15 Jessica Nigri Cosplays That Suck (But She's Hot So We Forgive Her)

Among cosplayers, Jessica Nigri is a special name. Since cosplay took off in the 2000s, Nigri has been at the forefront as one of the most popular ladies on the circuit. Her Facebook and Instagram pages are packed with tons of costumes from every facet of entertainment. Movies, TV, Comics, video games, Jessica Nigri has worn them all and often looking a true knockout in them. She knows her body is her moneymaker and shows it off very well to entice fans. It’s earned her a huge following as folks love to see what costumes she comes up with next and usually delivers well.

But not always. Sometimes, Nigri’s outfits can be…off. Sometimes, she shows far too much flesh than is needed. Other times, she covers up for a costume that should be flaunting things more. She can take a character not meant to be sexy and all and go too far “glamming” it up. And there’s how she doesn’t go into as much detail as she can with some outfits. It’s led to some cosplayers grousing she’s more into just looking hot than capturing the character that goes around. But you can cut her slack because of how great she looks no matter what. Here are 15 costumes by Jessica Nigri that may not be her best but still looks great to rank among the sexiest ladies on the circuit.

15 Tiny Tina


One of the most popular characters of the hit video game Borderlands is Tiny Tina. A thirteen old demolitions expert, she’s known for her wild humor and style that’s made her a major favorite. Note the key words that she’s thirteen years old. Thus, turning her into a sexpot is automatically a bit disturbing. Nigri makes it worse in an outfit enhancing her sexy body with leg and cleavage and looking dirty in the wrong ways. Even worse is the scars and blood with busted nose, making Tina look more like a twisted take on Harley Quinn rather than the funny girl she is. Nigri is credited getting the hair right but that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s taken a very young teenager and ramped her up as a dirty, twisted sexpot, making this look rather uncomfortable to watch.

14 Iron Man


This, frankly, is just plain lazy. True, the point of Iron Man is a guy in a tight armored suit so trying to make it look sexy can be tricky. But what Nigri does is just wear a red and gold bikini with a circle attachment. You’d need to be at a convention to realize it’s Iron Man (indeed, you could easily make a case it could be Dark Phoenix instead) as nothing about it really screams out to the Armored Avenger. The circle is meant to be his chest plate but looks more like a random button of some sort just thrown on at the last minute. If anything, she resembles one of the dancers you’d see at a Tony Stark party, a fun sight to look at but not as great as it could be. Many ladies are able to use paint or cloth for a sexy “armored suit” yet Nigri just uses as little as possible and it doesn’t soar as it could have.

13 Doctor Who

Since 1963, the Doctor has been one of the icons of television. The time-travelling alien has won a huge following with his wild adventures and fun humor to captivate three generations of fans. The show’s longevity is due to how the Doctor can “regenerate” into a new form, allowing a new actor to bring a fresh take to the character. There have been 13 so far and fans have long pushed for a woman in the role. So a female Doctor has been a nice one and Nigri attempts to give her spin on the 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant. Sadly, it’s a bit of a wash as she seems to mix him up with successor Matt Smith in the business suit with long tie. The long brown coat looks okay and the glasses all right but the bad wig just looks poor on her. Frankly, it’s not the most outgoing of looks for Nigri, a bit too laid back and even lazy in its own way so Nigri could have used some fixing to try and be a better Doctor.

12 Rick and Morty


Adult Swim’s long-running cartoon has been a favorite, focusing on the title characters of a cynical mad scientist and his goofy grandfather. Both have been favorites for cosplay, with many liking showing up as Morty, a guy who pushes in age yet involved in whacky circumstances. Fans enjoy cosplaying the duo with Morty in his lab coat and long wild hair and going out with makeup to capture his look. Which is why Nigri’s attempt to look like a “Sexy Morty” doesn’t work. Instead of high and spiked, her blue hair is just loose and flowing. The mid-riff showing her pushed-up cleavage and legs in hose also hurts the image of this grandfather type which is the entire point of the character. Sure, Nigri in a hot outfit sounds great but not when the character is as unsexy as you can get which is what Morty should be. So while it’s a fun look, it’s not right for the character, harming the cosplay majorly.

