15 Marvel Superheroes That Have Committed Unspeakable Acts

Being a superhero is a huge responsibility and more often than not, our favourite Marvel superheroes come face to face with extremely difficult decisions. Having to sacrifice your loved ones for the greater good might not seem like the easiest decision to make, but when you're a superhero, your main goal is to save the world— at all costs.

Superheroes might start off strong and clean, but it is only a matter of time before they start to accumulate some skeletons in their closets, and this is because it is impossible to save everyone without sacrificing a few. To make matters worse, superheroes are often targeted by supervillains who want to ruin their lives or rule the world. These villains are merciless and often plot the gruesome deaths of their foe's lovers and friends— or the destruction of the world altogether.

In some cases, superheroes are the ones that go mad with power, vengeance, and anger, and commit unspeakable acts. But can we really blame them? These heroes are constantly pushed around, used, brainwashed, captured and manipulated by evil entities who wish them harm. With that said, is it really surprising that these superheroes crack every once in a while and end up killing innocent people?

Most people think that becoming a superhero would be the coolest thing in the word, but not everyone would agree. Sure, you would possess an amazing set of skills and powers, but you would always be bound by justice, vengeance, grief and denial. Thinking of all the lives you've saved might help you cope with your pain, however, it wouldn't erase the death toll you kept locked up in your brain.


15 Scarlet Witch Killed Scott Lang

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Before the Scarlet Witch went completely nuts and started killing some of her own fellow Avengers, her powers were increased by a form of energy called Chaos Magic. The Scarlet Witch's new and improved powers proved to be uncontrollable, causing her a great amount of mental strain. After suffering from a mental breakdown, the Scarlet Witch began to lash out, killing Agatha Harkness and a few other teammates.

To make matters worse, the psychotic Scarlet Witch used her powers on Jack of Hearts, making him float in front of the Avengers Mansion in a catatonic state. When Scott Lang saw the Jack of Hearts floating in front of his home, he immediately went outside to see what was happening. Unfortunately for him, this is exactly what the Scarlet Witch was banking on, and the second Lang was close enough to Jack, she blew him up. Lang was instantly blown to smithereens and wiped off the face of the Earth.

14 Namor Killed His Wife And Unborn Child

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Having to choose between killing your wife and saving humanity isn't really much of a choice. But in the end, most people would accept the fact that they had to kill the one they love for the greater good. When it comes to Namor's love life, this is pretty much what happened. Namor married an aquatic alien named Marrina, who had served with Alpha Flight for a number of years before falling for Namor. When Marrina and Namor were married, they began working with the Avengers and forming a strong alliance. However, all this changed when Marrina became pregnant with Namor's child.

Since Marrina had alien DNA, her genes began to mutate from the pregnancy, turning her into a giant evil sea creature. The Avengers managed to turn her back into her alien form for a brief goodbye, but her genes quickly mutated once more. Thor and Captain Marvel attempted to kill the vicious beast, but were unsuccessful. Ironically, the only person who could kill the sea creature was Namor, and so, he used an ebony blade to kill his wife and unborn child.

13 Phoenix Destroys A Planet

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We can argue that Jean Grey really isn't responsible for the Phoenix's actions, but in the end, they are one and the same. Sure, Grey might not like what her counterpart is doing, but she still hasn't done anything to stop herself from committing heinous crimes. The Phoenix might be hard to control, but it is still Grey's responsibility to stop her inner beasts from taking control of her very own body and killing the ones she loves the most.

Have you ever wondered why the Shi'ar tried to track Jean Grey down and kill her? If you have, you might have thought it was because the Shi'ar were madmen, but in reality they were simply seeking justice for the crimes committed by the Phoenix. What crimes you might ask? The crime of traveling to different corners of the Universe and releasing her full Phoenix potential on an entire solar system, destroying an entire planet in the process.

12 The Hulk Killed His Father

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Bruce Banner was born into a chaotic household fuelled by an angry, alcoholic father. His father, Dr. Brian Banner, was an atomic physicist who was convinced that his work in radiation had affected his son's DNA, causing him to be born a mutant. Brian's wife, Rebecca, loved their son with all her heart, which eventually caused the couple to drift apart. One night, Brian murdered his wife in a fit of rage, landing himself in the loony-bin for 15 years.

Young Bruce was then raised by his aunt, Susan, who showed him nothing but love and compassion. He went on to pursue a career in nuclear science, showing clear signs of genius. While on the job, Bruce was exposed to massive amounts of radiation after a gamma bomb detonated. His DNA was once again altered, transforming him into the Hulk.

When Bruce's father was pardoned for his crime and released from the psychiatric hospital, he set out to find his son with the hopes of a happy reunion. Sadly, both men were ignited by anger once face-to-face, causing them to throw punches at each other in a graveyard. Brian was thrown back by his son's fist, cracking his head open on a tombstone and dying instantly. Although many people believed this to be an accident. Bruce later confirmed that he could have stopped himself, but didn't.

