15 Looks That Make The Olsen Twins Look Old AF

If you don't know who the 'Olsen Twins' are by now, then you must have been stuck and living under a massive rock of pop culture oppression. The famous and massively successful duo started their journey on the sitcom Full House. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen have not only became a brand, but have far exceeded the limits of fame and privilege. Under the twins' resume, they collectively are American fashion designer moguls and former acting stars. They are the most famous fraternal twins besides Tia and Tamera Mowry. At only age six, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen began building a brand that not only brought millions of fans, but also millions of dollars.

Yet, with all the success and wealth in the world, this couldn't save them from the court of public opinion when it came to their personal lives. Since the beginning of their early teen years, rumors of drugs, alcoholism, and eating disorders have surrounded them. Obviously, growing up in the public eye is not easy. Every choice and consequence is archived in paparazzi footage. Whether the twins are falling out of night clubs drunk, smoking, or dating men 20 years their senior, it's all captured for the public to ridicule and gossip about. Recently, their appearance at the 2017 Met Gala with Nicki Minaj sparked rumors of plastic surgery. Clearly, plastic surgery is not the case. For such petite-sized femmes, they've certainly lived hard, and it clearly shows how badly they're aging. Below are 15 images that make the Olsen sisters look old AF.


15 Bad Profile

Between the two girls, Mary-Kate has gotten the harshest criticism for her looks over the years. As soon as she reached adulthood, the press began calling Mary Kate the "ugly" twin. Clearly, by this captured paparazzi shot, her profile doesn't seem to be what it used to be. Her face is no longer full and youthful. There's evidence of deep contours due to her smoking addiction (which you see in her hand, as she clutches her purse). With her hair being pulled back in such a tight bun up-do, she looks way too old in this picture. At some point, her style has been critiqued to be too unflattering for her frame. Usually dressed in bohemian-chic attire or in oversized garments, Mary-Kate has always made sure to make this her signature style. Here, she's dressed down and in more tailored clothing that makes her look fresh and hip from the neck down.

14 Smoking Is So Cool


Here's Mary-Kate caught outside by the paps on the streets, as she clutches for dear life to her survival-kit—iPhone, Marlboro smokes, and coffee. As she wears black sunglasses to hide her sunken sockets from lack of sleep and nutrition, Mary-Kate leans behind a cold cement wall trying to look "cool" and all grown-up. With her thin and greasy hair gathered to one side, she looks old and unhealthy. As she pulls her lips away from the cigarette, you can visibly see deep mouth lines at the corners of her nose and the start of a forehead wrinkle (or some sort of indentation). Poor girl. At her age, she still clearly thinks she's too fat and is obviously too concerned with what others think of her image. What Mary-Kate needs to do is quit her smoking habit, eat some actual food instead of substituting her meals for coffee, and take a shower.

13 This Is 30 Now

The Olsen girls have always had that doe-eyed look to them, even as children. Having such huge blue eyes, the girls always looked youthful and have brought a sense of innocence to their image. They built their brand around being good wholesome girls-next-door. Throughout the years (like most child stars), they wanted so desperately to look grown and more mature. They got sick and tired of being boxed-in as sweet little girls. Being short definitely didn't help make people see them as "women" either. Both standing at less than five-foot-three, they began doing anything that would elevate their look as more mature. Whether it was drinking alcohol, losing a massive amount of weight, smoking, drinking tons of coffee, or creating a more mature fashion brand, the twins did everything and anything to show that they were moving away from their 'Full House' brand that skyrocketed their careers. Recently, both have been looking gaunter and looking way too old for being 30.

12 Mary-Kate As Old MacDonald


Mary-Kate not only dresses like a bohemian, but literally lives the bohemian style. Clearly still not showering or combing her blonde greasy-matted strands, she doesn't seem to know what dry shampoo is either. Wearing no makeup is quite the trend, and that's perfectly fine. But that doesn't mean you can't moisturize your skin. Mary-Kate's dull complexion looks like it needs some moisture and some tender loving care. She's almost unrecognizable. Wearing a scrawny straw-like hat which probably costs about a $1000, she pairs it with her baggy and puffy skin under-eyes. It all doesn't help retain her youth. Perhaps, that's not what she wants. After all, if she wants to look old and haggard, she's definitely doing a good job at it. If Mary-Kate doesn't want to look like she's a 14-year-old or even in her early 20's, she's doing a good job. At least she's smiling and looks pleased with something. Maybe she thinks, in her delusional mind, she looks fantastically youthful. NOT!

