15 Luxurious Airbnbs Approved By Celebrities

When chatting with friends about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, just about any glimpse we get inside of a celebrity's world is met with massive levels of interest. The cars they drive and the vacations they go on, as well as a laundry list of other attractions, show us a little about what happens when you're famous! Some stars lose everything at the drop of a dime, while others become famous and never stop running. Flying high, or hitting the ground, celebrity news will often be as entertaining as the celebrities themselves.

While most of us will never be able to afford $10,000 on a weekend getaway, we still love living vicariously through the eyes of our favorite entertainers. It doesn't hurt to dream right? The easiest way to indulge in the life of the uber rich is to see where they spend their time. It doesn't matter if that's at home or jet-setting all over the globe. Celebrity getaways found on Airbnb are what this article will focus on, and trust me the results are frankly beyond words!

We all know people who use Airbnb. Celebrities love it too. With over 2 million homes, villas, cabins, and condos listed the website is becoming just as famous as the stars that frequent it.

On average more than 500,000 people stay in an Airbnb listing each night! That may be bad news for the Hiltons, but it's good news for us. Why? Well, now we get to see indoors of the poshest estates money can buy. Don't have millions of dollars? No problem; we put this article together, so we could all pretend, even if for an instant, that we do.

15 Paul Mitchell Estate (Stayed In By Rihanna) - $6,000

Paul Mitchell is a name that is recognized all around the world. In 1936 he enrolled in hair school in London only to go on and become the biggest name in the industry. His hair products likely sit in your bathroom as well as mine. The Paul Mitchell Estate resides in Kailua, Hawaii and big name stars like Rihanna have been known to venture their way over the pond to stay at his place. Why not kick back and watch the waves roll in? The property itself is known as a Polynesian village in modern-day guise. The 1.3-acre beachfront estate looks magnificent in every picture you'll see. How anybody could leave the majestic shores of Oahu after staying at his place is beyond me.

14 The Firestone Estate (Stayed In By Wiz Khalifa) - $2,340

This $10 million dollar, 7 bedrooms, 8 bathroom, playground is located in the desert and has had artists like Wiz Khalifa and his family stay. Just over $2,000 a night gets you a sweet ass pool, tennis court, spa, and hot tub among many other amenities. The 7000 square-foot, 1.3-acre retreat, dubbed the Firestone Estate is just a short drive from El Paso. The name of the game with this great vacation home is you can do as much indoors as you can outdoors. Indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as kitchens, are a few of the coolest parts of the property. If you get bored with the scenery, there's a 75 inch TV located in one of the homes two living rooms. As you can see by the photo, the property looks amazing!

13 S.F. Escape (Stayed In By Beyonce And Bieber) - $10,000

Where else would Justin Bieber stay while in San Francisco than this $10,000 a night estate? This place is posh, to put it lightly. Beyonce also decided to stay in this lavish Los Altos, California hill-top home while preparing for her Super Bowl performance. Her family was in tow as well. You can check their Instagram accounts because both artists took photos of the property while staying here. If a home in this article doesn't have a pool than it has an ocean view, right? Undoubtedly this amazing property with its vanishing edge pool takes the cake (so far) as the cream of the crop. The home is also a net zero home and even has a chicken coupe on the property for fresh eggs in the morning.

12 Cannes Vacation Getaway (Stayed In By Gwyneth Paltrow) - $9,995

Gwyneth Paltrow is the daughter of award-winning actress Blythe Danner and famous television producer Bruce Paltrow. Gwyneth is no stranger to the sparkling lights of Hollywood and grew up in Los Angeles, California. She's also privy to a glamorous lifestyle and jet setting around the world. Shocking, huh? While attending a film festival in the Cannes, Paltrow decided to ditch the hotel idea and took advantage of this Airbnb listing. Who can blame her, right? The lavish home has a pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Doesn't look like a bad place to spend an afternoon, does it? The estate also has a wine cellar on the property in case a glass with your dinner sounds appropriate for the evening. Looks beautiful, to say the least.