11 Uncle Sam

A female Uncle Sam is a fun sight. Many a lady has donned it in a variety of ways from TV stars to pro wrestling ladies. But Nigri’s attempt at the outfit just doesn’t ring right. The fact she keeps her great legs covered up in white pants robs a major effect as those are among her best features. The jacket is black, not red white or blue which throws the entire patriotic motif off. The red-white-and blue flag bikini top is good but the huge red tie is too big to work out. Topping it off is the hat with just white and blue wrapping, no red to it either. Putting aside the lack of the white beard that’s critical to the character and all this is just a hot bikini top and nothing else to indicate the patriotic vibe. While the top looks good, overall, this outfit fails to set flags flying among cosplayers.

10 Rainbow Dash

There is an odd adult following for the My Little Pony cartoon, including among cosplayers. Trying to “sex up” these characters is goofy but ladies do enjoy doing it a lot. Yet Nigri’s take on Rainbow Dash is a bit of a letdown. It looks for all the world like she just took her usual jogging outfit and added some paper Mache “wings” to it. The jeans are a bit rough for the look whereas many show off their legs and the light jacket not helping. The rainbow hair does look good yet Nigri doesn’t seem interested in pulling off more of the character. More cosplayers are able to put together the outfit with a dress to show off the body more so this “streetwise” vibe for the character doesn’t work as well given her magical abilities. It’s not as effective a costume as others put together so this look may be a bit looser to pull off but not as sexy as others to make it the lesser among Nigri’s outfits.

9 Ewok


Many a Star Wars fan has disliked the Ewoks over the years. They find them too cute and annoying and hate the idea that these furry creatures took down the mighty Empire. On the cosplay circuit, many try to give them a bit more of an intimidating feel, to a variety of success. For some reason, some ladies enjoy trying to “sex up” the Ewoks which just feels a bit off. Nigri is among them and the furry bikini looks way too sexy for her, far too much flesh shown off. The beads on her furry top serve as too much of a distraction and while the brown nose is a smart move on paper, it looks too annoying in person. The orange hood clashes with the fur as Nigri just flaunts herself too much. She showed it off at a convention, complete with a group shot of other sexy Ewoks but even Nigri’s talents can quite pull this look off right.

8 Pikachu

You can cut a bit of slack as this was one of the Nigri’s first cosplays and she was still learning her craft. Again, many cosplayers will take issue with her lack of facial makeup, no whiskers or stripes for the legendary Pokemon character. The large “spine tail” on her back looks too bulky and distracting which is something given how much flesh she’s showing. The gloves are nice yet the headband makes her look more like a bee than a Pokemon and serves as too much volume in her costume. Nigri seems to be having a good time with a bright smile and she’s admitted how she could have done a bit better with experience. There’s also how tough it is taking a character as loveable and cheerful as Pikachu and making it look like a sexpot. Even Nigri has a tough time making it look believable and more like a rough bee outfit gone wrong.

7 Mass Effect

BioWare’s fantastic long-running video game series is packed with amazingly beautiful women. A player can make their female Shepherd character look as sexy as they want, leading to some nice cosplay. There’s also the variety of fun aliens, armored beings and others so the cosplay possibilities are nearly endless. So one would think that Nigri doing something for Mass Effect would be a terrific sight. Instead, she comes out in a skintight dress with the “Normandy” number on one strap. No guns, no helmets, no makeup, nothing to showcase anything of this sci-fi universe. It’s downright lazy in its own way, just a dress with a number instead of the huge bevy of choices available. The lady surely had the imagination to capture any of the sexy alien beings with at least a wig or some outfit yet all she came up with was a dress that looks like most any other sans the number. One would think Nigri could have done something special but her entry into this gaming world has no effect at all.