11 Wolverine Murdered His Children

There is nothing worse than losing a child, but in Wolverine's case, there might be a few things worse. Love has never been an easy topic for Wolverine, and this is simply because every single person he has ever loved has perished in the most gruesome way. Wolverine might not be responsible for many of their deaths, but when you think about it, his loved ones would still be alive if they'd never met him. In Wolverine Vol. 4, Logan's soul was sent to Hell as his body remained on Earth, possessed by demons. Wolverine eventually clawed himself back into his body, but he could not undo the massacres the demons had committed.

In order to seek revenge, Wolverine investigated his body-swap, and tracked down the people responsible for it. When Wolverine finally found the culprits, he was shocked to see that they were a group of people who had been wronged by him in the past and seeking revenge of their own. Wolverine brutally fought his way into the group's headquarters, viciously murdering a large number of mutant body guards to get to them. By the time he reached his foes, they had committed suicide to escape his clutches. However, they did leave a video behind explaining how the body guards he had killed, had actually been his own bastard children.

10 Thor Killed Wasp

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Thor might be your all around good-guy, but that didn't stop him from taking the life of one of his dearest friends. In all fairness, Thor was put into a situation where he really had no choice in the matter. Having to kill his fellow Avenger to stop the world from blowing up isn't a choice he wanted to make, but it was kill or be killed. Nonetheless, he is still responsible for the death of Wasp, a death that he swore he would avenge.

When the Skrull Invasion was in full bloom, the Avengers sought to find a Skrull spaceship located in the Savage Land. When the heroes battled their foes, they were shocked to find them dressed in renditions of their own costumes. The Avengers were dismayed to learn that the Skrulls had been impersonating them for quite some time. Wasp was especially disgruntled because she learned that she had been given a growth serum by a Hank Pym imposter that would turn her into an explosive bio-weapon. When Wasp began to detonate, Thor had no choice but to use his hammer to turn the energy she was giving off back into herself, causing her to explode and die.

9 Mister Fantastic Put His Son In A Coma

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After marrying his longtime girlfriend, the Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic was shocked to find out that he and his wife were having trouble conceiving. Instead of taking this as a sign, the couple went to extreme lengths to conceive and ended up getting pregnant. Sadly, after conceiving their son, Franklin, the Invisible Woman's blood cells began to carry a rare form of energy that threatened her life as well as that of her unborn child. To stop his wife and child from dying, Mister Fantastic, the Human Torch and the Thing entered a dimension called the Negative Zone, and extracted energy from the Rod. This energy regulated the Invisible Woman's blood cells and helped her give birth to a healthy baby boy.

All was well until Franklin turned 2 years old and started to demonstrate extremely powerful psionic powers. Unlike most mutant children, Franklin's powers began to manifest themselves very early on, turning him into an uncontrollable weapon. A villain named Annihilus captured Franklin, trapping him in a machine that released his full psionic potential. Franklin's powers were so strong that they threatened the world's existence. To stop his son from destroying Earth, Mister Fantastic used a device on his son, rendering him completely comatose.


8 Iron Man Gave Daredevil Brain Damage

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It's no secret that Tony Stark is a piece of work who doesn't know when to bite his tongue. Yet somehow, we have managed to love him despite his egotistical personality. The superhero has proven time and time again that he only has his own best interest at heart and doesn't really care about anything besides his company, but that hasn't stopped his fans from praising him for his smarts and ingenuity.

During an AXIS crossover event, Iron Man's bad side found a way to maintain his evil persona once the crossover was reversed, making him the only hero to remain evil after the switch had occurred. Since everyone had turned back to normal, no one suspected that Iron Man had actually been overtaken by an evil force— except for Daredevil. When Daredevil found out that Iron Man was behind San Francisco's Extremis addiction, he tried to confront him. Sadly, Iron Man beat the crap out of Daredevil, gave him brain damage and made him forget all about the incident.

7 Wither Killed His Own Father

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Kevin Ford might have committed worse crimes than killing his own father, but those crimes were committed when he had fully come to terms with his dark side. Before Ford traded in his name for Wither, turned dark and became a supervillain, he attended the Xavier Institute as a normal teenage mutant, made friends, and was considered one of the good guys.

Since a mutant's powers usually start to manifest themselves in their teenage years, Ford had absolutely no idea that he possessed the power of organic decay. One day, a young Ford started to notice that he could make plants decay at an alarming speed, but after a while, he realized that he could do much more than that. Unable to control his powers, Ford began to panic as his clothing started to decay directly off of his body. When his father tried to calm him down, Ford tried to shrug him off but ended up killing him by accident.

6 The Hulk Beat Up His Friends With A Statue They Made For Him

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In The Incredible Hulk #279, the Hulk decided to crash his own party— literally. It had been a while since the Hulk had killed an innocent person by accident, and they wanted him to know that his efforts had not gone unnoticed. The Avengers built a 10-ton adamantium statue of the Hulk, erecting it in Central Park for everyone to see. To show Bruce how proud of him they were, the Avengers thought it would be a good idea to throw him a small party and present the statue to him. Sadly, this proved to be one of the most idiotic ideas they ever had.