11 West N.Y. Penthouse (Stayed In By Kim & Kanye) - $10,000

Do you have tens of millions of dollars laying around and no way to spend it? I didn't think so! If you do, then you're not only fortunate, but you too can Airbnb to an amazing New York City penthouse like Kayne West and his wife Kim Kardashian. Wouldn't it be nice to have a New York City penthouse at your disposal? If you're short on the funds (like 99.999% of us are), then you'll have to come up with $10,000 a night to vacation like the couple. This amazing 7000 square-foot, 5 bedroom penthouse on Washington Street is owned by Harsh Padia. After having a look at these photos, it's obvious that Wall Street pays their hedge fund managers, really, really, well!

10 Malibu Road (Stayed In By Emma Roberts) - $4,500

Are you an Emma Roberts fan and dream of living like she does, if only for one day? Well, then you're in luck because you can rent this sweet Malibu, California beachfront home for a cool $4,500 per night. That's a lot of cheddar no doubt! Possibly, too rich for your blood? Join the club! That doesn't make looking at these gorgeous homes any less fun though does it? Especially this one that happens to have 2 master bedrooms (and 5 total). It sounds like there's room for friends and family if you care to have them tag along on vacation. Located on Malibu Road the proximity of the home is close to everything Malibu has to offer. Except for the celebrities of course.

9 Spanish Mansion (Stayed In By Channing & Jenna Dewan-Tatum) - $2,780

All the girls love Channing Tatum, and the guys all adore his beautiful wife, Jenna Dewan- Tatum. So what does it take to live like this famous couple for a weekend? About $3,000 a night according to reports. This Spanish style Airbnb rental is where the couple and their family stayed while shooting Magic Mike Live, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the amenities at the $5 million dollar estate are a tennis court, pool, and outdoor fireplace to kick back to and relax. This looks like one dope ass place to spend some time away from home while working. One of Hollywoods hottest couples certainly knows how to live the good life. This lavish Airbnb listing can accommodate 16 people with its 7 bedrooms, 8 bathroom layout. Who wouldn't want to live like these two stars while in Las Vegas?

8 Malibu Oceanfront Home (Stayed In By Selena Gomez) - $3,339

California certainly has its share of sick listings that celebrities have frequented on Airbnb. In 2016 Selena Gomez and friends decided to have a relaxing vacation in this fantastic Malibu Airbnb listing. What better way to spend $3,000 a night? I've got a few ideas, but that's just me so who knows. The house has an abundance of outdoor space including a 1000 square-foot patio for chilling in the California sun. As a matter of fact, each of the 4 bedrooms has its own patio too. You know, just in case you and your significant other don't feel like hanging with the crew. Everything in this Malibu, California beachfront home is top of the line right down to the appliances. Nothing but the best for Selena and her besties!

7 Diamond Head Villa (Stayed In By Emma Stone And Adele) - $4,000

Celebrities like the gorgeous Emma Stone have stayed in this magnificent Diamond Head Villa located in Honolulu Hawaii. If views of the Gold Coast are on your radar then this 4 bedroom, 5.5 bathrooms, Oasis will suit your needs perfectly. The property lends itself to a Hawaiian indoor, outdoor lifestyle with plenty of space to roam and enjoy the weather. A luxury, gourmet kitchen awaits you and any guests once you decide to return inside. Adele and Jennifer Lawrence have also stayed at the residence making it a popular Airbnb listing for celebrities needing a Hawaii retreat. Top quality craftsmanship is on display throughout the oceanfront home showing guests what millions of dollars can buy. Are you hoping to stay in a house like this some day? Don't forget to buy your lotto ticket!

