15 Ladies We Didn't Know Were Coming To TV This Year

Every year we have new television shows that make their way to the air. And as exciting as those potential new shows are, you might find yourself more intrigued to learn about all the gorgeous women who are going to start appearing on your screen on a regular basis.

Some of the actresses below are familiar faces, such as Christina Hendricks, Lea Michele, and Angela Bassett. These women are known for their acting talents, but also their jaw-dropping good looks. Something we're sure is going to be put on display, both on our list, and when their shows start making their way to the air.

We also have some up and comers, like Shannon Purser from Stranger Things and some names from television past, such as Jenna Fischer, that you didn't know were coming back with something new!

The photos we've selected below will also make it abundantly clear that this may be the single best year with the newest shows and the best-looking women that'll hopefully be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

These are the 15 television hotties that you probably didn't know were coming to TV this year.

15 Christina Hendricks - Good Girls

Fans of outstanding television are probably plenty familiar with Christina Hendricks. She spent years as the show-stopping Joan on Mad Men, and you may be ecstatic to hear that you're going to get to check her out again on a regular basis.

Hendricks' newest venture is in the world of comedy, appearing in the series Good Girls. Helping round out the cast is the talented and hilarious Rhetta who you may best recognize for her role as Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation.

While there is no telling how the show will do, here's hoping for fans of Hendricks' sake that it'll stick around for a long time.

14 Lea Michele - The Mayor

Lea Michele is not only a gorgeous actress but is also a talented singer. These things boded well for her when she was appearing as one of the leads in the series Glee. Michele then went on to appear in the television series Scream Queens but unfortunately for her, the series was canceled after only 2 seasons.

She's definitely going to be hoping for better things with her upcoming series entitled The Mayor. The show follows a hip-hop artist who wants to promote his mix-tape by running for mayor but ends up actually winning the election. Michele won't play the hip hop artist, but she's expected to have a leading role.

13 Sarah Shahi - Reverie

You know that Sarah Shahi is used to being looked at, as she was actually a former cheerleader prior to making her break in Hollywood. But we're sure you're glad that she decided to become an actress. You're probably even happier that she elected to wear the outfit that we have selected to show you above!

Shahi appeared in the series Life, but the show only ran for two seasons. She's going to get another shot at success with the upcoming series Reverie which is set to bring in elements of Virtual Reality and Shahi's attempts to bring people back who have found themselves "lost" in a virtual reality world. Here's hoping she finds some more success!

12 Maggie Gyllenhaal - The Deuce

Maggie Gyllenhaal is no stranger to appearing in major blockbuster projects, such as The Dark Knight. Neither is her co-star, James Franco, who also has a hand in the superhero universe with his role as Harry Osborne.

Their upcoming project, The Deuce, is set to look at the world of New York City during the 1970s and promises to study the rampant use of prostitution and adult entertainment at the time. Which means it may only be a matter of time before you see Maggie (and other gorgeous women) walking around in her birthday suit. As if you needed another reason to check out the show!

11 Isabella Cornish - Inhumans

Isabelle Cornish is one of the most exciting up and coming actresses in Hollywood. And if this photo isn't proof enough, all guys should definitely want to be keeping an especially close eye on this gorgeous actress. Thankfully you won't have to look too hard to try and find her. Cornish's newest project, Inhumans, is set in the superhero world and that alone is going to be bringing in tons of viewers.

Cornish's character, Crystal, has the ability to control the 4 major elements: fire, air, earth, and water; as well as the ability to influence various metals and electricity. While we don't know if her character is going to be wearing an outfit that is quite as revealing as the one we've selected for you, we're sure Cornish will still manage to catch your eye.

10 Jenna Fischer - Splitting Up Together

I see Jenna Fischer on a regular basis because like many people (I hope at least!) The Office is one of those shows on Netflix that is seemingly always being played. But there's nothing wrong with mixing it up and in the near future, you're going to get to check out Pam Beesley in a whole new way.

Her upcoming show entitled Splitting Up Together is focused on Fischer and her partner's romantic life becoming reignited with one another after they got divorced. If we're being honest, this doesn't sound like the strongest concept in the world but the love of Fischer is going to get at least some people tuning in.

Oliver Hudson who appeared in Scream Queens as well as Nashville is stepping into the other leading role.

9 Jessica Pare - SEAL Team

Jessica Pare is no stranger to appearing on your television screen. And like Christina Hendricks who is also on our list, Pare made a name for herself with the series Mad Men. In fact, Pare was even able to win over the affections of Don Draper (played by the talented Jon Hamm); you know at least until their bitter divorce.

Pare is taking on perhaps a far more action-oriented role when she appears in the new series SEAL Team; which yes, you guessed it, is going to be centered around Navy Seals getting into action. David Boreanaz, who has spent years on the series Bones is also playing one of the leading roles.