11 Itty-Bitty Thin In A Black Bikini

This is a recent photograph of Mary-Kate in a black bikini. This has to be one of the most unflattering images of the twin. Even though she is smiling, her thinned-out face doesn't add any youth to her once heyday brand and image. Rocking no curves, the Madonna arms, with her pal Nicole Richie's legs, you can tell this girl needs a sandwich. On the right of the image, you can see two of her ribs already protruding. All the accessories in the world can't hide the fact that she's still obsessed with losing weight and has become massively thin. This, of course, doesn't make anyone look young. The one positive thing is that her skin never looked so tan and healthy. With the amount of smoking she's known to do, you would hardly think her complexion would look this glowing, let alone healthy. Then again, it could just be overpriced bronzer.

10 Looking ‘Beastly’


If you're wondering when Mary-Kate started looking too old for her age, it all started in her mid-20s. The last film she was ever a part of was the film 'Beastly' back in 2010, starring Vanessa Hudgens. When she sat down for an interview, Mary-Kate looked quite different compared to her appearance on the film. In the film, Mary-Kate plays a witchy character. And with all the heavy gothic makeup that was applied to her face, she certainly didn't look youthful. However, in the interview, Mary-Kate's face looked rotund and swollen. Again, when doing a film, the hours can be brutal. So the lack of sleep is pretty normal. Still, if you're not getting enough sleep and you're consuming a ton of caffeine and is an active smoker, then that's going to cause some problems. Typically, caffeine is not known to hold water. It's actually a diuretic, which allows the body to release water and salts. This then doesn't make any sense when it comes to how swollen Mary-Kate looks.

9 One More, Bartender

Mary-Kate is no stranger to alcohol. Many tabloids have caught the celebrity out and about to restaurants, usually with her twin sister, Ashley, drinking alcoholic beverages. Mary-Kate has also allegedly been linked to rehabs to treat her eating disorder associated with her poor nutrition and alcoholism. So, this photograph is not only awkward but also makes her appearance drunk. Unlike caffeine, alcohol not only impairs judgment but can be deteriorating on the body's health. If consumed too much, alcohol wrecks the brain, pancreas, liver, and heart. Also, for someone obsessed with being thin, large amounts of alcohol can contribute to retaining water, making your appearance swollen. The abuse of alcohol also increases chances of ageing much faster than its normal pace. It's unbelievable how someone can look so old in their 20's.


8 It Takes Two To Serve


Moving on to Mary-Kate's twin sister, Ashley, she's no spring chicken either. Ashley has been known to be the much youthful and prettier twin. With all that pressure, it's no surprise Ashley would develop horrid habits as well. Also, being close to a sister who struggles with her image and being around her 24/7, doesn't provide any comfort in her image either. Ashley has been the twin to mostly stay low-key when it comes to any tabloid controversy. The paps don't normally go after Ashley as much as they target Mary-Kate. But then again, the paps can just be as confused in knowing which twin is which. Either way, when Ashley does step out on the streets, she doesn't seem to be looking as youthful as we thought. As part of the celebrity bartender gig that she did with her sis, Ashley looks really different...and not in a good way. As can be seen in the picture above in all-black, she seems to be rocking the same awkwardly-looking profile as Mary-Kate.

7 Like Sister

Pictured here at a launch signing, Ashley is caught with longer hair. However, growing out her eyebrows in an unkempt fashion and wearing baggy black clothing doesn't seem to create an image of youth and vibrancy. Like her sis, Ashley can be seen with wrinkles around her mouth and some sagging on the lower left corner of her cheek. If you look further down her neck, her scarf can't hide the neck wrinkles that have started to develop. For goodness sake, this girl is only in her 20's. When you compare her to someone more youthful, it just doesn't make sense how she could appear so different. Furthermore, she comes off looking just as old and tired as her sister. However, unlike her sister Mary-Kate, she's rarely captured smoking or drinking. There will be bottles and glasses around her, but there's not one picture that shows her drinking. It might imply that she smokes as well, but there's no photo to prove least for now. All the smoking attention goes to Mary-Kate.