6 Beverly Hills Mansion (Stayed In By Drake) - $10,000

Canadian born rapper, record producer, actor, and millionaire Aubrey Drake Graham knows how to vacation in style, doesn't he? If you don't think so then, by all means, take a look at this ballin' Beverly Hills mansion that goes for a cool $10,000 a night on Airbnb. I'm not sure I've ever seen a home like this one in person (and I doubt I ever will). Living vicariously through photographs and celebrities pocket books is the closest many people are going to get to living, or staying, in a place like this. Fresh off his European tour, Drake spent time in this ridiculous 11,000 square-foot home before returning to his hometown of Toronto. Maybe this dream house in Beverly Hills is his way of saying to himself, "job well done."

5 Aspen Colorado Estate (Stayed In By Mariah Carey) - $10,000

Mariah Carey likes to spend Christmas time with her kids in this $22 million dollar estate located in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. What better way to spend a holiday than skiing the slopes and watching it snow in Aspen, Colorado? Who can disagree? Not me, that's for sure. This dream home has 5 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms to house her family during the 2016 Christmas season. You've just got to love the huge Christmas tree and reef above the wood burning fireplace (1 of 2) in this photo. This is a home that Santa and Ms. Claus themselves would be jealous of. Planted snuggly in the mountains this amazing vacation getaway also has a dining room that can accommodate up to 12 guests for the holiday feast of a lifetime.

4 Turks And Caicos (Stayed In By Kylie) - $10,000

Oh, my goodness look at the photo of this Turks and Caicos Airbnb listing that Kylie Jenner stayed at for her birthday in 2016. Where to begin? Well, let's start with the fact that this place is 3 oceanfront properties combined. They come courtesy with a butler and over 20 bedrooms; but whose counting? The six-acre, 35,000 square-feet Oasis is a marvel to behold let alone stay in for a week. Appraising at over $50 million dollars the Turks and Caicos vacation getaway is going to cost vacationers dearly. The largest of the 3 dream houses is named the Lidija House, and that's where Kylie spent the majority of her time. The Lidija House boasts 10 bedrooms and is conveniently located in the center of the other two illustrious homes. Maybe money does buy happiness!

3 Park City, Utah Cabin (Stayed In By Nina Dobrev) - $5,500

Park City, Utah is supposed to be a gorgeous place to spend your vacation time regardless of the time of year. For those of you who have been to Park City, you know what I'm talking about. It's a majestic place in many ways! Nina Dobrev agreed in 2015 when she decided to call this Airbnb listed cabin home for the Christmas holiday. The Vampire Diaries star splurged $5,000 a night for her stay in the snowy, winter, wonderland. With 7 bedrooms and 5.5 baths, the cozy cabin welcomed her boyfriend and family in ultimate style. Sleeping 16 guests and outfitted with a kitchen that any cook would love; this vacation home would be an excellent place to spend the holiday season.

2 Rancho Mirage Crib (Stayed In By Lady Gaga) - $10,000

Have you ever wondered where Lady Gaga spends her time when she's not performing on stage? Here's a first-hand look at how the famous singer spent her time when she was a headliner for the Coachella music festival. The 9,500 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, Rancho Mirage estate is ridiculous as you can see. There isn't an amenity that the estate doesn't have it would seem including 3 outdoor fire pits, a gazebo, and a heated swimming pool for those cold nights in the desert. There's no shortage of palm trees and celestial landscapes to adore when staying at the Rancho Mirage that's listed on Airbnb. If you ever have the means to live like Lady Gaga for a weekend then look no further than this dream home in the desert.

1 Gingerbread House (Stayed In By Jimi Hendrix) - $175

If you haven't vacationed in Maui and you're looking for a reason to visit, then you're in luck. The trip gets even better if you happen to be a Jimi Hendrix fan! In 1970 one of the greatest musicians in American history stayed in this Gingerbread house in California while recording the song "Rainbow Bridge." That's a pretty cool piece of rock 'n roll history if you ask me. Recently remodelled, this fantastic getaway is a short 10-minute drive to the beach and 20-minute drive from the airport. The inside of this studio cottage is built with cedar, giving off a warm, inviting aroma to its guests. The palm trees outside say, "come and relax" the way we know the once famous guitar legend did.

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