15 Memorable Superhero Weddings (That Will Really Surprise You)

One thing you can expect in a superhero wedding is that villains are likely to gatecrash.

Ask a girl the day she looks forward to the most, and chances are she will tell you her wedding day. Weddings are not only special to the couple getting married, but also to the families and friends involved.

Weddings these days are big business, because professionals such as photographers, videographers, makeup artists, décor providers, and caterers make good money from them, because people want to go big on everything to do with weddings. However, the weird thing about weddings is that the most memorable ones aren't necessarily the most expensive ones, but the ones with the most creative minds behind them.

Since Marvel and DC writers want the comic book universes to be as realistic as possible, they make them go through human experiences and events the same way we do them here. For example, many of our favorite superheroes have had weddings, which are everything like the weddings we have in real-life. However, since these have to be more dramatic than the real-life to make them appealing to us, even their weddings have to be memorable and outside the box.

One thing you can expect in a superhero wedding is that villains are likely to gatecrash. With this in mind, you cannot have heroes and villains in the same event and not end up having a fight you can never forget.

Although some superheroes have been in relationships that last forever and others get in and out of relationships with every new story, whenever any of them decide to wed, everything stands still. Here are some of the most memorable superhero weddings we have seen in the DC and Marvel universes.

15 Reed Richards and Sue Storm

You can read about Reed Richards and Sue Storm's wedding in Fantastic Four Annual #3, which hit the sales stands on October 1, 1965. This is probably the longest lasting marriage in the Marvel Universe, since these two are still together even today. The couple has two children; Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards.

Every girl out there hopes her wedding day is going to be perfect, and Sue was no different. However, the wedding turned out to be one of the biggest assemblies of superheroes and villains, and this could only result in a fight of huge proportions. As soon as Dr. Doom learned about the wedding, he caused all super-villains, regardless of whether they were enemies of the Fantastic Four or not, to attack the wedding ceremony, with the use of his emotion changing device.

Although the X-Men, the Avengers, and all other Marvel superheroes helped to save the day, Reed Richards received a device from the Watcher's citadel to send all the attackers away, with no memory of the incident. Reed and Sue went ahead to tie the knot in a memorable ceremony in the presence of friends and family.

14 Black Canary and Green Arrow

Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance) and Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) finally got the opportunity to wed in Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1. We all loved to see these two coming together after so long, and finally, they could tie the knot in the presence of family and friends.

However, thanks to the drama that ensued, this became one of the most memorable superhero weddings of all time. Since the wedding was a huge gathering of superheroes, villains saw this as an opportunity to wipe all of them out with one sweep and, although they gatecrashed the event, the obviously stronger heroes overpowered them.

Although the two exchanged their vows, we got to realize that Goddess Athena had impersonated Green Arrow, and tried to kill Black Canary in their honeymoon. However, Black Canary managed to kill Athena and eventually marry the real Green Arrow. This marriage didn't last too long, since Black Canary broke it off in their shared series Green Arrow/Black Canary, following Green Arrow's killing of Prometheus and everyone involved in his attack of Star City.

13 The Hulk and Betty Ross

Bruce Banner (The Hulk) and Betty Ross finally got married in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #319. The first time these two almost got married ended badly because, during the wedding ceremony, the Hulk's archenemy, The Leader, appeared and caused Banner to turn into the savage Hulk, and this resulted in Banner becoming a fugitive once again.

On the day of this wedding, Banner told Rick that he had loved Betty from the first time he saw her, and later revealed to him that he was considering a way to re-merge with the Hulk although this time with the ability to control him. Rick didn't like Banner's thoughts, but they couldn't share too much on the topic as they had arrived at the chapel for the marriage ceremony.

Betty's father tried to stop the wedding at gunpoint and shot Rick in the stomach, who tried to stop him. After Betty lashed at her father claiming how he ruins everything about her life, he stood down and let the wedding continue. Banner and Betty exchanged their vows and got married.

12 Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

The first time Jessica met Luke, she didn't know he was a "cape chaser", but they did end up having a one-night stand in the first series of Alias. Even before their marriage in New Avengers Annual #1, the two had a daughter with the name Danielle, a name in honor of Luke's best friend, Danny Rand (Iron Fist).

Jessica looked amazing at the wedding, and everything was going according to their plan because, unlike most other superhero weddings, there were no villains there to try to ruin this beautiful day. However, when the minister was about to name them husband and wife Jessica stopped him.

