15 MCU Cosplays That Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day

Cosplay has always been a time for people to take risks. Sometimes people have ideas that seem amazing in their heads, but then once they actually start making the cosplay outfits, they turn into something terrible that should have never seen the light of day. This is still an excuse for them to have fun and enjoy the cosplay culture, but one has to wonder whether they might have been better off never making the outfit in the first place. Some would argue that these people have not only brought dishonor on the Marvel universe with their terrible cosplay outfits, but also all other cosplayers in general.

People who show up to events like Comic-Con wearing outfits that look like they've been hastily thrown together in about 5 minutes have no real business being there. Sure, people may point and laugh, but they're really making everyone look bad with these ridiculous costumes. Cosplayers get enough hate on the Internet. They don't need more reasons to feel bad about themselves. Sometimes cosplayers actually put in a sufficient amount of work into their outfits, but they seem to be making fun of the cosplay culture rather than celebrating it. Either way, these are some Marvel costumes that should have never seen the light of day.

15 Banana Wolverine

What on earth was he thinking with this outfit? He's obviously just taken one of those banana costumes and turned it into a Wolverine costume. It's definitely hilarious, there's no denying that. He is making the character of Wolverine look like a complete idiot, and it's funny because Wolverine is supposed to be one of the most badass characters in the Marvel Universe. But I doubt he's going to be causing much damage looking like this.

His body looks hilarious malformed and I doubt Wolverine is going to be jumping around with this ridiculous looking body. This guy gets extra points for detail, though, and it's clear that he must have put quite a few hours into this outfit. Those claws look they're of reasonably good quality, so that's why he's at number 15.

14 Fuzzy Captain America

This is not what Captain America is supposed to look like. There are so many things wrong with this picture, I really don't know where to begin. First of all, this guy doesn't look like he's going to be fighting any crime looking like this. I think the criminals and supervillains would have a better chance of dropping dead from laughter than anything this fuzzy Captain America could do to them. This is just plain hilarious.

It's hard to tell whether he's taking himself seriously. Does he actually think his costume is a good one? I'm not sure how many hours went into creating this, but I hope he didn't spend too much time on it. The star on the chest doesn't really look like a star, and you can just barely make out the fact that there's an "A" on his forehead. He really looks like he's ready to fight crime with that power stance and serious expression. I just don't know if he'd be very good at it.

13 Wonder Woman From An Alternate Universe

If you thought that version of Captain America was weird, check out this strange interpretation of Wonder Woman. Where do I even begin with this one? I'll give her one thing - she definitely looks a lot more intimidating than the Captain America we just saw. If I was a criminal and she showed up, I'd immediately try to run away as fast as possible. And this is definitely one of those Internet pictures that you can't "unsee." Just don't be surprised if you start having nightmares about her after seeing this picture.

As far as her actual costume goes, it's actually not bad. Putting aside the fact that it doesn't look like a "traditional" Wonder Woman, it looks like she's put a lot of time and effort into this cosplay, and there's a lot of really cool details here. Her hair is crazy but very cool, and whatever's going on with her chest armor is equally intriguing.

12 Iron (Paper) Man

What is about Iron Man that attracts the worst cosplayers ever? I mean, seriously, if you want to find an easy cosplay costume that takes little to no effort, surely there are better options out there? I mean, instead of trying to create an entire suit of powered armor, you could just cosplay as a character that looks more like a regular human, like Wolverine or someone like that. But no, this person decided to tackle the challenging outfit of Iron Man using only some construction paper and tape.

There are so many crappy Iron Man costumes like this... It's almost unbelievable. It looks like this particular cosplayer literally showed up at the dollar store hours before going to an event, and hastily taped some paper onto himself before getting in line. I mean, what's the point? Maybe he just wanted to make people laugh. And if so, he definitely succeeded. I think the best touch is the bow he's stuck onto the palm of his hand.

