15 Lovable Characters Played By D-Bag Actors

Rare is the entertainer that is also a role-model. Everybody makes mistakes, true, but the divas that work in the City of Angels are like Wile E. Coyote with their tendency to run smack into traps in that they seem to be at a higher risk of exploding and forgetting themselves in the presence of commoners, resulting in all manner of problems for arrogant actors and actresses, from reputation troubles to legal ones. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody in Hollywood lashes out at the little people every once in a while, which is why everybody in Hollywood has a publicist who coaches them on how to backtrack and buffer the damage.

Quite a few actors and actresses on the list have not worked at least on any mainstream project in recent years because word has gotten around that working with these people is a nightmare. That said, the majority of entertainers on this list have done genuinely despicable things that go beyond being a nightmare on set. Still, we make concessions for people whose work touches us and we let ourselves believe they have much in common with the noble men and women they portray on the big screen; we do the same for more attractive stars as well.  You may notice that Cosby is not on this list; that is because that man is the epitome of hypocrisy and inspiration for this article-list; unfortunately many who grew up on this man's innocent brand of comedy have had to begrudgingly commend their Cosby records, CDs and VHS tapes to the fire.

The Comedian Who Shall Not Be Named is not the only one who we do not want to believe is a bad person, but here is a list of fifteen others whose entitled and bratty-to-disgusting behavior brings into question whether we should support them in their creative endeavours. Enjoy?

15 Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens)/High School Musical

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Before Miss. Hudgens broke bad and badass respectively in the films Spring Breakers and Sucker Punch, she became a household name through her tenure as token Hispanic student Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series. According to the digital gossip rags, when Vanessa Hudgens is/was not performing as Disney Channel audience-friendly Gabriella, she had/has a mean jealous streak and for a time was rude to fans of her work who also had the audacity to fawn over co-star and ex-boyfriend Zac Efron.

In a statement by The New York Times, whose entertainment writers apparently are starved for real news, Hudgens outright admitted to giving fans of her ex-beau "death stares" until she realized her true hippy nature. She may have changed her demeanor and orientation toward people to match her High School Musical character's, now to address the suspicions most people have of whether the few nude photos of the actress that recently surfaced were indeed "leaked." Not to mention the 1k fine recently levied against the actress by the U.S. Forest Service for defacing national park property.

14 Cat and Penny Pingleton (Ariana Grande)


Public opinion of Ariana Grande is in the green at the moment on the tail of a successful appearance/performance as underdog protagonist sympathizer Penny Pingleton in Hairspray Live! The public are however, quite fickle and Grande's career has been a roller coaster ride of public rudeness and general cliché superstar behavior. As the auburn-haired and dimwitted (latter) half of the comedy duo Sam & Cat in the single-season Disney Channel show of the same name, she was naive but always the voice of reason to high strung and street-wise, scheming roommate Sam (Jennette McCurdy).

In the tabloids, Grande is known as the entitled and insensitive girl who licked unsold donuts she had no intention of eating at a Lake Elsinore breakfast shop, and who has joined the ever-lengthening list of Disney child actor/role-models whose parents now have to cover their teenage sons' eyes when any of her concert footage comes on the screen. Coincidence or not, entertainment news outlets allege that Ariana Grande may be joining fellow millennial pop-star brat Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical 4.

13 John Conner (Christian Bale)/Terminator Salvation

This Brit-born acting powerhouse really only boasts one social faux-pas to date, and a mundane transgression at that next to the old-guard bigotry and sexual harassment charges that mark other actors' (on this list) records as human beings interacting with other human beings. It is old news, but Christian Bale's blow up rant on the set of Terminator Salvation (by now known to be), directed at the Director of Photography, most likely drove many fans away who questioned the sincerity of his profuse apology and assumed the real man behind fictitious John Conner is the brat that tore into an industry established crew member. It is no wonder Bale is the most moving portrayal of conflicted vigilante Batman and it is now questionable how much research it really took the actor to play a convincing American Psycho. Or, perhaps Christian Bale's acting is so convincing that it is impossible to imagine the man being anything but intense and ready to strike.

12 Rachel Berry (Lea Michele)/Glee


The third wheel in an unholy triumvirate of Hollywood snobbery and privilege she forms with Ariana Grande and Vanessa Hudgens, Lea Michele is another recent no-name turned allegedly insufferable narcissist possibly set to join the cast of High School Musical in its fourth feature-length installment. Whether or not the slew of snobbery attributed to this doubly first-named Broadway actress turned primetime TV star are mostly the rantings of 'tween fans with nothing better to do, there are numerous first-hand accounts of Glee after party-goers waiting hours to speak with the diva through the security guard entourage and velvet-roped border of the VIP area.

Plus, at least one millennial actress and rival, err, co-star Naya Rivera, has dished about Lea Michele's bad and catty attitude on the set of Glee, in Rivera's prematurely self-aggrandizing memoir that so many of these overgrown insecure actresses think they have been in the business long enough to justify writing. To be fair, Glee's (character) Rachel Berry is not the most pleasant girl at least before her character develops, but Lea Michele's behavior may put her character's to shame.

