15 Massive Plotholes You Missed In Your Favorite 90s TV Shows

There's a generally-held belief that in the world of television and film, you have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief to get by and enjoy what you're being shown, otherwise, you'll never find entertainment. For them to make you laugh or get you invested in a drama, they will have to write some things that may not chime with your view of the world or how you may act in a certain situation. This can be difficult for some people, especially if the writers have already broken some of the expected rules of television and film, namely that the plot makes sense.

Yes, there are still examples in which people somehow manage to mess this up, accidentally leaving in plotholes which can totally pull your audience out of the action, depending on how bad it is. There are some out there that are harder to spot, some that you won’t have noticed while watching the show. We’ve decided we want to bring these plotholes to your attention, although we will warn you now that you won’t be able to unsee any of these things. If you ever go back to watch these shows, your viewing will be ruined by the things we are about to show you.

So, are you ready to find out what is hidden behind the writing of your favorite '90s television shows? You won’t believe some of the things that these writers got away with!

15 Maybe They Built It Again

There is no doubt that The Simpsons used to be a lot better than it is now, and anyone who disagrees with that clearly has no taste for good television whatsoever. Do you remember that episode where Homer and Abe go around the country trying to sell their love tonic that has all Springfield going crazy? It ends with them hugging outside of Homer's childhood house as it burns to the ground. It was a good moment, one that was slightly undermined by the fact that Homer ends up going to his childhood house in a later episode once the show has become bad! We can accept that they're going to keep making the show for money, but the least they could do is not step all over the older episodes that got people watching in the first place.

14 How Many Regenerations Does He Have Anyway?

As a genre, science fiction has to be really careful not to hand the characters too much power, as you will quickly find that all of the drama is sucked out of a show if the audience doesn't believe any of the tension you're trying to build. Dr. Who has this problem, since being able to travel in time means there's practically no problem you can't TARDIS your way out of! They started to make his death/regeneration tense by writing in the fact that he only had a certain number of regenerations before his life would come to an end. Well, he's only regenerated a total of twelve times so far, meaning he has one regeneration left, but he's also used this power to save the lives of his friends before, meaning he should be dead by now, leaving the world with no Dr. Who.

13 Why Can't Writers Keep A Handle On This Sort Of Thing?

You have to be careful when you kill someone off in a show since it can really upset your audience. However, it can also throw in some plotholes that you wouldn't have otherwise noticed. In Charmed, Shannon Doherty was killed off since she didn't enjoy working with her co-stars, so the writers were forced to rush a new character into the plot, leading to some problems. Mainly, it centered around Paige claiming her birthdate was different to what the writers made it in a later episode. It would seem that birthdays aren't an easy thing for writers to keep a handle on if this list is anything to go by. You'd think they'd keep notes on this stuff lying around for people to take a quick look at anytime they sat down to write a new episode.

12 You Should Probably Remember Your Wife...

X-Files is a show that is known for conspiracy theories and weird happenings, so it's not surprising that there were some threads left unresolved throughout the show. One of these threads was a wedding band seen on Mulder's hand throughout a specific episode in season 5. This was never referenced by any of the characters and while David Duchovany has explained that it was his idea, adding mystery to the character, it doesn't explain why the ring was only seen once. Not only this, but it was never talked about in the show, making it a weird choice. Why would you bother throwing in this sort of thing and never doing anything with it? We would've ended up editing it out of the shot if we worked on the show.

11 Good Thing It Did End!

Any show that deals with people during a specific time in their life, just like Friends, is going to have some problems when it comes to timelines and continuity, as the characters have to live in a sort of timeless era. The kids in That '70s Show are no exception. For example, Eric and Donna are supposed to have known each other since they were four, but the show also contains a flashback in which they meet when they're eight. In a similar fashion to Friends, the show contains Christmas and Halloween episodes, and yet the characters don't age a year in each season. This obviously makes no sense and means that these guys spent a lot more time in high school than most people do in real life!

10 Does This One Count?!

As we've already stated in this list, there's a lot of people out there who end up leaving shows or are kicked off because of behind-the-scenes trouble, which is a real shame when you think about it. You'd hope that adults would be able to get along better and then they wouldn't have to be out of a job! However, on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, the original actress for Aunt Viv ended up leaving since she didn't get on too well with Will Smith during filming. This forced them to replace her with a different actress, but this is never talked about in the show. We think it would've been better if they brought her in as a different character and wrote Aunt Viv out entirely. It just feels jarring when you watch the show back now.

9 Doubt They Put Much Effort Into This One Anyway

It's a huge television trope to have a man with a woman who would never stay with them in real life, to the point where it actually gets in the way of us enjoying the show. Home Improvement had Tim Allen's character essentially test his wife every single episode, and yet, she decides to stay with him every time. One way he tests her is by writing a song about the fact that she drools and performs it on television. Rather than sit through any of it, she turns the television off before she and the children can see it. However, later on, as she argues with Allen's character, she is able to recite some of the lyrics. How could this be possible if she turned off the television? She wouldn't know any of the lyrics!

