15 Male Celebs Who Completely Botched Their Faces

When we think “plastic surgery in Hollywood,” it’s usually the women who come to mind. Boob jobs, butt lifts, Botox, and the rest of the fillers and implants make celebs look “perfect” or at least that’s their goal.

But there are plenty of famous fellas who have taken the plastic surgery route, and while some celebrities' work has flown under the radar thanks to their natural results, other stars have not fared quite as well.

Over-sculpting, plumping, injecting, and suctioning. Plastic surgery that’s gone awry has made some of our favourite stars’ faces go from handsome (or at least normal) to blundered and botched. When your face is often seen in HDTV, it's best think twice before going under the knife, just in case the surgery doesn’t go as expected.

While they won’t likely discuss their plastic surgery outcome, or even the fact they’ve even had anything “done” at all, it’s as clear as day these gents have had plastic surgery, and they should've simple grown old gracefully. It’s not like there’s the same ageism in Hollywood for men as there is for women, so let that face wrinkle and sag! That “older gentleman” suave sophistication is considered hot, but a bloated and expressionless face is most definitely not.

These 15 male actors totally botched their faces with plastic surgery. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed or reversed — or whatever they did will eventually wear off. Until then, take a peek at some of the plastic surgery “don’ts” made famous by your favourite celebrities.

16 Carrot Top

It’s not that Carrot Top was ever particularly good looking, but after his plastic surgery, the comedian took his looks from mildly interesting to downright freaky. He’s always had a full head of red curly hair (hence, the name Carrot Top), but his face was relatively normal. But after what looks like a super-taut face lift and possible reconstruction, along with an extra-large squirt of botox, Carrot Top has become an entirely new person. Of course, his looks are still as unique as his name, but the “before” is suddenly looking a lot sexier. They say carrots are good for your eyes, but they surely weren't referring to Mr. Top. Perhaps his renewed look was created to make his standup routine funnier, or his plastic surgeon had a warped sense of humour. No matter the reason Carrot Top decided to go under the knife, it seems the only ones laughing are the people he used to make fun of in his act. Now the joke is sadly on him.

15 Simon Cowell

For a guy who’s made a living nit picking and evaluating others, the pot is now calling the kettle black with the world passing judgement on the American Idol and X Factor judge instead. Not for his level of talent, but for his apparent change in looks, likely due to plastic surgery that has changed his face dramatically. It’s been reported Cowell may have had a facelift or a jaw reconstruction to give him a more defined look, but Cowell always seemed so full of himself, it’s a surprise he believed he had any shortcomings. As a new dad later in life, perhaps Cowell feels competition from the younger men on the playground who still have youth on their side. Cowell certainly has the money, so a nip or snip every now and then certainly won’t cut into his son’s inheritance. But for all the making fun of others he’s done over the years, it looks like Cowell’s the one being picked apart now.

14 Bruce Jenner

Before “Bruce” became “Caitlin,” she was a fella who wanted to make a change in his looks while still keeping his outward appearance “male.” This resulted in a variety of plastic surgery procedures that left Jenner looking worse for the wear with botched facelifts, eye tightening procedures, nose jobs, and who knows what else. Of course, we now all know that Jenner really wanted to look feminine, so that the outside matched the inside, but at the time, all we saw was a bad plastic surgery nightmare that even the family’s reality show couldn’t hide. Now that Jenner’s gone under her transformation, the work looks a heck of a lot better, but there was a time when no one would want to “Keep Up” with Jenner’s looks. Even for the good looking, one procedure gone awry can make a celeb “break the internet” for all the wrong reasons. It’s a blessing Jenner came out and became the woman publicly she always knew she was. This way we don’t have to see “Bruce” wreck his looks as a man any more.

13 Barry Manilow

Women have been head over heels for the legendary Barry Manilow for years, not necessarily for his looks, but his charm and talent. With hits like “Mandy,” “Could It Be Magic,” and “I Write the Songs,” Manilow is a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter who didn’t have to rely on obvious sex appeal to win the hearts of millions of unconditionally adoring fans. But these days, the “Can’t Smile Without You” singer literally can’t smile due to extensive plastic surgery that’s made his face look obviously different from his looks of his youth. Perhaps no one would care after a night out at the “Copacabana,” but in the broad daylight, we can’t help but wonder why Manilow chose to alter his looks so drastically. Maybe “Somewhere Down the Road” the fillers will settle down and the old Manilow’s looks will reemerge. At least he’s still got those killer musical chops to keep us distracted.

