15 Major Things You Definitely Missed In Game Of Thrones' S7

With Season 7 of Game of Thrones coming to an end, fans of the series have been overjoyed at what has transpired with each new episode. So many different storylines have crossed paths, and different families are starting to come together in ways that never seemed possible in previous seasons. The children of House Stark haven't been together since Season 1, and they've finally returned to their Winterfell home after so much time apart. This has caused fans to completely freak out over the possibilities of restoring their House to its former glory, but that isn't the only plot that has started to evolve. Queen Daenerys has finally made it back to Westeros, and she's tried to unite some of the Great Houses to fight against Queen Cersei, so the Clash of the Queens has already begun.

All of the questions that have arisen over the past six seasons have started to get answered in Season 7, with each new episode revealing some earth-shattering revelations. Yet, with each question being answered, new questions have started to arise. Everyone wants to know when Jon Snow will finally learn of his Targaryen lineage, how the men of the Night's Watch will defeat the Night King, and of course, who will ultimately reign on the Iron Throne. While not all of the questions will be answered in Season 7, there have been some definite hints that have been dropped in the episodes thus far. On top of the hints for what's to come, there have been some major references to previous episodes. If you call yourself a true Game of Thrones fanatic, check out these 15 major details you may have missed in Season 7 of Game of Thrones (so far).

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15 Samwell Tarly Is Officially A Wizard

When Samwell Tarly first made it to The Wall, he didn't exactly seem like he had what it took to be a brother of The Night's Watch. Yet, he was completely aware of his shortcomings, and he made mention to Jon Snow that he had always wanted to be a wizard. This reference came up again when he was on his journey with Gilly. She was amazed that he was so knowledgeable and was able to attain so much information just by looking at some characters in a book. She was so amazed that she told him that he was like a wizard. This made another appearance in Season 7 when he made it to the Citadel. The interesting part is that the actor that played the Harry Potter character Professor Slughorn played the archmaester at the Citadel, which Samwell Tarly studied under. This wasn't the first Harry Potter actor to appear in the Game of Thrones series, but the wizard connection with Samwell Tarly can't be denied.

14 Restricted Section Of The Citadel

It's hard to deny that there's a distinct comparison between Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter and the Citadel in Game of Thrones. Sending Samwell Tarly to the Citadel was a great reference to his goal of one day becoming a wizard, and the Harry Potter references didn't stop there. Beyond the archmaester of the Citadel being portrayed by an actor who was previously in the Harry Potter film series, the library at the Citadel was reminiscent of the books of spells at Hogwarts. Just as there were restricted areas of Hogwarts, there were also restricted areas of the Citadel. Harry Potter had his Cloak of Invisibility to let him roam the halls of Hogwarts, but Samwell didn't need a magical cloak to get to the restricted area of the Citadel. This whole scenario was a huge bonus for fans of both of these fantasy series.

13 Catspaw Dagger Revealed

It's already been established that Valyrian steel has the ability to defeat White Walkers, but there's something extremely special regarding the dagger that was featured in Season 1. When a cutthroat was sent to murder Bran in his bed, it was this dagger that became the reason why Catelyn Stark suspected Tyrion Lannister of hiring the assassin. The dagger was referenced again when Samwell Tarly lingered on an ancient book in the Citadel, which shows that there was a special significance to this particular dagger. Littlefinger gave the dagger to Brandon Stark, and during this interaction, Bran posed the question as to whether or not he knew whose dagger it was. It was later given to Arya, and she can be seen wearing it on her hip in a promotional photo for Entertainment Weekly.

12 Mountain Of Dragonglass

The showrunners of Game of Thrones love to throw in aspects into the episodes that have been referenced in previous seasons. One of the major revelations in Season 7 came when Samwell Tarly discovered that there was literally a mountain of Dragonglass at Dragonstone. When Jon Snow was with The Night's Watch, they realized how important Dragonglass would be in the War to Come against The Night King. At Hardhome, Jon Snow knew the importance of getting to the bag of Dragonglass, and that was just a small amount. The Brothers of The Night's Watch had made the statement that they literally needed "a mountain" of it in order for it to make a real difference in the war against the White Walkers. Finding this mountain at Dragonstone was a great reference to the previous season.

