15 Male Celebs We Thought Were Gay (Until Their Pregnant Wives Proved Us Wrong)

It’s easy for an actor to get called out on their sexuality if they portray a gay character in a film. However, these actors are simply doing what they have been trained to do—act! And while in recent years it has been easier to come out, especially professionally, we shouldn’t just judge an actor’s sexuality because he has taken up a role in which the character is gay.

Many stars in Hollywood have mistakenly been called gay because of their certain movie roles. Take for example, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who has played an openly gay man in the 1999 film, Flawless. Hoffman has played a number of eccentric roles in films, from Boogie Nights to Capote, but he was in fact a straight man, who had a wife and three children.

This list is compiled of actors who we thought were gay but actually had wives and children that totally disproved any rumor about their sexuality. From actors who just played a gay role, like Sean Penn in Milk, or actors who we just thought were gay because of tabloid rumors, these fifteen actors confirmed they were not gay because they, in fact, had wives who were pregnant!


15 Hugh Dancy - Prefers Gay Roles In Films

Hugh Dancy has no problem playing gay characters, and that’s probably why we all thought he was gay. In fact, it seems like the actor prefers to play gay roles. He doesn’t shy away from the particular roles and has played a gay character in the film Evening, on television for The Big C, and has even on stage for The Pride. He defended his role choosing by stating, “[A character’s sexuality isn’t] a factor in whether I’ll do a role or not. If something like this comes up, and it’s a great character, I’ll want to do it.” If you didn’t know, Dancy is actually married to actress Claire Danes, and they welcomed son Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy on December 17, 2012.

14 Tom Cruise - Personal Life Questioned Since Risky Business


Tom Cruise has had three marriages and various girlfriends, but people have continued to be curious about his sexuality. There have been numerous exposés that claimed Cruise had a secret life. At the young age of 21, when the actor became a superstar following Risky Business, many people questioned his personal life. It seemed like his good looks also had something to do with the rumors. A reporter stated, “In the early days, there were rumors that Tom used to take all-guy trips out in a boat in Marina del Rey.” For years, there have been rumors that Tom Cruise was actually gay, but then again, those are just rumors. His third marriage with Katie Holmes disproved the rumors, sort of. Katie gave birth to Tom’s first biological child, Suri Cruise.

13 Tyler Perry - Rumored To Be Keeping “Real Life” Behind Closed Doors

Actor Tyler Perry was actually ousted by an ex-friend who claimed Perry was once “a gay black man” who “abandoned” the gay community. Apparently, Perry didn’t want anyone to really know his personal life preference because he didn’t want to lose support of black church members. While that person may just be an angry fan or friend, there have been other gay rumors about Perry too, and it came straight from Perry himself! In a blog post, he urged his fans to leave the past behind him, leading people to speculate if he was talking about his gay past. However, no matter how many Madea films the actor creates, he is dating model Gelila Bekele and has one child, Aman Tyler Perry.

12 Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Would Film "Those" Scenes All The Time For Tudors

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Actor Jeremy Irvine admitted that co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a tremendous help when he had to film his first gay steamy scene for the film Stonewall. Irvine said he was nervous to film such a scene, but said that doing it with Meyers was “not a bad choice.” In fact, many people probably thought Meyers was gay since watching him on Tudors. Meyers even told Irvine to help him prepare for the role, “Just relax. I used to do, like, 10 of these a day.” Even the director of Stonewall, Roland Emmerich, said that Meyers “totally took charge.” It seems like an easy mistake to make, but Meyers is married to a woman named Mara Lane and welcomed a son named Wolf in December of 2016.

11 Emile Hirsch - Was Caught "Out Of Breath" With Co-Star

Emile Hirsch was the center of a gay rumor when a crew member for his film Speed Racer walked in on him and co-star Kick Gurry in a rather awkward moment. According to the crew member, he believed Hirsch was gay after seeing him out of breath and half-in-the-buff in a movie trailer with Gurry. However, Hirsch defended himself by saying, “Me and Kick were in the trailer hanging out. Kick was sitting back with his hands behind his head and I was doing push ups. It was so hot so I peeled my driver’s suit down a bit, and then Eric, the wonderfully gay production assistant, walked in. I jumped up really quick, but I was out of breath.” No one should have to explain themselves about their life preferences, but we all know Hirsch isn’t gay. He has a baby boy named Valor with his ex-girlfriend.

10 John Travolta - Got Into A Sticky Situation With Ex-Employee

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John Travolta was in a sticky situation when a former male employee claimed that the two were romantically involved. In 2012, a man named Doug Gotterba told The National Enquirer that he and Travolta had an intimate relationship while he worked for the actor’s aircraft company in the ‘80s. Travolta filed a lawsuit against the man and claimed, “This is every celebrity’s Achilles heel. It’s just about people wanting money. That’s all. It happens on many levels.” We all know that this scandalous story has to be a lie. Travolta has been married to Kelly Preston since 1991, and the couple has three kids together—Jett, Ella, and Benjamin. Besides, we’re pretty sure Travolta could care less what anyone thinks about him.

9 Sean Penn - Film Character Might've Made People Question His Personal Life

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Now, here is an actor that many people may have mistakenly thought was gay because of the character he portrayed in a film. Sean Penn played Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist for the film Milk. He did an outstanding job in the movie and even won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie in 2009. Penn and actor James Franco actually shared a kiss in the film, but Franco admitted that the scene was very “uncomfortable” because Penn’s beard hair kept getting in his mouth. Well, we know Penn is very much straight and has been married to MadonnaRobin Wright, and has also been with actress Charlize Theron. He also has two older children named Hopper and Dylan.


