15 Massive Killer Kaiju Who Would Dominate King Kong

King Kong is one of the most powerful monsters ever to grace the big screen. Ever since his debut in the 1933 RKO Pictures film King Kong, King Kong has captured the imagination of sci-fi fans and movie goers. Today, giant monster movies are more popular then ever thanks to the TOHO Godzilla movies, other Japanese kaijus like Gamera, Pacific Rim and of course King Kong.

King Kong: Skull Island is now in theaters, and it’s the second movie in Warner Bros.' giant monster movie cinematic universe dubbed the MonsterVerse, not to be confused with Universal’s Monster-verse. The studio plans to have King Kong face off against Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Kong, which is expected to hit theaters in 2020. There are even rumors that the Pacific Rim movies could cross over into the MonsterVerse as well.

King Kong famously fought Godzilla in the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla, but that fight basically ended in a draw. King Kong and Godzilla fought at the base of Mount Fuji. The battle was heated and intense, and after falling into the ocean the pair continued to fight. King Kong resurfaced, but Godzilla didn’t. It’s likely that Godzilla simply escaped underwater. King Kong walking away from a fight against Godzilla is an accomplishment in itself considering how much stronger Godzilla must be. Will the next time these two giant beasts face off against each other be any different?

King Kong has changed size dramatically in many of the movies he has been in, and he has been upscaled in the latest Kong movie so he isn’t completely dwarfed by the likes of Godzilla. Kong: Skull Island features the second largest King Kong ever seen on the big screen. Kong was only taller in King Kong vs. Godzilla. The King Kong featured in Skull Island is still growing. So, by the time they face off again, Kong and Godzilla should be close to the same size. Still, it seems like a one-sided matchup nonetheless. Godzilla will likely wipe the floor with King Kong’s hairy mug. Who do you think will win? Which monsters do you think are stronger than Kong? Here’s a look at 15 monsters (kaiju) that could defeat King Kong in battle.

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15 Godzilla

Godzilla is the king of all monsters. Ever since the 50 meter tall (150 meters in the 2014 movie) nuclear lizard destroyed Tokyo in the classic 1954 Japanese film Gojira, fans wanted more. The movie was remade a year later for American audiences with inserted footage of Raymond Burr, and that’s where the name Godzilla came from. The subsequent movies in the series certainly don’t hold a candle to the amazing first movie that served as an analogy for nuclear warfare and the destructive capability of the atomic bomb, but there still have been plenty of good Godzilla movies since then. Later Godzilla movies were more campy and fun than serious and somber, but they were still entertaining and resulted in some classic monster battles. Godzilla has rarely faced off against a monster that could come close to matching the immense power of the lumbering behemoth. The sheer size of Godzilla mixed with the monster’s deadly atomic fire breath means that a giant ape like King Kong isn’t much of a match for Gojira.

14 Gamera

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Gamera is so powerful and strong that he has the nickname “The Invincible,” and it’s fitting too because few other kaiju could claim to be as powerful as this giant bipedal turtle. In the 2006 film Gamera the Brave, it is estimated that Gamera weighs a staggering 1200 metric tons and stands at an impressive 35 meters tall and 55 meters in length. Even the upscaled King Kong from Kong: Skull Island can’t match Gamera’s size. Gamera has the edge by about 5 meters. Plus that protective shell makes it very tough for King Kong to get the upper hand against this giant turtle creature. Gamera would prove too tough for King Kong to defeat. Gamera isn’t a TOHO monster, so don’t expect to ever see King Kong fight Gamera in the MonsterVerse. We can still imagine it though.

13 Mothra 

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Moths aren’t exactly fearsome creatures, but when they are 15000 metric tons and 60 meters long that’s another thing entirely. Mothra first appeared in the 1961 Showa film simply titled Mothra, and she appeared in dozens of films afterwards. Mothra even battled Godzilla in Mothra vs. Godzilla, and she met her end at the hands of Godzilla. With powerful wings that can create large gusts of wind and the ability to shoot poison, Mothra is likely too much kaiju for King Kong to defeat. However, these two monsters have something in common. Both King Kong and Mothra are kind souls with big hearts. They only attack when they are provoked and have been known to protect the innocent. They aren’t simply brainless monsters like many of the other creatures on this list. It’s very likely that Mothra will fight King Kong on the big screen in the future, and if you saw the end credits scene of Kong: Skull Island you know what I mean.

