15 John Cena Pics That Nikki Bella Doesn’t Want You To See

When you’re in the spotlight, you can almost always expect some sort of criticism. When you’re in the spotlight in the world of pro wrestling, that same notion doubles. Cena’s career has been put on blast several times before for various reasons. Some claim that John loves to bury and bully younger talents, although many believe that’s just ex wrestlers being salty. Another conversation that frequently comes up is Cena’s romantic endeavors before meeting Nikki.

For the most part in this article, we take a look at romantic pictures of John Cena both off and on the screen. These photos link Cena to former love interests, as well as showing Cena in some steamy on-screen situations with the likes of AJ Lee and even, wait for it: Stephanie McMahon. What do all of these pictures have in common, you ask? Well, in all likelihood, they’re photos Nikki Bella doesn’t want us to see.

So without further ado, let’s get this party started here on The Richest! Here are 15 John Cena pictures that Nikki Bella would rather we didn't see. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a buddy. Ring the bell ref, let’s begin! Ding. Ding. Ding!


15 Riding John’s Junk

In all fairness, it is in fact John’s ex-wife riding his junk. Nonetheless, it’s still a picture Nikki wouldn’t want us to see. Those days are clearly behind John, as he’s now switched his focus on the entertainment world, forging a similar path as The Rock. However, Cena does plan to continue on as he’s slated for a WWE return on the July 4th edition of the program. His return will certainly boost the ratings, something the company needs at this point with competition being fierce coming from both the NBA and NHL Finals. John’s return will be welcomed by all.

As for Nikki, it remains to be seen if and when she’ll return. For now, she’s enjoying her time off while growing her YouTube channel which seems to be a big hit with more than 700k subscribers.

14 Cena & Carlson


2006 was arguably Cena’s year. Not only was he the top star in the ring but he was also starting to bring the heat on the big screen shooting the film, The Marine. Although the movie didn’t exactly receive rave reviews, it nonetheless made some decent bucks, particularly once it came out on DVD bringing in $30 million in the first 12 weeks.

One of the highlights of the film featured Cena in a make-out session with the hot female you see in the picture above, his co-star Kelly Carlson. John admitted in an interview that he was attracted to his co-star but that she was off limits due to the fact that she was with someone. For obvious reasons, this is a part of Cena’s life Nikki wants us to forget about. John would go on to reprise another action role in 2008, 12 Rounds.

13 Caught In A Make-out Session

Both Cena and Nikki have some peculiar pictures from their past. Nikki has a plethora of pictures where she’s close to other wrestlers, such as CM Punk and heck, even Carlito. As for Cena, his most “graphic” romance pictures come from his prior well known relationship to Elizabeth Huberdeau. As documented by several pictures online, the former couple loved to have a good time and it seems like alcohol was involved on various occasions.

The photos do indicate that Cena’s former love interest was quite wild with many party pictures of Huberdeau available online. The couple would get engaged in 2009 only to file for divorce a couple of years later in 2012. According to some speculation, the divorce took place after his ex suspected John of “hooking up” with other women. No matter how you look at it, it’s a part of John’s life that Nikki likely doesn’t want to know about.

12 With Kelly Kelly


We tend to forget because she was with the WWE a while ago, but Kelly Kelly was a pretty big deal at one point in time. She entered the company as a teen and made waves both on and off screen. Despite being regarded as eye candy for the first half of her career, Kelly managed to change things around improving inside of the ring. It led to a Divas Title run, something many could not have predicted.

That’s all great and all, but it seems like Kelly Kelly made more news for her behavior backstage. According to various urban legends, Barbie Blank hooked up with several high profile WWE stars, which included Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and yup, you guessed it John Cena. Kelly even admitted to having a crush on Cena at one point in time.

Kelly would end up leaving the company in 2012 but it now appears that she’s ready for a return to the company. It remains to be seen if she’ll be brought back, though.

11 The Howard Stern Appearance

The picture really isn’t all that bad, but it’s what was said on that day that truly was. Some wrestlers have been on Howard Stern in the past and let’s just say they weren’t too shy to reveal some juicy “romantic” details. Vince McMahon himself appeared on the program back in the day, admitting to hooking up with several different women while being married. Yup, the show is pretty much no holds barred.

The same type of revelation was made by Cena when he admitted on the program that he once hooked up with six females at once. Stern asked Cena what was the most amount of girls he was with in one intercourse session. Hearing John say six females was truly surreal and without a doubt, something Nikki doesn’t want us knowing. Bella herself might have some steamy stories but to compare it to that is nearly impossible.

10 Spanking His Boss


So, not only did Cena make-out with lots of WWE beauties, but he also got to spank his smoking hot boss, Stephanie McMahon. Yup, that seems hard to believe nowadays especially given Stephanie’s role in the company and as a major catalyst for women empowerment movements. However, that time-period was different as McMahon played the role of a provocative GM over on the SmackDown brand. Truly surreal to see such an image nowadays looking at both of their high powered statuses within the WWE.

Without a doubt, Nikki wants us to forget about this twisted moment. However, Bella has also taken part in some curious scenes, such as kissing her step-dad along with her sister Brie, during Johnny Ace’s run as GM. The moment was creepy in itself, but just became that much worse after he married their mother...

9 His “Road Girlfriend”

Cena has had some bad blood with a couple of former WWE Superstars in the past. One of them was with Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra. The heat between the two began when Cena was hooking up with his girlfriend of the time, Mickie James. The consequences turned out to be terrible for Kenny as he not only lost his girl, but was also released shortly after.

