15 Little Shrimps We'd Love To Eat

Have you ever felt like downsizing your life might just be what's missing in this super-sized world we live in? Is your girlfriend becoming simply too much to handle? Is she larger than life and getting largely on your nerves? Perhaps, it's time to trade her in for someone new. Have you ever dated a little person? Just because a woman is small in stature doesn't make her any less of the perfect partner. Small and sweet can be just as appealing as someone 5’ and over.

Don’t miss out on the chance to find big love that happens to come in a smaller package. Little people are just like everyone else, appearance aside, of course. Look down, and you may find that the woman of your dreams is looking right back up at you. If you and your girlfriend are on the outs, or you just don’t see the relationship going anywhere, maybe it's time you found a new “type.” Gorgeous, exciting, smart, and personable women come in all shapes and sizes, so why not expand your horizons and go for a little person who has a whole lot to give? She may be interested in a taller fella, so while you may not be a match height-wise, the rest of what you're seeking may be found within a petite package.

If you need some reassurance that a little person can be the woman you've been missing in your life, take a good gander at these 15 super-sexy little people who will have you realizing that bigger isn’t always better.


15 Caylea Woodbury

Reality star Caylea Woodbury is a popular cast member of Little Women: Dallas. She's 25 years old and hails from Salem, New Hampshire. Before becoming a must-watch reality darling, Woodbury made a living as a sexy go-go dancer who went by the name “Lil’ Twerk.” Woodbury loves to rock out in cool clothing that shows off her many tattoos and has blonde hair and a cute and contagious smile. She's a mere 4 feet tall, but her big personality is sky high. They say “Everything is bigger in Texas,” but this Dallas-based diminutive darling proves that even the smaller things in life (and even in Texas) are pretty impressive. Watch as the wonderful Woodbury kicks it with her girls on Little Women: Dallas, and you'll see why she's so much fun to tune in to.

14 Asta Young


24-year-old Asta Young is a true beauty who stands at 4’ 5” and hails from Hong Kong, China. She now lives in Texas and is a current cast member of the popular reality program, Little Women: Dallas. She's avidly into cosplay and works at a bar with her hubby. She also considers herself an artist, but some may say Young herself is the real work of art. Young’s long straight brunette hair, captivating smile, deep brown eyes, and short stature attract plenty of attention, and she's more than willing to happily receive it. Check this babe out on her hit reality show, or stop by her bar for a cold beer, glass or wine, or a fruity cocktail. Small talk with a small lady is sure to make your evening special!

13 Jemma

One name is all this gal needs in order to be noticed in a big way. As part of “Suicidegirls,” as an “alternative model,” the internet and social media sensation is causing an uproar online and wherever she goes. Jemma hails from Milwaukee and is a little person with a lot to show off. Sure, she's posed nude, but her beauty goes much deeper than a glimpse of “T & A.” Jemma is 27 years old and is single, so fellas, now’s your chance to try to win over her affections. Jemma is curvy in all the right places and has light brown hair that looks shiny and soft. She may not be the latest Victoria’s Secret model, but this chick surely has plenty of her own secrets to share.

12 Karina Lemos


Billed as the “World’s Sexiest Dwarf,” the awesome Karina Lemos is giving the title complete justice. With her cute curvaceous body, long brunette hair, and sexy poses she posts on the web, Lemos is a lovely little lady who's making the most of her petite assets. The lusty Lemos is Brazilian and has become a big hit thanks to her active Instagram account as well as some appearances she's made on TV over the years. Lemos stands at only 4’ 3”, but her short stature isn't stopping the Brazilian beauty from reaching new heights on her popular social media accounts. Lemos may never walk the catwalk with 6’ models, but she's paving her own way and showing that less is definitely more! When life gives you Lemos

11 Brittney Guzman

LA has some of the hottest women on the planet residing there, and Little Women: LA star, Brittney Guzman is no exception to the rule. She may be only four feet tall, but every foot is packed with prettiness and power. Guzman is a backup dancer and has toured with the ever-popular hitmaker, Miley Cyrus. Guzman stands out from the pack thanks to her super-long brunette hair, winning smile, alluring eyes, and head-to-toe foxiness. Her lack of height doesn’t make her feel small since her big personality is off the charts. This Latina cutie was nicknamed “FreakABritt,” so you know she's full of spunk and loves to “get her freak on.” Tune in to her television reality show, and see this little woman do her thing on the small screen with her equally cute co-stars.

10 Elena Gant


Russian and ravishing, Elena Gant is also a cast member of the popular reality show Little Women: LA. Whether Gant is in her native land or living in The States, her beauty is huge for a woman who comes in such a petite package. Gant stands at just 4’ 4” and is married with two young kids. But just because she's hitched doesn’t mean you can’t drool over the blonde beauty. Gant is a makeup artist and designer and has also modeled, which is no surprise since she's so beautiful. You may have to listen closely to her every word to make out what she's saying through her heavy accident, but the effort is surely worth it. If you aren’t a reality-show junkie already, Gant may give you the much-needed push to finally give in and tune in. Say goodbye to your girlfriend and hello to a gal who may be smaller but is far superior.

9 Amanda Loy

If you're looking for someone tiny but tough to replace your girlfriend, NPC Figure Competitor Amanda Loy is your perfect match. She's just 4’ 2” feet tall but is packed with rock hard muscle from head to toe. She's in her early 20s and is tanned, toned, and totally gorgeous. Fans love to see Loy’s pics on Instagram where they can see the latest snapshots of the blonde beauty and all of the hard work she has put into carving her body into tip-top solid shape. She's one of the reality stars of Little Women: Dallas, but fans from coast to coast love to see her spunk and sass on the small screen. Her height may be mini, but her muscles are pumped to the max!