11 Wonder Deadpool

This is actually a really awesome cosplay, don't get me wrong. There's a ton of detail that went into this outfit, and it looks really professionally done. But should it have ever seen the light of day? That's arguable, and for many this costume is a little bit of an eyesore. The immediate reaction to this costume for a lot of people is confusion to the point of a headache. Do we really have to turn Deadpool into this? Do we really have to make him look like a complete tool?

Arguably, Deadpool himself would be the kind of guy that would love to dress up as Wonder Woman. That's what makes this costume really funny and awesome. Still, there's something slightly disturbing about this costume that makes me wonder if it should've been created in the first place.

10 Bucket Magneto 

Ever wonder how you can be Magneto on a budget? Just check out this lazy dude, who took a regular, run of the mill bucket and made his entire costume revolve around that. He should be given points for managing to look sorta like Magneto with just a bucket, though. His use of construction paper was enough to show us what hero he was going for... But that's about it. Could he have put in a little bit more effort? Yes, definitely. He probably shouldn't have shown this terrible costume to anyone in public. And yet the images are on the Internet, where they will stay for the rest of eternity. Maybe thousands of years from now, aliens will find this picture and assume that this man was our king and overlord.

I just love his expression in this picture. It's hard to pin down exactly what he's thinking. Is he trying to keep a straight face? Is he regretting making the decision to create this outfit? Or is he so in character that he's thinking of new ways to kill all of the humans and finally beat Professor X?

9 Wonder Wobear?

You can be as accepting and progressive as you want, but that still doesn't change the fact that looking at this picture pretty much makes you want to burn your eyes out of your sockets with a hot iron. Seriously, what the hell is this? I get it, cosplay is all about having fun and showing off a side of you that no one ever sees. I understand that. But is this going too far? I mean, he's probably going to scar kids for life walking around like that. I know I'm probably never going to forget this sight in my entire life. Thanks, Internet...

All joking aside, this guy seems to have put a lot of effort into his outfit. I like the metal bracelet things and the hat. He definitely put some work into this outfit, so it's better than some of the more lazy costumes in this article. I'm not sure what a "Wonder Wobear" is. Someone in the comments will probably know, but I'm completely at a loss for words here...

8 That Hulk Costume...

Cosplay is all about hanging out with your friends, and enjoying the comic book culture together. Friends might dress up together with costumes of a similar theme, such as these four guys who are all dressed up as various characters from the Marvel Universe. You have Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and... Dear god what the hell is that? Is that...could that be...the Hulk? All I can say is wow. That is both hilarious and a little bit disturbing at the same time.

Now, it's very clear that none of these four guys are professional cosplayers. That's easy to see by Thor's duct-taped hammer, or Iron Man's strange Captain Morgan logo on his chest. But while the other 3 characters are decent for an amateur's attempt, the Hulk is just plain bizarre. Look at his eyes... They stare with the unsettling glare of a serial killer. And those lips...formed into an unsettling grimace. And don't forget the hair, which tops off this hilarious cosplay that should've never been made.

7 Loki The Cat

The Internet loves cats. Cat videos and pictures probably make up a good 10% of the Internet, so it's not surprising that there's a few pictures of cats dressed up in cosplay here and there. But this one is a little strange. Obviously this cat is supposed to be the feline version of Loki, and the costume itself is okay. But while this cosplay is pretty hilarious, I would say that it should've probably never been made.

The cat look's really unhappy to be dressed up in that. He's looking at the camera as if to say, "One day, I will get my revenge on you stupid humans." I really don't understand people who like to dress up their cats. The cats obviously don't like it and forcing cats to wear costumes like this is verging on animal abuse, in my opinion.

6 Silver (Aluminum) Surfer

The Silver Surfer is one of the coolest characters in comic book history. Given incredible powers by a literal space god, the Silver Surfer exudes power, mystery, and pure unbridled badassery. Are these qualities represented in this cosplay? No. No, they are not. Does covering yourself in aluminum foil count as a cosplay? Sigh. I mean, yeah, I guess so. But it's hardly a good cosplay, and this guy probably should have gone with another less "ambitious" costume.