12 Vince Neil

Rock and rollers always want to look cool, but going under the knife to do so doesn’t seem all that rough and tumble. While most rock stars let time weather their faces, Vince Neil decided to try to make himself look better by getting some plastic surgery, including a reported cheek lift, a brow lift, and a nose job. Motley Crue may be all sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but who knew the “drugs” were probably painkillers from various plastic surgery procedures? And Neil wasn’t shy about revealing the work he had done — he aired it all for the world to see on his reality show, Remaking Vince Neil. His new look leaves the rocker looking rather plastic and kinda puffy, but if he hadn’t done anything at all, perhaps he’d look worse. As long as Neil’s pleased with his end results, the screaming throngs of adoring fans probably will too. There have been far worse looking rockers who have had the ladies falling to their knees.

11 Kenny Rogers

The country singer of “The Gambler” surely lost the bet when he chose his plastic surgeon. Once a handsome — or at the very least — decent looking man, Rogers made the unwise decision to change up what his mamma gave him and go under the knife. The end results were beyond obvious, and the singer seemingly fessed up to his evident change in appearance. With taught skin most likely due to a facelift, what appears to be an eye job, and perhaps a few injections here and there, Rogers has surely refreshed his look “Through the Years.” While a down home country fella at heart, it seems like his head lead him straight to the Beverly Hills reconstructive surgery office. Perhaps his plastic surgery blunders are simply motivation for a new country song. Let’s just hope he feels he already has enough material. More surgery and he’ll be nearly unrecognizable.

10 David Hasselhoff

They say, “Don’t hassle the Hoff” but it’s hard to not give the actor a hard time in regard to his evident and not-so-terrific plastic surgery. Hasselhoff was hot in his prime on Knight Rider and Baywatch, but as he’s aged, he’s fallen victim to the Hollywood plastic surgery epidemic and decided to have someone “play doctor” with his formerly more attractive face. Reportedly, “The Hoff” has admitted he’s dabbled with Botox, but rumours have swirled he’s done more than simple injections. It’s been reported he has even had a facelift and eyelid surgery, so it seems that even one of the world’s most handsome fellas can be insecure about his looks. While Hasselhoff’s fame in the U.S. is strong, internationally he’s a real winner, so why he chose to go under the knife is a mystery. Ageing may scare Hasselhoff, but his current look may scare away new fans.

9 Christian Slater

Most people would argue that Christian Slater is (or was) one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, but if you’ve seen him as of late, you’ll notice his devilishly adorable looks are more “devil” than “adorable.” We’ve loved him since Heathers and the admiration has grown over the years, but it’s too bad Slater gave into Hollywood pressure and seemingly did something not so star-worthy to his face. It looks like botox got the best of his forehead which seems immobile, and rumours say he’s had a forehead lift. Pump Up the Volume was a cool Slater film, but “Pump Up the botox” isn’t quite as catchy. Even though Slater near ruined his looks with this facial adjustment, many ladies still have a True Romance with the star… well at least in their dreams. Slater should take note that many plastic surgery procedures are Very Bad Things and nowadays he looks best Alone in the Dark.

8 Tom Cruise

From Top Gun to Jerry Maguire to Vanilla Sky, seasoned and acclaimed actor Tom Cruise has always been considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. His boyish charm and winning smile has always had women swooning, but more recently, his face seems to be ballooning. It appears that Cruise has had extensive fillers shot into his formerly attractive face, making him look blotchy, red, and bloated. Didn’t he know that plastic surgery could be Risky Business? Hopefully whatever Cruise did will settle down and look more natural, but until then, we’re going to need a strong Cocktail in order to process this new look. Sure, Cruise is in his 50s, but he was still looking pretty darn hot as he aged gracefully. Botox or whatever he got injected was totally unnecessary, but maybe he was trying to take the focus off his often criticized public persona and placed onto something more narcissistic.

