15 Lying Ladies And Their No Makeup Selfie Fails

The no makeup selfie trend is really sweeping the globe these days. Celebrities and regular women alike are taking to social media to post their faces with no makeup. Although it started as a way to raise awareness for cancer, for many women it's become really competitive. It's almost a way to show how beautiful you are, rather than showing that you don't care about your appearance. Some have labeled this phenomenon "Humble bragging." I love that term. It perfectly sums up everything that has gone wrong with the #nomakeupselfie challenge. Many women are getting so competitive about this challenge that they're actually starting to cheat, and when they finally get called out it's pretty funny to witness.

But let us remember that even if these women are cheating a little bit, their heart is in the right place (at least if they're raising money and awareness for cancer). Whether they're actually wearing no makeup or not isn't important. The important thing is that they're participating in a movement designed to make a difference. Women, like men, can get pretty competitive. That's just in their nature. Not everyone can look good without makeup, and sometimes women are not self-confident enough to show the world their faces without makeup. These women might still want to raise awareness for cancer, so they post a picture with maybe just a little bit of makeup. While they may get nitpicked by fans, the important thing to remember is that they're at least trying to make a difference.

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15 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who's been proved guilty quite a few times when it comes to "no makeup selfies." Here she is, implying that she just got out of bed with the caption, "Good morning." This is actually a pretty clever way to suggest that you're not wearing makeup, without explicitly saying so. Because she's in bed, the assumption is that she hasn't gotten up yet, and would therefore have no opportunity to apply makeup. Well, it's pretty clear that she did run to the mirror, apply makeup, and then get back into bed to take this selfie. She is quite clearly wearing eyeliner and perhaps mascara? Not to mention the fact that this filter does a really good job of hiding any potential makeup.

14 No Makeup... Except Eyeliner


This girl isn't a celebrity, but she's just as guilty as the rest of them. This is one of the all-time greatest "Facebook fails." This young girl claims not to be wearing makeup, only to have her friends point out all the cosmetic products that she's wearing, which are actually really easy to see. One by one, she gets caught on and accused of wearing various products. She eventually admits that she is wearing eyeliner... And then false eyelashes... And then finally her integrity is pretty much completely destroyed when she gets accused of wearing lipstick... Which she denies. Really? I never knew natural lips were that shiny...

13 Just Got Out Of The Shower


I can't believe that this girl actually thought people would be stupid enough to think that there really was "#no filter, #no makeup," and that she was "#all natural." You have to give her credit though, she was clearly following the philosophy of "Go big or go home." If you're going to lie about not wearing makeup, you might as well go the whole 9 yards. And for her, this meant putting fake freckles on her skin, photoshopping her eyes, wearing eyeliner, wearing what looks like blush, and filtering the crap out of her photo. Unfortunately for her, her risk didn't pay off, and everyone called her out on her lies.

12 Michelle Keegan


Michelle Keegan is an English actress who has one hell of an Instagram page. She posted this picture with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, and although it was a good attempt, she didn't fool many people. One commenter pointed out that "...the eyebrows are 1000% filled in. Plus there is inner eye eyeliner. Not saying this person isn't gorgeous but just want to acknowledge that this is not #nomakeup." Well, that person is 1000% right. Michelle Keegan is definitely not playing by the rules when it comes to the #nomakeupselfie challenge. It was a good attempt though, especially the lying in bed part, that really gave the impression that she had just woken up.

11 Jessica Nigri


Jessica Nigri is another celebrity who couldn't resist cheating when it came to the #nomakeup selfie challenge. For those who don't know her, she's one of the most famous cosplayers today, and she often shows up at Comic-Con wearing some pretty exciting outfits, especially to all her male fans. She's not usually seen without makeup, and this Instagram post was no exception. Although she implies she's makeup free with the caption "Still trying to get used to posting pictures without make up on here," it's clear that she is wearing makeup. I mean, just look at that eyeliner and mascara! That's not even close to #nomakeup. This is just a blatant example of someone lying about not wearing makeup.

10 Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato was another celebrity who jumped aboard the #nomakeup bandwagon... or at least tried to. She posted this picture with the caption "Ladies, be brave today... take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!!" There was only one problem. While Demi Lovato was advocating other women take off their makeup and stop using filters, she obviously felt she didn't have to play by those same rules. Many people have pointed out that she is wearing blush and lip balm, and her eyebrows have obviously been done. And that's just what we can see on the surface, there's no telling what other products she was using.

9 Khloe Kardashian


I love this post from Khloe Kardashian. If you're going to post an #unprettymonday picture, you probably want to at least try to look unpretty. Or at least, I don't know... not wear makeup. I mean, the whole point of makeup is to look pretty... So why would you wear that for a picture that's supposed to be unpretty? I guess there's no understanding her logic. Her idea of posting an unpretty picture was to put on lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, and then put on some nerdy looking glasses and act like you're just about to go to sleep. Somehow, she managed to make an unpretty photo look pretty... But that was no accident. It was exactly as she intended.