8 He Definitely Didn't Have This Kind Of Money

We all know that the kinds of people who live in Beverly Hills have a serious amount of money saved up, but even we find it hard to believe that any of the main characters in Beverly Hills 90210 had enough money to cover up this plothole! In one episode, Dylan pays Noah to cancel a Monica gig at his club so that Monica can play a private performance for just two people, which is way too ridiculous for us to ignore. The kind of money you'd have to have to pay off someone at a club to cancel a gig is insanely high. Not only that, but it would've partially ruined Noah's business. Can you imagine a gig like that being canceled at the last minute because of the club's owner? You'd never go back to that place again!

7 They Should've Referenced It At Least One

Okay, it seems pretty insane these days, but there was actually a time when a lot of people watched 3rd Rock from the Sun to the point where it almost certainly had more seasons than you think it does. Seriously, take a look after you've read this list. It will definitely shock you. One of the stand-out characters was played by French Stewart, the man seen in this image doing his signature squint. However, Stewart doesn't have this squint usually and has only put it on for a handful of roles. If you take a look at him in real life, he doesn't have it, so why does he have it here. If it's because he's an alien, then why doesn't everyone else squint? Believe it or not, this was never referenced in the show and continues to be a weird anomaly.

6 Surely They'd Know Their Own Ages

We know that it's only a sitcom, but some of the ways that Friends messed around with ages is ridiculous, namely that they all seem to forget when their birthdays actually are. Not only that, but they claim to be certain ages for various seasons, despite the fact that they go through various holidays during these seasons, meaning they had to have passed through a birthday by that point. They even made an entire episode around the concept that Rachel is the last Friend to turn 30, making her the youngest, even though we know that this can't be true. All the way back in season 1, Joey tells us that he's the youngest at the tender age of twenty-five. Either he's lying or the writers weren't paying much attention to the older episodes!

5 Do They Breathe Or Not?

In a majorly dramatic moment at the end of the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel is unable to resuscitate Buffy since he claims that vampires don't breathe. If this were true, though, he wouldn't be able to speak, as pushing air through your vocal chords and out of your mouth is needed to achieve this. However, this also makes the various times we see vampires smoking seem particularly redundant. Throw in various scenes in which we see vampires being strangled to kill them and you've got yourself a high level of plot discrepancy that can no longer be explained away by magic. Seriously, this is some pretty basic lore that they should've made their mind up on from the very beginning.

4 Are We Supposed To Assume They're Neglectful?

This is yet another example of how audiences are essentially forced to suspend their disbelief if they want to enjoy the show, as Pokemon essentially runs on the concept that the main character never ages. Despite the fact that the show has been on for decades, Ash Ketchum stays ten years old throughout the entire thing, never aging or changing whatsoever. On another note, how do these kids make money? Why are they allowed to just travel the world without any parental supervision. This sort of thing is a child's dream! In reality, the adults of this world must be pretty neglectful to let their kids wander off into the wild to fight monsters. You'd never let your kid leave the house if creatures like Pikachu were roaming around!

3 How Did She Possibly Know?!

For this one, we have to go all the way into the seventh season of Seinfeld, which is probably a good sign. If you can get all that way into the show without stumbling over a plothole, then we have to think you're doing something right! However, they did manage to slip up, and that slip up took place during the episode "The Hot Tub." During this episode, Elaine has a flashback to something that the character Jean-Paul said to Jerry about how much he trusts her. At first, this seems fine, but then you realize that Elaine must have some pretty amazing powers to know that Jean-Paul said this. Unless she can read minds or has some sort of superpower she hasn't told the audience about. It makes no sense that she could hear this played back in her head!

2 Friends Should Remember This Sort Of Stuff

While some plotholes are pretty forgivable in the grand scheme of things, there are some things that we just can't let slide and that's when it comes to the relationship between the central characters. This is the most important part of any show, so getting this right is crucial. Boy Meets World got this wrong in a major way. They first implied that Shawn and Cory have known each other since they were babies, but this isn't true if later episodes are to be believed. In it, they show a flashback in which they're both at a zoo, much older than first implied. How is this possible?! Seriously, if you can't get this sort of thing right then you really shouldn't be a professional writer. If you're getting paid, make sure you keep an eye on this sort of stuff.

1 Where Did That Kid Go?!

Family Matters was a show that started out one way and ended up being something completely different due to the insane popularity of the character Steve Urkel. At first, it was about a single family, but Urkel's connection with the audience saw his character grow in prominence among the writing staff. However, budget cuts meant that they had to reduce the role of Judy, one of the children in the Winslow family, before being cut from the show entirely. Judy is never referenced again, with the show even writing in that the Winslow's only ever had two children. This must have been pretty brutal for the actress that played Judy and we'd hope that the show paid her a huge amount for just removing her from the show entirely.

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