15 Marvel Supervillains With The Highest Bodycounts

The pages of comic books are filled with people who have extraordinary powers and can do things that us mere mortals can only dream about. These god like creatures inhabit a world in which anything is

The pages of comic books are filled with people who have extraordinary powers and can do things that us mere mortals can only dream about. These god like creatures inhabit a world in which anything is possible. For the most part, theses characters choose to use their powers for the good of mankind and to protect the universe in any way they can.

However, sometimes superpowers are given to those people who don't have such a good moral compass. These people use their powers to destroy and kill. Whether it's for power, money or just for fun, these villains have only one purpose and that is to cause havoc wherever they go.  As with any good story, the hero must have something or someone to battle against, and within the Marvel universe, there are some of the worst villains ever created.

With this list we look at 15 Marvel supervillains who have more blood on their hands than anyone else.

15 The Purple Man


We start our list with a possibly controversial entry. As you will see further down our list, many supervillains have destroyed planets and entire universes to get what they want, and although The Purple Man hasn't destroyed galaxies, his power is perhaps one of the most devastating of any character within the Marvel multiverse and therefore he deserves a place on our list.

Real name Zebediah Kilgrave, The Purple Man has the ability to control the will and mind of anyone that gets close to him. Although Kilgrave hasn't wiped out complete races like many other villains on this list, he still has plenty of blood on his hands, most notable in the animated series of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. In this series, Kilgrave manipulates Earth and makes Tony Stark Emperor of the world, and not only that, he makes Stark rule with an iron fist; literally. The Purple Man is one of the most dangerous and devious characters within the Marvel multiverse and there is no limit to what he will do to people and what he will make them do.

14 Green Goblin


Next on our list is one of the most famous villains and foes of Spider-Man. Although because of movies and animated series the Green Goblin is portrayed more comical than deadly, we can't forget just how dangerous and psychotic this maniac can be.

Spilt between two personalities, the cruel and ruthless businessman Norman Osborn and the lunatic within him that we know as the Green Goblin, Osborn is a conflicted character; caught between being bad and being downright evil! Whether it's as Osborn or as the Green Goblin, this cackling villain is only interested in causing chaos and mayhem wherever he goes. He's been known to blow up buildings full of innocent people, attack and kill Asgardians and of course there's the most devastating death of all, when he killed Peter Parker's girlfriend, Gwen Stacey.

13 Ronan


The next entry on our list may well be another controversial one as many see Ronan as just a lackey, in particular to the mad Titan Thanos. However, the ultimate Kree warrior is no mere lackey and has a high enough body count to be a contender for deadliest supervillain in his own right.

Known to many around the galaxy as Ronan The Accuser, Ronan started out in the Kree corps and quickly rose through the ranks, killing anyone that stood in his way. Soon Ronan became one of the most powerful beings in the entire Kree empire. But that wasn't enough for him. Fuelled by his power hungry ego, Ronan wants to rule the universe and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Although Ronan has yet to join the big boys in the supervillain league by destroying planets, he has killed many individuals and the body count is still piling up.

12 Nitro


When a being can explode his entire body at will and then reform it to its normal state, then you know that this villain is going to have a high body count. That's exactly what Nitro can do and has done on many occasions.

Due to a genetic alteration performed on him by the Kree, Robert Hunter's body changed as he gained the power to explode and reform at will. Since then Hunter turned to a life of crime and called himself Nitro. Battling many heroes around the galaxy, Nitro first made it big when he killed the Kree hero Captain Mar-Vell. Not only that but Nitro can be held responsible for many heroes' deaths as he became the reason for the superhero registration act which led to the Civil War crossover. When Nitro was cornered by the New Warriors he did what he does best and exploded in order to escape. This resulted in hundreds and hundreds of innocent deaths and led many to start asking question about super powered beings and whether they should be controlled.

11 Red skull


Just like many superheroes that seem to avoid death and even ageing, there are some supervillains that do the same, and none more so than the Red Skull. Starting out as one of the most powerful and feared members of the Nazi party, The Red Skull has been terrorizing the world for many generations now. Not only with the Nazis but as the leader of the Hydra terrorist movement, a movement that was even too much for the Nazis! The Red Skull has been hell bent on gaining as much power as he can and ruling the world.

