15 Mature Hotties Who Are Into Toy Boys

They are mostly 30 and 40-something actresses, models and singers. We've even got a few Playmates, a smattering of supermodels, a reality star or two. And don't forget every boy's ultimate fantasy: The adult film star cougar. Yep, one of those too. And it's not the usual list of suspects. These women are rich, experienced, still hot and love younger guys. Our youngest cougars are in their thirties and sometimes dating teenagers. What an opportunity! Is being a toy boy an opportunity? Maybe. Fun? Without a doubt. Just imagine, all that cozy time between the sheets, combined with a jet set lifestyle and those presents grateful cougars lavish on their toy boys. If you're young, have the right "equipment", are not bad looking and pretty good at doing the deed, read on. Hey, 30 and 40-something hotties need love too. And more than love, they need a younger guy to make them feel younger, sexier and to do the deed with a lot. An awful lot. Hey, it's a no lose situation, isn't it. It probably won't last forever, but the memories and those presents will. And just think of the stories. Hey, it happens to guys just like you all the time. Read on. Here are 15 hotties that just might be in the market for a toy boy. Yes, we know you know Demi and Madonna are big time cougars. But they aren't on this list, we promise.


15 Tyra Banks

Back in the day, 30-something Tyra Banks had a definite thing for male models. Young male models. Radar Online headlines screamed: "America's next top cougar" when the 38-year-old Banks hooked up with Robert Evans, a boxer turned model, who just happened to be picked to be a judge on Tyra's show, America's Next Top Model. It never produced a single "top" model, but it made Tyra a lot of dosh. Anyway, Evans was all of 24-years-old at the time. There was talk of frequent PDA and going topless (her not him) and dirty martinis. Maybe she was trying to get the kid drunk so she could have her wicked way with him. The guy probably wasn't put up too much resistance. Then there was the lip-locks with 20-something rapper Lil' Bow Wow.

14 Kate Hudson


Believe it or not, Kate Hudson is pushing 40. A year or so back, the tabloids were full of rumors that she was having a "thing" with toy boy Nick Jonas. 20-something boy band hunk Nick Jonas. There was talk of bare bottomed Instagram posts, splits, followed by getting back together hot time. Followed by splits. Well, you get the general idea. Like mother, like daughter? 70-something mom Goldie Hawn has been with her 60-something toy boy Kurt Russell since the 1980s. Somehow, we don't see Kate and Nick growing old disgracefully together. But we can bet you one thing: He won't be the last toy boy to "toy" with Kate and her considerable assets. See, as cougars mature, their men tend to get younger. It's a lifestyle choice. Before Nick, there was Derek Hough. And on and on.

13 Jenny McCarthy

Did this ordinary younger toy boy get lucky or what? When former Playmate Jenny McCarthy split from Jim Carrey, she was seen out on the town with a guy nobody knew. See, it can happen? Just make a list of the hot clubs and spots and hit them up. You never know. It's hard to believe that it has been nearly 25 years since she appeared in Playboy in a shoot that played up her Catholic school girl vibe. You know, the school girl, uniform and all. Very naughty but nice. And now? Nearing 45-years-old, she's still hot with a toy in the shape of her now husband. You know what we mean. No word on what became of the toy boy. Maybe she's ready for more?

12 Lisa Ann


Lisa Ann is an adult star, with a difference. There is no "maybe" about her looking for a toy boy. She follows the drafts for pro football and basketball teams, looking for worthy rookies to "reward". And reward them she does. You probably get the general picture. She's got more pictures with fresh, hot athletes than just about anybody out there. And she does house calls. When an Oklahoma college student, a Freshman no less, held up a rude sign with her name on it during a broadcast of a football game, she saw it and decided to reward him. Apparently, it was a one off. But what a one off. The kid is still grinning ear to ear. And the stories. Well, he probably won't be telling those to his grandchildren.

11 Kate Moss

Get ready to be weirded out. OK, forty-something supermodel Kate Moss was dating Count Nikolai von Bismark, who was thirteen years younger than her. See, the Bismarks are big in Germany. He's young, rich, aristocratic and wild. A while back he moved into the basement of her London house and they were said to be planning a wedding. Oh, by the way, the guy has admitted to drinking blood. From cows, we think. Then poof, at the end of 2016 she boots him out, saying he won't stop his party-hard ways. WTF?? Kate Moss lecturing someone on being too wild? That can't be right. So, at last word, she is still in search of the perfect man. The line forms to the right guys. By the way, she's also been involved with a certain teenage male model. We'll get to that busy guy shortly.

10 Carmen Electra


Hello to bad girl hottie Carmen Electra. The 40-something former Playmate, Baywatch star and hot babe extraordinaire is definitely into younger guys, big time. She runs through them at a pretty good rate. So, look out for "vacancies". A while back she had a thing with Glee star Samuel Peter Larsen, twenty years her junior. And then there was toy boy rocker Max George of The Wanted. Her taste in toy boys? That's easy. She's into those bad, bad toy boys. Well, let's face it, she's something of a bad girl herself. Back then, she was cozy with singer Prince and she was on the cover of Playboy several times. And that famous Baywatch red suit? She still rocks it big time.

9 Pam Anderson

She's pushing 50 these days, but in the 1980s, she was bouncing CJ on TV's Baywatch, and she was every boy's fantasy. That red suit. Those bouncing double Ds made Pam Anderson every guy's idea of an ideal Playmate. She couldn't act, but who cared. Wild child Pam went on to marry ugly rocker Tommy Lee, of Pam and Tommy "tape" fame. But, it didn't last. And as Pam has gotten older, her men tend to have gotten younger. There was Matt Evers, her Dancing on Ice Partner. They got booted off the show after the first episode after a near nip-slip, but went on to develop an up close and personal relationship. It didn't last though. Pam is one of those mature hotties who runs through boy toys at an alarming rate. She plays around with them and then dumps them, usually for someone younger or hunkier. Or both.


