15 Leaks, Rumors, And Spoilers Surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Here’s a look at 15 of the hottest rumors, alleged leaks, and secret spoilers for Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi.

What do we know so far about Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi? Since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, secrecy has been ramped up to epic proportions. Script security is beyond tight, and the actors involved are apparently well schooled in what not to say – which is pretty much everything.

But the absence of official news hasn’t hurt the rumor mill, and there have been claims of possible script leaks. A series of spoilers came from a post on 4Chan, with an anonymous user who claimed to have seen parts of the script. Other theorists and gossip have put forward a number of supposed Star Wars leaks and spoilers, all claiming to have secret sources inside the organization.

A smattering of details has drifted our way from interviews with cast, crew, and other sources. What it proves is that The Last Jedi is one of the most highly anticipated movies of all time, with fans who starving for their next Star Wars fix.

Here’s a look at 15 of the hottest rumors, alleged leaks, and secret spoilers for Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, leading up to its release December 14 in the UK and December 15 everywhere else.

15 Finn Goes Undercover

Actor John Boyega has let a few details of Finn’s role in Star Wars VIII drop during recent interviews. He’s going on a mission with Rose Tico, a new character played by Kelly Marie Tran. She’s a maintenance worker in the Resistance. As per the supposed script leak, after Finn recovers from the injuries he’s left with after The Force Awakens, with the help of a bacti suit, General Leia sends the pair on a mission to discover what he can about Snoke and any weaknesses he may have. According to another theory, however, she sends him to find out who's made an attempt on her life. Either way, it means that the two of them go undercover in the First Order. It forces Finn to confront the past he was essentially running away from during most of A New Awakening. Boyega has said in an interview that his story line "doesn't come without a fight" for the character and who he really is.

14 Rey's Back Story

Ever since meeting her in Star Wars VII, the world of fandom has been rife with rumors about who Rey is and where she really came from. Naturally, at least some of the answers have to come in Star Wars VIII. One of the favorite theories has been that Luke himself is Rey's father, but that's strongly disputed by the alleged script leaker, along with many other anonymous sources. Add to that the fact that JJ Abrams has stated publicly that Rey's parents didn't appear in The Force Awakens, which would seem to exclude Luke. The 4Chan user responsible for the recent spate of leaks claims that Luke will tell Rey that she's a reincarnation of the first person to ever use the Force. Her parents were just ordinary people and became terrified of her abilities, which led to the solitary existence that she was leading as a scavenger at the beginning of The Force Awakens. Luke supposedly tells her that she was reincarnated and led to him to maintain the balance in the Force.

13 Rey's Training

Luke takes over Rey’s training while they’re on Ahch-To (filmed on Skellig Michael Island off the coast of Ireland,). The relationship between the two gets testy at times, although he also tells her she'll be even more powerful than Yoda. Writer/director Rian Johnson told attendees at the Star Wars Celebration event in April 2017 that audiences will get "a very different side of the Luke character" through his interactions with Rey. Along with Force training, rumor has it that Rey will also have to come to terms with strange creatures dubbed the "porgs," which Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo confirmed are the cute furry creatures fans spotted on the teaser trailer as a work in progress. They are native to Ahch-To and in tune with the Force. Rey has to learn to come to get along with them. According to the alleged screen leak, Luke tells Rey that there's another evil creature threatening the porgs, and when she battles it to defeat, it becomes the ghost of Anakin Skywalker.

12 Can Droids Feel The Force?

One of the more controversial details coming out of the 4Chan leak is that the Force is something that can be used and felt by droids along with humans and other living things. The theory is that Luke shut R2D2 down using the Force and that it was Rey’s Force quotient that woke him up at the end of The Force Awakens. It expands on the idea of the Force as something that connects absolutely everything – living and non-living. There are a few problems with this idea, we have to acknowledge. If we look at Star Wars history, we know that Obi-Wan Kenobi described it as something that's actually created by living things, and so, it follows it should only connect those living things. Also, JJ Abrams said in an interview that it was actually BB-8 asking a question that woke R2D2 up. So, this rumor seems iffy but, if true, would open up a whole new role for the fan-fave droids.