11 Robert Barone (Brad Garrett)/Everybody Loves Raymond

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Played by Brad Garrett, Robert Barone was the depressed and jealous blue-collar (police officer) brother of Ray Romano's title character in Everybody Loves Raymond. The character's personality who was a cross between several four-legged cartoon characters, like the pessimistic Eeyore the talking plush toy donkey, MGM's saggy-faced Droopy the hound, and Looney Tunes' Sam Sheepdog, all mixed with the even-keeled, obedient, some might say emasculated a.k.a. neutered temperament of an actual gigantic breed of dog, like a Great Dane or a St. Bernard. That all describes the decent fictionalized human named Robert, played by the foul-mouthed, racist, sexist, stand-up comedian, Brad.

Outside of his standup act being offensive to most, in 2007, Garrett also assaulted a TMZ photographer, though no charges were ever filed. To be fair, Garrett has been in the entertainment game since he was a kid during the Frank Sinatra-era of entertainment when the mostly-xenophobic mob held considerable sway over who performed, so a bit of casual bigotry and misogyny may have rubbed off along with the stardust of post-WWII Hollywood.

10 Dr. "Izzie" Stevens (Katherine Heigl)/Grey's Anatomy

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Katherine Heigl is nobody's friend, hence the lack of notable performances in anything she has acted in since being launched into silver screen stardom by Judd Apatow's Knocked Up or since the conclusion of her five-year stint on TV's Grey's Anatomy. Heigl's character(s), whether in a coming-of-age ensemble comedy or a primetime medical drama, just want to do the right thing and when making mistakes and hurting others, emotionally, unlike the folk further down the list who have devolved to more violent tendencies, she shows remorse. But, in her professional life off-set Heigl seems hell bent on doing the wrong thing; speaking negatively about Grey's Anatomy writers and co-workers who worked so ceaselessly to make Katherine's plain-Jane looks and mediocre acting chops hold up alongside her betters like Sandra Oh.

All that said, Heigl has since "apologized" or clarified that her negative comments regarding the writing on Knocked Up was more her being disappointed at her own creative choices, saying she did not realize how much she had offended Apatow, Rogan, and the rest of the gang. As for undoing the damage to her career caused by withdrawing her name from Emmy consideration in 2008 for her Grey's Anatomy work; a Howard Stern interview has revealed only that she regrets making this offensive error, not that she is at all regretful over how her actions made others feel.

9 Lawman (Steven Seagal)/Above The Law 1 & 2

In his first movie, Above The Law, Steven Seagal played a law enforcement agent, specifically CIA, that, as in most of Seagals' movies, also happens to be a veteran and/or a martial arts master, and who stumbles on a conspiracy that only he and his two fists can and therefore must double-handedly bring to light; fun fact: a sequel to his debut film Above The Law, titled simply, "Above The Law 2," has been announced for 2017. In the majority of his films (feel free to fact-check at IMDb if you do not believe me), the man is on the right side of the law, but contradictory titles of his straight to video action movies, like A Good Man and A Dangerous Man, combined with a public (criminal) record of aggressive and misogynistic behavior, suggest the man is doing some serious acting when he fights on-screen.

This Midwest-born triple (US, Russian and Serbian) citizen is a 7th degree black belt in Aikido and an honorary Louisiana law enforcement agent but is still only above the law in his movies. For a while though, it seemed the man thought he was above the law in his private life too; that is, until his behavior became public knowledge. Steven Seagal: martial artist, action hero, and at-least-four-time evader of sexual harassment charges.

8 Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland)/24

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Far be it from any of us to judge a man, let alone a high octane acting workhorse under all the pressures that entails, for succumbing to the temptation to cope with such stress through the ritual abuse of alcohol and other psychoactive substances. But if the adage 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me' holds any weight then after Kiefer Sutherland's fourth DUI/DWI since the late-80s, the fourth arrest coming during the filming of a season of 24, it was clear that the actor behind justice seeker Jack Bauer was an unapologetic drunk, and an allegedly belligerent one at that. If you are into numerology, you might get a kick out of the fact that Kiefer spent (2 x 24 =) 48 consecutive days in jail while the '07-'08 writer's strike left that actor's better half, his on-screen alter ego, Jack, in TV purgatory.

7 X-"Man": Storm/Ororo Munroe (Halle Berry)

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It might not be totally fair to say Halle Berry is an inherently bad human being, then again maybe I am as superficial and hypocritical as the rest and want to let her off the hook because she has, in addition to being ranked on several lists as one of the worst people in Hollywood, been consistently ranked as one of the hottest people in Hollywood as well.

Here are the facts; you judge how she matches up against her on-screen identity as a mutant superhero. Berry has a misdemeanor hit-and-run, on her driving record, for which she has served her sentence, including 3 years probation, most likely including a suspended license for some time, and a $13,500 fine; the accident resulted in minor injuries to both parties who were both driving. Outside of this, her love life is an endless trainwreck, with four divorces, by most confusing accounts, under her belt.