Since the end of the Second World War Red Skull's lust for power has only grown stronger. Not only does he want Captain America to suffer in many painful ways, but he has also been known to want entire cities and even planets destroyed. Wielding the Cosmic Cube and joining forces with other supervillains such as M.O.D.O.K has only raised Red Skull's body count, as he has killed many innocent people as well as started Mutant concentration camps and even manipulated nations to go to war against each other.

10 Magneto


A lot of villains within the Marvel universe start out with good and noble intentions, but those notions get twisted as their actions get more violent and devastating. This is the case with the mutant Magneto. Many fans will agree that Magneto's drives come from a good place; after all, all he wants is for mutants to be accepted and be left to live in the world. Or at least that's how it started.

Being a child of war and seeing his family and people around him being killed and forced into concentration camps, Magneto grew up not wanting the same to happen to mutants. There aren't many more noble desires than that. However, as good as those intentions were at the beginning, Magneto's actions have become more violent as the lines have blurred between good and just plain evil. There have been many deaths and catastrophes credited to Magneto. Most notably when he sent an electromagnetic pulse around the world and disrupted all the Earth's electrical systems which caused many, many innocent deaths.

9 Cassandra Nova


The next entry on our list is a less known villain but arguably one of the deadliest. Cassandra Nova is a parasitic life form that was created in the same womb as Charles Xavier. Being born without a living body didn't stop Cassandra, as the energy from the astral plane and sharing a womb with the powerful Xavier gave her the skills to exit the womb and create her own body.

Once Cassandra became real, she decided to destroy everything that Xavier cared about and spent his life working for. As well as sharing many of the same mental abilities that Xavier has, Cassandra can also control minds, exchange bodies, shapeshift and regenerate cells. Out of all the killings Cassandra has performed, her deadliest came when she gained control over the Sentinel robots and sent them to the island Genosha, an island that had become populated with mutants. She then made the Sentinels attack, which resulted in millions and millions of beings being slaughtered.

8 Ultron


In the Marvel MCU, Ultron made his big screen debut in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In that movie, Ultron was determined to rid the world of humans in order to save it. In doing so he raised the country of Sokovia into the air in order to smash it into the world and create a mass extinction similar to that of the dinosaurs. Obviously The Avengers managed to stop this from happening, but not before Ultron had wreaked enough havoc and taken many lives.

However, in the comic books from which this story comes, the result is a lot more devastating. Instead of Sokovia, it's the nation of Slorenia that's raised into the air. Although The Avengers save the day again, Ultron is so annoyed and his hatred of Humanity grows even more, so much so that he wipes out the complete population of the country.

7 Loki


The god of mischief and brother of Thor has been the cause of many mass murders over the years. Having been taken by Odin from the Frost Giants as a baby, Loki grew up thinking he was a true Asgardian and even a possible heir to the throne. However, once he learned his true heritage, Loki became hell bent on taking his anger out on his brother and in fact the rest of the universe.

Not only has Loki's love of trouble caused many problems and strains within The Avengers, Loki has also been the cause of many wars and massacres. His skills in the art of manipulation have sent many alien nations to battle with Earth, which has resulted in many deaths and a lot of destruction.

Loki has also gotten his own hands dirty from time to time. Most notably when he slaughtered an entire football stadium full of people just so he can start a war between Earth and Asgard. Although Loki has been unsuccessful in his quest to rule the universe, if the Marvel MCU is anything to go by, then Loki is set for bigger and more deadly things as he is now posing as the king of Asgard himself.

6 Carnage


There are many villains within the Marvel universe that strive for something greater. Whether they want more power or money or they want to rule over us all, these villains perform devastating acts for a bigger purpose. However, there are some villains that are just pure chaos and death. They have no grand plans or agendas, they just want to hurt and even kill people for pleasure. One of those villains is Carnage.

Already a psychopathic killer - he killed his grandmother and tried to kill his mother - Cletus Kasady was well on his way to becoming one of the most evil characters in the comic books. But things became worse when Kasady bonded with an alien symbiote similar to Venom. Having an emotionless alien lifeform bonding with a psychotic killer makes one evil villain. With his new powers the body count grows higher and higher, and as Carnage can't be reasoned with, since there is nothing he wants, he has become one of the most dangerous villains around. All he lives for is to kill.