Everyone thought she was about to stop the ceremony, but she wanted to share the vows from her heart, not words someone else had written. She went on to explain how Luke made her a better person, and how being together was far much better than being separate. This truly amazing wedding was unforgettable.

11 Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker had always seen Mary Jane Watson as a girl out of his league and, was it not for him turning into Spider-Man, he would have never had a shot with her. However, these two got into a relationship and married in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, published in 1987.

A few days to the wedding, it was clear that both of them were worried, especially Peter, who didn't know how he'd be able to take care of himself or Mary Jane once they got married. Mary Jane's ex-boyfriend was trying to convince her not to get married to Peter, even offering to take her on a trip to Paris if she skipped the wedding, but her love for Peter was deeper than that.

On the eve of their wedding, Peter had nightmares about his enemies attacking Mary Jane, and Mary Jane shared the same fears with Liz Allan. On the day of the wedding, Peter and Mary Jane were the last to arrive, but Judge Spenser Watson, Mary Jane's Uncle, conducted the ceremony and the couple headed to France for their honeymoon.

10 The Flash and Iris West

The Flash has had two weddings so far, one of them as Barry Allen when he married Iris West, and the other as Wally West who married Linda Park. We will focus on the wedding between Barry Allen and Iris West, because it had its fair share of drama.

Although several storylines exist, where the couple never marries or even where Iris marries someone else and has a child, the story where they get married in The Flash Vol. 1 #165 is arguably the original one. Fans of CW's The Flash will have to wait until season four to see if this wedding will happen, but it will probably have a twist to it.

In this comic and from what we can tell from its cover, Iris West almost got married to the wrong Barry Allen. In this issue, the Reverse-Flash impersonated Barry Allen and almost married Iris, but the real Barry Allen came right on time to stop the wedding. Eventually, Barry and Iris married and stayed married until their deaths.

9 Kyle and Northstar

This was the first and possibly only gay wedding ever published by Marvel Comics. Northstar, a superhero from Canada with associations to the X-Men and Alpha Flight, was an openly gay character since 1992, and he was in a relationship with Kyle for a very long period. Kyle isn't a superhero, but he manages Jean-Paul's brand and shows, and coordinates personal and audiovisual relations as well. Their marriage appeared in Astonishing X-Men #51, and it made headlines, not just in the comics' world, but in the media as well.

This marriage followed the legalization of gay marriage in New York, a state that played host to numerous superheroes. According to Axel Alonso, the then editor-in-chief for Marvel Comics explained that comics have always reflected the developments happening in the real world, and this marriage was the expression of what was currently happening in the United States at the time.

8 Clark Kent and Lois Lane

If there is a superhero character wedding everyone on the planet knows exists, it's the one between Superman (Clark Kent) and Lois Lane. Apart from the storylines that suggest a relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman, Superman's love interest has always been Lois Lane, and she feels the same about him. This wedding took place in Superman: The Wedding Album in 1996, one of the longest awaited superhero weddings of all time.

It didn't take long to arrange a wedding between these two lovebirds, but they didn't overlook anything. Unfortunately, at this time, Superman didn't have his superpowers, having lost them at The Final Night crossover.

As you would expect, many DC superheroes attended, and Batman offered the couple one of his apartments together with his and other superhero services to take care of Metropolis in Superman's absence. The couple went to Hawaii for their Honeymoon, a wonderful stage in this couple's lives, because they had been in love for 58 normal earth years.

7 Jean Grey and Scott Summers

Before turning into the Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey was probably our most favorite female member of the X-Men, not to say the most powerful. She was in love with Scott Summers but also had a soft spot for Logan, the Wolverine, who seemed to love her more than anything else. However, she was to get married to Scott and not Logan, in the wedding issue X-Men #30 released in March 1994.

As you would expect, the wolverine was nowhere near the ceremony, because he couldn't handle seeing the love of his life getting married to someone else. However, apart from the terrible glasses they made Scott wear for the wedding, everything flowed smoothly.

This wedding was probably in the making for 30 years, with the decade and a half leading up to the marriage being the roughest years the couple had had. The marriage ended with the death of Jean Grey, although Scott also died a while back.

6 The Vision and Scarlet Witch

It might be hard to believe this, but The Vision and Scarlet Witch we saw fighting against each other in Captain America: Civil War will fall in love, get married, and even have children. This is a weird relationship, because The Vision was a product of one of the greatest enemies the Avengers have ever faced, while Scarlet Witch used to be a villain in Magneto's camp.