12 Ebirah 

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Ebirah is a giant crustacean-like kaiju, who gets its name from the Japanese word for prawn (ebi). Ebirah’s lobster-like appearance may not seem as intimidating as that of a giant gorilla, but don’t let that fool you. Ebirah, who first appeared in the film Ebirah: Horror of the Deep (aka Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster), is 30 meters tall and 60 meters long. This makes him much bigger than King Kong, and his giant pinchers would likely prove to be quite troublesome for King Kong. However, King Kong could have a chance if he had saffron, as that is one of Ebirah’s weaknesses. King Kong might not be as powerful as Ebirah, but Godzilla certainly is. Godzilla defeated Ebirah by ripping both his claws off. How painful and humiliating that must have been.

11 Mechagodzilla 

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What’s even more intimidating than Godzilla? Why a giant alien robot version of Godzilla, of course. If Godzilla can defeat King Kong, then Godzilla with machine guns and rocket launchers should have no problem taking on a giant gorilla. However, maybe Mechagodzilla and King Kong could be allies? That’s certainly plausible because Mechagodzilla was created by a war like race of alien apes called the Simians. It’s unlikely that the Simians would make their deadly creation attack King Kong, who is basically one of their own. King Kong has his own robotic doppelgänger called Mechani-Kong, and the robot gorilla and King Kong faced off against each other in the Japanese film King Kong Escapes.

10 King Ghidorah

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King Kong with his powerful jaws is no match for a three-headed dragon. After all, three heads are better than one. In his first appearance in the movie Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster, we learn that King Ghidorah is an alien dragon who wiped out the entire civilization of Venus. King Ghidorah destroyed an entire planet, and all King Kong ever did was wreck a few building and take out some bi-planes at the top the Empire State Building. Advantage: King Ghidorah. You won’t have to wait long to see this fight because King Ghidorah is scheduled to appear in the MonsterVerse, which means a battle with King Kong is right around the corner.

9 Rodan

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King Kong has a long history of fighting dinosaurs. In both the 1933 King Kong film and Peter Jackson’s remake he fought a Tyrannosaurus Rex. In fact, he fought multiple T-Rexes in the 2005 film. In King Kong Escapes, King Kong battled a Gorosaurus, and in Kong: Skull Island he fights giant dinosaur-like creatures. However, there is one dinosaur that King Kong likely wouldn’t stand chance against. Rodan, also known as Radon (a play on radiation) in Japan, is a giant Pteranodon-like dinosaur creature. At 120 meters tall Rodan absolutely dwarfs King Kong, and King Kong likely doesn’t stand a chance against this aggressive and fiery pterosaur. Rodan is set to appear in the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so as long as he’s not killed by Godzilla expect to see him fight Kong in the future.

8 Dada 

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Dadas were a super intelligent race of aliens that came to earth to abduct humans. This giant monster was a villain of Ultraman, but if one of the Dada aliens fought against King Kong, Kong might be begging Ultraman for help. When a Dada alien grew in size it could reach 40 meters, which is roughly the same size King Kong was in the movie King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Dada would likely be able to defeat King Kong because a Dada alien has one key skill that King Kong lacks: intelligence. Dadas also come in groups and posses the power of telekinesis. Kong’s brute strength would simply be no match for these bizarre creatures from outer space. If it were a group of Dadas vs. King Kong the match would be over in seconds.

7 Jamira 

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The original story of the Ultraman villain Jamira, also known as Jamila, is similar to that of the Spider-Man villain, the Lizard. Jamira was once an astronaut who came into contact with an alien mutagen. This caused him to turn into a giant rock like creature. He was once a hero, but was a victim of circumstance. His tortuous transformation lead him to attack Tokyo, and this 50 meter tall 10,000 ton monster created a huge mess. Jamila’s tough exterior makes him impervious to many attacks, including fire. King Kong could try all he wanted, but he likely wouldn’t to be able to make much of a dent in Jamira’s tough, rock-like exterior. King Kong’s ferocious punches would result in nothing more than broken fingers.

