15 Kate Middleton Controversies That Are Hard To Believe

While the world is now talking about Prince Harry and his engagement with Meghan Markle, the Suits actress has a long way to go to match Kate Middleton’s popularity. Prince William’s wife is loved by millions. Not only the people of her own country, but also the ones from other continents; everyone simply adores the princess. She seems like the perfect successor of her deceased mom-in-law, Princess Diana, who was extremely loved by people around the world. Kate Middleton’s pleasing personality and her dedication to her family and kids have been the reasons why people love her so much. However, with great love, comes great responsibilities. There are times when there is too much pressure on the Royals to maintain their public image. We should not forget the fact that they are free individuals who have all the right to live life according to their choice. People expect so much from Prince William and his wife, Kate, that they get disappointed even if there is a small glitch. There have been occasions when even somebody like Kate Middleton got involved in controversies. At times, it was because of the dress the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing, while other times it was about what she said or did. People may be shocked to know the kind of controversies an agreeable personality like Kate Middleton has been involved in. She came into the limelight the moment everyone came to know about her romance with the prince. And, the constant public attention backfired at times.

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15 Kate Middleton’s Affairs

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Kate Middleton had many affairs before marriage. Willem Marx is believed to be Kate Middleton’s first love. She was totally into him since childhood, as the two went to the same school. Their affair continued even after she attended Marlborough College. Marx was even invited to Kate’s wedding. In college, she was head over heels for a young man named Harry. While many confuse the man with the prince, this Harry has no connection  to the Royal family. Apparently, things did not go well for Kate and Harry. She eventually went to Italy to attend St. Andrews University. She met Prince William, her future husband, over there. But, before that, she dated Rupert Finch. Even her affair with William did not go well at first. They broke up in 2007. She dated Henry Ropner at that time. However, William and Kate were back together, as destiny had bigger plans for Ms. Middleton.

14 This Transparent Frock

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Let’s say that Kate’s college days were usual. She did things that most young people in college do. She had affairs. She had night-outs. She did many regular things before she came to know that she was going to be a part of the Royal family. One of Kate’s most controversial episodes in college was when she joined a fashion show, where Kate walked the ramp in a bold avatar. She wore a completely transparent frock at the charity function. According to reports, it was the first time William noticed Kate and went crazy for her. Kate and William were friends already, but she was dating Rupert Finch during that time. It took designer Charlotte Todd £30 (around $40) to make the dress. Thanks to the Royal touch, it may one day be sold for over $100,000. The dress has been in Todd’s mother’s wardrobe ever since and represents one of the most shocking controversies of Kate Middleton.

13 Breakup With Prince William

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are viewed as one of the most perfect couples in the world. However, it was not always a walk in the park for the couple. As we know, Kate dated a number of men before meeting William. After they broke up in 2007, she continued her dating adventures. The breakup itself was quite controversial, as many believed that the couple was going to tie the knot soon; he was instantly attracted to Kate in university. They even went on a safari in Kenya. Kate was the first Royal girlfriend ever to be invited to the Christmas lunch in Sandringham. When the couple broke up, it was speculated that William did not want to commit, while Kate was ready to settle down with him. Kate later talked about the breakup. She said, while she was unhappy about it, the separation made her a stronger person. According to William, it happened because both were quite young. He said they were finding themselves.

12 Being Too Relatable

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Kate Middleton has been accused of being too approachable to the common public. Noticeably, this was the same allegation that Princess Diana faced. She faced a lot of trouble for being too relatable and losing the “magic” of being a part of the Royal family. While some believe it is better for the monarchy to have a representative like Kate who people can identify with, there are many who prefer Royals carrying an enigma around them. Interestingly, Princes in the Royal family have the tendency to get married to women from a more humble background. Think of Princess Diana as the biggest example. After that, both her sons fell in love with women who did not have any connection with a Royal family. Prince William is married to someone from an upper-middle class family of traders. Harry, on the other hand, is going to get married to an American actress whose father is Caucasian and mother is African-American.