5 Apocalypse


Now we start to delve into the supervillains that cause the most damage. From world destroyers to genocide and even planet eaters, these villains are on level with gods and will stop at nothing to get what they want. The first of our overpowered supervillains is the oldest mutant around; Apocalypse. Born thousands of years ago, Apocalypse was the first being to have the mutant gene. Using his powers to rule the ancient people, Apocalypse posed as a god and sent many people to war in his name. Not content with causing mass killings, Apocalypse was also happy for people to sacrifice lives in his name.

In more modern times Apocalypse has been a thorn in the X-Men's side as his quest for power and domination only grows stronger. For the most part the X-Men have been able to halt most of Apocalypse's plans, but as with many Marvel characters there have been several realities in which the characters have different paths and outcomes. In the story arc Age of Apocalypse, a dark alternative version of the Marvel universe, Apocalypse is not only successful in his quest but he has become lord and master of the world and kills everyone and anything that gets in his way.

4 Galactus


There may be many arguments and discussions about our top four as any of them could be argued to deserve number one, each of them causing millions upon millions of deaths as well as the destruction of the entire universe. So instead of judging these characters on the scale of their actions, we've put them in the order of how quickly they were stopped.

You may feel that Galactus should be higher; after all he is a creature that is almost as old as our universe. He's pretty much invincible and he eats entire planets! There is no doubt that Galactus is on par with God himself and has been eating planets and destroying entire worlds since the beginning of time, but he has never been able to eat Earth. With all his might, power and knowledge, Galactus has been stopped several times by the likes of The Avengers and The Fantastic Four. Although this giant has killed more than most, he can be stopped.

3 Dark Phoenix


Jean Grey is perhaps one of the most caring and compassionate mutants within the X-Men universe. Often seen as the mother of the X-Men, Grey is a true hero that only ever uses her powers to help. Being almost, if not more powerful than the X-Men leader Charles Xavier, Grey is a valuable member of the X-Men and in fact the entire superhero community.

However, when you are as powerful as Jean Grey and mix that with the ancient power of the Phoenix Force, you get Dark Phoenix, and everyone should run for cover! Mixing her powers with the Phoenix Force makes Jean Grey the most powerful mutant if not the most powerful being in all the Marvel universe. Losing herself to the Phoenix Force  makes Jean Grey lose her sense of morality as the bad guys battle to get her on their side. One such incident ends up with Dark Phoenix needing to recharge her power so she drains an entire star which causes the destruction of many planets and wipes out the race of beings known as the D'Bari which causes billions upon billions of deaths. Not only that but Dark Phoenix has never really been stopped. The only reason she hasn't destroyed everything is because she either becomes weakened or the Jean Grey part of her comes to the surface. Otherwise no hero or being comes close to stopping her.

2 Doctor Doom


Another villain here that hasn't been given a true outing on the big screen. Because of his handling in the Fantastic Four movies, many people may think that Doctor Doom is only a 2 dimensional villain whose only purpose is to give the Fantastic Four something to fight against. But they would be wrong. Doctor Doom is far more than that. He has depth and power that make him one of the most dangerous and interesting villains in the whole Marvel universe.

Over the years Doctor Doom has tried countless times to rule the world, not because he craves the power or status but because he truly believes he can save the world if he's in charge of it. This notion not only drives Doctor Doom to try and save the world, but also pushes him to do such unspeakable acts that make him the supervillain he is. In the story arc Secret Wars, Doctor Doom doesn't just destroy one universe but pretty much all of them across the multiverse. After stealing powers from The Beyonder, Doom destroys everything. However, the multiverse is dying, so in order to save it Doom has to destroy it and then reform it. With this single act Doom has killed more beings than any character in any comic book universe ever.

1 Thanos


The number one spot on our list has to go to the Mad Titan himself; Thanos. Although Doctor Doom has killed more people than anyone else, he did it for the greater good and actually reformed the universe and saved it. Because of his noble intentions, Doom sits at number two, whereas Thanos is just pure power and destruction and fully deserves the number one spot.

As a young man, Thanos became fascinated by Death, who appeared to him as a woman. Not only that, but he actually fell in love with Death which started a twisted love affair that would result in Thanos committing many devastating acts just to impress her. Thanos's death toll has been steadily rising since then and got so much worse with the use of the Infinity Gauntlet and the stones. With one simple snap of his fingers Thanos wiped out half the universe just for fun. With his inclusion in the up and coming Infinity Wars movies, the heroes of the MCU should run and hide!

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15 Marvel Supervillains With The Highest Bodycounts