Following his release, Kenny finally fired back at the situation. He made a bold statement which caught many off guard, claiming former WWE Superstar Victoria was Cena’s “road girlfriend”. Like in all the other situations, Cena remained quiet about the news but Victoria did address it back in 2012. Victoria shockingly admitted there was some truth to the allegations. She claims she and her husband took a brief break and when they did, she dated Cena for about a month. It’s news that once again, Nikki doesn’t want us to know about to begin with, although it’s noteworthy that Victoria herself revealed that there was some truth to it all!


8 Partying It Up


Now we don’t want to call Cena’s ex-wife trashy, but we must admit pictures as such don’t help her cause all that much (yes, she’s the wild one next to John in the picture). A plethora of such photos are available online. It seems the wild relationship was just not what Cena was looking for and if you glance at his lifestyle today, that’s very apparent.

Since meeting Nikki, John’s personal life has changed drastically from partying to living a more proper and formal lifestyle. Nowadays, Cena prefers to sip on some wine or heck, even some scotch while smoking a cigar in his very own cigar room. Looking at the quality of his lifestyle surrounded by Nikki nowadays, we can truly say it appears to be night and day compared to what he had with Elizabeth in the early 2000s.

7 Lip Lock With Maria Kanellis

Not only has Cena been the face of the WWE for over a decade now, but he’s also gotten the chance to lock lips with lots of WWE Divas, and you’ll see some examples of that throughout this article. One of the Divas he made-out with at one point in time was the beautiful former Playboy covergirl, Maria Kanellis. Some rumors suggested that the two were even an item for a brief amount of time, however, that has never been confirmed by either of the two.

It seems like Kanellis might be back in the WWE very soon. According to the rumor mill, she’s already signed to SmackDown Live and she’s awaiting her debut. Don’t expect any romance with Cena however, as John is happily engaged while Maria is also entering the mix alongside her husband, Mike Bennett.

6 Making Out With AJ Lee


Continuing on with the theme of Cena kissing women on-screen, next on the list is AJ Lee. Without a doubt, this make-out session probably infuriated Bella the most as the two had some substantial heat with one another. Lee was seen as arrogant at the time and she never hung out with the other females. This caused a bit of a rift between Bella and AJ. She would leave shortly after announcing her shocking retirement even before she entered her 30s.

Nowadays, it seems like AJ has committed to her retirement. She’s yet to return, although she did admit that she in fact does miss the wrestling ring. Still so young, we aren’t ruling out the possibility of a return at some point.

Rumored future match: Nikki versus AJ in a, “Cena on a pole” match.

5 The Intercourse Scene

Slowly, slowly, Cena is starting to transition away from the WWE and into a more entertainment-related role, like The Great One, Dwayne Johnson. One of the films he worked on in 2015 was Trainwreck; he played the role of Steven in the movie alongside comedian Amy Schumer (aka the former love interest of Dolph Ziggler). In the movie, Cena was to take part in a sex scene. As documented on Total Divas, Nikki Bella wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, as seeing her man nude with another girl wasn’t her ideal situation. John did not back down however, and obviously, the scene took place nonetheless.

At the end of the day, the nature of the intercourse scene was certainly lightly spirited more than anything else. Although judging by her reaction, it won’t be a scene Nikki plans to revisit any time soon.

4 Backstage Encounter With Eve


In terms of hot females that Cena has made-out with, one can argue the hottest of them all was former WWE Diva Eve Torres. The two got it on back in February of 2012, when Cena rescued Torres from the evil hands of Kane who attempted to abduct the beauty via an ambulance. She would end up busting out only to fly into Cena arms before Kane pulled away. She proceeded to make-out with Cena quite intensely providing the viewer with a memorable moment.

Sadly for the WWE Universe, Torres would leave the WWE shortly after announcing her retirement in 2013. She’s still only 32 and looking just as stunning nowadays away from the WWE ring. Torres was a Diva Search winner in 2007 and a three-time Divas Champion. One can argue that she was the best Diva Search winner in WWE history.

3 The Engagement

What’s often forgotten about is the fact that even Nikki was married at one point in time. As she shockingly revealed on Total Divas, Bella married her high school sweetheart at the age of 20. The couple would end up getting the marriage annulled three years later. Oh, how different things could have been.

Pictures of such a moment in Nikki’s life aren’t available and sadly, such evidence is to our disposal when it comes to Cena’s past. As you see in the picture above, Cena is seen proposing to his ex-wife, a picture Bella wants no part of. They got married in the summer of 2009 but would finalize a divorce in the summer of 2012. After having some hesitations about marriage, John finally took the plunge, proposing to Nikki at WrestleMania 33, in front of over 75,000 fans.

2 The Mickie James Love Story


When it comes to controversy, rarely has Cena been involved, however, there is one story that has followed him around throughout the years. We touched based on it a little earlier; Cena hooked up James while she was still in a relationship with Kenny. Cena and James would proceed with the romance but it was not to be, as Cena refused to go public with James which infuriated her. After the break-up, things went south for Mickie and she was out the door. Some say it was done to protect John, although James has said she left the company on her own terms.

Nikki doesn’t want to see such a picture, though she can sleep better knowing John’s now an engaged man. In addition, Mickie is also in a different place now, being happily married and even giving birth to a child. No “Cena on a pole” match is needed for this one it seems.

1 Kendra Lust With Cena’s Title

Elizabeth Huberdeau sent the Twitter Universe in a buzz when she declared that John Cena was having an affair with popular adult star Kendra Lust. According to the gossip, the two had been hooking up for over a year. The rumor mill ran insanely rampant when Lust added to the speculation posting a picture alongside Cena’s WWE Title.

She had a little fun with the situation, even making the claim that she found Cena very hot. Of course, John never commented on the allegations but Lust herself would make the claim that the two hadn’t even met when such news was revealed. Many are still quite skeptical however, especially seeing Lust post in her undergarments holding John’s WWE Title. It remains one of the most outrageous urban legends that fans are still unsure about to this very day.

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