Truth be told, the Silver Surfer has to be one of the most difficult costumes to accomplish. His idea was actually pretty cool, but the execution was way off. Other ideas might have been to actually paint your entire body silver, but that would have been really hard to get off afterwards. Still, I'm sure this guy got a lot of laughs at whatever event he was at.

5 Silverware Wolverine

I seriously hope this was just a joke and that this guy didn't decide to go to an event looking like this. Because he really looks like he isn't joking judging by his face. If you look deep into his eyes, he looks like he thinks he's the most badass, adamantium-infused fighting machine the world has ever seen. But there's only one problem. He's got a bunch of silverware taped to his hands, and his right hand it filled entirely with forks. Forks? Really? The real Wolverine would be ashamed.

This guy is the reason the Internet is so entertaining. You can't help but chuckle when you see this picture, and for that this guy deserves some praise, whether or not he actually intended for this costume to be funny. Without the silverware taped to his fist, he actually looks a lot like Wolverine, and those sideburns really tie the whole outfit together.

4 Low Budget Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom is definitely one of the coolest villains in the Marvel universe. He's most associated with the Fantastic Four, but he's also terrorized many other Marvel heroes over the years. He was actually exposed to the same cosmic ray storm that gave the other Fantastic Four their powers, and as such he has the same level of powers as many of the strongest Marvel heroes. At least in the movies. But when you look at this cosplay of Dr. Doom, what word immediately comes to mind? That's right, "Fail."

This has got to be one of the most lazy cosplays I've ever seen. This actually probably took less work than the paper Iron Man or the Bucket Magneto. All he really had to do was throw a green sheet over his shoulders and glue a couple of yellow circles below his neck. And the face mask is just a sheet of construction paper with some hole cut out. Dr. Doom would be ashamed.

3 Spidey Caught Staring

There's actually not a whole lot wrong with this guy's Spider-Man outfit. It's just one of those normal Spidey-suits that you find in most costume stores. It's what he's doing that is hilarious. The person taking this photo perfectly captured the moment when he was caught staring at some hot cosplay girls. He looks completely lost in his own fantasy world, and when he saw this picture he probably wished he had never gone to this event.

But can you blame him? There are so many hot cosplay girls at events these days, and they're really pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable. Half-naked girls are now a common sight at places like Comic-Con, and for guys who aren't used to this it can be pretty shocking.

2 Deadpool? Is That You?

Deadpool seems a lot different than I remember him... Maybe he's referencing that comic book issue where Deadpool gets an eating problem and starts gaining weight? If so, this cosplay is genius. If not...well I think it's fair to say that this isn't the Deadpool we all know and love. This costume looks really lazily done, and I think this guy would have been better off not bringing shame to the name of Deadpool.

There are quite a few things wrong with this outfit. For one thing, Deadpool is known for using katana and twin pistols, both of which are mysteriously missing from this outfit. Instead, he carries a single submachine gun which looks out of place given Deadpool's weapon preferences. There's also just the general lack of quality when it comes to the rest of his outfit. The mask is completely uneven.

1 The Scarlet Man-Witch

Avert your gaze, young ones! This is that part of cosplay that you don't see on the Internet... The kind that gives people nightmares and makes them wish they had never gone to places like Comic-Con in the first place. Seriously though, I don't care what you say about acceptance of people with different identities than your own, there's probably not a lot of people out there that really appreciated this outfit. Sure, some people probably thought this outfit was hot as hell. And you can kind of see where they are coming from. This guy is in decent shape at least, and those boots are pretty hot.

But after looking at this cosplay, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at the Scarlet Witch the same way ever again. This image has forever been burned into my memory, and now it's probably been burned into yours as well. One thing's for sure, this guy had a lot of balls turning up to an event in this outfit, and for that I have to applaud him.

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