6 William Wallace (Mel Gibson)/Braveheart


Mel Gibson's most sympathetic characters are either the Dark Ages, Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace, or the well-meaning and aging Sergeant Martin Riggs, alongside Danny Glover's Sgt. Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon buddy cop franchise. Everybody knows Gibson is an unapologetic anti-semitic drunkard from Oceania whose most epic contributions to the culture, The Passion Of The Christ and Apocalyptica, have been thinly veiled conservative propaganda vehicles and reminiscent of 1979's orgiastic fluid-fest Caligula. No wonder the original Mad Max is conspicuously missing from the most recent installment of the franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road.

5 Maximus (Russel Crowe)/Gladiator

Russel Crowe, like Mel Gibson above, has also played several characters that are to be looked up to, the most obvious cases for actor Crowe being either the pure-of-heart slave turned celebrity gladiator, in Gladiator, Maximus Decimus Meridius, or the tragically gifted mathematician John Nash whose intellect leads him down the rabbit hole of delusion to the demise of his career and relationships in A Beautiful Mind. Off-screen, Russel Crowe is a belligerent jerk by most accounts, including those that are a matter of public (arrest, for aggressive offenses) record, and might deserve a fate similar to those of his more sympathetic on-screen personas.

4 James Bond '62-'83 (Sean Connery)


The rest of the actors on the list are men who earned their spots this high up the rankings of heinous people who make a handsome living off of pretending to be something they are not because they are violent men and domestic abuse apologists. Entitled insecure Adonis-es who still somehow cannot get laid whenever they want to even post-Academy Award nominations or, like Sean Connery, post-two decades of playing arguably the most memorable incarnation of the smooth-talking, death-defying Agent 007, and who get annoyed to no end by mouthy women-folk who refuse to perpetuate the gender dynamics of Hollywood in the 1950s.

From interviews, it would seem Sean Connery was comfortable in the role of jet setting, playboy, spy with a penchant for violence and very strict rules about how to prepare his martinis because he espouses the old-world perspective that is nostalgic for the days of Mad Men where it was classy to drink throughout the day and belittle women.

3 Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin)/No Country For Old Men

In December of 2004, because "'tis the season," heartthrob and decent actor Josh Brolin  was arrested for battery. The chisel-featured Brolin has at least one thing in common with his innocent and presumably less abusive character in No Country For Old Men: he and character Llewelyn Moss opt for the macho way of dealing with life's problems and the way that leaves his romantic partners at risk of physical harm. On the big screen, Brolin's character's actions lead to his wife's senseless and cold-blooded murder at the hands of Javier Bardem's Academy Award-acted serial killer, while in reality, Brolin is the only actor from this film who has been arrested for domestically abusing his then-spouse, Diane Lane.

2 Louis Stevens/Loomis Freeman (Shia LaBeouf)/Even Stevens


Outside of having one of the most pretentious sounding, family-given names in Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf is also one of the most self-aggrandizing, narcissistic-and-therefore-insecure-but-chest-puffing actors who is sporadically working these days; like a yapping lap dog the likes of which Paris Hilton accessorizes with. Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on one occasion, seen having a public breakup and meltdown, or in the news defending plagiarism as modern art, Shia is anything but shy or even self-conscious about being a raving lunatic in desperate need of convincing others he is a badass.

Most likely Mr. LaBeef (get it...'cause a "beef" is a fight and Shia's last name is quickly become synonymous with "joke"?) has a chip on his shoulder from making his name initially on less artistic, big budget, some might say sellout projects; he compromised his integrity and decided to double-down on the eccentric artist/actor look with less than convincing results. What is it with actors who start off working for Disney? Shia, like many of the other females on this list, started with a popular part on a Disney Channel cult classic and now fancies himself a subversive musician, especially now after getting Chance the Rapper's blessing; an endorsement that probably did not deflate Shia's ever-expanding ego.

1 Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard)/Empire

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Whether or not he is compared against his most popular on-screen persona, Terrence Howard the actor, is not a good man. Lucious, spelled like "luscious" but pronounced like the famous Roman name "Lucius" (a very clever synthesis of hip-hop and ancient culture from the massively creative writers of on TV's Empire) is not necessarily a good guy. He is an anti-hero, the kind audiences are starved for in the wake of cultural mainstays like Breaking Bad and even The Sopranos, which means he, Lucious, struggles to be a good guy under a barrage of complications, tragedies and triumphs. As Rhodey in one installment of the Iron Man series, he was a good man on-screen, but because of his off-screen antics, he was not asked to play the part again.

Terrence Howard is a convicted wife-beater, an apologist for Chris Brown and his brutal treatment of (ex-?)girlfriend Rihanna, and a blatant hypocrite who settles out of court after admitting to battering his spouse then makes flimsy statements about his own personality like that he could not hurt a fly, as if these statements hold up against his now widely known tendency toward violence. He has allegedly attacked strangers, including an off-duty military man and girlfriend who were seated ahead of him at a restaurant and was seen punching a mistress to whom he unapologetically transmitted "the herps." Funny that Howard has not pulled the race card once; could it be that he has no leg to stand on when it comes to protesting inhuman treatment of others?

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