15 Lesbian Ad Campaigns That Made Our Eyes Water

People are always fighting for something. 1,000 years ago they fought for religious freedom. A few hundred years ago women battled for their social rights. A couple of decades ago, people of different color joined the war against racial discrimination. As long as human beings are on earth, there will be some form oppression. Oppressed people will fight for their rights in the harshest conditions as well. It is the circle of life. So, what is the main battle of nowadays?

Since we've entered the 21st century, people have started to understand that being gay is completely normal after all. However, there are still a lot of conservative people around the world who are disgusted by gay people for no particular reason. That said, the situation is improving every day, and several LGBT communities across the world are getting back their inherent rights. Of course, the process is slow, but that is how evolution works, folks. A more open society means that we can also see more fantastic advertisements featuring lesbians. A lot of companies make these ads for a couple of reasons. First, they support LGBT rights. Second, it is a very brilliant way to receive more attention from the media and gain new customers. After all, advertising a product with a lesbian spin is something that only the bravest companies dare to do.

We, the viewers, are the ones who win the most from these lesbian advertisements. They are so often touching, steamy, funny, sexy, and provoking. That is exactly what we want from the ads, right?

15 Love Is Colorful

It looks like the marketing specialists of Zim found a perfect way to advertise their colored powder. Their brilliant advertisement declares that love is colorful and shows how two girls, covered in paint, are passionately kissing. It sends a very powerful message that love is universal and we cannot limit it by any rules. On top of that, we can also interpret it as an advertisement against racial discrimination. Heck, this ad by Zim is so brilliant that it is actually against any kind of inequality in the world. According to Zim, their powder is non-toxic and non-irritating just like the lesbian love. Anyone who thinks differently should probably reconsider their views. Anyway, this advertisement was a big hit a couple of years ago and helped a lot in promoting LGBT rights and the brand of Zim.

14 Old Times Good Times

Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most recognizable brands around the world. What is so special about Dolce & Gabanna though? Well, there are many things, but I would love to talk about this controversial and brilliant advertisement. For example, this exact ad is so lustful and "wrong," but yet so exciting. It gives you an idea that owning Dolce & Gabbana products can make anyone an aristocrat, who can do whatever he or she wants, including drinking wine from a golden glass and making love to anyone. On top of that, the looks of these women in the photo are so inviting that it kind of hurts.

13 Let's Go To Vegas!

Las Vegas is one of those places where everything is possible, and everything is accepted. Well, it is known as a sin city for a reason, right? Let's be honest here; we all go to Las Vegas to have some fun and dissociate ourselves from all the crap about inequality and "this is not right" attitude. No wonder that people from VisitLasVegas.com say: "Everyone is welcome. Even straight people." That is a brilliant LGBT advertisement. If I were gay, I would definitely want to visit Las Vegas after seeing this ad. Honestly, I want to visit Las Vegas as a straight person as well. I mean, look at that hardcore party. Wouldn't you want to be a part of it as well? So, Las Vegas is keeping its name as one of the most controversial cities in the world, and it looks like they are loving it. So we are!

12 Durex Is Not Only For Men

It is rather odd to see lesbians advertising Durex products. However, this advertisement is brilliant when you understand it. Even though people automatically associate Durex with protection, it is not entirely right. They also sell an awful lot of other products, which can make your bed life so much more exciting. In this add, Durex states: "It all starts with touch," and it is absolutely correct. I don't know if I need that pleasure gel yet, but I can already tell that it works. That is an excellent example of a perfect advertisement. I mean, when a person (almost) buys a thing only because of the ad, you know that it worked. That is the case with this ad. It is passionate, erotic, and timely. Also, throw a rock at me if those lesbians look like any sort of criminals to you.