8 Philip Seymour Hoffman - Eccentric Roles May Have Started Rumors

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Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away on February 2, 2014 at the age of forty-seven, but we’ll never forget how talented he was in the movie business. Hoffman was known for playing roles that were eccentric and didn’t shy away from playing gay characters. In Flawless, the actor played a drag queen. In Boogie Nights, Hoffman starred as Scotty, a mic operator with a crush on a male adult film star, and in Capote, the actor steals the show as gay novelist Truman Capote. You would make the assumption that Hoffman was gay, but he does have three children with costume designer Mimi O’Donnell named Tallulah, Willa, and Cooper.

7 Hayden Christensen - Was It Just His Pretty Boy Looks?

Hayden Christensen may fall into the same boat as Jude Law when it comes to all those gay rumors. Like Jude Law, the Star Wars actor is not so bad to look at, and so what if both women and men find him attractive? The guy is smoking hot! But, he has had to bat away numerous rumors about his s*xuality in the press. The rumors could also be lingering because it doesn’t seem like Hayden has any intentions of shutting them down or making any attempt to talk about them. We’re guessing he has better things to do with his life and we don’t blame him. The man is a father to a young daughter named Briar, who he had with actress Rachel Bilson when they were together. In fact, Christensen and Bilson were together for 10 years until they called it quits in September of 2017.

6 Jamie Bell - Kissed Director After Winning Award

Actor Jamie Bell had to slam gay rumors after it was revealed that he moved into director Stephen Daldry’s home as a teenager and kissed him after winning a Best Actor BAFTA award for the 2000 movie Billy Elliot. Bell said about the false reports, “People can think what they want. But I do find all these rumors about whether I’m gay weird. And on a personal level, it’s a bit odd to be talking about. He’s a friend and mentor. He got me where I am today. I don’t think our relationship’s weird and I wasn’t expecting to get so much attention from it.” Bell did shut down those rumors after everyone found out he got married to Evan Rachel Wood in 2012, and after they divorced, he married actress Kate Mara in 2017. Bell and Mara have been spotted on multiple occasions out with his son too!

5 Vin Diesel - Keeps Private Life Extremely Private


The Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel was another straight actor who had to shut down gay rumors about him. Diesel apparently had to slam rumors about his personal life because he just enjoys keeping his private life private. What’s so wrong about that? Besides trying to put those rumors to rest, Diesel remains adamant on continuing to keep his life away from the media. “I’m not gonna put it out there on a magazine cover like some other actors,” Diesel stated, adding, “I come from the Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino code of silence.” He even claimed that he prefers dating in Europe so paparazzi won’t be on his tail everywhere he goes! However, the stud does have a partner named Paloma Jimenez that he’s been seeing since 2007 and three children with her.

4 Will Smith - People Just Keep Believing Nasty Rumors

Will Smith has been the center of a number of rumors about his s*xuality, and there have even been rumors that he and wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, are closeted homosexuals. However, let’s all put that to rest people. In one shocking allegation, no name actress Alexis Arquette claimed that his ex-wife, Sheree Fletcher, walked in on Smith doing the naughty with another man. Even his ex-wife came to his defense to shut down the nasty allegations. It seems like people will go to any lengths to get media attention and money. We also know that Will Smith has three kids—one with Sheree (a son named Trey) and two with his current wife, who he has been with since 1997 (a daughter named Willow and son named Jaden).

3 Bradley Cooper - Thinks Gay Rumors About Him Are Fantastic

Bradley Cooper has gotten his fair share of gay rumors, but come on, it just seems like a complement to him at this point. Everyone wants a piece of Bradley Cooper! When rumors about his personal life came to light, Cooper was thrilled, but when they sprung up seven months later, he actually went ahead and talked openly about it. When asked what he thinks about the gay rumors, he stated, “I think it’s awesome ... It was the first time I read a rumor like that about me, and I just thought it was fantastic. But if you believe those rumors, every single male in Hollywood is gay.” We can put all those rumors to rest. Cooper did welcome his first child with the beautiful Irina Shayk on March 21, 2017.

2 Channing Tatum

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Channing Tatum is one of Hollywood’s hottest actors and the numerous gay rumors surrounding the star may have been fueled because of his past and the movie that was inspired by it. Tatum isn’t shy to talk about his past as a male stripper, and his skills clearly show on the film Magic Mike. However, those shouldn’t be reasons to assume someone’s lifestyle. He’s made a few remarks about wanting to sleep with George Clooney. But, who hasn’t? Sorry folks, we all know that Tatum is married to the talented Jenna Dewan, and they have one four-year-old daughter named Everly together.

1 Jude Law - Various Reasons Prompted Rumors

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Actor Jude Law has been the center of gay rumors, but not because he played a gay character in a film. In fact, many people thought the actor was gay because of his looks. For some reason, people believed his slender figure and his apparent sassiness gave people the impression that he was gay. But if anyone follows the life of Jude Law, they’ll know that he cheated on his then-wife Sienna Miller with his kid’s babysitter in 2006. It was one of the most scandalous things to happen in Hollywood at the time. They tried to rekindle their relationship, but ultimately, the two went their separate ways. Law also is the father to five children.


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