It is possible that the reason these two might have been attracted to each other was their shared feeling of being outsiders. For a robot, developing human feelings and falling in love with a witch, without fearing or hating her was a big deal for both of them.

This couple married in Giant-Size Avengers #4, the issue published on June 1, 1975. The marriage had difficulties just like those among normal people, including the fact that their children were first non-existent, but do exist these days. Their marriage ended with the destruction and subsequent rebuilding of The Vision.

5 Batman and Talia al Ghul

Batman (Bruce Wayne) is without a doubt one of our favorite DC characters, and we love the fact that he is human, but is even more badass than other superheroes with superpowers. Bruce Wayne is a man of many women, although he rarely allows these relationships to become serious to the point of having to share his identity as the Batman. However, one of the women who has managed to win his heart totally is Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the League of Assassins leader Ra's al Ghul.

Batman's wedding to Talia is one of the most unusual weddings we have ever come across, and it happens in Batman: Son of the Demon. In this issue, Batman was working with Ra's al Ghul to take down a criminal and, in the process, got a lot f alone time with Talia.

At one point, Batman asked Talia whether the two should get married, but Talia informed him that the two are already married. According to her country's tradition, a father can perform a marriage ceremony and only require his daughter's consent. That night, Batman and Talia's marriage became official and she became pregnant with Batman's baby.

4 Deadpool and Shiklah

Judging by the success of the 2016 Deadpool film, and the anticipation we have for the second installment that is set to hit the big screens in 2018, Deadpool is fast becoming one of the most popular Marvel characters. Although the character in the movies is young and we know so little about him, comic readers, on the other hand, know so much more.

For example, in The Wedding of Deadpool #1, we saw Deadpool and Shiklah tie the knot on a beautiful wedding by all standards. One interesting thing happened on the wedding day, it began to rain immediately after the marriage ceremony began, but lucky enough Thor showed up, got rid of the rain, and saved the day.

Shiklah wasn't in a white wedding gown, although it would have been weird seeing her in one, and Deadpool didn't bother hiding his hideous face, but instead chose to wear a wonderful black suit.

3 Aquaman and Mera

Have you ever attended an underwater wedding? Yes, underwater weddings are a real thing happening, not just in the world of comics, but also in real-life. Comic readers got the privilege of attending (reading through) one of the few underwater weddings in the DC universe, between Aquaman and Mera.

This, like many other weddings on this list, didn't happen without its fair share of drama. When King Juvor passed on, the people of Atlantis chose Aquaman to be the new king. One thing the king had to do was choose a woman of Atlantean heritage to become his wife, but Aquaman didn't have one in mind.

On one of his patrols of the seven seas, he came across Mera who was in trouble and he managed to save her. He couldn't help but fall in love with her, feelings she reciprocated, but they couldn't get married because she wasn't an Atlantean. However, when Aqualad proposed to make her an honorary Atlantean, Aquaman could now propose to her and they ended up having a beautiful underwater wedding.

2 Black Panther and Storm

Most movie fans got to see the Black Panther (T'Challa) in Captain America: Civil War, for the first time, but he has been in existence in the world of comics for a long period now. In 2018, we will have the privilege of watching the Black Panther in his own standalone film, but we might not see him getting married then.

Black Panther and Storm's wedding happened in Black Panther Vol 4 #18. This was the time when T'Challa became the ruler of his tribe and he needed a wife by his side. Since he couldn't find a suitable bride in Wakanda, he decided to ask Storm, the white-haired girl he had fallen in love with back in his teenage years, to be his wife.

This was the wedding of the year, which everyone, including Iron Man and Captain America, got invitations to, despite their not seeing eye to eye on the issue of the Superhuman Registration Act. Although the wedding was a huge success, their marriage was over in months.

1 Steve Rogers and Natasha Stark

Most people aren't familiar with Natasha Stark, and no, she is not Tony Stark's daughter or his long lost sister. Natasha Stark is the Earth-3490 version of Tony Stark, who was born a woman, not the man we are used to in the Avengers.

Just like Tony, Natasha doesn't have any superpowers of her own, but instead uses her suit to gain powers identical to those that Iron Man has. Since we have Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to thank for the Civil War, all the mess was averted in Earth-3490 owing to the romantic involvement between Steve and Natasha.

Although we don't know a lot about this earth, most of what we do know is what Reed Richards saw when searching for alternate universes - and one of the things Richards saw was this wedding.

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15 Memorable Superhero Weddings (That Will Really Surprise You)