15 Kate Upton Covers Hotter Than Her Latest SI Cover

There are some pretty steamy covers coming your way. Buckle up. You’re in for a ride.

Damn, Kate, back at it again with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover? That meme may be overdone at this point, but Kate Upton is proving she is as hot as ever. The Kate Upton craze of 2012-2013 seemed to be long behind us now that she is seemingly focusing on her acting career, but her most recent SI cover has caused quite a splash on the internet. This marks her third official cover, which means she is quickly catching up to the model with the highest number of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers to date (to be revealed later). Upton did make Sports Illustrated history, becoming the first ever model to receive three covers. If you recall, last year’s issue also had three covers, but a different woman was on each one.

The 2017 issue aimed to celebrate “body diversity and age inclusion,” but some parts of the internet were not impressed (we will get to that later). One thing we can probably all agree on is how hot Upton looks in all three covers. They strike us as a bit more high-end than before and her body looks powerful. But, there’s a caveat. As striking as Upton looks, we think she has looked even hotter in previous covers she has done in the past. Yes, we know. It doesn’t seem possible. We invite you to take a look for yourselves.

15 Her Latest SI Covers, For Reference

For those of you who missed out on all of the hoopla last week regarding the grand unveiling of the highly anticipated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, here is what we’re talking about. Upton is the first model to land all three covers, this time in celebration of “body diversity and age inclusion.” Serena Williams, Ashley Graham, the 63-year-old supermodel Christie Brinkley (and her daughters) and newcomer Hunter McGrady, Sports Illustrated’s “curviest model ever,” were also in the issue.

14 A Little Teaser

13 Old School Beauty for Vanity Fair

12 Au Naturale For Vogue

11 Popping Cherries For The DT Magazine

This 2012 cover for The DT Magazine has Kate Upton looking like an absolute dreamboat. Her sultry expression, biting on a cherry, the daisy dukes - indeed, this cover is all kinds of hot. Somewhat tame, yes, but Upton shows us that you don’t need to take it all off in order to be sexy. There is something about leaving things to the imagination. Right?

10 Her Provocative GQ Cover

9 A (Basically) Bare Kate Upton

8 Taking It All Off For Muse

7 Kate Donning Her Undergarments For V Magazine

6 As Close To "Bare" As You Will Ever See Kate Upton

5 Scissoring For Esquire

4 Her Very First SI Cover (2012)

3 SMOKESHOW For Glitter Magazine

2 Her SI 50th Anniversary Flip-Side Cover

This was technically Kate Upton’s third (yes, third!) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover (the back cover, sure, but does it really matter?). We will take Upton any way we can get her: front, back, upside down, you name it. Doesn’t she look like an absolute babe in this picture?! Upton is just oozing appeal. Even though it was the flip cover, we think it's just as hot as her current SI covers. It's classic pin-up girl stuff.

While Elle MacPherson currently holds the title for having the most SI covers (five of them), Upton is quickly catching up. Upton does currently hold the title of being the first model to have three front covers, though.

1 Her Antarctica SI Cover (2013)

It is clear why this picture is hot AF. While Kate Upton’s most recent SI covers are obviously very steamy, this one easily rivals them and you can probably see why. Upton looks cute as can be under that fuzzy, warm hood, but one glance southward and things quickly heat up. Funny that this cover was shot in Antarctica where the highest average is -49F! Upton could only stay in a bikini for a minute before her team had to come and cover her with blankets. While Upton made history with this cover by appearing on an SI cover two years in a row - a title only held by a few models prior - she almost got frostbite during the shoot. When she got back, she was losing her hearing and eyesight because her body was trying so hard to stay warm. Thank goodness, for our sake, that she went through with it.

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15 Kate Upton Covers Hotter Than Her Latest SI Cover