15Marcel Marceau

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In "The One with the Prom Video," Joey buys Chandler a gold bracelet as a way of thanking him for all the money that his pal has spent on him over the years. Chandler hates the bracelet and makes fun of it. As Chandler is mocking the bracelet in Central

Perk, Joey walks in and overhears the comments, and then the shenanigans begin. During this scene, Chandler makes a joke that might have gone over the heads of a few viewers, especially the younger crowd. To jeer the gaudiness of the large yellow gold jewelry, Chandler does a Mr. T impression, which Joey hears and gets offended by. Chandler tries to cover it up by saying that he and Phoebe were doing impressions. He then says to Joey, "Do your Marcel Marceau." When Joey, visibly hurt, walks away without saying anything, Chandler says, "That's actually good." People laughed but you didn't. You see, Marcel Marceau was a very famous French mime. Mimes don't talk.

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