Relationship

This guy felt like leaving his wife when she was pregnant was the best thing for everyone involved, while we’re not so sure. “I left my wife; she’s pregnant, but we’re toxic together, and I want us to work on ourselves individually outside of the relationship so we can be good parents. Am I a terrible person” (Whisper)? It really doesn’t sound like this guy is coming back. Granted, he may be in a bad relationship with a toxic girl, but maybe, he should've left before she got pregnant so that she’s not suddenly a single mom. It sounds like the pregnancy was the catalyst to make him leave, and that doesn’t exactly make him a great person. Now, what is she supposed to do? Going through a pregnancy on her own is no easy task. Despite who she, is we feel really bad for her.

8 He Got Two People Pregnant

This wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened. That's the risk involved when you decide to have an affair; there’s never a guarantee that the “side piece” isn’t going to get pregnant. “I’m screwed. My wife is pregnant and the girl I had an affair with is as well” (Whisper). Awesome, right? We would love to know what this guy is going to do about the situation. If both women keep the babies, then it’s going to be really hard for him to keep his secret. It looks like he’s going to have some very difficult conversations in his future. When he first found out that his wife was pregnant with their first child, he was thrilled. That didn’t last long, however, because then, he got a call from his side piece as well. It sucks when karma comes back to haunt you.

7 He’s Considering Having an Affair

Why do guys think like this? It’s just shocking to think that all it takes is to be pregnant for a matter of time, and your guy is just going to cheat on you. This guy is only thinking about himself and not what his wife is going through. “My pregnant wife can’t have sex for 3-4 months and it makes me want to have an affair” (Whisper). Now, this guy is a real keeper. Usually, there's no reason why a woman can’t have sex during pregnancy unless there's some form of complication. She may even be on bedrest to avoid having a miscarriage. So, that means that it’s beyond her control that she can’t have sex, and her loser spouse is only thinking about himself. He sounds like a disgusting human being. He’s selfish and has no regard for what his wife is going through; he just wants his needs met.

6 He Doesn't Want More Kids

It sucks when couples are so disconnected that they make life-altering decisions based on nothing. In this case, the wife found herself pregnant, and the guy doesn’t want more kids. This is probably something they should've discussed before she got pregnant because she wants four kids, and he doesn't. “My wife’s pregnant, and it’s been a rough first pregnancy. She does not know I don’t want any more kids. She wants four” (Whisper). What a terrible situation to be in, and in this case, the wife has no idea how her husband feels. No one should be forced into having more children, but this is a little ridiculous because he’s not being honest either. There are plenty of couples, though, that don’t communicate very well, and that seems to be the biggest problem here. If this guy doesn’t talk to his wife, they could have six kids.

5 He’s Sick of Her Mistakes

This guy is selfish, and he can’t seem to cut his wife a break. “My wife is pregnant, and she is so forgetful. I’m sick of fixing the messes she makes with her pregnancy brain” (Whisper). The poor woman. Her husband sounds like a real jerk, and when she messes up during her pregnancy, he just grows frustrated. Pregnancy is a difficult time, and it takes a lot of patience for both parties. In this case, the guy just sounds like a selfish jerk. It doesn’t appear as if she’s even aware of her mistakes, and yet, he’s sick of them. He should probably be thankful for the fact that she’s carrying his child around instead of complaining about his own inconvenience. He sounds like a real winner, and it’s sad that he’s the one that she has to depend on throughout her pregnancy.

4 He Doesn’t Want Her to Be Pregnant

Sometimes, pregnancies come around as surprises, and people just aren’t ready for them. In this case, the guy doesn’t think that they're able to properly care for a child, so the pregnancy news wasn’t a happy time for him. “My wife is pregnant. I want her to have an abortion because I’m unemployed. She wants to have it. What should I do” (Whisper)? Talk about a difficult situation to be in. It’s supposed to be a beautiful time for the both of them; instead, the guy is completely stressed out and doesn’t even want the child. It shouldn’t be thought of as a burden. Sometimes, sh*t happens, and you just have to deal with it. It would be a mistake to force partners into decisions that they don’t want. That would be a breeding ground for resentment.

3 He Thinks She’s Selfish

It sounds like this daddy wants a little one-on-one time that he hasn’t been getting, and he’s really sick of it. “Wife wanted a baby; now that she’s pregnant, do you think I get my f’ing time with her anymore? Nope, ‘I’m too tired, I’m not in the mood…’ She’s selfish” (Whisper). We can totally understand that she may not feel like she’s in the mood, but she shouldn’t make her husband feel like she just used him for a baby and that she no longer needs him. He obviously feels a lot of resentment toward her, and that’s not good. So, is she really selfish, or is her husband acting like a child? We don’t know the whole story, and she may very well just be having a rough time. Women usually experience a high sex drive during pregnancy, but there are times when that drops. He just needs to wait, and she’ll be back at it in no time.

2 He Tries to Make Her Sick

Getting morning sickness can be a special kind of hell for a pregnant woman, and a husband should try to make her life as easy as possible. “Whenever my pregnant wife gets nauseated, I put on the grossest national geographic channel and laugh” (Whisper). What's wrong with this guy? His wife would start to gag, and he would just get a really good laugh out of it. He sounds like a complete jerk, and maybe it would do him some good to know what she was going through instead of trying to make it worse for her. Nausea throughout a pregnancy can be an exhausting experience for a woman, especially if she can’t eat. Her husband is just making her life worse when she needs him to take care of him. He seems to have a sensitivity chip missing. We feel sorry for this poor girl.

1 He Regrets Being Stuck with Her

When it comes to a pregnancy announcement, sometimes, the news isn’t always good. In the case of this guy, that pregnancy announcement completely trapped him. “My wife didn’t take her birth control and got pregnant when I was 21. I got stuck by her, and I [have] always regretted it” (Whisper). These types of situations happen more often than we would like, and many times, both sides get trapped in a situation that they don’t really want. It’s sad, but it happens all the time. When it comes to relationships, they require a lot of trust, and that means you hope that your wife or girlfriend is taking birth control. These two were very young, and that can be even harder when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy. This guy decided to stick by her side, which is always the right thing to do, but it’s also sad that he felt like he was in a position that he really didn’t want to be in.

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