15 Major Plot Holes We Ignore From Our Favorite Movies

Writing a Hollywood movie can be a difficult thing, especially when the executives are only interested in box office success and how many millions of dollars they can make. So the writers and directors out there have to come up with something exciting, action-packed, and possibly with a few twists throughout to keep us glued to the screen.

Because of this, movies, and if there's more than one, sequels and franchises have to weave clever plots and stories with high intensity action to keep us coming back for more. With all of that going on, they can be forgiven if they make the odd mistake or mishap within their movies. However, some mistakes are so big that we simply can't ignore them. Some of the movies we have loved for years actually have glaring plot holes that you may not have ever noticed. With that in mind, here are 15 plot holes from everyone's favorite movies, but because they're our favorite, we often chose to ignore them. Not today!

Warning: This list does contain a lot of spoilers!

15 Cypher's Betrayal - The Matrix

We start our list with an entry that's a bit of a head scratcher. In The Matrix, one of Morpheus' crew members, Cypher, becomes sick and tired of living in the "real world" and wants to be put back into The Matrix with a fresh start and his memory wiped. So he sets up a trap in order for the Agents to catch Morpheus. Not only did this plot take up most of the movie but choosing to save Morpheus is one of the main reasons that Neo believed he was the "Chosen One" and started to act like it.

That is an important plot point but did they overlook one thing? When you enter The Matrix, you have to be plugged in and the operator watches you and guides you. When Cypher sets the trap, he's already entered The Matrix with Morpheus and co, so that's fine and that works. But before that, Cypher was having dinner with The Agents in The Matrix in order to set up the trap. How did he get into The Matrix without either being plugged in or without anyone knowing? We definitely feel like that was a slight oversight.

14 That Final Kick - The Karate Kid

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Our next entry is an 80s classic and a movie we grew up with and still love to this day. The movie itself is a good old fashioned story about a new kid in town who gets bullied but is taken in by an old and wise man and learns the way of karate. He bests his bullies in a karate championship. And just like all movies of this type, he also wins the girl.

However, in the final scenes, when Daniel is facing off against the lead bully Johnny, something magical happens, but it's also wrong. Leading up to this big face off, Daniel has been beaten and had his leg badly hurt when the other bullies tried to injure him so he could carry on. Those bullies got disqualified and punished but then at the very end Daniel performs the Crane kick, which is illegal! Not only did Daniel win unfairly, but he got praised and adored for doing something that he wasn't supposed to do. It's such a feel good ending that everyone seems to ignore this fact.

13 The Frame Job - Minority Report

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The next entry on our list comes from two of the biggest names in Hollywood. Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise teamed up for this science fiction epic. Although, it has to be said, with those two fronting this movie, it didn't do as well as we would have thought. Apart from the slight box office slump, Minority Report is still a great movie, except for one thing.

In the future, crime has pretty much been eliminated because of psychics known as "Precogs" which can predict anything that's about to happen and the police go and stop it before the crime takes place. Within that world, Cruise's character gets set up as a murder is "predicted" to happen by Cruise's hands. With someone going to so much trouble to make Cruise's character look guilty, they forgot one thing. How did the "Precogs" see this "murder" when Cruise's character didn't do it? Did the villain just hope they would or did they do something to the "Precogs" to make them see it? This point is never explained.

12 The Final Battle - Guardians Of The Galaxy

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The MCU's breakout smash hit took everyone by surprise when Guardians of the Galaxy came flying onto our screens. The story about a group of intergalactic criminals that band together in order to save the universe from an evil being that wants to destroy it was incredibly good fun and we all loved it. It look good, the cast was great, the story was different and the soundtrack was toe-tappingly awesome. This movie really did have everything, except for one thing.

Towards the end of the movie, The Guardians come up with a plan to take down Ronin; they're going to get him on his own ship before he can touch down on the planet and destroy it. The gang fight their way through many bad guys and Gamora goes ahead to disable the power so the rest of the group can face off against Ronin. In the end, Gamora just blasts a hole in the floor to help her team out. Why didn't they just do that in the first place rather than fighting all the bad guys which in turn announced their arrival? If they had done that first, they would have taken everyone by surprise and probably would have stopped any of the Nova Corp from dying.

11 Thor Travels Back To Earth - The Avengers 

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We're staying within the MCU for our next entry. When the first Avengers movie hit our screens, it had been the combination and work of many years. Each of the heroes had their own solo movies, with each one leading up to this very moment. With all the money, publicity, and years of planning, a lot of us thought this would be a big let down and a massive anticlimax. Thankfully, we were wrong and what we got was a truly great superhero movie.