6 Moisturize And Repeat


This photograph was taken when Ashley was leaving her den. Where she was going, no one knows. But the paparazzi made sure to capture this candid shot. With beach-like wavy hair, paired with a loose white blouse and a boho brown bag, Ashley looks quite fashionable. Then, when you look at her face, it just doesn't give you the sense that she's pleased with her outfit. She doesn't look youthful either. Ashley looks frightened in this shot. Maybe she caught her reflection, and it scared her. With her eyebrows raised, you can identify a deep forehead wrinkle stretched across her head. She also rocks her signature baggy eyes, probably from lack of sleep, and deep mouth wrinkles that stream down from the corners of her nose. If you don't even smile and can visibly see wrinkles around your mouth, that's a clear sign of you looking old AF. Again, as Wendy Williams advertises, it doesn't hurt to moisturize.

5 Dating Pops

If there was ever a way to be a creepy pedophile, just date someone 20 to 30 years younger than you. Even though Ashley and her beau have already split, this classic picture of them together is just awkward and sad. As her man rocks a grey-haired beard, Ashley looks bored and tired at the basketball game that they attended together. Here, Ashley decided to not use dry shampoo and showed off her greasy blonde locks. Hair swept to one side, you can see saggy skin in Ashley's face. Look closely at her cheek. It's not only blotchy, but deep and long mouth lines are also running down her cheeks. Then, you see another line which starts from the inner corner of her sunken, baggy eyes and then stretches down the meat of her cheek. Again, if she's obsessed with looking 'old' as much as her sister is, she's definitely succeeding by dating her father.

4 Who’s That Girl


This, by far, has to be one of the most unrecognizable photos of Ashley Olsen in recent times. She was out with her sister. From the chest down (minus the neck up and hands), she looks pretty youthful and fashionable. Dressed in her usual dark tones and oversized signature style, that she and her twin is known for, she looks pretty normal. Then, you pan over to her hand clutching a tiny reptile-patent purse and my goodness, it's a claw! The knuckles are clearly protruding and swollen. For someone who never worked a day in her life with her hands, it's almost shocking to see her 30-something hand look like a 60-year-old's. Yet, her feet are entirely free from veins and wrinkles. Well, perhaps not for long. Her wrinkles seem to be migrating further south. Then, we get to the neck and face. The neck is thin and you can obviously see cartilage bumps and tendons. Her face seems to be transplanted with another older woman's face.

3 What’s SPF?

Of course, we can't just show you Mary-Kate's awesome bikini bod. Here, Ashley definitely has the better beach bod. Her thighs are just as skinny as Mary-Kate's, but unlike Mary-Kate's unhealthy rib-protruding abdomen, Ashley is rocking a firm four-pack, with strong abdomen contours at the side. Clearly, the girl probably does about a hundred sit-ups a day. If not, how on earth did she obtain those abs? Still, as we go further northward, Ashley needs a sandwich as well. Her chest sags as much as a 50-year-old's, and if she's trying to look happy, young, and carefree, she's failed. Again, that impeccable forehead wrinkle makes an appearance alongside a few forehead veins. Then, between her two eyes, a few scowl wrinkles appear as well. I know the sun is probably beating down hard, but that's why sunscreens was made. Take care of your skin or you could have the same fashionable lines running along your face as Ashley's.

2 Dead Eyes


This last photo of Ashley Olsen was taken recently this year. Again, like her sister, plastic surgery rumors were swirling around their recent appearance. Compared to the many of their sweet looks over the years, this is drastically different; too different, especially given that they're only 30 years old. They just turned 30 yet they both seem to be going through a Lindsay Lohan phase in their looks. The late nights in town, drinking 'til they see the sun, and probably not eating proper meals (which doesn't make sense since they can afford to do so), is all taking a toll on Ashley's appearance. Not smiling because she's obviously tired and hungry, she gives a dead expression. There's nothing in her eyes either. She models a deer-in-the-headlights look of not knowing where she probably is. As usual, you can also see her wrinkle lines and the deep contours in her cheeks to show how badly she's ageing.

1 No More Pictures

These girls live a life that none of us, "ordinary folks," will ever know. Obnoxiously rich and privileged, they strut about in the industry as dominant forces in not only branding their names, but as respectable fashion-focused individuals too. They've evolved from pint-sized cuties to wrinkly, smoking, drinking, and thin 30-year-old madams. Long gone are the days of Michelle Tanner in her cute overalls. Now it's hello to showing the world how 'grownup' the twins can be. Still, do the twins actually care about what us "peasants" think? Probably not. To some degree, they probably love the attention and criticism. It keeps their names relevant and helps to add publicity for whatever next project they're about to do or release. In the land of Hollywood, every second of any attention is good attention. There really isn't any such thing as 'bad publicity'. Although, if the Olsen girls start to lose any more weight, I'd hide from being photographed too.

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