15Samwell Tarly Is Officially A Wizard

When Samwell Tarly first made it to The Wall, he didn't exactly seem like he had what it took to be a brother of The Night's Watch. Yet, he was completely aware of his shortcomings, and he made mention to Jon Snow that he had always wanted to be a

wizard. This reference came up again when he was on his journey with Gilly. She was amazed that he was so knowledgeable and was able to attain so much information just by looking at some characters in a book. She was so amazed that she told him that he was like a wizard. This made another appearance in Season 7 when he made it to the Citadel. The interesting part is that the actor that played the Harry Potter character Professor Slughorn played the archmaester at the Citadel, which Samwell Tarly studied under. This wasn't the first Harry Potter actor to appear in the Game of Thrones series, but the wizard connection with Samwell Tarly can't be denied.

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