11 Luke In Exile

We’re expecting to learn a lot about why Luke is on Ahch-To in Star Wars VIII. Now, we have to point out that the Jedi do have a habit of disappearing when things take a turn for the worse. So, it comes as no surprise that he left when Ben Skywalker – now, of course, known as Kylo Ren – took a turn to the Dark Side. Rumors and plot leaks have it that Luke’s exile is actually the key to the title of the movie itself. He's despondent and pondering why the Jedi, despite the fact they're on the good side, seem to keep failing against the forces aligned with the Dark Side. Ahch-To was confirmed in media reports to be the site of the first Jedi Temple, so it makes sense Luke should go there to get answers. He takes on training Rey but explains to her that once the mysterious Snoke is defeated, the Jedi should cease to exist. "It’s time for the Jedi to end," he tells her in the trailer.

10 Kylo Ren: In Search Of Vader

There has been little in the way of official clues to go by when it comes to Kylo Ren other than some cryptic statements about his state of mind from actor Adam Driver. Ren is said to be tortured by killing Han Solo, his father, and his inevitable final descent into the Dark Side. Rumors have it that Kylo Ren is trying to find Ahch-To himself to finally deal with his uncle and the troublesome newcomer Rey. The supposed script leaks, however, also indicate that he’s trying to find the spirit of Anakin, his revered grandfather Darth Vader. There’s been a lot of debate among Star Wars rumormongers about how far this obsession with Vader will go. Kylo is said to be donning a black cape and a formidable face mask, a la Vader in Return of the Jedi, but in the trailer, we see that face mask smashed on the ground. Does Ren smash it himself? Or is it an indication of a battle – maybe with Luke?

9 Yoda's Back

The Force Ghost of Yoda is said to be making an appearance in The Last Jedi, which is only right. The Resistance needs him. This comes from the infamous script leak, but this has also been given some reinforcement by a recent interview with Frank Oz, who voiced the popular character. During an interview, when he was asked to confirm the rumors, he would only say that he had "been asked not to talk about it" by Lucasfilm. Why the secrecy, in other words, if there’s nothing to tell? According to the script leak source, there’s another twist – Force Ghosts can be killed. Now, this flies in the face of accepted Star Wars canon. As Obi-Wan told Darth Vader during their epic battle, once killed in battle, he would become "more powerful than you can possibly imagine." He’d become one with the Force itself. But as we all know, filmmakers don’t always pay as much attention to franchise canon as the fans do.

8 Snoke Rumors

Snoke, Snoke – where do we even start with all the rumors and buzz around this one character? One of the prevailing theories is actually that Snoke will be barely seen at all in Star Wars VIII, saving the seminal confrontation for Star Wars IX. A Star Wars superfan by the name of Mike Zeroh took to Youtube recently with the claim of having a secret source at Pinewood Studios. He claims that Snoke will be seen in the movie in a Mega Star Destroyer, a mega-cool spaceship the likes of which have not been seen in the franchise. Reddit user TheLastJediBigTwist's theory is that Snoke is actually just a puppet, with someone else pulling the real strings behind him. His shocking theory? Luke Skywalker is the real supervillain! According to the 4Chan theorist, however, Luke eventually confronts Snoke face to face, only to have Snoke reveal that he, in fact, was Anakin Skywalker’s father. Before that happens, it’s Finn who's said to discover Snoke’s home planet (on that secret mission for Leia) where he finds a vampire-style crypt. Apparently, Snoke can jump from body to physical body, and he's well liked on his home planet. Our verdict? The rumors certainly can’t all be true, so we’ll just have to wait this one out.

7 Benicio Del Toro’s Character

We love that Benicio Del Toro is becoming a sci-fi staple, what with his role in the MCU and now in the Star Wars franchise. While he's confirmed his participation in the movie and was photographed in costume in a recent major photo spread, he's been remarkably secretive about his role. Official word from Rian Johnson is that his character is unnamed but that the cast and crew had dubbed him DJ while on set. The 4Chan script leaker would have us believe that his character’s name is actually Zenn and that he’s a character who's known to switch sides, working for both the First Order and the Resistance. In an interview with a Spanish magazine, del Toro described the character as being "like a villain," which seems to shore up that idea. Supposedly, it’s Leia who asks him to help the Resistance to deal with Snoke.