6 Freddy Krueger

There are some characters that just don’t lend themselves to sexy cosplay. Freddy Krueger is one of them. The monster of the Nightmare on Elm Street series was memorably played by Robert Englund and a true icon of the horror genre. With his snarky manner, horrifically burned face and famed razor glove, Freddy has been giving fans true nightmares for decades. Yet trying to “sexy it up” isn’t as good an idea as it may sound on paper. This is a character meant to instil fear, not arousal and even Nigri can’t help it. It just shows too much flesh and having regular makeup rather than try and mimic Freddy’s sinister look. Flashing bra and flesh doesn’t help either and while the glove looks good, it’s just not her best look. Freddy is meant to scare folks and gross out with makeup so trying to turn him into a sexpot just doesn’t work out so despite her beauty, Nigri made this look a real nightmare in its own way.

5 Nathan Drake


It’s a common thing for cosplayers to do “gender flipped” costumes. You see it all the time, women dressing as everything from Han Solo to Deadpool and a variety of other characters. It can work out well but some characters don’t lend themselves to this. A great example is Nathan Drake. The hero of the smash hit Uncharted video games is known for his great humor, amazing abilities and uncanny survival instincts. He’s a popular character with an easy style to dress as. The problem is in the fact that when a woman tries to dress up like him, they just end up looking like Lara Croft. Since Uncharted started, it’s been slammed as “a male Tomb Raider” despite how terrific the games truly are. Thus, any lady who tries to dress up like Nate just ends up emulating Lara (especially given how the recent TR reboots play more like Uncharted). It’s a hot look to be sure but it’s hard to pull a female Drake off too well.

4 Teemo


League of Legends characters are a dime a dozen on the cosplay circuit and some can look better than others. This, however, is a rough look for her. Teemo is a delightful squirrel, cute, cuddly and a joy for folks to play. In other words, not the character you’d want to try and “sex up” majorly. Nigri’s outfit goes too much into skin baring, basically just a green bra and born shorts with a cap and goggles. Unless you were a true League fan, you wouldn’t know it was Teemo at all even with the furry ears. Her smile is bright but the outfit doesn’t look as distinctive as it should and more than a few cosplayers can slam her on not bothering with makeup like fake whiskers and such. Again, it’s a great showcase for Nigri’s very nice body and the salute smile helps but it’s also proof that some characters don’t translate well to sexy cosplay.

3 Sonya Blade


A popular figure for cosplayers for some time has been the heroine of the Mortal Kombat game series. Most go for the classic look of her in a green suit with bare mid-riff and headband. A few go for the looks of her from the movies by Bridgette Wilson and Sandra Hess. Nigri tackles the look of Sonya from the later games of hot black leather. However, she goes a tad too far with it so it turns more into a slutty cop. She also lacks the real physicality to pull it off, a bit too much in the chest area so the top is more into flashing flesh than really looking great. True, it’s a look that can turn heads a lot yet it could have been a lot better had she gone for a classic look rather than just one that appears to be more “sexy cop” than a fantastic video game heroine.

2 Mario

A female Mario can be an easy look to pull off. Even some major celebrities have done it like Penelope Cruz. Yet, it’s not that good with Jessica. True, her curves fit the nice tight shirt well and the blue shorts, she gets the logos and stuff working well but it just doesn’t seem the full package. The fact she doesn’t bother with the iconic mustache doesn’t help either. It looks like Nigri is putting too much work on just looking hot, not enough on the actual outfit. She and a friend, Lindsay Elyse, hung out as Luigi at a comic convention and looked a nice pair yet the actual outfit just looks lacking. True, Nigri looks terrific, especially with the dark hair yet in terms of really capturing the character, she lacks the same sexy presence as a Cruz or others who have donned the role so not one of the better sexy turns of this video game icon.

1 Deathwing


Now here’s a case of going a bit too far in terms of your costuming. To capture the dragon monster lord of the hit World of Warcraft games, Nigri goes all out with an insanely complex outfit. Nigri tweeted out how “I made this myself and I am f-----ing dead!” So one has to give props to how much work went into it. However, it turns out to be a bit too much. To even walk in that thing looks painful as hell and the detail to the armor is more of a distraction than anything alluring. Sure, the mid-riff is nice but for a woman as gorgeous as Nigri to cover up her face with that complex mask robs some of the sexual presence away. Frankly, you’re amazed a woman so small can even carry a weight so huge on her as from the oversized boots to long horns, the outfit is just insane. True, it’s a great look in some ways but maybe this is one case of less being more.

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