11 Fashion Sense

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While Kate Middleton is accused of exposing too much at times, she is blamed for having an outdated sense of fashion as well. Fashion experts believe that Kate often struggles with her choice of clothes. The "mishaps" happen to the Duchess quite often. Some critics wonder why the Duchess dresses up like she is 50. Her fashion sense is apparently quite lame. While she has the finest designers to help her dress up for the occasion, she still comes up with something bland and uninteresting. She is often accused of wearing the dullest pieces any fashion designer has ever produced. She not only uses outdated designs for herself, but also for her kids. William, on the other hand, is appreciated for his posh and stylish looks. He manages to be fashionable and classy at the same time.

10 Relation With Mom-In-Law

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We don’t know how Princess Diana would have treated Kate Middleton as her daughter-in-law. Before she died in a tragic accident, she already divorced Prince Charles. According to reports, Kate does not have a friendly relation with her present mother-in-law, Camilla Parker-Bowles. If Christopher Andersen’s Game of Crowns is to be believed, there is a lot of hostility between Camilla and Kate. He claims in the Royal biography that Camilla does not have an amicable relation with Kate’s mother, Carole, either. Andersen also claims that Camilla asked her husband to force William to break up with Kate. When William and Kate were dating, Camilla did not believe Kate was worthy of being a part of the Royal family because of her humble background. According to sources, Camilla tried her best to convince William to discontinue his relation with Kate. William even got separated from Kate for a few weeks. Andersen claims Camilla played a significant part in that.

9 Not Following The Dress Code

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Kate Middleton is extremely well-dressed all the time. But, in 2012, there was a blunder... She was particularly asked to wear a neutral color while attending the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. While everyone else at the ceremony opted for a muted palette, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a bright red dress. Kate Middleton definitely looked stunning in the scarlet dress. However, the dress was quite controversial. Media outlets were quick to notice the bright exception and called Kate’s choice bold, as well as inappropriate. There were various photos captured at the event that showed the Queen looking at Prince William’s wife. And, she did not look happy at all in those photographs. Kate tried to save the occasion with her bright smile. Many media representatives were not impressed anyway. They thought Kate was desperately asking for attention by wearing a kind of dress that stood out for all the wrong reasons. A similar kind of a dress was previously worn by Tulisa Contostavlos and Kim Kardashian.

8 Barefoot

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During her visit to India, Kate Middleton went to the Mahatma Gandhi memorial. As William and Kate visited the Gandhi Smiriti museum, she removed her shoes as a sign of respect. The gesture was appreciated everywhere, but the controversy was about something else. When Kate removed her shoes and went barefoot, her feet were exposed and the sight was shocking. It revealed that the Duchess desperately needed a pedicure. Her toes were unpolished, and the corns made it worse. According to an expert, the feet also revealed that Kate was suffering from podiatric problems due to her habit of wearing high and pointed heels. According to Dave Wein, high heels put excessive pressure on Kate’s toes. He suggested that Kate should be more sensible while choosing her shoes in the Indian conditions. Charlotte Wood was worried about the big toe joint that indicates a condition called hallux limitus. The podiatrist said the condition would typically lead to arthritis.


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Last year, PETA UK criticized Kate Middleton for wearing a pair of Restelli Guanti gloves apparently made of possum fur. Kate and William went for a ski vacation with Princess Charlotte and Prince George. The director of the organization, however, gave the benefit of the doubt to the Duchess. Mimi Bekhechi said Kate might not be aware of how much possums suffered due to the practice. It is common to keep possums in steel-jaw traps that crush their bones. Possums are often killed for their fur. According to Bekhechi, possums that do not get killed by the steel-jaw traps suffer severe injuries. While the controversy took place only in 2016, reports suggest that Kate has been wearing the pair of gloves since 2008. A number of members of the Royal family, nevertheless, have been working on the various causes regarding the preservation of Earth.