The Avenger's actions seemed to piss Banner right off, and before they knew it, the green monster had switched places with him. The Hulk then ripped the statue from the ground and started beating Thor with it. After crushing Thor, the Hulk escaped in New York City, causing billions of dollars worth of damage.

5 Fantomex Killed A Young Apocalypse

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When a human woman and a machine engaged in sexual activity, an infant named Charlie-Cluster 7 was born. Charlie was eventually handed over to scientists, who performed many different types of experiments on him. Charlie was reinvented as a Super-Sentinel, becoming a highly trained mutant-hunter with the name of Fantomex. When the Super-Sentinels caused a train crash in Europe, Fantomex managed to escape amidst the havoc. Fantomex then sought sanctuary at the Xavier Institute, claiming to be a notorious mutant criminal. After his cover was blown, Fantomex remained loyal to the X-Men, and they to him.

Years later, Fantomex teams up with the X-Force as they head out on their mission to kill the villainous Apocalypse. They locate Apocalypse on the blue arc of the moon and use Fantomex's ship E.V.A to reach his whereabouts. After reaching their destination, the X-Force comes to a halt when they realize that Apocalypse is only a child. Unable to kill a child, the X-Force begins to think about the possibility of rehabilitating him. Before they can come to a consensus, Fantomex puts a bullet in his forehead.

4 Star-Lord Sacrificed 350,000 People

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Peter Quill's father was a Spartoi Emperor named J'son who briefly landed onto planet Earth. After conceiving Peter, J'son retuned to Spartax, leaving his lover, Meredith, to raise their son on her own. Peter grew up dreaming that he would one day become an astronaut, feeling an inexplicable connection to space and what lay beyond. His dreams were amplified by the need for revenge when he witnessed his mother being killed by aliens. Later on in life, Peter became a mechanic for NASA, and started training in secret. After an altercation with an astronaut, Peter was fired form his post. Fearing that his dreams would meet an abrupt end, Peter stole a Kree ship and fled Earth's hemisphere.

Once in space, Peter shed his Earthling identity becoming the superhero, Star-Lord. Years passed before Star-Lord would meet his father and learn about his heritage. After leaving his paternal planet, Star-Lord would sacrifice an entire planet to stop the Fallen One from feeding off its energy. This sacrifice would put an end to 350,000 lives, leaving Star-Lord in conflict with his conscious.

3 Ant-Man Tried To Kill Wasp

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Dr. Hank Pym is the scientist responsible for creating the "Pym Particles". These particles have the ability to shrink an individual in size. After toying with his new invention, Dr. Pym invented another serum that could bring him back his normal height. The scientist then created a cybernetic helmet that would allow him to communicate and control ants. Once he had perfected his research, Dr. Pym took on the identity of Ant-Man. He would soon fall in love with Janet Van Dyne, later convincing her to become the superhero, Wasp. The couple would go on to form the Avengers alongside the Hulk, Thor and Iron Man.

After undergoing severe mental stress and succumbing to an injury, Ant-Man's sanity began to wither away. He turned on the Avengers, kidnapped Wasp and even back-handed her— according to the regular Marvel Comics Universe. In the Ultimates Universe, Ant-Man and Wasp actually engage in a full on confrontation. When Wasp can no longer fight, she shrinks herself to escape Ant-Man, who finds her and sprays her with Raid insect spray. But that's not all— Ant-Man also sends a herd of ants to finish her off.

2 Quicksilver Repeatedly Betrayed The Avengers

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Pietro, also known as Quicksilver, was born alongside his twin sister Wanda. The twins were raised by a gypsy couple, but soon fled their hometown when their camp was attacked by townsfolk. Shortly after, they began to exhibit strange mutant powers. Pietro found that he had the ability to displace himself with phenomenal speed, and Wanda could cause objects to burst into flames. When the twins' powers were discovered by superstitious villagers, they were cornered and prepped for death. Luckily, Magneto came and bailed them out of their situation.

The twins were forced to join Magneto's Brotherhood as payment, thus taking on the names of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. The twins later escaped, deciding to join the Avengers in America. Despite having fought alongside the Avengers faithfully for years, Quicksilver began to deviate. He first betrayed them by returning to work for Magneto, but came crawling back to them shortly after. Quicksilver has also left the Avengers mid-battle, turning his back on them in their hour of need.

1 Cyclops Kills Professor X

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Cyclops, also known as Scott Summers, is one of the first mutants to have been taken under Professor Charles Xavier's wing. As a young boy, Summers suffered a head injury that would unable him to control his mutant powers. After the death of his parents, the orphan was taken in by a mutant criminal called Jack O'Diamonds. This mutant abused young Summers, forcing him to use his mutant powers for evil. When Professor X caught wind of Summer's suffering, he teamed up with the FBI and rescued him. Once away from harm, the young mutant boy became the first member of the X-Men and fought alongside his father figure, Professor X, for years.

In the Avengers Vs. X-Men #11 comic, Cyclops' mind is taken over by the Phoenix, making him act out unspeakable tasks. While under his ex-lover's influence, Cyclops is forced to kill the man that rescued him from a life of misery, causing him to spend the rest of his waking days in a deep state of sorrow and regret.


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