11 Sports And Beauty

It is the best example of a brilliant advertisement. It is relevant, addictive, visual, and has a funny plot twist. XXL All Sports United is a company selling sportswear. Naturally, this advertisement targeted all men around the world. Well, I must say it succeeded. I couldn't take my eyes off the stunning actress in the ad. On top of that, there are so many cool sports tricks and motivational music in the background. However, what makes this advertisement so brilliant is the final scene. I don't want to spoil too much, but those guys, who tried to impress the stunning lady, had a little disadvantage - they were not women. The ad concluded with a passionate kiss of two gorgeous girls. I don't know about you, but I am convinced that XXL All Sports United is suited for "Whatever team you play for."

10 A Touching Love

Many companies choose to advertise the raw passion of lesbians rather than their tender love. I get it; the audience wants to see steamy images and naked bodies of hot women. However, Wells Fargo chose an entirely different way this time. They tried (and succeeded) to play with everyone's feelings. What can be more touching than two women in love adopting a deaf child from an adoption center? Well, I would have loved to see them buying a little puppy by the end of the advertisement. Jokes aside, Wells Fargo did a great job convincing people that it is a loving and compassionate company. It is a very hard task these days, because Wells Fargo is a company, providing financial and banking services. I must applaud the marketing team of Wells Fargo for coming up with such a powerful advertisement, which is beneficial to everyone around the world. I believe that Wells Fargo would help me "prepare financially for when two becomes three."

9 Being Different Is The Way To Go

I'll be honest; I had a hard time figuring out this advertisement. At first, it looked like NatWest is promoting cheating and schizophrenia, and that would be way too odd even for the most courageous company in the world. However, by the end of the ad, I realized that it was about twin sisters. One had a husband and loved swimming; another had a girlfriend and hated swimming. Well-played, NatWest!

It is a very brilliant ad with a lesbian undertone. It perfectly represents the values of NatWest. This company is providing financial service to everyone, despite their differences. After all, we are all different, and yet, we all deserve the best treatment that we can get. Of course, even in 2017, there are still comments like "It is wrong and disgusting," but in general, people loved this commercial. It is a great sign for all the LGBT people around the world.

8 Love Thyself

Harvey Nichols is a high-quality fashion brand, selling only the most luxurious clothes. It also means that all the advertisements by Harvey Nichols must be spot on. As I said, I don't know much about fashion, but I would definitely visit Beauty Bazaar after seeing this particular ad. I mean, I surely love myself, and I love beautiful women too. Also, this ad sends a strong message about LGBT rights. Even though the woman in the ad is kind of kissing herself (it's strange, I know), she is also kissing another woman. Long story short - human beings must love themselves just the way they are, and no one can ever restrict their way of living. Also, people must visit those three floors of beauty in Beauty Bazaar. Don't get me wrong, I am not working for Harvey Nichols, and I am not advertising its products. However, this ad does it better than I ever could.

7 Old School Seduction

St-Germain is probably the best liqueur in the world. It won the Grand Gold Medal at the Monde Selection in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. This prestigious award is the best indicator judging the spirit. If that is not enough, then just listen to The New York Times which commented: "St-Germain almost single-handedly invigorated the moribund liqueur category." Today, St. Germain belongs to Bacardi Ltd. and keeps providing the highest quality liqueur to its customers.

St-Germain is providing the highest quality advertisements as well. For example, this one with two women from the 30's is just mind-blowing. It is simple, powerful, and straightforward. It also reminds us that same-sex love is nothing new to the world and we should not think about it as of something artificial. Just take a second look at those two women. Do their emotions look fake to you? I am in love with this advertisement.

6 Interracial Lesbian Wedding

What is the best way to make any radical views conservative mad? I think Tommy Hilfiger has found a way. This brilliant advertising campaign is depicting interracial lesbian wedding. Of course, it received a lot of negative comments from bigots all over the world, but in general, it was a great success. It is not the first time when Tommy Hilfiger chose LGBT people for their advertisements. So far, it looks like it's paying off big time. Besides the minority of angry customers, the rest were impressed by the high-quality shots of eternal love. I am pretty sure that you were impressed too! I mean look at this picture!