6 Skin Show

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When Kate Middleton did not have wardrobe malfunctions, she showed too much skin. At least, that’s what her critics say. Her choice of clothes has been under a constant scanner ever since she married William. She kept on wearing skinny jeans and short skirts. Things got so serious that the Queen apparently took charge. The Queen was reportedly unhappy about Kate flashing on multiple occasions. She did not like the fact that the duchess was wearing frilled frocks. She apparently ordered Kate Middleton to go through a Royal makeover. She was asked to wear clothes suitable for the wife of a future king and the mother of the heir to the throne. Designers like Alice Temperley and Alexander McQueen came on board to create specific gowns for the lady. Kate, being a modern woman, is stuck between following Royal regulations and choosing to wear what she loves.

5 Royal Wedding Dress Lawsuit

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Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was so legendary that a Wikipedia page was dedicated to it. Kate wore the Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton, the recipient of OBA, a.k.a. The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire honor. The design was kept a secret until the very last moment. Later on, bridal designer Christine Kendall claimed that the design was stolen from her by the British fashion house. McQueen strongly denied having any inspiration from Kendall’s designs. It claimed that Burton never had the chance to see any of Kendall’s sketches and called the claim ridiculous. The fashion house also argued that it had no knowledge of Christine Kendall until she came up with the claim. Kendall approached the fashion house at first to let it know about her claim. Then, she filed a lawsuit against it. Meanwhile, Kate continues to wear Alexander McQueen designs on major occasions.

4 Meghan Markle

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The moment it was reported that Meghan Markle was involved in a steamy romance with Prince Harry, people started making direct comparisons between Kate Middleton and the Suits actress. There have been numerous speculations about the Duchess not sharing a cordial relation with Harry’s girlfriend. When the two met for the first time, things looked fine. However, the rumors still made rounds. Things got more complicated when Meghan was not allowed to attend Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa’s wedding ceremony. Even though she was invited in spite of a “no ring, no bring” policy, she was not allowed to enter the church. While it was argued that Pippa wanted a small ceremony, people close to Meghan were offended. Meghan’s sister called the Royals snobs for not allowing the actress to enter the church. Now that Meghan is officially engaged to the Prince, it will be interesting to see how things go between the two ladies.

3 Wardrobe Malfunction

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Kate Middleton is supposed to wear weighted skirts, so that people do not get to see more than what they are supposed to. However, there have been several occasions when the Duchess wore light skirts and photographers went shutter-crazy. In 2014, when she visited Australia, she wore a Diane von Furstenberg dress. An adventurous gush of wind blew up the dress to expose her derriere. Moreover, it seemed like she was not wearing anything under her skirt at all. While some want to believe she was wearing a thong, others are convinced that she went full commando that day. Interestingly, this was neither the first nor the last time that Kate Middleton had a wardrobe malfunction. She was wearing a Jenny Packham dress at Calgary International Airport in Canada in 2011. The naughty wind played its part over there as well. What is intriguing is that despite having several up-skirt incidents, the Duchess continues to wear short light skirts.

2 Third Pregnancy

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When it was rumored that Kate and William might be planning their third child, there were people who asked them not to do so. A child-right organization called Having Kids wrote an open letter to the Royal couple and lectured them on family planning. The group said Kate and William should set an example by having a smaller family. An influential couple like them should send a message of sustainability and equity, the organization said. It is not rare for Royal couples to have larger families. The Queen has four children, while Kate is one of the three kids of her parents. Kate’s second pregnancy, however, was complicated. Speculations started when Kate joked to William about having a third child. Nevertheless, it turned out to be true as Kate soon became pregnant with her third baby.

1 Sunbathing Pics

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Five years back, the biggest controversy about Kate Middleton took place. Paparazzi photographers captured her topless photos while Kate and William were on a vacation in southern France. In September of 2012, Kate was newly married to William. They stayed in a secluded chateau, owned by Queen Elizabeth’s nephew. The Duchess of Cambridge was caught sunbathing topless. Six media representatives, consisting of three newspaper executives and three photographers, were sued after the Royals accused them of violation of privacy. The accused were eventually found guilty in a court in France. The executives were fined $118,000. The owner and the editor of the magazine that published the topless pics were asked to pay $53,000 each. William said that the incident reminded him of his mother’s death.

The topless incident remains the most shocking controversy of Kate Middleton’s life anyway.

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