Having said that, there was one thing that we just couldn't let go of. At the end of Thor's first solo movie, Thor himself destroyed the Bifrost, the path that lets him travel to Earth, in order to save Asgard. However, when Loki turns up in The Avengers, Thor is right on his tale to take him home. How did he get there? Loki made a small throw away comment about needing dark energy and magic to do it but that doesn't really explain it. In fact, it's never mentioned again.

10 The Police Trapped Underground - The Dark Knight Rises 

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Next on our list we have the final instalment of the Batman Begins trilogy. There's no denying that Christopher Nolan's vision of the Dark Knight saved the Batman franchise from the wilderness, especially after the nightmare that was Batman and Robin! In a more down to Earth, realistic, and gritty take on Gotham's finest, the Batman Begins trilogy set the standards of what a more grown up superhero movie could be and we loved it for that.

However, in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is hellbent on taking over Gotham and to do so, he's taken Batman out of the equation, by breaking his body and putting him in the pit, and then sets his sights on the police. In an attempt to stop him, every single police officer goes underground to flush out Bane. Obviously this is a trap, but even if the police didn't think that was the case, why on Earth would they send everyone?  This seems to be a massive oversight and a flimsy reason to make the city easy for Bane.

9 Marty's Future - Back To The Future Part II 

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Over the course of the three movies that make up the Back To The Future trilogy, there's actually quite a few plot holes and mistakes. But considering that the story involves a lot of time travel, and not only that but time travel across a character's own timeline, we can forgive the people involved for a few mistakes. However, there is one thing that we can't.

In Part II, Doc Brown comes back to Marty and tells them that they have to go to the future in order to save Marty's kids who get caught up in some serious trouble. If we overlook the fact that Doc himself said you can't interfere with the past and you definitely can't know anything about your future, that aside, why did Doc stop with Marty's children? He said that he and his girlfriend turn out okay, but they don't. Even before Marty's son gets into trouble, Marty's life is a big unhappy mess. If Doc is going to interfere with Marty's future then why not fix everything? And if Marty can't know too much about his own future then why involve him in the first place? Doc could have easily fixed all this without Marty's knowledge.

8 Time Issues - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 

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With our next entry we delve into what is arguably one of the greatest movies ever made. The culmination of great storytelling, action sequences, and a terrific cast who are all at the top of their games, makes Empire Strikes Back a true classic. We won't go into the details of the movie as everyone should have seen it. If you haven't then there is something wrong with you and you need to seek help immediately!

The only mistake in Empire Strikes Back isn't a plot hole as such, it's actually more of a time issue. When Luke leaves Hans Solo and Princess Leia after their fun on the planet Hoth, Luke goes to seek out Yoda in order to train to become a true Jedi while Han and Leia go off to the Cloud City, where they would meet Luke again. Admittedly Han gets side tracked with a trip into an asteroid field, but essentially his journey seems to only cover a day or so, whereas Luke's training seems to go on for weeks if not more. Does time run differently depending on which planet you're on or was Han just messing about in space for weeks? We're not sure but something doesn't add up.

7 Microwave Emitter - Batman Begins

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Back into the world of Batman with our next entry and the movie that kick started a new trilogy for The Dark Knight. Batman Begins set up the tone and direction for the new Batman and became an instant classic. As Bruce Wayne is finding his wings as Batman, Ra's Al Ghul and his League of Shadows, along with The Scarecrow, try and take over Gotham City with some "fear toxin" and a microwave emitter.

Firstly, the microwave emitter is supposed to vaporize water instantly, it's established in the movie that this won't harm humans but why not? After all, we are at least 70% water! Secondly, the "fear toxi" had been dumped into the water supply for weeks, and although it's harmless in water, it's not when that water turns to steam. So for weeks no one in Gotham had taken a shower? Boiled a kettle or pot of water? Been in a sauna or used a steam room? Obviously these aren't normal things in Gotham City.

6 John Connor's Birth - The Terminator Franchise 

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Ok, so nowadays many people out there dislike the Terminator franchise and thinks it's all gone a bit too far and for far too long. To some extent, they are right but what they must remember is that the first two Terminator movies are two of the best science fiction movies ever made. Love them or hate them the Terminator movies are essentially about a future in which machines have risen up against humanity. The last of the human resistance is led by John Connor, so the machines, being clever things, send back Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ultimate robot killing machine, in order to stop Connor from ever being born. That's essentially the story of the Terminator movies and unfortunately that's where their problem lays.