8 Lucy Hale - Life Sentence

Lucy Hale may have starred in the series Pretty Little Liars, but we definitely aren't lying when we tell you that she has a new television series coming. Hale is taking on the leading role in Life Sentence which will revolve around her living in the aftermath of finding out her terminal cancer had been cured.

The series is being billed as a comedy but it's clear that they'll be some heavier elements worked in throughout the plot. This can be great if the show does it effectively, but dealing with cancer is always a difficult situation. But even if you have no interest in the series, we're sure you're plenty interested in getting to check out the photo that we've included of Hale!

7 Emily VanCamp - The Resident

Emily VanCamp has been outstanding whenever she steps into the world of television. She was one of the leading roles on the show Revenge for several years, as well as appearing in Brothers & Sisters.

She's also recognized by any fan of the Marvel universe as she played the role of Sharon Carter in the last two Captain America fans. But if you found yourself leaving the theater and wishing you could see more of VanCamp, then you'll be ecstatic to hear she's coming to television later this year.

VanCamp will be appearing in the series The Resident which you may guess based on the name, is set to be a medical drama that will air on Fox.

6 Monica Potter - Wisdom Of The Crowd

Monica Potter is an incredibly diverse actress. Whether it's leaving you horrified with films like The Louse House on the Left, or captivated like her role in the series Parenthood; it's clear why Potter continues to find work. And after you gaze upon the photo we have for you featuring Potter looking perhaps sexier than ever, you may understand why we're left with the easy option to throw her on a list like this.

Potter will be starring in the upcoming series Wisdom of the Crowd that will also see Jeremy Piven as one of the leading roles. The series will see Piven attempt to use crowdsourcing to help solve the murder of his daughter.

We're not too sure how invested in the plot you may end up getting, but we're sure you'd love to invest some time in getting to know Potter!

5 Serinda Swan - Inhumans

Serinda Swan should definitely be feeling confident in her good looks. Not only does she have steamy photos like the one above, but she literally has a role in which she was cast as the goddess Aphrodite in the Percy Jackson film. For non-Greek mythology fans, Aphrodite was the goddess of several things including love, pleasure, and beauty.

She's going to get her hands playing another non-human character when she steps into the role of Medusa in the upcoming Inhumans series. Medusa is known for her ability to use her hair in advantageous ways, but Swan may have other features that are going to be hard to keep your eyes off of.

4 Adrianne Palicki - The Orville

Seth MacFarlane is one of the most respected names in the world of animation. Even if you hate Family Guy, it's hard to deny the thousands of hours that have gone into making it one of the most successful series of all-time. And while MacFarlane has had some misses, such as The Cleveland Show, he's still a name you should trust in the world of comedy.

His newest venture, however, isn't animated, but live-action as he steps into the leading role alongside Adrianne Palicki in The Orville. The series is set in space and will be hoping to pull in fans who are longing for something similar to Star Trek.

The venture may end up bombing, but we aren't going to complain about getting to physically see the gorgeous Adrianne Palicki.

3 Angela Bassett - 9-1-1

There are many standout features that help make American Horror Story one of the most captivating shows on the air. One of the biggest may be Angela Bassett who lent her talent to several seasons of the show.

But Bassett is stepping into a new venture in the near future, appearing in the upcoming series 9-1-1. If it's any consolation, the series (like American Horror Story) is created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and will see Bassett play the role of a first responder; though details on the series are still developing.

That being said, Murphy + Falchuk + Bassett is a 3 person combination that we're sure you are going to get behind.

2 Shannon Purser - Rise

Shannon Purser is one of the many actors that are going to benefit from the Netflix series Stranger Things. While that may be how you recognize her, she also has a reoccurring role in the series Riverdale and is keeping her plate even more full this year by adding the new series Rise to the mix.

Purser is expected to have a supporting role in the series that is being led by Josh Radnor; who will play an inspirational teacher. While the show probably won't find quite the following for Stranger Things, it could be an outstanding opportunity for Purser. At the very least, it's a great opportunity for you to get to check out her good looks!

1 Mindy Kaling - Champions

This list may be all about gorgeous women, but when starting out this blurb we have to open with the fact that Anders Holm is playing the leading role. Holm's character is a Gym owner whose life gets turned upside down when Kaling shows up with their teenage son that he was unaware of.

Kaling helped create the show, alongside Charlie Grandy; both of whom worked together on The Office. With Holm's big show, Workaholics, working its way into their final season, we're sure Holm is hoping this series will help keep his positive momentum going. At the very least it is clear that Kaling's career is going to continue on an upward trend as in 2018 she is appearing in both Ocean's Eight and A Wrinkle In Time. 

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