11 Next Generation Robert Baratheon

Even though Robert Baratheon had a number of bastard children while he was alive, viewers only got to really know Gendry. He was the last surviving bastard after the Gold Cloaks hunted them all down, and fans of the series couldn't help but fall in love with his interaction with Arya Stark. House Baratheon and House Stark have had a longstanding relationship since before Robert's Rebellion, and seeing Gendry with Arya was satisfying for fans of the series. Yet, the real connection came in Season 7 when Ser Davos Seaworth found Gendry in King's Landing. The comparisons between Gendry and his father didn't stop at the physical appearance since both of them seemed to have an affinity toward warhammers. The real payoff came when Seaworth brought him to see Jon Snow, and the two of them talked about their fathers together.

10 Nymeria Reference

When the Stark children were given a direwolf in Season 1, TV audiences became just as attached to the wolves as they did to the Stark children. When Robb Stark was killed at the Red Wedding, people were just as heartbroken to see the Freys kill his direwolf. Yet, Arya's direwolf hasn't been featured in the series since she was driven away in order to protect her against Cersei's wrath. When she reappeared in Season 7, fans of the book series were thrilled to see that Nymeria was shown with her massive pack. Yet, the best part of their meeting was when Arya offered a line that referenced herself from Season 1. Rather than stating, "That's not you," because the direwolf wasn't actually Nymeria, the line was similar to what she told her father when he outlined what her future would be like as a Lady of a Great House.

9 Jon Snow Isn’t A Bastard

When Jon Snow was introduced to Missandei, she had a difficult time understanding the concept of being a bastard. They literally had to spell out that the defining characteristic of being a bastard was the fact that his parents weren't married. Yet, there was a huge bombshell revelation that emerged in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Gilly was reading with Samwell Tarly at the Citadel and came across the diary of High Septon Maynard. It stated that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen had his marriage to Elia Martell annulled and then had a secret wedding, presumably to Lyanna Stark. This would make Jon Snow's birth a legitimate one and would give him the biggest claim to the Iron Throne. It was long thought that Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped Lyanna, which was one of the main reasons behind Robert's Rebellion, but now, it's revealed that it was a consensual relationship.

8 The Dragon Has Three Heads

Ever since Game of Thrones viewers heard the prophecy about the dragon having three heads, there were constant speculations regarding who would ride alongside Daenerys. Yet, Season 7 has truly solidified Jon Snow's role as one of the dragon riders. When Rhaegar Targaryen was married to Elia Martell, she was able to birth both a son and a daughter together. This would make it difficult for him to get an annulment. Yet, he believed that the prophecy of the dragon having three heads proved that he needed to remarry someone that could give him his third child. His secret wedding to Lyanna Stark produced his third child, whom we now know as Jon Snow. When he interacted with Drogon, fans of the series were able to truly see that even the dragons are aware of his Targaryen blood.

7 White Walkers Beyond The Wall

When Brandon Stark finally made it back to Winterfell, it became obvious that he was no longer the same young boy who grew up there. His life experiences after Theon Greyjoy had taken control of Winterfell definitely worked to strip him of his innocence, but it was his transformation into the Three-Eyed Raven that truly changed him. While fans were overjoyed to see him reunited with Sansa and Arya, the real revelations came when he began having visions of the future. One of the visions showed the army of the dead marching with what looked like Wun Wun the Giant. Yet, the main element of this vision was the fact that they had crossed to the other side of The Wall. There were grass and green, and then, they turned it to snow and ice as they marched.