Because the future machines send back Arnie, the future John Connor sends back his father Kyle Reese to stop Arnie. Because of that Kyle meets Connor's mother and then she becomes pregnant. If the machines are that clever, and from the future, they would know this. So if they didn't send Arnie back in time then Connor's father wouldn't have been sent back and therefore John Connor would never have been born.

5 Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story 

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When the Pixar movie Toy Story was released in cinemas it completely changed everything for animated movies. With it's use of CGI and computer trickery, Toy Story broke the mould of what was possible with family movies. Not only was the look of the movie different but Toy Story also had a good, well, story and a story that wasn't just aimed at kids either, which was rare in the old days.

Telling the tale of toys that come to life when humans aren't around, the toys in Andy's bedroom had a pretty good life with Woody the cowboy in charge. That is until a new super toy came to play. Buzz Lightyear was a space ranger, and more than that he didn't know he was a toy and actually thought he was a real spaceman. So if that's the case then why did Buzz play dead with the other toy's when Humans came into the room? Why didn't he just tell them he's a space ranger?

4 The Poster - The Shawshank Redemption 

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The Shawshank Redemption has slowly become one of the most surprising movies ever made. Originally coming from a short story by Stephen King, The Shawshank Redemption didn't actually do very well when it was released. It didn't set the box office on fire and a lot of critics slammed it. However, due to repeats on TV and a VHS release, The Shawshank Redemption, over time, became considered one of the best movies ever made.

The movie tells the tale of a man who is sent to prison, wrongly in his mind, as he tries to adapt to life on the inside. Prison life doesn't suit Andy so he spends the years planning his escape, taking his time to chip away at the rock and make a tunnel for his escape, which is crazy on its own! But he hides his escape hole with a poster, which he places nicely over the hole when he escapes. But how did he put the poster on the wall from inside the tunnel? That question still baffles us to this day.

3 Hermione's Time Traveling - Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban 

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Many people will say that The Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the best movies in the Harry Potter franchise, and we'd probably have to agree. In this movie, we see a break out at the wizard prison Azkaban and the seemingly murderous Sirius Black is out and after Harry. This movie is darker, mainly because of the soul sucking Dementors, and has a more adult tone and feel to it. With everything that happens in this movie, it turns out that Hermione has a Time Turner and is able to go back in time and change certain things.

We don't have a problem with that at all. What's a little time travel when you live in a world full of wizards and magic? Our point to this though is that it's not so much of a plot hole but a missed opportunity. If Hermione could go back in time to save Buckbeak the Hippogriff and Sirius Black, then why doesn't she go one further and go back in time and stop Voldemort doing all those bad things? Or, as the time turner was Dumbledore's, why didn't he do it? What are the rules of having a Time Turner? What else could Hermione have changed?

2 Luke's Hiding Place - Star Wars 

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Next we come to a movie that started the biggest and most famous franchise in all of movie history. We hate to tell all you fans out there but the entire franchise is based off one massive plot hole that has never been addressed or answered.

We know that Star wars: A New Hope was the first movie, but if you put all of them together and in order, it actually doesn't matter if you don't know it, as the plot hole is still there. But the end of Revenge Of The Sith left an angry Anakin Skywalker on his path to being Darth Vader. His wife had died and his child, he only thought he had one at the time, was taken away from him. Anikin embraces the dark side and becomes the universe's big bad. However, in order to keep his son Luke safe, do they hide him on a planet in which Darth Vader wouldn't find him? Do they at least change his surname so that Darth couldn't space Google Skywalker to find him? No. What they in fact do is let him keep his name and hide him on his father's home planet with his only living relatives. How Luke didn't get found in the first 30 seconds of New Hope is beyond us!

1 The Eagles - The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy 

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The number one entry on our list of movies with massive plot holes has to be The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Before everyone starts yelling at the screen, we know that everyone has debated and gone over this point ever since the release of these movies. Die hard fans of the movies, and the books, will try and justify this point and say that it isn't a plot hole and is in fact a great ending to a great book. However, we struggle to see their point of view and want to scream "Plot Hole!"

Over three movies, the Hobbits have been on their way to destroy the ring on Mount Doom. Throughout their journey, there has been terrible things happening and battles and wars waging all around them, but after everything that's happened and everything they've been through, eagles fly into Mount Doom at the end and save the Hobbits. Why didn't they just use the Eagles in the first place and save the lives of so many? To us this is a major plot hole and even worse, it's an easy way to end the journey and a bit of a cop out.

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