8 Terra Jolé


Holy Jolé! This 37-year-old blonde who has dwarfism is 4’2” and packed with sizzling sex appeal and sweet smiles. She's best known for her role on the reality show, Little Women: LA, and you may have also seen the lovely lady twisting and turning and shaking her thing when she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. While this blonde beauty has been married since 2015, it doesn't mean you cannot admire her obvious beauty and talent. Along with her role on TV, Jolé is a songwriter and performer who's not to be missed. She lives in sunny California with her hubby and two kids. Who wouldn’t love this babe’s broad smile, bubbly personality, and beauty that shines from the inside out? Little and loveable, Jolé is a gal who would be a hoot to hang with.

7 Meredith Eaton

Long Island, NY native Meredith Eaton is only a mere 4’ 3”, but her star power is rising high. This 43-year-old breathtaking brunette is an actress whom you may recognize from her popular roles on Family Law and Boston Legal. Not only is the elegant Eaton a talented small-screen actress, but she also has a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Talent and smarts make this woman one to watch! Eaton is a true beauty with long hair, deep brown eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. She's currently married with one child and is the winning combo of proud parent and TV sensation. Shorter gals like Eaton prove that height is just a number because this babe is a 10 in our book! Check Eaton out on TV, and see for yourself.

6 Jasmine Arteaga Sorge


Jasmine Arteaga Sorge is a cast member of the popular reality show Little Women: LA. She's a beautiful blonde mom of two and is married to her lucky husband, Chris. Along with her role on the hit reality show, Sorge has also been seen on The Doctors and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Sorge is 32 years old and is from sunny California. She's a singer and hairstylist who's fun to watch and full of life. She once tried out for the popular reality competition, American Idol, but a singing career wasn't to be. She looks like the perfect 10 all the time, and thanks to her job in the hair industry, her ‘do always looks well done. Another LA beauty who may be small, but she’s a huge hit with her many fans!

5 Bridget Powers

Bridget Powers is only 3’ 9”, but her star power is enormous. Born “Cheryl Murphy,” Powers is an adult-film star who sometimes goes by the nickname “Bridget the Midget.” She's 36 years old and hails from Boise, Idaho. If you're not into watching adult entertainment (or you won’t admit it), you may have seen Powers on The Howard Stern Show or on VH1’s The Surreal Life. Powers is covered in many tattoos and has long brunette hair. Sources say she no longer works in the adult-entertainment industry, but those films will live on for all eternity. In fact, it's been said that she's “starred” in more than 100 hardcore films! That’s enough to last a lifetime. Powers may be little, but she shows off a lot in her movies!

4 Briana Manson


Briana Manson is a star of the reality TV show Little Women: LA, and her alluring looks and cool attitude catch viewers’ attention as they tune in to see what the wild and crazy cast is up to week after week. Manson is 34 years old and has a daughter who's also a little person. She's under 4 feet tall, but her outgoing personality and bold behavior make her stand out and get noticed. Manson is a stay-at-home mom who dabbles in singing, but her main gig these days is dishing it out with her reality show cast mates on Little Women: LA. Manson has pretty and shiny brunette hair and a captivating smile that attracts plenty of fellas. Get lost in her eyes, and enjoy her beauty that's all wrapped up in a tiny, but terrific package!

3 Bri Barlup

Brunette and beautiful, Little Women: Atlanta (and then Dallas) reality starlet Bri Barlup is sure to make you a reality-TV fan for life. She's a model and a dancer who wows with her talent and showmanship. Barlup goes by the name “Left Cheek” when she's performing, so you'll have to tune in to find out where that cheeky nickname came from! Barlup is a single mom to her young son who's also a little person. Barlup stands at 3’ 11”, but as you'll see if you tune in to the fun reality show, smaller is better when it comes to the women of Atlanta and Dallas. You may have seen Barlup shaking her thing in rapper Lil Chuckee’s music video for “Da Wop.” If you haven't yet seen this mama dance, you'll want to tune in to Little Women and see her get her moves on.

2 Tiffani Chance


Give reality show cutie Tiffani Chance a chance at love and drop your current girlfriend for a sweet little something from Dallas instead. The blonde beauty is a popular cast member of Little Women: Dallas, and she's fun loving and full of Texas-sized adventure. Chance is a creative cosmetologist and former cheerleader and would love to be your biggest fan if you’ll be hers, too. Root one another on! Chance is in her early 20s and is only 3’ 11” tall. But even though she may not be able to look you directly in the eyes, the little lady is one to watch. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so there's a chance you’ll fall for Chance! Dallas ladies have big personalities, so don’t let Chance’s small frame fool ya.

1 Tonya Renee Banks

Another popular reality star from the TV program Little Women: LA is the terrific Tonya Renee Banks. She's an actress who's been in the TV and movie biz for more than 30 years… pretty impressive. Perhaps, you've seen Banks act in Bad Santa or Death to Smoochy or on the hit TV show, Ally McBeal. Along with her acting, Banks is a talented clothing designer with a line called "L’il Boss Body Active Wear." Banks is 4 feet tall and has one daughter. She's 52 years old but looks amazingly youthful and keeps in great shape. Her attractive smile and overall likeability make Banks one to bank on! Check out this beauty on Little Women: LA, and you'll be an instant fan, too. LA is home to some fabulous little people who are making it big!



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