Let's be honest; all the models look stunning. On top of that, it looks like they are having the time of their lives. I can see nothing wrong with that, and I wish that we all did it instead of bitching about silly things.

5 To Love This Life Is To Live It Naturally

This advertisement is among the most controversial ads of all time. It has 725,000 views on YouTube, but many of the viewers express their disgust with LGBT people and Chobani for supporting it. One of my "favorite" comments is: "Honestly I have nothing against people who choose to live their life how they choose. But when my 10-year-old daughter sees the commercial on a channel that's for kids and looks at me with confusion is when I have a problem with it. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but I think this has gone a little too far in proving a point."

Can someone explain what kind of problem this woman is referring to? It sounded like "I don't have a problem with cats, but I would like to see all the cats gone." Anyway, the rest of the people loved this commercial. I mean, is there anything about it that we should hate? The women are happy, Chobani chocolate looks delicious, and the sights are breathtaking. This commercial depicted the morning of my dreams!

4 Subtle And Sweet

Chanel is subtle and sweet like always. This brand is recognizable all over the world as one of the leading ones in the fashion industry. Naturally, Chanel has to produce the highest quality to its customers all the time. That includes compelling advertisements as well. I mean, people sometimes underestimate the power of a good ad. Oh yes, even though we always say that ads don't affect us, they actually do. It makes us subconsciously love or hate certain things.

This particular advertisement campaign of Chanel, showing a lesbian couple of fairly old times is a brilliant one. The shots are completely stunning, and the timing is so perfect that it creates intimacy with an element of surprise. I bet that every woman would love to be as elegant as those sophisticated girls in the ad. And that is when Chanel comes to the rescue, right?

3 India's First Lesbian Advertisement

Myntra is an online shopping site, located in India. From the first look at it, Myntra does not look special. However, it takes one look at their advertisements to realize that very smart and ingenious people are working in this company. In 2015, Myntra released first ever lesbian-friendly ad In India. This short movie is called "The Visit," and it shows how a lesbian girl is getting ready to meet her girlfriend's parents. It is brilliant how this ad is not annoying or persuasive. There is no exaggeration about the LGBT problems. The lesbian girl in "The Visit" acts the same as any straight girl would before meeting her significant other's parents for the first time. That is the reason why this advertisement went viral in 2015, accumulating over 3,300,000 views only on YouTube. The slogan of this campaign is "bold is beautiful," and it is fascinating how bold is the company itself.

2 Pleasant Betrayal

Ché Men's Magazine is a monthly Belgian publication, focused on everything that interests men. Yeah, it is simple - steamy ladies, sports, cars, and fancy gadgets. The publishers thought that the best way to advertise Ché Men's Magazine is through the love for women.

The above advertisement might not make sense if it was the reality. However, it works perfectly in the form of an ad. Any straight man who says that he would not to love to have some bedroom time with two ladies is lying. So, what would happen if a man would find his girlfriend cheating on him with another girl? Well, according to Ché it is a dream come true. Well, at least as long as the man gets a chance to join the fun. "Let us keep dreaming for a better world," huh? Hands down, it is one of the most clever and funny advertisements of men's magazines I have ever seen.

1 Coyote Ugly

Is it just me or this ad by Buffalo Jeans reminds a lot of Coyote Ugly? Anyway, the most ironic thing about it is that the only thing that people would love to remove from this ad is those jeans. Don't get me wrong; this advertisement is absolutely breathtaking as it is, but if those models were not wearing any jeans... well, I wouldn't mind.

Buffalo Jeans released this ad in 2010, and that was a very courageous marketing move. I mean, LGBT stuff still attracts controversy today, when people learned to accept the fact that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Oh yes, seven years might sound like a very short amount of time, but it is not when we are talking about such a time sensitive thing as LGBT rights. What else can I say? If Buffalo Jeans make me look that sexy, then I am going to buy it first thing tomorrow.

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