6 Clash Of The Queens

While the previous seasons of Game of Thrones were focused on the War of the Five Kings, the new battle is between Queen Cersei and the Dragon Queen. The showrunners have forced audiences to really draw comparisons between these two Queens through various scenes, and there was one camera angle that really drove the contrast between these two fierce women. The aerial shot of these two queens shows how distinctly different they are. Cersei is seated high up, in a way that isolates her from the rest, while Queen Daenerys is much more open to her advisors. This is indicative of their ruling style because Daenerys is far more open to working with others. The latest episode in Season 7 even showed that she's willing to work with Queen Cersei in the fight against the Night King, even though Queen Cersei will probably use this as an opening to defeat her once and for all.

5 Samwell Tarly Writing The History Of Westeros

During Samwell Tarly's time at the Citadel, there were a number of hints of his own poetic way with words. When the archmaester was telling him about the title of the book he was writing, Sam had some words of wisdom about making the title a bit more intriguing to the reader. Later, he was tasked with the chore of rewriting all of the books that were starting to disintegrate due to their old age. This is a nod to the theory that Samwell will end up writing the tale of Westeros when all is said and done, which is similar to Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings. There's already a great name for this story, in fact, since George R. R. Martin came up with it in A Song of Ice and Fire.

4 Actor/Gold Cloak

Game of Thrones is notorious for swapping out actors, whether it's the fact that The Mountain has been played by various different actors from one season to the next or how Daario Naharis was completely switched. Yet, Season 7 brought on a character change that was a bit more strange. The comedian, Kevin Eldon, had already appeared in the series as a traveling actor in Braavos. Yet, in Season 7, he returned to play a member of the Gold Cloaks. There's got to be an interesting story there about how an actor could travel all the way from the Free City of Braavos to King's Landing and then, how he got a job as a Gold Cloak. Yet, the world will probably never learn that story since he got his head bashed in with Gendry's Warhammer.

3 Arya Vs. Sansa

When Arya finally made it back to Winterfell, fans of the series rejoiced at the thought of the Stark children finally reuniting. Yet, it was hard to discount that there was always a bit of tension between Sansa and Arya. When Sansa took the side of Joffrey during the altercation between him and the butcher's boy, all of their childish bickerings were taken to another level. Once she returned to Winterfell, Littlefinger knew just how to create even more division between the sisters by planting a copy of the message that was sent to Winterfell at Queen Cersei's behest. Even though Sansa was forced to write to House Stark to tell them to come bend the knee to King Joffrey, seeing those words for herself was just the thing to push Arya over the edge. Yet, the real question is how could Arya let Littlefinger manipulate her after all of her training with the Faceless Men?

2 Rebranding King’s Landing

Fans of the Game of Thrones series have learned to pay close attention to the opening credits. The title sequence has been changed over the series to include different areas of the Seven Kingdoms, which has given the audience a clue about what the show was going to focus on in the storyline. The great pyramid of Meereen was added while Daenerys ruled in Slaver's Bay and Season 7 saw the Citadel being included in the title sequence. Yet, there was a detail at King's Landing that has fans of the series wondering whether or not there's a special significance to the House Baratheon sigil. When Queen Cersei took the Iron Throne, she took down the Baratheon banners and replaced the stag with the signature House Lannister Lion. Yet, the title sequence still shows the stag above King's Landing. With Gendry making an appearance in Season 7, it has fans wondering whether or not him being the last living heir to House Baratheon is symbolic in this King's Landing feature.

1 Fire Wights Revealed

When Beric Dondarrion was first revealed in the series, the audience found out that there was more than one way to bring the dead back to life. The White Walkers were reanimated with ice and became creatures that were beholden to the Night King. Yet, Beric Dondarrion was reanimated with the help of the Lord of Light. Fans of the book series have an attachment to Dondarrion because he was the one who was able to bring Catelyn Stark back from the dead, even though it doesn't look like they're going to include that aspect into the Game of Thrones series. His sword of fire is also hugely significant because it's a key component to the "Prince who was promised." Season 7 showed the Brotherhood Without Banners being united with Jon Snow and his group traveling beyond The Wall, and this is a huge moment for the series. Not only are two fire wights being united, but there's potential for Jon Snow to wield the sword of fire.

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