8 Paris Hilton


Our second youngest cougar is 36-year-old heiress and reality star Paris Hilton. She has a thing for much younger male models. When she started with Australian model Jordan Barrett, he was 18-years-old to her 33 years. Rumor was he dumped none other than Kate Moss for Hilton. At the time, 30-something Hilton had just dropped a 23-year-old lover with the unlikely name of River Viiperi. He was a male model as well. Small world Paris runs in these days. It's all jet setting around the world to watch her latest toy boy model strut the catwalk, before retiring to those reportedly wild parties that come after the show. But it seems that as Paris gets older, her toy boys get younger. And good old Jordan has moved on to a 30-something supermodel. Read on.

7 Lara Stone

About a year ago, 30-something supermodel Lara Stone was seen coming out of a London club with a 20-something male model. Yes, Jordan Barrett again. Busy kid. She was all aglow and all, and he looked like one happy dude. At one point, they were pictured coming out of a club. He was carrying her. No word on why. Hey, the Australian male model was pretty vague about the thing with Paris Hilton. But with him and Lara, it's pretty clear they are all lusted up and enjoying it. Lara's our youngest cougar, at only 33. And it doesn't look as if the ten year gap between them matters at all. At least not yet. Catwalk strutting Jordan has also been linked with model Hailey Baldwin. It was unusual for him. She is roughly his age. One busy boy. His only competition for top toy boy is Victor Schnabel, who went from Demi to Heidi. Don't suppose those two swap Victor stories though.

6 Christie Brinkley


Our oldest hottie. 60-something Christie Brinkley, still looking sizzling hot in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Believe it or not those girls are her daughters. Now, Christie has said that she is not into toy boys. But then in the next breath says a ten year gap is just fine. Now, if that's not a toy boy, we don't know what is. She must have set some kind of record with Sports Illustrated, as there was a gap of nearly 40 years between her first appearance and the 2017 edition. She's been keeping busy over those years. She was married four times, most famously to Billy Joel. The self-confessed California surfer girl never considered herself to be supermodel material. The reported $80 million she has says otherwise.

5 Heidi Klum

OK, we know Heidi Klum is a well known cougar. But she's on this list because she is an unusual one. Virtually every cougar out there is a serial dipper, moving from one hot stud to the next. And many times, like JLo, they pick a guy from out of nowhere and lord it over him. But 40-something Heidi has stuck like glue to 20-something Vito Schnabel for some time now. There is a 13 year gap in their ages, but they just seem so right for one another. He is an art dealer with a filmmaking father. He's rich, well educated and successful, just like Heidi. Well, maybe she's not so educated, but what the heck. Heidi, like Christie Brinkley, looks a lot younger than her years. Look, if Janet Jackson can marry a toy boy billionaire, why can't Heidi hook up with millionaire Schnabel?

4 Jennifer Lopez


OK, so JLo makes a lot of cougar lists, but the thing about her to note is that she is a world champion, stand alone career serial cougar. Boy toys get plucked from obscurity, enjoy a brief 15 of fame and then disappear back into the shadows. At last word, the latest, toy dancer Casper Smart, is history. And so she is probably looking? Almost certainly. And the hot Latina singer/actress is pushing fifty. A dangerous age for men and women. And it doesn't help that her ex hubby Marc Anthony, is dating a much younger woman who looks a heck of a lot like the young JLo. Ouch, big time. But with a reported net worth of $322 million, she won't be short of company, we bet. She still rocks those skin tight everything she wears.

3 Elizabeth Hurley

At one point, English actress/model Elizabeth Hurley's "assets" were described by English actor Hugh Grant as the "best pair in the business". They were famously all loved up. Then Hugh got caught in a car with a "working girl" by the name of Divine Brown and the whole affair came to a screeching halt. The 50-something played a cougar in TV's Gossip Girl. But word on the street is that it just isn't all acting and Hurley enjoys them young in real life as well. If you want to get how she operates, check out her hot, hot scenes on the show. And there's more good news, as Elizabeth's toys tend to be "mystery" men. In other words, not well known. So, there's always a chance...

2 Eva Mendez


Meet Hollywood's hottest serial toy boy, Ryan Gosling. Former child star 30-something actor Gosling and stand out star of nostalgic La La Land has been a serial toy boy, with older megastars such as Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams and Eva Mendez. He and Mendez are still very much an item, with baby Esmeralda in tow. Mendez is some seven years older, approaching 40, but still smoking hot. And the two are proof almost-positive that the older woman and young guy thing can work. Hey, maybe all those years on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club left him looking for a mommy figure. And reportedly, those Mouseketeers learned a fair amount about the facts of life while on the show. Will it last? Who knows. But Mendez is unusual. Like Heidi Klum, she has stuck by her boy toy through thick and thin.

1 Kris Jenner

That's Kris Jenner back when she was married to Robert Kardashian with a younger guy called Todd Waterman. See, Kris is a career cougar. Back when Kim and Khloe and Kourtney were young and she was married to O.J. Simpson's pal Robert Kardashian, she was reportedly quite a "goer", having affairs with younger guys when she was in her 30s. Hey, some even say that O.J. was Khloe's real dad. So, the thing with current toy Corey Gamble is nothing new for our Kris. Back in the day, she partied hard and sometimes spent days locked in her room to recover.

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