6 Gigan 

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Gigan is such a formidable monster that he even puts Mechagodzilla to shame with his huge arsenal of weapons. This alien cyborg and Godzilla foe could make quick work of King Kong thanks to the giant scythe-like weapons he has instead of hands. He also sports a giant saw on his stomach. Giant blades or giant bone crunching teeth? Which do you think would be stronger? My money’s on Gigan’s blades. King Kong would have his work cut out for him even getting close to Gigan through all that weaponry and steel.

5 Knifehead 

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A lot of these battles on this list are pipe dreams. King Kong likely won’t be able to fight any Ultraman villains on the big screen. And since Gamera isn’t a TOHO monster that fight won’t happen. However, it’s very likely we’ll see some Pacific Rim monsters fight King Kong in a future film. We may have to wait a long time though. The plan is to cross over the King Kong, Godzilla and possibly the Pacific Rim films. Godzilla vs Kong is set to come out in 2020, so any Pacific Rim crossover with King Kong or Godzilla won't happen until after that. Knifehead is one of the coolest and most intriguing monsters in Pacific Rim, and a battle between this kaiju and King Kong would probably be lopsided. Knifehead’s giant knife like snout was capable of cutting through metal and steel of a jaeger mech suit, so King Kong’s soft underbelly would be torn to shreds by this kaiju. If Knifehead could drag Kong back to the water then Kong could easily drown.

4 Leatherback

Leatherback vs. King Kong would be one heck of a match up that we all would like to see. Leatherback’s posture is not unlike that of a gorilla, so their fighting styles are somewhat similar. King Kong would likely go on the offensive, but Leatherback has a trick up his sleeve. This kaiju hides out if it is injured and is not above walking away from a fight. Don’t mistake this for cowardice though. Even if King Kong could get the upper hand he wouldn’t be able to finish his kaiju off. Leatherback’s mace like fists are solid bone and could easily crush Kong’s skull in an instant.

3 Onibaba 

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Like Ebirah, Onibaba is a crustacean like kaiju with a powerful set of claws capable of tremendous force. If this kaiju managed to get a hold of King Kong it would be lights out for the giant gorilla. The sheer force and crushing power would make King Kong minced meat. However, like all the kaiju in Pacific Rim, Onibaba was killed, so the writers will have to think of a way to bring this kaju back from the dead to face off against King Kong. There could be another Onibaba, because there have been multiple Mothras and Godzillas. Onibaba is known for its defensive fighting skills. Kong could hammer away at Onibaba and the kaiju could block or run away. King Kong would grow tired quickly, just as he did when climbing the Empire State Building.

2 Otachi 

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A category 4 kaiju, Otachi would be too much for little old King Kong. This kaiju is stronger, faster, tougher and simply meaner. Otachi’s giant prehensile tail would be an advantage and weakness against King Kong. He could use it to strike King Kong with deadly blows, but Kong could just as easily grab a hold of the tail and use it to hurl Otachi thousands of feet. Otachi has an H.R. Giger alien-like jaw and is also capable of spitting corrosive acid, which could melt King Kong’s flesh away in an instant. The massive size and abilities of Otachi would make it very tough for King Kong to last very long in a battle to the death.

1 Slattern

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Slattern is the biggest and toughest of all the kaiju in the Pacific Rim universe. As the only category 5 kaiju in Pacific Rim, there’s no chance a monster like this would be defeated by tiny King Kong. If a category three kaiju, or category four kaiju could defeat King Kong, then a category five kaiju would easily defeat the King of the Apes. It took an army of jaegrs to defeat Slattern, so do you really think King Kong would stand a chance against this impressive beast? Slattern is also extremely smart, especially compared to the tiny brain of King Kong. Slattern has three tails and they would be quite a challenge for King Kong. These tails could puncture Kong’s skin and make him bleed. If the battle was in the water where Slattern is at home, then Kong would be defeated in a matter of minutes. Close quarter combat would be of no help to Kong either, because Slattern has a huge spike on his chest that could deliver a fatal blow to King Kong if Kong ever managed to get close to this gigantic and powerful kaiju.

Sources: Godzilla.Wikia, Fandango

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