7 Mickey Rourke

Well-known for his role in 9 ½ Weeks, Mickey Rourke was once considered one of the hottest actors ever to grace the big screen. But over time, aging and Rourke did not seem to get along, so he opted for what appears to be a great deal of plastic surgery, making his looks far worse than natural ageing would have. It has been said that Rourke has had rhinoplasty, cheekbone reconstruction, and a face lift of some sort. He’s barely recognizable, and unfortunately, not in a good way. Although Rourke is a talented actor and keeps his career afloat with films such as The Wrestler, it’s a shame that he didn’t leave well enough alone and treated his face like a wrestling opponent. Perhaps further aging will lessen the harshness of his doctor-created looks, but until then, squint your eyes and try to recall the handsome Rourke of decades past.

6 Wayne Newton

Surely the old time crooner, Wayne Newton, wasn’t singing “Danke Schoen” to his plastic surgeon after he took a glimpse in the mirror. Saying “thank you very much” would be hard to do since Newton emerged looking like a wax figure version of his former self. Perhaps that was his desire and his surgeon is a genius, but usually celebs want a result that’s less plastic and more plausible. While Vegas (where he’s been known to sell out the house) is all about the extremes, even the most made-up showgirl doesn’t look as unrealistic as Newton. Clearly he’s had his eyes done and a nose job seems to be part of his medical package as well. He even had new teeth put in, but that’s the norm for any star. As long as Newton’s pleased with his looks, who are we to judge? But if he’s in as much shock as the rest of us, perhaps the doctors can restore the looks that made him famous in the first place.

5 Burt Reynolds

Once considered a Hollywood heartthrob, with his chiseled and rugged looks, signature mustache, and tanned skin, Burt Reynolds didn’t allow for Mother Nature to determine his destiny in the looks department; he called on his high-priced plastic surgeon instead. It appears the talented actor best known for his decades of work in films including Smokey and the Bandit, Deliverance, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas got a hefty dose of Botox and nipped and snipped his famous face in an attempt to turn back the clock. Unfortunately, surgery did not have Reynold’s hopes and dreams of a fresh faced look come to fruition, instead he was left looking obviously overdone and far less good looking than he did when he starred in Starting Over. Perhaps Reynolds thought having a procedure or two would be his version of Starting Over, but only the classic Reynolds will get the round of applause.

4 Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone is best known for his roles in action films, and his buff body and handsome looks made him born for the big screen. From Rocky to Rambo, Stallone always embraced his unique, yet attractive face and distinct features. But as we’ve seen in recent years, Stallone seems to have gone under the knife in an attempt to turn back the hands of time. The seasoned actor is 70 years old, believe it or not, but he should have allowed his face to age with a natural progression, not go for an alteration by “Dr. Hollywood.” It looks like a hefty helping of fillers and Botox got all up in Stallone’s face, just like a jab from a vicious Rocky opponent. While Stallone still looks a lot better than most fellas his age, the puffy shape and generic plastic surgery outcome has taken the Cobra actor from “sly” to “oh my!”

3 Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta is back in the public eye with his hit TV show, Shades of Blue, with Jennifer Lopez, but his looks are making some people feel blue thanks to plastic surgery that has made the Goodfellas actor look bad. Always cast in the “bad boy” role, this time it’s his plastic surgeon who’s the bad one, taking away Liotta’s formerly appealing looks and turning them into Something Wild… and not in a good way. It’s been rumoured that Liotta’s had fillers and a facelift, but the results are far from spectacular. Liotta was considered a sex symbol in the past, and the ladies still swoon, but they must wish he had decided to keep his look natural rather than trying to compete with the younger up-and-comers. Sin City was a hit, but these plastic surgery blunders are pure sin. Of course, acting alongside the magnificent Lopez would make anyone feel less-than-gorgeous, but “confidence” trumps “plastic” any day of the week. Let’s hope the next time the Shades of Blue star wants to change up his looks, he simply pops on a pair of shades.

2 Jermaine Jackson

We all know how much plastic surgery the late great Michael Jackson had – from his years as a child star to the very end, his looks changed so much that by the time he passed, he looked like a completely different person. While his brother, Jermaine still maintains a recognizable look, he, too has had a lot of work done to his face, and it didn’t exactly make him look any better. These days, his skin appears to look altered in some way, with a shiny complexion, causing critics to spread rumours that he’s had work done. He had a nose job as well, but some may argue that the original one was more becoming. The Jacksons will always be fodder for tabloids, so of course, any sign of plastic surgery is newsworthy. Hopefully, Jackson stops here and doesn’t go overboard with the alterations — we all saw where that lead Michael.


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