15 Massive Killer Kaiju Who Would Dominate King Kong

King Kong is one of the most powerful monsters ever to grace the big screen. Ever since his debut in the 1933 RKO Pictures film King Kong, King Kong has captured the imagination of sci-fi fans and movie goers. Today, giant monster movies are more popular then ever thanks to the TOHO Godzilla movies, other Japanese kaijus like Gamera, Pacific Rim and of course King Kong.

King Kong: Skull Island is now in theaters, and it’s the second movie in Warner Bros.' giant monster movie cinematic universe dubbed the MonsterVerse, not to be confused with Universal’s Monster-verse. The studio plans to have King Kong face off against Godzilla in Godzilla vs. Kong, which is expected to hit theaters in 2020. There are even rumors that the Pacific Rim movies could cross over into the MonsterVerse as well.

King Kong famously fought Godzilla in the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla, but that fight basically ended in a draw. King Kong and Godzilla fought at the base of Mount Fuji. The battle was heated and intense, and after falling into the ocean the pair continued to fight. King Kong resurfaced, but Godzilla didn’t. It’s likely that Godzilla simply escaped underwater. King Kong walking away from a fight against Godzilla is an accomplishment in itself considering how much stronger Godzilla must be. Will the next time these two giant beasts face off against each other be any different?

King Kong has changed size dramatically in many of the movies he has been in, and he has been upscaled in the latest Kong movie so he isn’t completely dwarfed by the likes of Godzilla. Kong: Skull Island features the second largest King Kong ever seen on the big screen. Kong was only taller in King Kong vs. Godzilla. The King Kong featured in Skull Island is still growing. So, by the time they face off again, Kong and Godzilla should be close to the same size. Still, it seems like a one-sided matchup nonetheless. Godzilla will likely wipe the floor with King Kong’s hairy mug. Who do you think will win? Which monsters do you think are stronger than Kong? Here’s a look at 15 monsters (kaiju) that could defeat King Kong in battle.

15 Godzilla

14 Gamera

13 Mothra 

12 Ebirah 

11 Mechagodzilla 

10 King Ghidorah

9 Rodan

8 Dada 

Dadas were a super intelligent race of aliens that came to earth to abduct humans. This giant monster was a villain of Ultraman, but if one of the Dada aliens fought against King Kong, Kong might be begging Ultraman for help. When a Dada alien grew in size it could reach 40 meters, which is roughly the same size King Kong was in the movie King Kong vs. Godzilla.

7 Jamira 

6 Gigan 

5 Knifehead 

4 Leatherback

3 Onibaba 

2 Otachi 

1 Slattern

Slattern is the biggest and toughest of all the kaiju in the Pacific Rim universe. As the only category 5 kaiju in Pacific Rim, there’s no chance a monster like this would be defeated by tiny King Kong. If a category three kaiju, or category four kaiju could defeat King Kong, then a category five kaiju would easily defeat the King of the Apes. It took an army of jaegrs to defeat Slattern, so do you really think King Kong would stand a chance against this impressive beast? Slattern is also extremely smart, especially compared to the tiny brain of King Kong. Slattern has three tails and they would be quite a challenge for King Kong. These tails could puncture Kong’s skin and make him bleed. If the battle was in the water where Slattern is at home, then Kong would be defeated in a matter of minutes. Close quarter combat would be of no help to Kong either, because Slattern has a huge spike on his chest that could deliver a fatal blow to King Kong if Kong ever managed to get close to this gigantic and powerful kaiju.

Sources: Godzilla.Wikia, Fandango

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15 Massive Killer Kaiju Who Would Dominate King Kong