8 Is This A Joke...?


I seriously hope that this was just a girl trying to make fun of the #nomakeupselfie challenge. If that's true, then this is actually pretty funny. But I shudder at the possibility that this girl actually thinks she's fooling anyone when she posts a picture like this and tags it with the hashtag "#nomakeup." I mean, just look at her eyes! She's clearly wearing makeup. I'm starting to notice a trend here. I think for whatever reason, some women believe that mascara, eyelash extensions, eyeliner, and eyeshadow somehow "doesn't count" as makeup. We've seen it too many times for it to be a coincidence. I'm hoping that this is just a joke... 'cause otherwise this woman is seriously delusional.

7 Kelly Brook


This is another selfie that doesn't explicitly say that she's not wearing makeup, but it does imply it. This is Kelly Brook, so a lot of people saw this selfie. Kelly Brook is an English model and entertainer who has appeared on shows like Top Gear, Strictly Come Dancing, and The Nightly Show. She's known as a sex symbol in the UK, much like Kim Kardashian in America. But did she really have to pull this stunt? Again, the problem is that she's implying that she's going to bed, and that implies that she has no makeup on. Because as any woman will tell you, no sane woman goes to bed wearing makeup. But that's exactly what Kelly Brook seems to be doing, as she's wearing eyeliner, eye shadow, and what looks like lipstick. You aren't fooling anyone!

6 "Feel Like A Kid With No Makeup"


Here's another girl who posted on Instagram her somewhat deluded version of a selfie with no makeup. She tags this picture as "#natural" and "nomakeupselfie." Which is pretty weird, considering the fact that she's clearly wearing eyeliner and possibly even eye shadow. It's like people don't quite understand the concept of the #nomakeupselfie challenge. It doesn't mean "a little bit of makeup," or "no makeup except eyeliner." It means no makeup. As in zero, nothing, nil. Tagging your picture with #nomakeupselfie is just asking for trouble, as people are going to see it and realize you're lying!

5 Wow...


These two girls certainly look like they're having fun. Unfortunately, they are also blatantly lying about not wearing makeup. I feel like their decision to tag this photo with #nomakeup was just an impulsive decision that they didn't really think much about. It could have been a mistake. That would at least paint them in a better light. For the girl on the right, it couldn't be more obvious that she's wearing makeup. I mean, just look her eyes. They're also using a really obvious filter on this picture, which could very well hide further evidence of makeup. This is just plain hilarious.

4 Seems Legit...


Are you kidding me? This is the most obvious case of makeup I've ever seen! First of all, her eyebrows are obviously done. Second, she's wearing eyeliner and eye shadow. Third, she's wearing blush (and possibly foundation). And finally, she's wearing lipstick, or at the very least lip balm. Just what the hell about this photo signifies "#nomakeup?" Why would you tag your photo with that? Do you not understand the concept behind it? Did you put that tag on by mistake? I'm seriously racking my brains trying to figure out why she did this. It really just takes away legitimacy from the people who are actually playing by the rules.

3 Kim Kardashian (Again)


Kim Kardashian was one celebrity we couldn't help but include twice in this list. When she went to a fashion event in Paris, she posted a picture claiming she was wearing no makeup. But a lot of people then commented about how suspiciously good the reality TV star looked... While she was probably wearing less makeup than usual, the fact that she was wearing no makeup whatsoever seems like a pretty hard pill to swallow. I think people are probably right in suggesting that she's wearing some foundation. Also, it's clear that she's wearing mascara, although those might be eyelash extensions. Either way the assertion that she's wearing zero makeup is quite clearly ridiculous.

2 Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys was one celebrity that started this whole no makeup trend. She basically announced that she is going to stop wearing makeup, and that all of her photos on social media are going to have no makeup from now on. While that was pretty inspiring, and her message of body acceptance for women deserves credit, many people are wondering whether she's truly wearing no makeup. Adam Levine saw her put on makeup before a show. That lead to a pretty big controversy, which ended with Alicia Keys' personal makeup artist coming out and saying that Alicia Keys does in fact wear "some" makeup, but not that much. Well, then she can't really say she wears no makeup, can she?

1 Kylie Jenner


I find it hilarious that Kylie Jenner of all people posted a no makeup selfie. Why? Because she's one of the most famous lip-filler addicts of all time. I get it, it doesn't count as makeup. But it's still something that alters the appearance to make the face appear more beautiful. And that makes it unnatural. There's also the fact that she's wearing eyeliner and her eyebrows are tinted. Also, her check out her lashes! When a fan pointed out that Kylie Jenner had clearly done something to her eyebrows, Jenner readily admitted that she had tinted her eyebrows, and that her fan "should try it." Doesn't this defeat the idea of a no makeup selfie, which is supposed to encourage people not to wear makeup? Isn't she doing the exact opposite by telling her fans to "try" her own cosmetic techniques?

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