6 Captain Phasma Is Back With A Vengeance

With her gleaming chromium armor, Captain Phasma (played by GoT's Gwendoline Christie) got a lot of attention as the Star Wars franchise's first real female villain. The character didn't get much screen time in The Force Awakens, but that will change in Star Wars VIII. A recent video about the making of the movie shows Captain Phasma surrounded by flames in a battle scene. At the D23 Expo in July, John Boyega revealed that once Finn regains his health and is back in action, he meets up with Captain Phasma again for an epic battle. He'll not only be up against an old foe, as pics also show her with a new weapon -- a spear that's even taller than her 6'3" height. If you're interested in how she escaped the exploding Starkiller Base at the end of The Force Awakens, you can catch up with her back story in a special Marvel Comics miniseries starting Fall 2017.

5 The LEGO Leaks

Lucasfilm can be as cagey as they like, but there are other players who don’t have the same attention to discretion, apparently. Back in May, LEGO released the new packaging for their official Star Wars: The Last Jedi sets, which have revealed some fresh details about the upcoming film. There are black BB units, hinting the First Order may have made evil versions of the droids. The First Order Star Destroy set includes both Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren, which implies a face-to-face confrontation between the two. Rey and Poe figurines are included in the First Order Assault Walker unit, and while we can't take LEGO as canon, they're typically accurate when it comes to characters and scenes, so maybe we'll see these two battling the First Order together at some point. Also, Poe appears to have been promoted to the rank of Captain.

4 Holdo And Leia

Laura Dern’s character in The Last Jedi has been confirmed but with few details. She’ll play Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, an officer in the Resistance. Officially, that’s all we know so far – that and her purple robes and hair. The rumor mill, though, claims that she'll represent a rival to General Leia. According to the 4Chan script-leaking guy, the movie will see Leia and Holdo clash when Holdo wants to set up a truce or alliance with the First Order, rather than continuing to fight them. Holdo then takes over leadership of the Resistance while Leia is on the run. Holdo has been described as the "anti-Leia" who wears elegant purple robes rather than Leia's more serviceable brown General's garb. She's also said to clash with Poe Dameron as he attempts to lead the remaining Resistance fighters away from the First Order forces.

3 Luke's Green Lightsaber

Luke Skywalker's green lightsaber – last seen in movies at the end of Return of the Jedi, when he got it back before the Death Star exploded. There's been no official confirmation on whether or not Luke will wield a lightsaber again in The Last Jedi and whether or not we'll see the reappearance of his green lightsaber. It was seen in the Star Wars: Shattered Empire, a Marvel Comics series that ran in 1983 and took place immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi. We know that Rey now has his blue lightsaber, but fans are going crazy with speculation that the green lightsaber will finally make its return in The Last Jedi. According to an interview with Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm Story Group, Lucasfilm has actually been keeping track of where that green lightsaber is after all those movies. Why would they do that if it won’t show up again, either in Return of the Jedi or Star Wars IX?

2 Star Wars Monte Carlo

We’ve seen night clubs in the Star Wars universe before, but Return of the Jedi will bring something different from the dive bar aesthetic of the Mos Eisley Cantina or anything we’ve seen so far. While Return of the Jedi was filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia, rumors began to circulate of an upscale nightclub scene that was being filmed. More recently, interviews and a photo spread in Vanity Fair have confirmed the club’s name as "Canto Bight," existing in a casino world. It’s a high-end party place for the rich denizens of the galaxy, somewhere apart from the interstellar wars and strife. Rose and Finn come upon the place while they’re on their quest for General Leia. Here, the dress code is formal, and the high rollers gather for expensive fun.

1 General Leia

Sadly, Carrie Fisher passed away in late 2016 before she could take the prominent role that Leia was slated for in Star Wars IX. But at least we get to see much more of her in The Last Jedi than we did in The Force Awakens. According to the rumor mill and supposed leaks, The Last Jedi begins with Han Solo’s funeral, where there's an attempt on General Leia’s life. Now, here’s the kicker – she escapes from the threat by using the Force. All along, fans have wondered why Leia never developed her innate ability with the Force, but if the rumor is true, it looks like she may have been quietly developing it all along. The attempt on her life is allegedly what sets off Finn’s quest and leads to Holdo assuming leadership of the Resistance. Whether or not those details pan out in the movie, John Boyega has assured fans in interviews that Leia gets the send-off she deserves.


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15 Leaks, Rumors, And Spoilers Surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi